Above The Skies Chapter 1

Chapter 1: I summoned Tianyan to shoot Sirius

At the foot of Qiyun mountain, as a large group of wounded soldiers from the messy army camp were waiting for the medics among them, highly ranked generals had all gathered at the large tent of the Commander while in discussion for the whole three days and nights.

Then, a skinny middle-aged man with a golden seal on his hand was leading a group of servants while kneeling nervously outside of that large tent.

The middle-aged man occasionally turned his head towards the Tomb of G.o.ds mountain from afar. At the moment, there was a huge tornado that surrounded the mountain completely, with endless yellow sand creating a large wall of sandstorm.

“Eastern Palace, First-cla.s.s Butler w.a.n.g Zhongquan, bringing the golden seal of the Eastern Palace, would like to ask to see the High Lady of Southern Palace, Zhou Tianyin. Please inform her again!” The middle-aged man shouted again.

Outside of the large tent, a guard moved forward: “w.a.n.g Butler, you’ve continuously informed her for the whole three days. Zhou High Lady doesn’t want to see you!”

w.a.n.g Zhongquan glared: “The golden seal’s here, you just need to inform. Whether Zhou High lady wants to meet isn’t yours to decide.”

The guard’s face suddenly froze as he glanced at the golden seal. He no longer wished to offend and paid respect to the seal, then making his way into the large tent to announce once again.

While w.a.n.g Zhongquan was patiently waiting, a group of servants behind him of whom had also been kneeling for three whole days started losing their patience.

One of them looked toward w.a.n.g Zhongquan: “Head butler! Our master’s gone, we… we should soon prepare the funeral for him!”

“Impudent!” w.a.n.g Zhongquan glared.

“Head butler look. Those servants that returned have also been told that when the army was under siege deep inside Sirius Valley, the young master was fatally hit by an arrow; then the G.o.d Killing holy wind came by so quickly that they haven’t got the chance to pick up his body. Head butler should stop being so persistent and soon hold a funeral for the young master!” The other person still spoke in a sorrowful manner.

“Why should I put those servants to death? It’s because they weren’t only unable to protect the young master well, they also dared to leave his body in the wild; so death-worthy! It’s so unclear if the young master’s dead or alive, and you still dare to make a fuss with the public. Your punishment will await!” A cold beam flashed inside of w.a.n.g Zhongquan’s eyes as he spoke.

The other person’s face froze and showed a bit of hesitation to speak; yet after a moment of contemplation, he still gathered his will to speak: “Head butler, you don’t need to fool yourself or others. There are so many wolves in Sirius Valley, and I’m afraid that the young master’s body and those of five hundred soldiers would have been chewed off. With the young master lying down, the mansion must be in unbearable turbulence. We should immediately come back inside the mansion and vote Tiance master to that position. The mansion shouldn’t be without a master for a day, and to be honest, Tiance master has such high respect for you!”

As the person finished, w.a.n.g Zhongquan right away showed his malicious face toward him: “The young master is the rightly line, w.a.n.g Tiance, even with his top-notch talent, is only just secondary. He’s not even worthy to take care of the young master’s shoes, and dared to challenge for the mansion leadership? Whether the master lives or dies isn’t for such a vice servant like you to decide. If he died we must see the body. And when the young master is in such a dire situation, all you could think is that he died and doesn’t live and now have disturbed the public by creating a mess for our mansion. I ought to kill!”

When these words were spoken, a servant immediately stood up and forward.

“Death execution on the spot!” In w.a.n.g Zhongquan’s eyes flashed a ruthless beam.

“No, Head Butler, I’ve been following you for ten years with utmost loyalty, being so cautious and conscientious with numerous meritorious services. Being a second-rank vice servant, I have done good for the mansion! You cannot kill me!” The colors on the other person’s face changed as he squealed.

“You've done good? Whether it’s good or not cannot be from you. If the young master says so, then it is so! As the young master faced ordeal, you do not only not share his sorrow but think right away of supporting other people when the tables are turned. There’s nothing to regret if you die, die!” w.a.n.g Zhongquan beamed.



As the other person screamed in fear, the warrior behind raised his hand and sliced down to chop off his head. The blood splattered many meters away. There was still the look of terror on his face when he died.

w.a.n.g Zhongquan turned his head and looked at the other servants behind him: “From now on, who dares to say the young master is dead, or disturb the public, should look at his case to see the consequence!”

“Yes!” A bunch of vice servants shivered, respectfully agreeing.

At the time when w.a.n.g Zhongquan killed a person to warn a hundred others, a powerful voice came from the largest tent.

“Who are you, daring to make a fuss outside of my tent?” A male voice came from inside with a sense of anger.

As the sound of anger just came by, four sides of the army immediately fell into silence. Even the wounded did not also give out any sound. Only the wind and the pouring blood from the headless body were left.

w.a.n.g Zhongquan turned serious, in his eyes flashed a glimmer of hope.

In the big tent, a wave of footsteps was heard. A large number of generals followed a purple-dyed manteau stepping out of a large tent.

He was wearing a purple manteau; his appearance is rather handsome, with a high cla.s.s look in his eyes. As he stepped outside, there seemed to be a sense of seriousness so large it put pressure on those bowing servants.

w.a.n.g Zhongquan endured this arrogant air, in his eyes were hidden a resentment while saying, “Eastern palace, the First-cla.s.s Butler, w.a.n.g Zhongquan honors Fourth Prince!”

The fourth prince, in purple coat, looked at the corpse without a head on one side, and then looked as cold as ice at w.a.n.g Zhongquan, saying, “The governor of Eastern palace? Do you know where this is? In front of the large tent mansion of the king, where you think you could do as you wish?"

“Today, I used the golden seal of the Eastern Palace to deal with the treachery of the family. It's my fault that it has contaminated the tent of the big prince. Our master will take this responsibility and apologise to the Fourth Prince. But, with the golden seal from Eastern Palace, I couldn't enter into the large tent. I just wish to know the answer from you: Give an explanation to Eastern Palace!" w.a.n.g Zhongquan raised the golden seal with his rumpled voice.

“How daring!” “Imprudent!” . . .

A group of generals behind the Fourth prince scowled at him.

w.a.n.g Zhongquan raised golden seal up high, yet everyone was not scared.

The Fourth prince looked at the golden seal as his face deepened: “Seal of the Eastern King is something only the descendants of the Eastern family can handle. Such a servant like you with the w.a.n.g name given also dare to use the seal as you wish? You're the one with big guts!”

“Big or small my guts, that is for the Eastern mansion to decide, and it is not your turn to look down. I myself am in fact no child of the w.a.n.g. But I have been entrusted to look after this golden seal by the head of the w.a.n.g. The despise you have for this golden seal, and the Eastern mansion, I will remember. Three days ago, our young master faced an ordeal, so I would also carve this in my gut!" w.a.n.g Zhongquan expressed a sense of resentment.

“Ah, do you suppose, w.a.n.g Xiong is harmed by me?” Fourth prince said with cold eyes staring at him.

“Our young master is not dead, and moreover, I also do not want to debate with the Fourth Prince. This time, I came to see the king of Southern palace, Zhou Tianyin, Zhou High Lady!” w.a.n.g Zhongquan looked at a woman in the crowd.

The girl was wearing a large white silk dress, thus it was hard to conceal her extremely attractive tall figure. On her head she was wearing a wide hat of white silk, making people unable to see her face, which a small sillouette of basic facial contours could only be seen through the white silk. Although the white silk was in the way, there is still kind of dazzling brilliant light.

“You are looking for me?” The lady seemed to frown suspiciously.

Her voice was very clear. Hearing her voice could make people have a kind of feeling she was so beautiful, like a beautiful woman in the open yet couldn't touch.

Next to the girl, there was a guy wearing a cyan shirt standing there.

The guy in cyan shirt had a look of extreme despise towards w.a.n.g Zhongquan while saying, “The servant of the Eastern mansion? Why do you look for my sister? w.a.n.g Xiong was so soft and thin as a chicken, yet still also wanted to pursue a higher standard? He does not even know how to keep himself from dying in Sirius Valley. Yet you still have false hope for my sister to help avenge him?"

w.a.n.g Zhongyuan glanced at the guy in cyan shirt, his face slightly lowered, slightly contestedly saying, “Turns out to be Zhou Chi of Southern palace. You're in fact a brother-in-law of our master. If you talk bad about him, there would be someone else looking for you in the future. About you saying our master being a lowly level that wants the higher level: It's a fact that our master and Zhou High Lady have had a marriage agreement. Though they didn't perform the ceremony, the Human King and Kings of Four directions have witnessed this. No one could renounce this and in such a dire situation, if not looking for my young lady then who should I find?"

"Nonsense, our sister is the most beautiful woman of Daqin and a n.o.ble descendant. How could such a cripple like w.a.n.g Xiong be compared to her? That w.a.n.g Xiong, stupid like a pig, a young male yet on his forehead there's still also a mark of a peach blossom. My sister is definitely not able to respect him ever. This time, my sister received the holy order and invited the Fourth Prince to find the flowers in Tomb of G.o.d for her. w.a.n.g Xiong, he did not know himself, thus showed up in front of my sister and tried to penetrate the chaos, only to find his way to death. That is what he's gotten for himself so what do you find my sister for? People have already died so, who would want to speak about the past wedding agreement?" Zhou Chi said.

w.a.n.g Zhongquan did not argue face to face with Zhou Chi, but rather looked at Zhou Tianyin saying: “My young lady, the young master is facing such a dire situation and needs your help!”

Zhou Tianyin shook her head: “w.a.n.g Butler, I know you are anxious to protect the master, but we have not met with w.a.n.g Xiong, and neither have we ever been joined together on earthly ceremony. Those wedding agreements were just jokes from the elders. Do not mention it!”

w.a.n.g Zhongyuan's face looked grumpy. But still once again, he paid respect with Zhou Tianyin: “My lady does not let me call, so firstly I call you Zhou High Lady. Whether the marriage agreement is fun or not is not for me to decide. At that time, the old man was still alive, and our family was not weakened. It's your father who invited two different high-cla.s.s Kings to perform the matchmaking. He invited the Human King in his turn to gift marriage to our master. Whether this marriage is good or bad is in the hand of Human King and the Kings of Four directions.”

“You, insulting! So crazy that the frog wants to reach to the swan. That trash, w.a.n.g Xiong, he wants to get married to my sister? In his dream!” Zhou Chi on one side glared in anger.

w.a.n.g Zhongquan also did not notice Zhou Chi, once again said: “I know, referring to the marriage seems to be a little like taking advantage in such tough times, but I really have no idea. Whether the young master lives or dies now, it's only dependent on Zhou High Lady helping him, so I beg you to help!"

“Sister, do not pay attention to him. w.a.n.g Xiong is dead. There are guards who had seen it by their own eyes. w.a.n.g Xiong got hit the middle between the eyebrows, so how can he survive? There have even been three days that have pa.s.sed. There are so many wolves in Sirius Valley so I'm afraid that w.a.n.g Xiong currently may not even have a bone left!" Zhou Chi immediately raised up.

“If he dies, we must see the body. Zhou High Lady, look at the fact the young master and you have an agreement, so I pray for you to save the master!” w.a.n.g Zhongquan spoke with a sense of sorrow.

Zhou Tianyin was a bit contemplative: “w.a.n.g Xiong was among the army wanting to pick the Tomb of G.o.d flowers for me himself. I feel very grateful but w.a.n.g Butler, your Eastern Palace must have sent a huge number of strong warriors inside the Sirius palace these days. Even the strength of the Eastern Palace could not penetrate, how could a young lady like me help you?"

The Fourth prince nodded: “True, this Tomb of G.o.d mountain, through each period of time, will be surrounded by a gust of G.o.d killing holy wind. We are also pressurized by this wind to where we have to retreat, so how could anyone else come in? Unless we could patiently wait for it to stop, for each time this wind appears it can last for two months or up to half a year. By then I could surely support the Eastern palace in finding the body of w.a.n.g Xiong!"

w.a.n.g Zhongquan let out a faint smile: “The Fourth prince is so dedicated to our young master! Previously even when you knew for sure the ident.i.ty of my master, you also didn't help him out when leaving the Sirius Valley, so I don't quite need your promises!"

“You say I did it intentionally?” Fourth prince glared.

w.a.n.g Zhongquan did not notice anymore, but turned to look at Zhou Tianyin: “Zhou High Lady, the G.o.d killing holy wind formed a sandstorm barrier that we have no way to enter. Yet, with the Superior G.o.d's Eyes could look through everything, even deep inside, so I beg Zhou lady to summon the Tianyan from Southern palace to look deep inside Sirius Valley to search for and find a way to save the young master. Please I beg Zhou lady to do so!"

“The Tianyan?” The voice of Zhou Tianyin suddenly stopped.

“You say to use the Tianyan of Zhou family on such a deceased crippple? What status does he have to possess the rights to summon the Tianyan? Such an animal like you doesn't know right from wrong?" Zhou Chi rolled his eyes.

The Fourth prince also revealed a sense of suspicion.

“Zhou lady, please rescue my master!” w.a.n.g Zhongquan again knelt.

Zhou Tianyin shook her head: “Only the owner can hold Tianyan. How can I send for the Superior G.o.d's Eyes? You found the wrong person!”

“No, when the old master was alive, he once said to me that Zhou lady has been granted with the Tianyan of Zhou family, so if you want to, you could summon the Tianyan, and save my master!" w.a.n.g Zhongquan shook, his eyes firmed.

“Talk of nonsense! When has my sister been granted with the Tianyan? What speculation did the Eastern King make!" Zhou Chi rolled his eyes.

Zhou Tianyin was a bit silent.

“Zhou lady, whether you admit it or not, there's still the marriage agreement with the young master witnessed by the Human king and Kings of Four directions. You're the lady yet to be married into the home of Eastern Palace. For these years, the Eastern Palace has met so much misfortune, and those heads of family slowly lie down one by one. My young master is the last person of the mainline, so if he also dies, no matter what status in the future of the Eastern Palace, you also need to go the place to stay for three years by the body of our master." w.a.n.g Zhongquan said seriously.

“What imprudence! You even want to keep our sister by the side of that crippled body?” Zhou Chi glared with anger.

Zhou Tianyin seemed a little little angry, by the way the veil stared at w.a.n.g Zhongquan.

Although there was a marrage arrangement, Zhou Tianyin, until now, has never met w.a.n.g Xiong. Though w.a.n.g Xiong died while looking for flowers for her, but for her to stay by his body for three years was basically impossible.

“This is the rule of Daqin Dynasty. No one can ruin it!” w.a.n.g Zhongquan said coldly.

“What if I do not agree?” Said Zhou Tianyin.

“Zhou lady, this is also the reason I beg you. Before the young master leaves, he has left behind a letter which could renounce this marriage agreement for you! So with that, Zhou lady doesn't need to feel awkward! ” w.a.n.g Zhongquan said solemnly.

“Ah, get rid of the marriage?” Zhou Tianyin revealed a look of surprise.

w.a.n.g Zhongquan carefully took out a letter and reverently offered it.

Zhou Tianyin was bit curious when opened it.

“Divorce letter?” Zhou Tianyin said coldly.

“Let’s me take a look!”

Zhou Chi on one side also immediately grabbed the letter: “Really a letter of divorce? Does he not dare to do nonsensically; w.a.n.g Xiong dares to insult my sister?"

“No, this is not the writing of w.a.n.g Xiong, but yours right old man?” Fourth prince also said squinting his two eyes.

Everyone looked at w.a.n.g Zhongquan.

“It doesn't matter whose writing is this. I hold the golden seal of Eastern Palace, so if I make the seal then this letter of divorce will take effect immediately!" w.a.n.g Zhongquan rumbled.

“This letter you have really can be writen on behalf of w.a.n.g Xiong? To press the seal on behalf of the master could result in death, don't you know?” Zhou Chi stared at him with astonishment.

“Just be able to get the master back, then this old man’s death will be of no regrets. There's just one thing, if I may die, I must keep the face for the Eastern Palace while breaking the marriage agreement. So other than this letter of divorce it is, there is no other method. Does Zhou lady want to go to our place to stay by the corpse for three years, or do you want to bring your whole army to find and save him in exchange for your freedom?" w.a.n.g Zhongquan nodded solemnly.

The Fourth Prince and Zhou Chi changed their expression. It was true that one cannot randomly make the golden seal; it would surely result in death and it had been ruled by the Daqin dynasty. w.a.n.g Zhongquan only needed to use the seal by himself which would bring him a sure death. But what if there was a slim chance w.a.n.g Xiong was still alive and w.a.n.g Zhongquan risked it all? Such loyal servant made both of them extremely moved.

"Please I beg Zhou lady to help!" w.a.n.g Zhongquan knelt and pressed his head on to the brick floor to make a thumping sound.

The four sides were completely quiet. The letter of divorce returned to Zhou Tianyin for the second time.

Zhou Tianyin looked at it and sat quietly for a long time before she said: “Make the seal, I'll summon Tianyin to shoot at Sirius”

w.a.n.g Zhongquan raised his head with some tears in his eyes: "Yes, I appreciate it Zhou lady!"

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