Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 645

Publishedat 5th of March 2020 07:55:14 PMChapter 645

Although Long Baobao did not see with his own eyes Long w.a.n.g go up in flames, he did have been to many of the places that had been burned by the Heaven Fire . Sponsored Content

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Those places had a hot climate and a barren landscape . The rivers dried up and the earth was full of cracks, so no crops could be grown .

Within the Cang State, a great number of commoners and officials complained about the Long Family .

After Long w.a.n.g died, his eldest son became the new family head . In order to reduce the resentment within the state, the new family head put a ban on the Fire-Swallowing Method pa.s.sed down by Long w.a.n.g .

“Since the method is already banned within the Long Family, how do you learn about it?” Ye Lingyue was puzzled .

“The method is so powerful that a great many members of the Long Family, especially those that can not create their Dan Fire through other methods, take the high risk and secretly learn the method in order to make spiritual artifacts . Then generations of family heads can only turn a blind eye and don’t prohibit the learning completely . ” Long Baobao explained .

“700 years have pa.s.sed but no one within the Long Family has managed to swallow hundreds of fire after the ancestor Long w.a.n.g . n.o.body can swallow more than 3 kinds of unusual fire, let alone hundreds of fire . Before I left the Long Family, grandma secretly told me the method for fear that the banned skill might be mastered by Long Sixuan . ” It was because Ye Lingyue did not possess the Dan Fire that Long Baobao thought of the matter .

Among the members of the Long Family that had learned the Fire-Swallowing Method, many died from self-burning during cultivation since they could not hold hundreds of fire . The scene was similar to what had happened to the ancestor Long w.a.n.g . Luckily, the Heaven Fire never appeared again .

Few could bear the pain when the body was burned by the raging fire .

Gradually, no member of the Long Family dared to learn the banned Fire-Swallowing Method . In Long Baobao’s generation, Long Huai specially made a copy of the method only to prevent its disappearance .

Long Baobao was worried that he might do Ye Lingyue harm after telling her the method . Sponsored Content

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“Little Longbao, could you please let me take a look at the martial skill? I promise that I won’t learn the Fire-Swallowing method unless I am absolutely confident of mastering it . ” Long Baobao finally gave Ye Lingyue the copy after her repeated persuasion .

Ye Lingyue was somewhat confident of mastering the Fire-Swallowing Method .

Her bodily features were different from those of the members of the Long Family .

Ye Lingyue had absorbed 3 phoenix breaths and her body had been transformed . Moreover, the Black Cauldron was available for her use . Thus, she had much stronger resistance to fire than ordinary people .

“Little Longbao, by the way, can you recognize the Qiankun Zijin Bamboo?” Ye Lingyue heard of the bamboo but never saw it with her own eyes . She was thinking that Long Baobao could be taken together with her tomorrow night .

“I have seen the Qiankun Zijin Bamboo in our family . Grandpa used to collect some but all was later used to make the pig head Qiankun Bag . ” Long Baobao was honest with Ye Lingyue .

“Good . Tomorrow midnight, I will take you into the mountain . We might find the Qiankun Zijin Bamboo there . ” Ye Lingyue asked Long Baobao to have a good rest these two days and then left the weapon-making room .

Lan Cai’er had not returned yet . Ye Lingyue thought for a while and then entered the Chaos Heaven and Earth Matrix .

After getting into the Red Mist Sky, Ye Lingyue took out the wood carving she got from Hong Yulang earlier .

When Ye Lingyue got the wood carving, she was wondering whether it contained the Spirit of Fire .

Why did it appear in the form of a piece of wood carving? It was quite likely that the wood carving itself was a seal . Sponsored Content

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After Ye Lingyue returned to the City of Mercenaries, she found that the power inside the wood carving was different from that inside the wood Ding piece and water Ding piece she got even earlier . The power was more brutal and could hardly be tamed since it was just like wild chargers .

In this case, Ye Lingyue was more cautious about cultivating the wood carving .

When Hong Qingyun got the wood carving, he had the same idea with Ye Lingyue . He also knew that the carving contained some mysterious power that ordinary people could hardly absorb . Then he put it away and waited for the day when he could make a breakthrough .

Pitifully, Hong Qingyun died before that day came .

Today, Long Baobao’s words gave Ye Lingyue a flash of insight .

Did the wood carving seal the unusual fire in the world?

Long w.a.n.g swallowed hundreds of fire in different forms, which included the natal Dan Fire cultivated by master alchemists and all kinds of unusual fire in the world .

After Ye Lingyue injected a hint of Spiritual Energy into the wood carving, there was no reaction .

Ye Lingyue did not give up . Instead, she injected the Star Energy which existed in small amounts inside her body .

This time, she found something new .

Under the effect of the Star Energy, Ye Lingyue saw clearly what was inside the wood carving . Under the shabby wood actually hid a cyan flame that was as big as a tadpole . Sponsored Content

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Was it really the unusual fire?

Ye Lingyue was overjoyed .

The unusual fire contained plentiful Spirit of Fire and was quite suitable for cultivating the Fire-Swallowing Method .

Ye Lingyue took back her Star Energy and quickly read the copy given by Long Baobao several times .

There was no time to lose . She decided to try swallowing the mysterious flame inside the wood carving immediately .

If the trial was successful, then she could do the spiritual melting and make the Qiankun Bag all by herself after finding the Qiankun Zijin Banboo tomorrow night .

Ye Lingyue did not waste any time and tried to break the seal on the wood carving with her Spiritual Energy .

When the seal was broken, the whole carving cracked open suddenly like a tile .

At this time, a green shadow got out of the wood carving .

The green shadow had been trapped inside for long . The moment it was freed, it kept moving around just like a fish getting into water again . The shadow tried to flee away .

“It is not that easy to flee . ” Ye Lingyue was pretty sure that she could swallow the unusual green fire .

She used her G.o.d sense and then the 18 Soul Reaping Chains began following the green fire as if they had their own eyes .

Unexpectedly, the green flame was small but powerful .

Having sensed the followers, the green flame turned around abruptly and grew much bigger until it turned into a fire dragon that fiercely made at the 18 Soul Reaping Chains .

When the cyan fire crashed with the Soul Reaping Chains, 8 or 9 of the chains were snapped all of a sudden .

These chains were made of the Spiritual Energy gathered by Ye Lingyue . The sudden snapping led to a fit of severe pain in Ye Lingyue’s G.o.d Containing Soul . It was as if her body were scorched badly by something . As a result, she nearly lost her soul and then fell out of the Chaos Heaven and Earth Matrix .

“How powerful the unusual fire is!” Ye Lingyue was shocked and joyful . The unusual fire was in no case the ordinary one and she would surely put it under control .

On her right palm, the Black Cauldron kept turning with a buzzing sound and then flew out like a disc .

This time, the cyan flame seemed to realize the power of the Black Cauldron . It dared not to confront the cauldron head-on and wanted to escape . But it did not realize that it was in the Heaven and Earth Matrix and could never flee away .

The Black Cauldron swallowed the cyan flame in one gulp .

At this moment, a name flashed through Ye Lingyue’s mind .

Unusual fire: Cyan h.e.l.l Fire .

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