Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 585

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Translator: Sissy That WalkHong Fang was a cunning man and he did not want to live all his life with such a wretched look . When he was swallowing the Jade Toad Pill, he used the Yuan energy to wrap the pill . He had intended to vomit the pill and turn into the original look after killing Ye Lingyue .

But the man who had suddenly appeared saw through him very soon .

After Hong Fang changed into his original look, Ye Beiming showed a much sterner look .

d.a.m.n it! It was him!

The biological father of Ye Lingyue in this life, Hong Fang!

These years, Yun Sheng deliberately restrained herself from getting information about Ye Lingyue's life in order to make herself miss her daughter a little less .

Ye Lingyue's spirit and soul had become complete and she had already came back to life . Not until then did Yun Sheng and Ye Beiming dare to meet her secretly .

Unexpectedly, they happened to meet Hong Fang who had caused all these years of suffering to Ye Lingyue and her mother .

Hong Fang's face turned pale . He looked like a dead fish and showed the whites of his eyes, as if he were about to faint .

“What do you want to do? I am not an evildoer but the biological father of Marquis Yue!” Hong Fang played it by ear and said suddenly .

Surprisingly, these words made Ye Beiming much angrier .

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” In a rage, Ye Beiming grabbed one hand of Hong Fang who then let out a loud cry . It turned out that one of his fingers had been forcefully broken by Ye Beiming .

Warriors in the realm of reincarnation were so strong that people with even ground-level spirit artefacts could not cut their fingers in one move . However, Ye Beiming was a member of the Kylin(one of the magical beasts in Bahuang) Clan and his flesh was much more powerful than common spirit artefacts . Advertis.e.m.e.ntYe Beiming was born cruel and indifferent and showed tenderness to only his beloved ones .

He did not kill Hong Fang in one move . Instead, he squinted and watched Hong Fang suffer a lot .

Maybe Hong Fang's voice was too annoying . Then Ye Beiming grabbed from the ground the socks and shoes Hong Fang had just taken off and put all those into Hong Fang's mouth .

“Jerks like you don't qualify as my daughter's father even if you are reincarnated 10 times . ”

Hong Fang was suffering from great pain when he heard the words of Ye Beiming . Then he suddenly forgot all the pain and stared at Ye Beiming who was even scarier than Death .

He said that he was the father of Ye Lingyue?

Impossible! How could this be possible? Did the b.i.t.c.h Ye Huangyu have an affair with another man?

No! Ye Huangyu could by no means have an affair with another man when they were married . Or it meant that Ye Lingyue was no longer who she had been?

Hong Fang's eyes moved abruptly .

Hong Fang was about to think more when his hand felt another sharp pain .

Ye Beiming broke his another finger .

Ye Beiming looked rather cold and crumbed Hong Fang's fingers into pieces . The nerves of the fingertips were linked with the heart . Hong Fang's forehead was full of sweat and he could not even give a cry .

At this moment, he wished for nothing but death .

How frightening the man was!

Hong Fang's ten fingers then turned into a mess of blood and flesh . At this time, Ye Beiming humphed and stamped on the wrist and ankle of Hong Fang .


Hong Fang's wrist and ankle burst apart and there were 4 messes of b.l.o.o.d.y mist .

Such torturing made Hong Fang feel that death was even better than life . But his mouth was plugged with smelly socks and he was not even able to kill himself .

“Night Fox, this is the wedding room of others . ”

Yun Sheng witnessed all this on the roof and showed great contempt .

Hong Fang saw Yun Sheng and had a panic attack at the very beginning . Very soon, however, he found a ray of hope .

He realized that Yun Sheng was the beauty he saw once outside the Ye Manor .

After all, she was a woman and looked intimate with this cold and cruel man . Maybe begging her could help save him .

“Uh-huh . ”

Hong Fang lost his hands and feet and could only try his best to move around, begging Yun Sheng to show some mercy .

Yun Sheng just glanced at him coldly . Then she saw Hong Fang striped naked except a piece of underwear . Most shamefully, his p.e.n.i.s was erecting .

Since Zhuge Rou had s.e.x with the old eunuch, Hong Fang had lost all interest in her body . In order to go through with the s.e.xual intercourse, he developed a habit of taking pills to enhance his s.e.xual desire .

This time, in order to humiliate Ye Huangyu, he had taken twice as many pills .

Seeing such awfulness, Yun Sheng showed greater disgust .

“What is the meaning of looking at such an awful thing? I can let you look at mine for as long as you like after we go back . ” Ye Beiming felt dissatisfied since he did not allow her wife to stare at another man .

“Go, go, go! You know who I am . For me, men are just slices of meat . ” Yun Sheng curled her lips and her stare left Hong Fang's hair stand on end .

Ye Beiming also curled his lips . He had just forgot how different his wife was from ordinary women .

Ordinary women would feel embarra.s.sed when facing the naked body of a man . However, his wife Yun Sheng could, after making love with him, discuss calmly with him how many muscles, bones and acupoints there were in his body .

Hong Fang intended to beg Yun Sheng for mercy . He was simply courting his own ruin .

Hong Fang felt quite uneasy about Yun Sheng's stare when she suddenly smiled, took out a bottle of powder and sprinkled it on his p.e.n.i.s .

“It is almost time . I will remove the poison from Ye Huangyu's body and you can throw the man into the toilet . Killing such men will dirty our hands . ” Yun Sheng gave Ye Huangyu an acupuncture treatment with gold needles .

Ye Huangyu groaned but did not come to herself immediately .

Yun Sheng tidied the room and restored its original look before getting out quickly .

Ye Beiming grabbed Hong Fang and moved like a bird . Soon he got outside the toilet of the Ye Manor .

Unlike ordinary residence, the Ye Manor had a clean toilet since it was newly refurbished and the home of a marquis .

Ye Beiming did not want to leave Hong Fang in such a clean place . The he turned around and walked towards the toilet used by servers .

At this time, Ye Beiming heard a gentle sound of footsteps .

Then he saw a well-groomed girl walking here with a maid .

He vanished into the grove nearby since he did not want to draw any attention .

The girl was no other than Princess Qingbi .

Tonight she had managed to stay together with Xia Houqi . Due to the conflict with Ye Lingyue, however, she was left alone by Xia Houqi . At the banquet, Xia just sat together with officials .

Princess Qingbi was a resident of the North Qing and had no friend or relative in the Xia City .

Xue Pianran had accompanied the princess to the Xia City . However, she left early with the excuse of illness .

So the princess could only stay with old ladies including Xia Houqi's grandmother . She felt disappointed and then began drinking alcohol on her own .

Unexpectedly, the wine of the Ye Manor tasted so full-bodied that Princess Qingbi just could not stop drinking .

Not until she felt full and dizzy did she order the maid to help her to the toilet .

Princess Qingbi had drunk alcohol and felt angry with Ye Lingyue . So she was full of complaints now .

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