Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 584

Publishedat 31st of October 2019 04:35:04 AMChapter 584: 584

Translator: Sissy That WalkSeeing how his wife looked, Ye Beiming drew a sigh .

“Why not tell her? She is the first and the most important child of us . Her spirit and soul were almost destroyed when she suffered from lovesickness . At that time, you used the Black Cauldron to safeguard her spirit and soul in hope of finding a suitable flesh for her . Over the 500 years, you have been searching all the places for a suitable flesh . It is quite hard for you to find one and make her relive . Due to your agreement with the Fire Emperor, you cannot tell Yue'er that you are her mother . I know you feel awful about this . ”

Since Yun Sheng and Ye Beiming got married, they had given birth to several children . But Ye Lingyue was their first child before they became G.o.ds . The girl had won the favor of all . Due to her physical conditions, however, she could not train her magical power . She was quite smart and considerate, but destiny made fun of her .

Recalling his daughter's pitiful experience, Ye Beiming grew more and more agitated .

Yun Sheng saw that Ye Beiming had flown into a rage . Then she put her arms around his slender waist and said in a low voice .

“Night Fox, Yue'er suffered a lot in her previous life . If I tell her that I am her mother for my own sake, then we need to remove the Seal of Life and Death from her body . According to the characteristics of our daughter, she will surely take revenge as long as she remembers what has happened . We have begged the Fire Emperor so long to relive Yue'er . This time, I hope that she will live like an ordinary girl . I hope that she will get married, give birth and live with a man who truly cares about her . I hope that she will live a happy life . ” Yun Sheng whispered .

Yun Sheng recalled the sufferings of her daughter in the previous life, and then her eyes turned slightly red .

“Then I will do as you like . ” Ye Beiming showed great worries and kissed his wife gently on the forehead .

Over the 500 years, Yun Sheng had been searching like mad all places for a suitable flesh . She was worried that the spirit and soul of her daughter would be totally destroyed . When she could not find her daughter, she never rested at ease . When she eventually found Ye Lingyue, though, she tried her best not to tell the fact .

All things Yun Sheng had done showed great love and care . Ye Beiming saw all and felt great sympathy .

Birth could decide a person's later development, so Ye Lingyue would not remain anonymous all her life . Advertis.e.m.e.ntYe Lingyue had rested for years and taken the pill Yun Sheng had hidden in the Black Cauldron . Since then, destiny had started to reveal itself .

Ye Lingyue spent 13 years restoring her spirit and soul that were almost totally destroyed .

The pill she took was made from the blood and flesh of herself in the previous life . After taking the pill, she came back to life like a phoenix that lived through disasters .

Due to the Seal of Life and Death, however, she forgot all things in the previous life .

Ye Beiming looked at his beloved wife and drew a deep sigh . The destiny could be cruel to all, including G.o.ds like them .

Yun Sheng's wish was good but could things evolve according to plan?

Ye Beiming took a deep look at Yun Sheng and could not make up his mind to tell her beloved wife about what he had just heard .

Today he attended the meeting of G.o.ds and heard something .

After 500 years, he and his wife were still secretly looking for the new flesh for their daughter's rebirth .

Another G.o.d was also looking for Ye Lingyue .

500 years ago, the man tortured Ye Lingyue, watched her fall down from the Deity Fall Balcony and saw her spirit and soul totally destroyed .

After 500 years, the man had already grown into a G.o.d that could match Ye Beiming and he was still searching for Ye Lingyue .

The man hated Ye Lingyue to the core . If he knew that her spirit and soul still existed, people of the Qing Continent would surely be plunged into an abyss of misery .

The cycle of life and death never ceased .

That man was not satisfied with the result yet . Was he prepared to kill Ye Lingyue for the second time?

This time, Ye Beiming would by no means allow anyone to hurt his wife and daughter .

He would in no case allow the man to find Lingyue who had already relived .

Ye Beiming tried to calm down and then lowered his eyes . When the two were talking with each other, Yun Sheng was suddenly alerted .

“Night Fox, there is something wrong . The Charming Night Queen has just told me from afar that Ye Huangyu may be in danger . ”

Ye Huangyu was the biological mother of Ye Lingyue in this life . Ye Huangyu suffered a lot in her life . Yun Sheng had searched a great many places and eventually came here . This showed a good connection between the two . Today was the wedding day of Ye Huangyu and Yun Sheng had just hoped to see her daughter . Unexpectedly, she found that Ye Huangyu was in danger .

There was still a lot of hustle and bustle in the inner courtyard .

Yun Sheng and Ye Beiming got the information and left the wine table, getting outside the wedding room .

In the air was still the smell of the knockout incense . Yun Sheng and Ye Beiming held their breath, tipped each other the wink and secretly climbed onto the roof .

In the wedding room, Ye Huangyu and several maids had already lost consciousness .

A short man with a wretched look held Ye Huangyu and walked towards the bed .

“Ye Huangyu, today is the wedding day of you and Nie Fengxing . Unfortunately, your useless man will be cuckolded . ” Hong Fang looked at Ye Huangyu and found her quite beautiful today .

Even more beautiful than she had been when Hong Fang and Ye Huangyu got married .

The soft skin, the big b.r.e.a.s.t.s and the slender waist . Thinking that all almost belonged to Nie Fengxing, Hong Fang became rather resentful .

He could not wait to take off the clothes . In just several seconds, he got stripped naked .

Looking at the beauty in bed, Hong Fang grinned hideously and was about to take off the wedding clothes of Ye Huangyu .

“How shameless!” Yun Sheng was quite angry about what happened, conjuring up several gold needles in her hands .

“Yun Sheng, let your husband do this . ”

With these words, Ye Beiming vanished .

The door opened without any sign and Hong Fang did not have time to see who had come in .

Hong Fang felt great power behind him . With a bang, he was thrown out naked and lost all strength to fight back .

“Who are you?!”

Hong Fang's good time was interrupted and he flew into a rage . When he raised his head, however, he felt a head-on blow .

Hong Fang had been an powerful official for years, hence a good eye .

The person was a cold and proud man with sword-like eyes . His long eyes appeared quite frightening now .

How powerful the man was!

Just a gaze made Hong Fang's hair stand on end and he had a desire to run away as soon as possible .

Who on earth was he? Why did he appear in the Ye Manor at this time?

“The Jade Toad Pill?”

The man squinted his eyes and grabbed Hong Fang by the neck like an owl catching chickens . Hong Fang had already exceeded the third realm of reincarnation but still could not use any Yuan energy inside his body, let alone fighting back .

Ye Beiming used his energy and forced Hong Fang to vomit the Jade Toad Pill which he had taken before .

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