Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 583

Publishedat 31st of October 2019 04:35:07 AMChapter 583

Translator: Sissy That WalkIn the inner courtyard, the wedding ceremony had already started .

“First, pleas bow to Heaven and Earth . . . ”

“Second, please bow to the parents . . . ”

The loud and clear voice of the etiquette officer came from inside from time to time .

But the situation in the outer courtyard was quite different .

The man who had suddenly appeared in the air was so overwhelming that anything would be conquered . He frowned and measured Feng Shen in a strange way .

The stare showed both dissatisfaction and pickiness .

Feng Shen felt that he himself was like meat on the cutting board waiting for the man to select .

It must be pointed out that this man was so overwhelming for Feng Shen . Feng Shen did not have such a feeling even before the North Qing Emperor .

“Dissatisfying . ”

The man moved his s.e.xy thin lips and spoke out before vanishing all of a sudden .

Advertis.e.m.e.ntIn the air was only the moon . Nowhere could the person be found .

Feng Shen frowned and touched his nose tip, speaking to himself .

“What about me is dissatisfying?”

In the inner courtyard, Nie Fengxing and Ye Huangyu had finished the wedding ceremony . The chaperon sent Ye Huangyu to the bridal chamber and Nie Fengxing was with the soldiers all of whom hurried to propose .

The eldest son of Marquis Qinghai drank several cups of wine and felt bored . Suddenly, he found an extremely charming beauty sitting at the table next to him .

The eldest son of Marquis Qinghai had long since showed affection towards Ye Lingyue . Unfortunately, the two men courting Ye were the current emperor and Feng Shen in North Qing . He felt that there was a slim chance of success and then gave up .

He was no longer young and his father rushed him to have dates . He had met a large number of girls of n.o.ble birth but did not find the right one .

Unexpectedly, a woman at the banquet attracted his attention .

Right at this time, the guest beside the woman stood up and left . Then the eldest son of Marquis Qinghai grasped the chance and sat there .

“Excuse me . You look unfamiliar . Are you a relative of Marquis Yue?”

Yun Sheng was thinking about the wretched man and suddenly someone sat next to her .

She raised her head and saw a young man of n.o.ble birth .

The eldest son of Marquis Qinghai saw that Yun Sheng raised her head and looked even more surprised by her beauty .

How beautiful! How could there be such a beautiful woman on the earth?

The young man blushed scarlet . He was born into a rich family and met numerous women . However, no woman could compare to the one before him .

“I am an old friend of Ms . Ye . ” Yun Sheng smiled .

Before becoming the Buddha, Yun Sheng had the blood of the sky fox .

After marriage, despite the fact that she had already become a wife and mother, she still showed the full charm of women . She had tried her best to restrain herself, but young men like the eldest son of Marquis Qinghai were still easily enchanted by her .

“May I have your name? I am . . . ” The eldest son of Marquis Qinghai was totally dazzled by the simile of Yun Sheng and began to stammer . He was about to ask further when someone coughed badly behind him .

The cough was so loud that he felt a boom in the head . Then he lost his balance and fell down onto the ground, looking rather embarra.s.sed .

“Kid, get away from my woman . ”

The eldest son of Marquis Qinghai turned around and his face suddenly went pale .

It was a rude and malicious man with inky hair . He was dressed in a long white gown . The collar was slightly folded so that the s.e.xy muscles with clear lines were exposed . His fox-like long eyes were directly staring at the eldest son of Marquis Qinghai . He could destroy the body and soul of anyone just by standing there .

Needless to say, the man was the G.o.d Buddha in Bahuang Ye Beiming who was famous for spoiling his wife .

The eldest son of Marquis Qinghai felt that he lost all the courage to challenge the man and tried his best to stay away as soon as the man spoke out . He would never approach Yun Sheng anymore .

“He is a friend of Yue'er . You have terrified him . ” Yun Sheng found both funny and irritating her man who then sat down in an overbearing manner,

It seemed that the eldest son of Marquis Qinghai would suffer from a serious illness tonight after coming back home .

Ye Beiming was by no means an ordinary person . After becoming the G.o.d Buddha, he was overwhelming enough to totally destroy the spirit and soul of a common G.o.d, let alone a commoner .

As soon as Ye Beiming sat down, all the other guests at the table scattered like birds and beasts .

Yun Sheng showed her contempt but Ye Beiming did not care about it at all . He held his wife by his long arms .

“It is because he is a friend of Yue'er that I don't take his life . However, I found Yue'er staying so closely with a man when I first came . ” Ye Beiming humphed in great dissatisfaction .

Ye Lingyue had totally forgotten the things in her previous life and could not recognize her biological parents .

But Ye Beiming still habitually treated Ye Lingyue as a little kid .

If he had not worried that Ye Lingyue might find him, he had already kicked away the man who was trying to take advantage of his daughter .

“Pu . . . ” Yun Sheng took a sip of the Five Treasures Wine and then spewed after hearing Ye Beiming's strange tone .

“Is there any father like you? The current flesh of our daughter is already 14, an age of falling in love . If you dare to interfere, I will not let you go . Could you recall how old we were when we first met?” Yun Sheng stared at Ye Beiming in great dissatisfaction .

When the two fell in love, Yun Sheng was only 6 or 7 .

The first encounter with the fox man had determined the rest of her life!

Ye Beiming turned wordless . He looked at his wife in the arms . She had drunk some wine and her cheeks turned red, making her even more attractive .

Ye Beiming's heart was beating fast and then he kissed Yun Sheng on the nose tip as if no one else were present .

Yun Sheng was so shy that she gave him a push . They had been married long but Ye Beiming was still like this . Ye Beiming then laughed aloud .

“What are you afraid of? I have set the limits so that no one will notice us . It is because that our daughter is already a grown-up that I did not teach the man a good lesson just now . After all, the man is not without any good . He was not overwhelmed when seeing me just now . His manner proves that he is by no means n.o.body . Lingyue relives and shows a better taste in choosing men this time . ”

Yun Sheng was shocked by these words . Feng Shen could spark such a comment of Ye Beiming who hardly thought high of others . It proved that the man Lingyue chose this time was not an ordinary person .

“I hope that our daughter will find the right person this time . ” Yun Sheng recalled the bitter experience of her daughter in the previous life and then drew a deep sigh .

“Do you plan to conceal the fact from Yue'er all along?” Ye Beiming let out a groan .

“Absolutely . You can see that Yue'er lives a happy life now . Although she doesn't remember us due to the seal, she will not be hurt . She has so many friends and family members around her and she will start her own family . As long as she is happy, I will grin and bear it even though she does not recall me all her life . ” Yun Sheng muttered in tears .

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