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Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 23 Chapter 202 Part1

Chapter 202 Living h.e.l.l! (1)

The previous time, after Zhou Weiqing's powerful kick, he was able to take care of the tri-attribute venom by self-injury and sacrificing a serious injury to cut his losses. However, this time was very different! This unknown energy had invaded his hand, and all of his abilities were focused on his rapier and sword-wielding hand! If he wanted to do the same, he would no longer be the top in the world. Alas, in just a few moments of his hesitation, the strange energy had already settled into his arm and reached his shoulder.

Right at this moment, a bright, clear voice rang out, though it was currently filled with a cold anger. "Since you have come, then stay here forever."

A brutal and overbearing force of HEavenly Energy appeared right in front of him without warning, a ma.s.sive silver hand grabbing towards the's neck.

As soon as the person appeared, the Heavenly King was shocked to judge that it was a Heavenly King stage powerhouse!

At this point, he no longer dared hesitate or even use his most familiar weapon. He knew if he stayed any longer, it would mean death. Frantically circulating all of his Heavenly Energy, his feet tapped the ground as he launched himself backwards in full retreat.

Despite his fear, at the same time, joy rushed in his heart. The strange energy that had reached his shoulder had finally stopped, and was showing signs of slowly vanis.h.i.+ng. As long as he could save his arm and hand, there would always be another chance for him to try again.

The silver white light on his rapier also vanished, and the rapier warped into eight black lights before disappearing back into the

This new Heavenly King stage powerhouse that had abruptly appeared was naturally Duan Tianlang. Now that he was here, how could he allow this to leave so easily? The large silver hand in the sky abruptly exploded, warping into countless threads of silver, forming a large silver cage, enveloping the Heavenly King

Currently, Duan Tianlang was dressed in the full 'Hate Sky no Handle' Legendary Set. As the crafter of the set for Long s.h.i.+ya, how could he not have one of his own? It could be said that G.o.d Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters were definitely some of the most powerful forces in the entire world. The reason why the Heaven's Expanse Palace was so feared was also because of the three G.o.d Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters, just that they would not usually take action.

A layer of silver light burst forth, warping instantly into a huge s.h.i.+eld of light, covering the Heavenly King once more. It was the Spatial Shackles.

This was a Skill that Zhou Weiqing also had. However, when compared to Duan Tianlang using it, his seemed like mere child's play.

The Spatial Shackles of Duan Tianlang covered more than several dozen square metres, and its strength was terrifying indeed. For the Heavenly King, he could only bounce off ineffectually. Without his black rapier, he was unable to breakthrough the barrier.

A horrifying strength exploded forth as the octagon plum blossom hammer in Duan Tianlang's hands smashed forward. Yet, perhaps even more terrifying was the fact that the Spatial Shackles was actually rapidly shrinking in around the

What kind of power did Duan Tianlang have? His cultivation level had reached the maximum level of the Heavenly King stage years ago, just that he was unable to breakthrough to the Heavenly Emperor state. Added to the fact that he had an entire Legendary Set, his current strength was boosted to a monstrous degree. From Zhou Weiqing and the others' descriptions, along with his own observations earlier, he could naturally tell that this Heavenly King's greatest strength was his speed, agility and offensive powers.

According to Zhou Weiqing's original plan, he would purposely leave a weak point for this Heavenly King to exploit and launch his attack. By drawing him out, Duan Tianlang would be able to launch his own sneak attack against the since he did not know they had a Heavenly King stage powerhouse on their side.

However, Zhou Weiqing had never dreamed that the h.e.l.l's Angel Skill of his would end up like that, causing both him and Tian'er to lose their abilities to fight as all their energy had been depleted. Otherwise, if Zhou Weiqing, Tian'er and Shangguan Xue'er had joined forces with their Saint Energy, it wouldn't just be a simple matter of causing the Heavenly King to lose control of his rapier for a short period of time.

However, the trio did not understand Duan Tianlang's power clearly. Currently, the usually gentle and warm G.o.d Tier Consolidating Equipment Master truly erupted with his full power. His overall combat prowess was indeed terrifying, far beyond the unbalanced Heavenly King

Although the black rapier had been recalled, the Heavenly King was still temporarily unable to use it. The rapier along with his right hand had been Sealed with Shangguan Xue'er's Saint Energy earlier, and although it was on the verge of vanis.h.i.+ng, recovery would still take a little while more, and he was temporarily unable to connect to his Physical Jewels. Alas, that was the drawback of focusing one's power to the extreme, and now that he was unable to use it, it was a loss of the majority of his power. Yet, Duan Tianlang's attack was already reaching, and with the Spatial Shackles power affect, the's speed and agility was severely restricted. Duan Tianlang attacked, and the Heavenly King dodged, and just like that the two of them exchanged blows at lightning speed in the rapidly decreasing s.p.a.ce. In order to prevent himself from being fully trapped, the Heavenly King was forced to unleash his Heavenly Energy at full force to hold back the Spatial Shackles from shrinking too rapidly.

The was groaning inwardly secretly. He dared not have allow that terrifying hammer of Duan Tianlang's to even touch him, his senses telling him that this Heavenly King powerhouse in front of him was not someone he could handle even at his full power. No matter the 'Hate Sky no Handle' or 'Hate Ground no Handle' Legendary Sets, they chose to chase physical strength to the extreme. In a certain sense of things, it was similar to the a.s.sembly Sets in a manner, just far stronger and more well rounded. Facing the ma.s.sive hammer, though both sides were at the Heavenly King stage, the knew that if it even brushed against him, he would definitely be severely injured. That was the terrifying power of a full Legendary Set. Currently, he could only keep dodging, hoping to wait for the time when he could use his rapier again to break free, or the time of the Spatial Shackles to run out… only then would he have a chance to escape.

All of this happened on the city walls in a manner of seconds, and by the time the two Heavenly King powerhouses were entangled in their fight, the several hundred air bubbles from the h.e.l.l's Angel had also fallen to the ground.

It was as if the purplish black air bubbles had eyes upon them, spreading out to land perfectly on important targets. One of the first to get into trouble was one of the large siege towers.

Below these siege towers were mainly wooden wheels. All of the materials had been brought by the three Kalise Regiments, and they had spent the last three days a.s.sembling them together. The siege towers were about twenty metres tall, almost at the same height as the Crescent City walls, able to hold thirty archers at the top, allowing them to face off against the archers atop the city walls.

Of course, for the Peerless Regiment soldiers, out of all the siege weapons, the most useless were actually these siege towers. However, due to the sheer height of the towers, they were naturally the first few to be 'taken care' off by the giant purplish black air bubbles.

*Swoosh* One of the air bubbles landed on the siege tower, causing a strange screeching sound. The closest one could describe it would be when cooking with a pot of hot oil, and pouring a ladle of cold water inside.

A dreadful scene played out next. The thirty archers and the over dozen s.h.i.+eld bearers protecting them did not even have time to scream before they vanished along with the strange sound.

All that everyone could see was just the purplish black bubble descend from the sky, creeping over the entire siege tower and it just vanished like that. As the bubbles fell on the ground, it was like a splash of a wave smas.h.i.+ng onto the ground, spreading at least several dozen metres before dissipating. However, in that entire large radius of the each bubble's fall, every single living being was just like the men on the siege tower… vanis.h.i.+ng into thin air.

Of the three Regiments, one was from the Bai Da Empire, and naturally they had their share of Jewel Masters and archers. Almost instantly, they reacted, and along with cries of surprise and shock, a rain of arrows and light beams of Skills flew upwards.

The arrows did not have any effect, disintegrating before they even reached the air bubbles. As for the various light bolts that the Jewel Masters released, it actually caused the situation to grow worse.

Those purplish black air bubbles actually broke upon contact from the skills… but what then? As they broke apart, a rain of purplish black liquid fell from the skies from each broken bubble instead!

What was a living h.e.l.l on earth? For the first time, the Heavenly Bow side on the city walls witnessed it firsthand. Each of the purplish black air bubbles had a horrifying destructive power, and just looking at the scene before them made them almost stop breathing.

No enemy, no skill, nothing could hold back or withstand the purplish black air bubbles. Each of them burst when they landed or came into contact with something, spraying the light all about. Anything that came into contact with it, be it human or weapon, they were all a.s.similated.

Everywhere they struck, it wasn't even necessary to clear up the battlefield. Even the earth… all that was left were giant holes in the ground.

Just watching from the vantage point of the city walls, it was truly a grand sight. Whenever an air bubble landed, it was like the entire ground became molten lava. All of the gathered siege weapons did not have a chance to come into play, and they were all disintegrated, including the fifty siege vehicles… not a single one was left. All that remained were countless of deep holes in the ground.

At the back, the Heavy Infantry and Heavy Cavalry soldiers were considered much luckier. At least, they were still quite some distance away, and the h.e.l.l's Angel only lasted three seconds. As such, only about ten or so of the bubbles actually struck them.

Even so, just the mere ten bubbles exploding in their midst caused the two Battalions of Heavy Cavalry and two Battalions of Heavy Infantry to lose more than a third of their numbers.

There were no violent explosions, no special lights or effects. The entire process was just so quick and simple, like an invisible giant hand had poured a immense jug of lava over the entire area. At least three thousand Kalise soldiers and all their various siege weapons disappeared instantly, with not even a single token to show that they had once been there.

No matter how outstanding the Kalise army commander was, meeting such an unbelievable situation, he could only be shocked to the core.

What kind of power was this… an act of G.o.d! No one could have expected, or even imagined, that something like this would happen. This had all happened under the circ.u.mstance that the siege weapons were rather spread out, and there were not many of the attacking soldiers packed into the area. Even so, they had suffered such a major loss in seconds. If the thirty thousand troops had been charging together in the attack? Perhaps… the number dead would have doubled or more!

In that instant, everyone could only stare in stunned shock, even the two who had caused the entire thing to happen.

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