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Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 23 Chapter 199 Part1-2

Chapter 199 To be confirmed! (1)

Along with the raising of the Ice Cold Perception, Zhou Weiqing suddenly realised a miraculous happening. At that point, he could actually vaguely sense the inner circulations of Heavenly Energy for both Shangguan Xue'er and Tian'er.

"Little Fatty, your Devour Skill evolved?" Tian'er asked in surprise.

Zhou Weiqing nodded, his voice still cold from the change. "It seems like when my Heavenly Energy cultivation level reached the six-Jeweled stage, it automatically evolved, just that I had never really noticed or activated it."

Without hesitation, Tian'er extended her hands out. "Come, let's try it."

Looking at that scene, Shangguan Xue'er suddenly felt her heart race. She had never had a favourable impression of Tian'er, but in that instant, that feeling changed. Without question, Zhou Weiqing's current state and the Devour Skill was extremely terrifying, but Tian'er did not hesitate to offer herself as a test subject. What kind of trust did that require? It might just be a simple detail, but from that alone Shangguan Xue'er was sure that Tian'er was willing to sacrifice everything for Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing nodded. He had absolute confidence in his control, and his hands grasped on Tian'er's hands.

As their hands met, Tian'er's entire body started shuddering violently like she was being electrocuted. Standing at the side, Shangguan Xue'er could clearly see a circle of eye-piercing light burst out of Tian'er's body, flying right into Zhou Weiqing's body.

Heavens! That was…

Shangguan Xue'er widened her eyes in surprise. The Boundless Infinitum Technique she cultivated in was extremely sensitive towards even minor changes in energy flow, especially at such close proximity. She could clearly sense Tian'er's Heavenly Energy flowing crazily into Zhou Weiqing's body. Not only that, it was as if Tian'er's entire body had been Sealed, and besides Devouring the Heavenly Energy, even her life energy and vitality were being drained out of her. Originally, Tian'er's smooth silky skin was starting to darken, even her soul and spirit were trembling violently.

What a terrifying Skill.

As the actual parties concerned, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian'er had an even stronger sense of that. The instant that Zhou Weiqing held onto Tian'er's hands, he immediately felt as if his body had become a bottomless pit, a crazy suction force bursting out, crazily devouring everything from Tian'er. He felt a strong sense of satiation as the Devouring began.

The Devoured Heavenly Energy flowed in through his hands, beginning to circulate all around his body, starting to merge with his own Heavenly Energy. Although this external Heavenly Energy was still not his, he would be able to quickly refine it with the Devour Technique to purify it and make it his own. Althugh only the finest core of it would remain, perhaps only a tenth or so, that was still far faster than his own cultivation speed.

However, Zhou Weiqing was not at all pleased by that. Instead, fear filled his heart, as he was shocked to find that as soon as the Devour Skill started, his own control started to slip. Attempting to stop the Devouring process, he found it extremely difficult, almost impossible. Furthermore, he could sense the life force draining out of Tian'er, and it was also because the Devouring process included this life force that allowed him to refine the Heavenly Energy so easily.

If this continued, when Tian'er had been drained dry, nothing would remain of her but a dessicated corpse.

Just like the Forest Direwolves all those years ago.

"Tian'er, activate your Saint Attribute!" Zhou Weiqing shouted out loud. At the same time, he channelled all his might into trying to control the Devour Skill, attempting to stop or at least slow it down, and also invoking his Time Attribute Heavenly Energy simultaneously.

As soon as the Devour Skill started, it was as if it was never-ending, with all his other Attributes now actually being suppressed. Only his Time Attribute, as the other equal Saint Attribute, was barely able to be invoked out.

Currently, Tian'er was also filled with surprise. However, she did not feel any fear in her heart; even if she were to die at Zhou Weiqing's hands, she would not regret it. In this case, at least she would forever be with Zhou Weiqing, a part of him. Sometimes, a girl who is lost in love just thinks differently from ordinary humans1. Of course, after hearing Zhou Weiqing's words, she immediately began to attempt using her two Saint Attributes.

Divine and Spirit, the two Saint Attributes slowly began circulating under Tian'er's control. However, they were still began Devoured into Zhou Weiqing's body. One could imagine, for both Saint Attributes to actually be Devoured in failed resistance, what what the other Attributes?

Naturally, the reason for this was because Tian'er's cultivation level was not much higher than Zhou Weiqing's, and more importantly she had allowed him to Devour him without resistance earlier, and now she was unable to break free anymore. If it were a powerhouse with far higher cultivation level than Zhou Weiqing, as long as he discovered and broke free as quickly as possibly, it was definitely no problems. Of course, even then it had do be done quickly; if one underestimated the Devour Skill and allowed it to go on for some time… well, it would be hard to say who would end up the victor.

Currently, the grey swirl of air around Zhou Weiqing grew even stronger and obvious, his entire body glowing with grey light. The original purple looking scales that had emerged over his skin also turned a crystalline grey, as if a layer of grey water was now covering him.

As the Divine and Spirit Attributes entered his body, Zhou Weiqing immediately reacted. He had cultivated with Tian'er so many times, and towards any change in energy between the two of them, control, he had much experience. Instantly, he started activating the Time Attribute energy and a small portion of the Demonic Attribute energy to move over and meet the incoming energy.

This time, the four Saint Attributes gathered inside Zhou Weiqing's body, and under his control, they began to spin faster and faster, forming the usual whirlpool which now blocked in front of the Devour Skill.

Instantly, now blocked, the speed of Devouring slowed drastically. No matter Zhou Weiqing or Tian'er, both gave an inner sigh of relief.

The more they experimented and tested with the fused Saint Attributes, the more they realised how unique it was. The fusion of these four Saint Attributes was at a level above any other Attribute, even a single Saint Attribute.

However, it was also because of this knowledge that Zhou Weiqing realised with such clarity how terrifying the Devour Skill truly was. Even facing the blockade of the four Saint Attribute whirlpool, the Devour Skill continued, not halted but just slowed immensely.

Just as Zhou Weiqing was prepared to forcefully break the connection between the two of them and end the Devour Skill, a miraculous sight happened next.

The four Saint Attribute whirlpool that formed in Zhou Weiqing's body was spinning faster and faster, and all the Heavenly Energy that had been Devoured and not refined by Zhou Weiqing was actually being drawn into the whirlpool. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing's own Heavenly Energy was also drawn into it at an almost equal rate of Tian'er's energy and his own. Originally, the tiny whirlpool began to grow larger and larger, and somehow the Devour Skill did not slow down further from there. Instead, it seemed to form a strange equilibrium with the whirlpool, continuing to draw energy and life from Tian'er.

What was this?! Zhou Weiqing was totally shocked. However, the next instant, that shock would be multiplied many times over.

As the whirlpool grew larger, the strange new Energy, power to the extreme, seemed to form at the very tip of the whirlpool, dropping down.

It was just a single drop, pure white liquid, clean and crystalline, glowing with a faint s.h.i.+mmer like it was an unparalleled treasure.

As soon as the pure white liquid that was as smooth as jade entered Zhou Weiqing's body, he felt an indescribable sensation. The sheer power held within this single drop of unknown energy was even stronger than his original Heavenly Energy, and many times purer.

When his cultivation level had reached the Heavenly Xu Energy stage, Zhou Weiqing's Heavenly Energy had already reached a liquefied state. However, this strange new liquid energy that had been a product of the four Saint Attribute fusion whirlpool was just so much purer and refined than his own Heavenly Energy, a level that seemed to be utterly impossible. That was to say, given the same volume, this drop of liquid held the maximum possible amount of energy density.

Even more miraculously, as soon as the drop of liquid entered his body, it became his own, part of him. He was able to take command of it and move it around. Furthermore, as the liquid slowly flowed to his DanTian, it did not merge with his own Heavenly Energy, instead taking its own position at the side, as if establis.h.i.+ng a system of its own.

Within the drop of liquid, it not only held an unbelievable amount of Heavenly Energy, it was also full of life force. This was not something either Zhou Weiqing or Tian'er actually had originally. It was as if their life force had upgraded and evolved itself within the whirlpool. Zhou Weiqing felt as soon as he was joined with that drop of liquid, a sense of euphoria overcame him.

The second drop formed, much slower than the first one. Right at that moment, an urgent voice slammed into his soul in a shocking fas.h.i.+on, right into his mind.

"ZHOU WEIQING, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL HER?!" The voice was Shangguan Xue'er's, her urgent and frantic voice rang out in his soul, reverberating throughout his mind, instantly snapping Zhou Weiqing out from his reverie.

Opening his eyes, Zhou Weiqing was given a huge fright.Lol, I wonder what TJSS's wife will say to this ↩

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