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Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 23 Chapter 194 Part1-2

Chapter 194 Crescent City! (1)

Of course, this was also because it was official business indeed. In truth, their support for Zhou Weiqing was not just because he had become the son-in-law of both the Heaven's Expanse Palace and Heavenly Snow Mountain. No matter the Peerless Regiment that he had created, or the stunning display of talent and future potential that he had shown, added to the fact his Master was Long s.h.i.+ya… it was sufficient for both the Heaven's Expanse Palace and Heavenly Snow Mountain to want to draw him to their side. As such, it had ended up in such a strange delicate but amazing situation.

Ming Yu sighed and nodded towards Zhou Weiqing, saying: "Alright, you have won. I can represent the Heavenly Demon Sect to make a direct guarantee to you. During your efforts to revive your homeland, we will definitely not provide any aid to the Bai Da Empire or Kalise Empire. We hope to gain your friends.h.i.+p. However… we would like to know what is your final goal… is it just to revive your Heavenly Bow Empire, or do you have greater ambitions?"

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: "Regarding that, I can't say for sure as I shall not have the final say. That will have to wait until our Heavenly Bow Empire's Emperor to make the final decision. Of course, all of that will have to wait until we succeed in reviving our homeland."

Ming Yu couldn't help but scold him inwardly. This little rascal was truly 'waterproof' indeed! Looks like I must give him some strong medicine first.

"Commander Zhou, let us end our official business here then. I have some other personal matters, can we discuss them now?" Ming Yu's expression resumed to his normal, calm and unflurried state.

Zhou Weiqing started momentarily. "What personal matters?" All of a sudden, he had a strange ominous feeling, as he saw a thread of delight in Ming Yu's eyes.

Ming Yu laughed heartily and said: "Nothing much, just that Commander Zhou shouldn't have forgotten about what you have done previously right? Although I do not know what G.o.dly Technique Commander Zhou was cultivating at that time, but our dear Princess had aided you in a heavy price. Wouldn't Commander Zhou make some time to visit our little Princess? After all, after she returned, she has been thinking about you day and night!"

Zhou Weiqing's body froze instantly. At the same time, he abruptly sensed an aura of ill intent from both sides around him.

"My Dear G.o.d General, you are truly savage! Let us return to official business. If I am willing to let you command my Peerless Regiment, would you be willing to leave the Fei Li Empire to join our Heavenly Bow Empire?"

Zhou Weiqing instantly changed the topic, and he quickly brought up a topic that he knew Ming Yu was most interested in. He knew that would definitely cause Ming Yu to change his focus instantly.

Ming Yu stared at Zhou Weiqing in surprise. "You are willing to let me be in charge of your Peerless Regiment?"

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: "Not be in charge of, but be in command to direct it. I believe that if the Fei Li G.o.d General becomes our Heavenly Bow G.o.d General, the Peerless Regiment would be able to better flourish their combat prowess… to become even more terrifying."

Hearing those words, Ming Yu's breathing grew rapid and urgent. As a military commander, who would not dream of commanding such a gloriously powerful troop? He had witnessed the terrifying power of the Peerless Regiment with his own eyes, and his own body. If he were to become their Commander, he truly believed that they could be forged into an invincible force.

Zhou Weiqing continued: "Furthermore, I am even more interested to know… If I wish to earn the support of the Heavenly Demon Sect, what price do I need to pay?"

Ming Yu took a deep breath and said: "Very simple. We have two requests before we can place ourselves fully in your camp. Firstly, the Heavenly Bow Empire needs to actually acknowledge our Heavenly Demon Sect publicly. That is to say, once the Heavenly Bow Empire has been restored, you will not resume following the world in declaring us an Evil or Heretical Sect. Instead, you must recognize us as a legit party and our status in the Mainland. This is our first, and most important request."

Zhou Weiqing laughed and nodded: "I am already considered friends with the Heavenly Demon Sect. Originally, I have even perused through your Demonic Manual. This first request, I can personally agree to it. In the first place, I also have the Demonic Attribute and the Demonic Change State, how can I not recognize the Heavenly Demon Sect?"

Ming Yu nodded, both delighted and gratified. "Since Commander Zhou has already said that, our chances of working together are definitely very high. Well, as for the second request, we hope that after the Heavenly Bow Empire has been revived, it can become the asylum or shelter for our Heavenly Demon Sect… allowing us to go through a full migration to your Empire."

Hearing those words, Zhou Weiqing started momentarily. "You all want to become the background supreme ruler of our Heavenly Bow Empire?" How could he not understand what the Heavenly Demon Sect was implying? Without question, they were looking at the Heaven's Expanse Palace and its relation with the ZhongTian Empire, or the Heavenly Snow Mountain and its status in the WanShou Empire.

The greatest weakness of the Heavenly Demon Sect was that they had no place to set roots, with no Empire which would support them and allow them to grow. This greatly restricted their basic safety and also their growth potential. However, in the current state of things, it was impossible for them to choose and large empires to forge such a relations.h.i.+p, and targeting a small Empire was actually a realistic goal.

It was clear that the previous goal of the Heavenly Demon Sect was the Kalise Empire, but the Kalise Empire was far too deep in control under the Bai Da Empire. As such, the Heavenly Demon Sect had not succeeded after several tries, leaving them still in the Bai Da Empire with an awkward status. After all, although the Heavenly Demon Sect was considered one of the Great Saint Lands, their overall power was far from comparable to the Heaven's Expanse Palace or the Heavenly Snow Mountain. It was impossible for them to directly clash with a large Empire.

A faint light flashed in the room, and Zhou Weiqing's face turned icy cold. His hands were held before his chest, his eyes narrowed and clearly filled with anger and ill intent.

Ming Yu smiled bitterly and said: "What background supreme leader? All our Heavenly Sect needs is a place to stay and place down roots. As you know, it is extremely difficult for us to even survive in the entire mainland. We do not have any intentions of controlling your Heavenly Bow Empire at all. Furthermore, even if we wanted to, your Master alone isn't someone our Heavenly Demon Sect dares to offend."

Looking at how Ming Yu was placing the Heavenly Demon Sect in such a position of weakness, Zhou Weiqing smirked coldly in his heart. Indeed, they might not have intentions currently, or rather, they were not capable of doing so… but in the future? If he allowed the Heavenly Demon Sect to enter the Heavenly Bow Empire and set up their headquarters, it could end up as a cancerous growth that might blow up in his face at anytime. When the Heavenly Demon Sect gained second wind and recovered their true strength, who was to say what they would do in future?

Looking at Zhou Weiqing's eyes, Ming Yu sighed in his heart. It looks like this negotiations will most likely be falling through. This Zhou Weiqing is just too intelligent and astute, it will be just too difficult for him to agree to such a request.

However, to Ming Yu's shock, the next moment Zhou Weiqing actually nodded towards him, even smiling as he said: "Very well, I agree to your second request as well."

Ming Yu almost thought he had heard wrongly. "What… what did you say?"

Zhou Weiqing nodded once more and said: "I said, I can agree to both terms that your Heavenly Demon Sect have come up with. Are you that surprised?"

Ming Yu did not even bother trying to hide his thoughts, nodding as he said: "Indeed, I am very surprised. With your intelligence and astute thoughts, how could you easily agree to such terms? This makes me somewhat ill-at-ease."

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: "You do not need to feel so ill at ease. I can explain my thoughts to you to a.s.suage your curiosity. There are three reasons why I would agree in the end. Firstly, I do not have any malice or ill intentions towards the Heavenly Demon Sect, maybe because I also have the Demonic Attribute. Secondly, I do not think that the Heavenly Demon Sect will be of threat to our Heavenly Bow Empire in the future, that is because as long as we can our strength sufficiently high, there is nothing to be afraid of. Thirdly, with the Heavenly Demon Sect stationed within our borders, that will also be a great aid for us in growing stronger… perhaps more so… your existence would always be a constant whip behind us, an impetus for us to keep growing and to never slacken off."

Although Zhou Weiqing was smiling as he spoke, those words and the strong confidence behind them caused Ming Yu's heart to ripple agitatedly.

He was actually using the Heavenly Demon Sect as his own whetstone? To grind the blade of himself and his Empire?! Indeed, what Zhou Weiqing said was true, if one's strength was sufficient, why would he be afraid of the Heavenly Demon Sect? At least, currently, with the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor by his side, he did not need to fear anything. Furthermore, in the future, who could say whether or not Zhou Weiqing would also become an existence like the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor, or even greater?

Ming Yu stood up, actually bowing slightly towards Zhou Weiqing as he said: "I represent the several hundreds of my Heavenly Demon Sect brethren in thanking Commander Zhou's magnanimous generosity. Currently, on the surface we still aren't able to actively help you in terms of reviving your Empire. After all, even if we tried it would not be a good thing for you. However, regarding Commander Zhou's first proposal, I am highly interested. However, I would need some time to prepare to do so. When you begin your counterattack into the Heavenly Bow Empire to begin the revival of your homeland, I will definitely find a way to do so. Alright, shall we end our discussion here? I shall take my leave now."

After saying that, Ming Yu once again pulled up his cowl before heading out. Zhou Weiqing walked him to the doorway, and just as Ming Yu was about to descend the stairs, he suddenly turned around and said to Zhou Weiqing: "Remember, leave that position for me. I am looking forward to it. Hahaha."

The Fei Li G.o.d General had left, but not long after, Zhou Weiqing's room burst into dangerous excitement once more. Alas for Little Fatty, regarding his own connection with Little Witch, he had no choice but to come clean now.

The next morning, when Zhou Weiqing woke up, he had obvious black eyes. (Zen: I think this is referring to dark circles from lack of sleep, not getting beaten up?) With a gloomy and overcast face, he gave the order to move out from the Fei Li Empire, heading towards the original Heavenly Bow Empire territory.

At last, Zhou Weiqing led his Peerless Regiment to begin working towards the revival of his Empire.

At the same time, the entire Mainland was not quiet at all. Chaos had began to rear its ugly head.

To the north, the WanShou Empire had just finished with its annual border wars, and there was not much action there. However, for the rest of the Mainland, sudden unrest ensued. Amongst the most obvious was the Dan Dun Empire situated far to the south. Just as Zhou Weiqing had actually reached the Fei Li Empire previously, the Dan Dun Empire had suddenly launched an attack against its neighbour, also one of the larger Empires in the Mainland, the Geritimo Empire.

War broke out just so suddenly, so much so that by the time the ZhongTian Empire received news of it, both sides had already been embroiled in major battles. The most shocking thing for the ZhongTian Empire was that, in such a short period of time, the Geritimo Empire had already lost one third of its land!

It had to be known that although the Dan Dun Empire had always been stronger than the Geritimo Empire, it should not be to such a standard. Yet, the Geritimo Empire just hadn't been able to withstand the pressure.

Instantly, the ZhongTian Empire and the Bao Po Empire sent a joint Regiment to the Dan Dun Empire to mediate and try to stop the war. By this time, the war had already gone on for more than a month, and some of the Geritimo Empire's most fertile lands had already been conquered by the Dan Dun Empire.

According to the ZhongTian Empire's investigations, the cause of the war was because of some minor scuffles on the borders. Using this as an excuse for revenge, the Dan Dun Empire had launched an abrupt invasion. It was clear that this was actually a premeditated attack from the Dan Dun Empire, that had been planned for a long time. In such a short period of time, they had gathered a ma.s.sive army of more than a million strong, charging directly into the Geritimo Empire to conquer some of the choicest bits.

In terms of geography, the Dan Dun Empire was at the absolute south of the continent, while the Geritimo Empire was more of a Central South. The two Empires shared quite a border, but to their north, there was a large patch of several smaller Empires that separated them from the ZhongTian Empire!

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