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Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 22 Chapter 189 Part1

Chapter 189 To be confirmed! (1)

Today, Cai Cai was dressed in official clothing as usual, but they were her finest. Her face was expressionless, even stern, as she stood waiting.

Behind the separation of the soldiers, there was a gathering of Fei Li Empire citizens who were watching in curiosity. They did not know what was happening, to have such a parade now.

The Royal Family Cavalry personally out in formation, with Princess Cai Cai at the head of the parade, waiting outside the City Gates. Such a formality could be said to be extremely rare in the Fei Li City, and only when welcoming honoured guests from the main large empires would this happen, second only to having the Emperor personally welcome someone. After all, Princess Cai Cai had a rather high status even in the entire Fei Li Royal Family, and she also had a good reputation and high popularity amongst the citizens.

Time pa.s.sed, minute after minute. By the time the sun had risen three poles high 1, and the welcoming party had already waited for quite some time, but they still did not see any sign of the diplomatic party.

"Report—" A scout from the Royal Family Cavalry rushed towards Cai Cai, kneeling down in front of her.

"Speak." Cai Cai said pa.s.sively. Currently, she was impa.s.sive but dignified, showing her n.o.ble and elegant demeanor of a princess from a large Empire.

"Your Highness, the Heavenly Bow Empire diplomatic party is about to arrive. Later, should we allow their escorting troop to enter the city as well?"

Cai Cai waved a hand and said: "Yes, of course they can enter. The Heavenly Bow Empire is our allied Empire, how can we leave them at the door?"


These few days, Cai Cai had been receiving much news about the Heavenly Bow Empire party, of which many of them were describing how astonis.h.i.+ng the seven hundred men troop was and how imposing their presence was.

Towards such reports, Cai Cai had not paid much attention to. In her eyes, Zhou Weiqing had the support of the ZhongTian Empire, and it was not surprising that the ZhongTian Empire would send a couple hundred elite soldiers as a show of support. No matter how strong they were, they only numbered seven hundred after all. After Ming Yu's suggestions, she had already greatly increased the welcoming party towards the Heavenly Bow Empire diplomatic party.

Right at that moment, a huge flag could be seen in the distance.

It was truly a ma.s.sive flag indeed, even from the distance one could estimate that the flagpole was at least twenty metres long, as thick as a water bucket, rising high up in the skies. Above, an eight metre long, five metre wide huge flag hung upon it, swaying gently in the wind.

The flag was lined with gold thread, with the main symbol upon it a huge Star Wood Bow. Four large letters were inscribed below, clearly visible even in the distance – Heavenly Bow Empire 2

Seeing such a ma.s.sive flag, the members of the welcoming party couldn't help but exchange looks. What was this? Even the ZhongTian Empire main army flag was just a match for it? Could such a thing actually be used as a military flag for the Heavenly Bow Empire?

In actual fact, their guess had been accurate. That flagpole was exactly the same as the ZhongTian Northwest Army main one, just that Zhou Weiqing had commissioned someone to craft an exact replica.

Almost after seeing the flag did the members of the diplomatic party start coming into vision. At the head of the entire contingent was a single rider, mounted upon an ma.s.sive horse. The horse was totally covered in black scales, its snout area like a lion's maw, a single horn s.h.i.+mmering with faint light on the top of its forehead, while its eyes were faintly red. Its ma.s.sive muscles bulged, looking savage and ferocious, and even a male lion would pale in comparison to it.

The rider on its back was fully dressed in gold armour, a blindingly scarlet cape billowing behind his back. From the side view, they could see that a similar Star Bow insignia was st.i.tched upon the cape; the logo of the Heavenly Bow Empire.

Gold helmet, gold armour and fine red robes. As soon as this general appeared in their sights, he immediately became the focus of all attention. At first impression, his dressing seemed boorish, almost vulgar. Gold armour… that was not something that could be found on a battlefield. No matter how confident a general or military leader was, one would never wear a gold armour.

Besides the fact that such gold armour was just too eye-catching, easily drawing the attention of all enemies to become a target… just the fact that gold was actually a very soft metal was a huge problem. Besides being useful for showing off, there was no practical use for such an armour at all!

In the eyes of most of the onlookers, this gold clad general was like some rich upstart who didn't know anything. However, in the eyes of Princess Cai Cai, it was vastly different.

Was this really an armour made of gold? The answer was actually a resounding no!

With a single look, Cai Cai could tell that this gold armour was more than it seemed on the surface. The colour was slightly more faded than gold was, but in the sun it somehow seemed even more resplendent.

Could it be crafted out of refined gold? How much would that actually cost? Cai Cai's heart wrenched slightly as the thought came to her mind.

Refined gold was so valuable that even t.i.tanium alloy could not compare to it. Any ordinary weapon, if one just added a tiny bit of refined gold, it would immediately transform into a top quality weapon. Furthermore, Refined Gold was extremely good at conducting Heavenly Energy, even able to amplify or magnify it. Its weight was about the same as t.i.tanium alloy, but its toughness and flexibility was far superior, almost five times that on t.i.tanium alloy. Of course, the price was more than a hundred times more expensive than t.i.tanium alloy! To craft an entire set of armour out of Refined Gold, that was already far beyond being luxurious or extravagant… even considered wasteful! Yet, Cai Cai had no choice but to admit, besides Consolidated Equipment, an armour crafted of Refined Gold was the strongest possible.

Perhaps no else besides Cai Cai could tell it was an armour made of Refined Gold, but they were still shocked with their jaws agape. That was because the immense flag that they had seen earlier was actually being held in a single hand by that leading general. More so, it was with that single hand extended out in front of him! As the single-horned Ghost Demon Horse advanced, the immense flag moved along so steadily, the flag swaying lazily in the wind. Such a presence was truly able to capture everyone's sight.

Right behind this leading general, there were four others right behind in an array. Some were dressed in armour, while others in simple clothes. However, even from just a single look, it was without question that these were no ordinary folk as well, especially two top beauties who drew even more attention.

Right behind them was a large and luxurious horse carriage, pulled on by sixteen fine horses. The driver of the carriage was a ferocious looking warrior clad in black full heavy armour, reaching almost two and a half metres tall, cutting a majestic and imposing figure indeed. That warrior held the reins to all sixteen horses in a single hand, controlling them all with just his wrist, and they mighty horses were obedient as they moved slowly along.

Originally, when they had been choosing a driver for this horse carriage, the only selection marker was stature. In the end, even the Young Master of the Berserker Tribe Ma Qun failed to gain the position; the person there was actually his elder cousin – renowned amongst the entire Berserker Tribe for his height, stature and vigor.

As their gaze wandered past the horse carriage, it was as if they could suddenly sense a strong aura of killing intent.

At this moment, everyone watching suddenly made the same action, as if in unison. Rubbing their eyes. Indeed, all of them thought they had suddenly been hallucinating. What were they looking at?!

Behind the ma.s.sive horse carriage, the array of cavalry soldiers behind were actually not riding upon warhorses… there were no warhorses in existence that were so tall and mighty, more so… those wings at the side and the majestic horn on their heads!

Heavens above! Those were Unicorn Heavenly Beasts from the WanShou Empire! All the cavalry soldiers were actually mounted upon Unicorn Heavenly Beasts! Seven hundred cavalry soldiers… seven hundred Unicorns!!Ancient chinese method of telling time using shadows of a wooden post. Basically means late morning ↩天弓帝国 in Mandarin ↩

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