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Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 22 Chapter 180.1 Part2

Chapter 180 Little Fatty vs Lion King! (1)

Naturally, while a Legendary Set was extremely powerful, making use of the power was not just so simple. To make full use of the thirty two times of strength, one had to fully activate the power of each individual Consolidated Equipment piece, transferring and gathering all the power together in a concentrated burst. That was exactly what Zhou Weiqing was doing now, gathering all the power into his right arm, to the 'crying-face' Hammer in his right hand!

The 'Hate Ground No Handle' Legendary Set had finally made its debut appearance in the annuls of history, and its opponent was actually a Heavenly Emperor stage powerhouse. This Legendary Set could be considered a unique one, without any imbued Skills like most other Consolidated Equipment had, but in focusing in stacking the basics, it had turned a basic stat of Strength into a terrifying maximum.

The Lion King's two Divine Claws instantly smashed into the 'crying-face' hammer, quickly tearing apart the Demonic Attribute Heavenly Energy surrounding it. In terms of power of Heavenly Energy or control, Gu Site far surpa.s.sed Zhou Weiqing. However, to his surprise, the hammer just flashed with a thick glow of dark gold light, and in that next instant, both claws were destroyed with a m.u.f.fled poof sound.

The next moment, the 'smiling-face' hammer was smas.h.i.+ng down at his head.

How is that possible? Without any Skills, he is actually able to break apart my attack?

Gu Site did not have time to think further. Lifting his left hand, he slapped it at the 'smiling-face' hammer, Heavenly Energy gathering quickly in a large burst. His right hand continued forward, blocking towards the 'crying-face' hammer that was still continuing its blow after dissipating the two claws.

All of a sudden, Zhou Weiqing's seemed to slow down, keeping the 'smiling-face' hammer a half second back. In this way, both hammers would now strike the Lion King at the same time.

A little way off, Long s.h.i.+ya, who was still suppressing Gu Yingbing while watching his disciple, smiled faintly as he thought to himself: This little brat, truly the epitome of sneakiness!

*Poof**Boom* Two different sounds rang out at once. Xue Aoying's jaw dropped; as judge of the match he had been watching closely, and he was shocked to suddenly see Gu Site's body sent flying back by Zhou Weiqing's strike.

Facing the two hammers of Zhou Weiqing's, Gu Site had naturally divided his Heavenly Energy equally. Alas, being the first time he was facing the Dual Legendary Hammers, how could he know the secret behind those tricky hammers?

The *Poof* sound had been Gu Site's left hand pa.s.sing right through the 'smiling-face' hammer upon impact, his powerful Heavenly Energy smas.h.i.+ng right through and up into the skies. An unexpected lack of connection with anything solid threw him off balance, catching him off guard momentarily. Although he was able to catch his balance quickly due to his power and skill, but even for a powerhouse like him it was definitely not a good feeling to strike out in such a missed blow.

More importantly, as the missed blow came from the 'smiling-face' hammer, the 'crying-face' hammer had also smashed down. This time, it was an actual strike, but with the sudden loss of balance on the other side, it definitely affected the Lion King on this side. The Heavenly Energy on this defending side shook for just a split second, but it was more than enough. Since the Heavenly Energy had been split equally compared to a full powered blow from Zhou Weiqing… this time he was at severe disadvantage.

The 'crying-face' hammer currently held all of Zhou Weiqing's power, including his thirty-two times of power. With the aid of the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, how terrifying was that?! Just in terms of pure physical strength alone, Zhou Weiqing already surpa.s.sed any eight-Jeweled Strength type Heavenly Jewel Master, let alone with the thirty two multiplier. Currently, if one were to only take physical strength into account, with his 'Hate Ground no Handle' Legendary Set, he could match most strength-type Heavenly King Stage powerhouses.

So what if he did not have Heavenly Energy powering it up. No matter what kind of ability, when it was powered up to an absolute maximum, its strength was not to be underestimated. As the saying goes, 'All roads lead to Rome'. There was no one correct path for fighting.

Under such a circ.u.mstance, Gu Site felt a terrifying strength behind the blow, one that he was unable to withstand. With the ma.s.sive explosion of impact, his entire body was sent flying but the one fake and one true blow. The greatest loss of face to him was that the strength of the blow was just too powerful; not only was his hand numb from the impact, his entire chest area was still constricted from the blow. Gu Site was forcefully stopping himself from spitting out a mouthful of blood, but he had already suffered some internal injuries.

Right at the next instant, Zhou Weiqing suddenly appeared behind Gu Site. Gripping his Dual Legendary Hammers in his Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm, he smashed them down savagely in a top-down fas.h.i.+on towards Gu Site's head.

Blink. Indeed, in that moment, Zhou Weiqing had used one of his most practiced skills, the Blink Skill.

As a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse, Gu Site's senses were definitely extremely powerful, and he instantly discovered Zhou Weiqing's follow-up attack. Yet, the first thought in his mind was just this: Impossible!

Previously, when Long s.h.i.+ya was using the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, even though he could control his various Attributes to interchange at will, or fuse them at will, or even increase the regeneration of his Heavenly Energy… but he had never been able to use his Stored Skills! How then did Zhou Weiqing manage to use the Blink Skill?!

However, this was not the time for Gu Site to overthink things. Having just been sent flying by Zhou Weiqing's hammer blow, he naturally knew how terrifying the strength behind the hammer was. Even with his Heavenly Emperor stage body, he dared not let such a blow land on him unprotected.

A huge illusory figure of a mammoth suddenly appeared above and behind Gu Site. At the same time, a bright gold light sprang forth, like a sudden growth of bramble rising up to greet Zhou Weiqing's hammers.

This Skill was one of the Lion King's strongest defensive aces, Stored from a powerful Splendid Mammoth King Heavenly Beast. This Splendid Mammoth King Heavenly Beast was also one of the WanShou Empire's strongest, a Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse. To be more accurate, it was the Totem and Tribe Leader of the Mammoth Tribe. It was only because its intelligence was not high that it did not manage to enter the true leaders.h.i.+p and ruling cla.s.s of the WanShou Empire. Even so, it still had a very high rank and respected status in the entire WanShou Empire. In terms of bloodline power, these Splendid Mammoth Kings were second only to the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers and Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions. Similar to the former two, they also had the Divine Attribute, and this Skill of theirs was called Splendid Bramble Holy s.h.i.+eld, a powerful Skill that was both offense and defense in one. Being able to force the Lion King to use such an ace-in-the-hole Skill not long after they had clashed, Zhou Weiqing could truly be proud of himself.

However, at this moment, a truly unexpected thing happened next, shocking Gu Site to the core. From behind Zhou Weiqing's back, an illusory figure rose as well, a huge, fat one that looked like a big insect. As soon as the illusory figure appeared, it wriggled forward and flew right into the Mammoth illusory figure above Gu Site's head. Both tangled with each other momentarily, before the two vanished along with the Splendid Bramble Holy s.h.i.+eld!

This was the clash of Heavenly Skill Images, an Absolute Neutralisation.

Originally, the Lion Prince Gu Yingbing had used this exact method to neutralise Zhou Weiqing's Dragon Silencing Seal, and now Zhou Weiqing was using this method to on Gu Site to neutralise his Splendid Bramble Holy s.h.i.+eld!

Clash of Heavenly Skill Images referred to when both sides unleashed a Skill that would bring about a Heavenly Skill Image – either side could instead use the Heavenly Skill Image to actually neutralise the other, if quick enough. n.o.body knew the reason why this would occur, and according to guesses of the forefathers, this was because the heavens were having mercy on the world, not wis.h.i.+ng such powerful Skills to cause too much death and destruction upon the world, allowing such a neutralising effect to happen.

In the past, Zhou Weiqing had no proper training, having to figure everything out by himself. Naturally, he did not know about the Clash Of Heavenly Skill Images and had been caught by surprise so easily by Gu Yingbing, thus being taken down so easily. However, in this period of time, under Long s.h.i.+ya's tutelage, he had also grasped the principle of this effect, and at least knew the concept of how to deal with it both offensively and defensively. At least, his spiritual energy had grown to barely be able to control the Heavenly Skill Images. At this moment, he had suddenly made use of this very effect, instantly changing the state of the current battlefield.

The Tiger King Xue Aoying had been watching all this while, and when Zhou Weiqing had used the Blink Skill, his jaw had dropped as well. He was rather familiar with the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, having talked to his brother about it previously. As such, he knew that with the Blink Skill being of higher rating than six stars, especially with Zhou Weiqing being new to the formation, he should not have been able to use that Skill! Furthermore, the Blink Skill should have been one of the toughest to mimic. At that moment, his mind was left with the same thought as Gu Site – How could this be?!

However, when Zhou Weiqing summoned the Heavenly Skill Image, under Xue Aoying's close observation, he finally noticed something that could possibly be the profound secret behind it.

When Zhou Weiqing had unleashed those two Stored Skills, one of the 'Star' Angles would light up in that hexagon shape of the formation below his feet, the Alexandrite Cat's Eye Elemental Jewel flas.h.i.+ng brightly before the Skill appeared.

Having noticed that, Xue Aoying could guess the secret behind Zhou Weiqing's usage of such Skills. However, that did not diminish the surprise in his heart. Could it be that when he used his new Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, he could still use Skills? That would be too overpowered!

In truth, Xue Aoying's guess was fairly accurate. The Six Ultimate G.o.dly Light Formation of Zhou Weiqing, when compared to the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, was far worse in terms of Heavenly Energy efficiency and recovery rate. However, the inferiority in this portion was easily compensated for by his Dragon-Tiger Transformation and the Immortal Deity Technique. As for the extra six acute 'Star' angles of the formation, each of them could 'save' a particular Stored Skill for use every time the formation was created.

That was to say, with the underlying basis of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, the Six Ultimate G.o.dly Light Formation was able to temporarily bind six Skills whenever he summoned his Formation, and he would be able to use them just like in normal combat. These bound Skills would be chosen from all of his own Stored Skills, but the Heavenly Energy used would be affected by the efficiency of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation as well as the recovery rate.

Without question, in an overall combat capability standpoint, especially for Zhou Weiqing, the Six Ultimate G.o.dly Light Formation was far superior to the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation. The reason was also simple – although both held six Attributes, Zhou Weiqing's one contained two Saint Attributes. Adding to the fact that the structure of his formation was different, the logic behind it had caused such a change.

One of the bound Skills had naturally been the Blink, which Zhou Weiqing had used to close the gap in a quick follow-up attack. The second Skill he had bound and just unleashed was actually the Time Reversal Skill. The reason why he had even selected this Skill to be bound was actually for the purposes of Clas.h.i.+ng Heavenly Skill Images. Since the Lion Prince also had Skills which could summon the Heavenly Skill Images, how could the Lion King not have some? As such, Zhou Weiqing had intentionally planned to use this 'useless' Time Reversal Skill to gain such a nearly perfect result.

As the Splendid Bramble Holy s.h.i.+eld vanished, Gu Site was once again shocked and caught off guard. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing's hammers were already striking down at him, and in such a short period of time it was too late for him to use another Skill. In astonishment, Gu Site could only use his hands to block forward, bursting forth with his powerful Heavenly Energy to forcefully defend himself.

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