Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 150.1

Chapter 150 Rage! (1)

Previously, when the Peerless Battalion had been moving from the northern borderlands back to the northern army command, Shangguan Xue'er had reached them. She had started following secretly behind Shangguan Fei'er and the main Peerless Battalion troop. However, before they had travelled far, she suddenly sensed a terrifying Heavenly Energy pressure from behind.

As such, she had turned back stealthily, seeing Zhou Weiqing who had remained behind, as well as the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long s.h.i.+ya and his friend Duan Tianlang.

Towards Duan Tianlang, she was unable to read into him. However, when Long s.h.i.+ya started healing Duan Tianlang and dragging him back from verge of death, the sheer power he unleashed caused her to be in shock. She had never expected that such a powerhouse would be at Zhou Weiqing's side. She could clearly tell that this fat middle aged man was at the same level as her father and big uncle… that was a Heavenly Emperor! Such a powerhouse… even in the entire Boundless Mainland, one could count the total number with their two hands. Seeing the respect Zhou Weiqing had for the fat man, it was clear their relations.h.i.+p was not simple.

Shangguan Xue'er immediately decided that she would have to ask her sister about this, as Fei'er would likely know who that was.

As such, after the travel, she had sneaked into the army camp. Who knew that before she could even find Fei'er and ask her about Long s.h.i.+ya, she instead saw Zhou Weiqing and her sister being intimate, hearing the conversation between the two. The worst fear of Shangguan Xue'er's had been realised indeed.

Looking on at them, she couldn't help but blush deeply as her heart raced, and she immediately gave a cold humph. At that moment, she suddenly felt a terrifying aura in the area, and she did not hesitate to flee the army camp immediately. That was the reason why Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei'er did not discover her.

Where that pressure had come from, Shangguan Fei'er did not know. She had been using the Heaven's Expanse Palace's secret arts to barely hide her presence, but she knew that if she continued staying there, the Heavenly Emperor powerhouse would definitely be able to detect her. Although she was confident in her own abilities, when it came to the level of Heavenly Emperor, she would not have the slightest chance.

What do I do? All of a sudden, Shangguan Xue'er felt at a loss. She was getting a headache from the relations.h.i.+p between Zhou Weiqing and her sisters. However, she could understand Fei'er's feelings… for Zhou Weiqing to be able to depend on his own strength to develop and grow in the northern border to such a degree, with his own personal strength, he definitely had something that attracted her sister. Otherwise, with Shangguan Fei'er's character, how could she possibly let him take advantage of her so easily.

This will not do… no matter what, I have to bring Second Sis back. This Zhou Little Fatty is Third Sis' man… how can I allow him and Second Sis to have intimate relations?

Shangguan Xue'er immediately set her resolve inwardly. However, she knew that she would not be able to continuously sneak in so easily, as that Heavenly Emperor powerhouse would eventually sense her. As such, she could only depend on regular channels to meet up with Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei'er. Hmph, Zhou Weiqing, you rotten egg! Having one of my sisters isn't enough for you, you dare to provoke my second sis as well! Also… there is still that little tigress of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, there is clearly something between them as well. This time, if you do not give an accounting, I will not let you go so easily.

Lost in her thoughts, Shangguan Fei'er subconsciously gripped her fists tightly, her heart filled with anger and detest for Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing did not know how much wine he had drank; all he remembered was many of his soldiers coming to toast him. By the time he woke up in the morning from the drunken stupor, the sun had already long risen and light had already flooded the tent, the comfortable warmth leaving him in a lazy languor.

Hangovers were undoubtedly a painful experience for ordinary people, but for powerhouses like Zhou Weiqing, it was nothing. His physique was far beyond any ordinary person, and alcohol would not have any harmful effects on him.

Stretching lazily, Zhou Weiqing clambered off his bed. Although he did not succeed in being intimate with Shangguan Fei'er last night, the drink was still extremely comfortable. Shouting and cheering together with his men, that was indeed an enjoyable feeling.

"Report! Battalion Commander, are you awake yet?" An urgent voice abruptly came from outside his tent.

"En? Come in." Zhou Weiqing said questioningly.

The tent flap raised, and one of the Peerless Battalion soldiers entered. "Battalion Commander, please hurry, something happened… Green Wolf is dying."

"What did you say?!" Only then did the lazy satisfied feeling that Zhou Weiqing was in evaporated. "What happened?!"

The soldier replied: "It's the other Regiment soldiers. This morning, n.o.body knows why but the Sixteenth Regiment Regiment Commander Shen Bu personally led men over here… After that, a fight broke out, and Green Wolf was beaten up by two of the enemy Battalion Commanders working together… it looks like he won't last long. The brothers are all angry, and we are at a standoff with the Sixteenth Regiment men."

"HMPH! They're asking for death!" Zhou Weiqing howled in rage, charging out of the tent in a flash. He had spent so much time, effort and money in cultivating these Peerless Battalion warriors, and now that they had a modic.u.m of success and were on the right path, such a thing had happened. Green Wolf had reached the Seven-Jeweled cultivation level, and amongst their Physical Jewel Masters, he was one of the top few. Even amongst all the Company Leaders, he was around the top few of the ranking.

At time, Zhou Weiqing could be very generous, but there were some areas where he was definitely extremely stingy. In his eyes, each and every single person in the Peerless Battalion was extremely important to him, his brothers, and also his greatest hope for reviving his Heavenly Bow Empire. His protective instinct towards them was extremely strong, and hearing that one of his brothers had almost been killed, how could he not be anxious?

Zhou Weiqing did not even need to ask for directions, instantly sensing where there was a large gathering of people as he dashed towards that area. As he had expected, besides those Peerless Battalion soldiers who were still sleeping from the drinking last night, there were at least five hundred men gathered there, the tension in the atmosphere clear as both sides seemed ready to fight; Zhou Weiqing could sense that much even from such a distance.

"What's going on? Let me pa.s.s." Zhou Weiqing shouted out loud, instantly drawing the gazes from all those present. Immediately, the group parted, allowing him a pa.s.sageway through.

Zhou Weiqing strode quickly through the ranks, reaching the front in a blink.

At that moment, the sentiments of the Peerless Battalion soldiers were all roused up in anger, indignation, sheer rage… As soon as they saw Zhou Weiqing, an uproar rose up as they all started talking at once.

"Battalion Commander, you must help us get an accounting for this! Those Sixteenth Regiment fellows beat up many of our brothers just because they outnumbered them."

"Yes! Battalion Commander, give the order! Let's kill all these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!"

These soldiers of the Peerless Battalion were after all originally ruffians and rogues, and fighting and creating disturbances was one of the most common things they did to be sent to the Ruffian Battalion. Just because their opponent's Regiment Commander had come didn't mean they would be afraid or step back… if not for Wei Feng and the other Company Leaders holding them back, perhaps they would have swarmed over the Sixteenth Regiment men by now.

"Everyone shut up! I will get an accounting for us all!" Zhou Weiqing yelled angrily.

Instantly, the soldiers of the Peerless Battalion fell into silence. In the entire Peerless Battalion, Zhou Weiqing had absolute authority. Not just because of the various 'profit' he brought to them, or the respect and love they had for him, but also because of his own sheer personal strength. In the battlefield, he was always in the thick of the fight, fighting the strongest of the enemies. Although the Peerless Battalion soldiers might not have the best characters, they were all truly respectful and held much admiration for this young Battalion Commander of theirs.

Zhou Weiqing moved to the front, and Wei Feng immediately stepped forward to receive him. He breathed a sigh of relief on seeing Zhou Weiqing, and said: "Battalion Commander, you are finally here. If you had not come soon, things would have gone out of hand."

Zhou Weiqing said solemnly: "Vice Commander Wei, what is going on?" He turned to look at the Peerless Battalion soldiers, who still had the stink of alcohol about them, but each and every one of them were enraged. Most of them had their weapons out, looking as if they would attack at any moment if they did not get an answer.

On the other side, Shen Bu's expression was extremely unfriendly as well. Behind her, all ten of the Battalion Commanders from the Sixteenth Regiment were here as well, the feathers in their caps showing their ident.i.ty. Behind them, there were at least five hundred men, likely Shen Bu's personal guards and the elites of the Sixteenth Regiment.

Wei Feng stepped closer to Zhou Weiqing's side and said in a low tone that only he could hear. "Last night, we threw the rubbish back to the Sixteenth Regiment, and when they discovered in this morning, they came looking for trouble. At first, it was just those Heavy Cavalry soldiers who we took care off last time, and when after some heated words were exchanged, a fight broke out. Our brothers followed your orders; since others have come to our territory, they beat them up… and most of them were injured. Still, they still kept their reason about them and held back, and there should be no heavy injuries. After that, some of their Battalion Commanders brought men over to continue looking for trouble. Most of our brothers were still semi drunk from the night before, and once again a fight broke out. By the time I arrived, it was too late, and Green Wolf was already severely injured. I'm afraid…"

Zhou Weiqing glanced to the side and saw Green Wolf, who lay there on the verge of death, barely gasping for breath from the caved in chest, blood welling out from all around the chest area.

As that picture entered his sight, Zhou Weiqing felt a rush of hot blood gus.h.i.+ng to his brain, and his breathing growing heavy with rage.

"Zhou Weiqing, you better give me an accounting today, otherwise we will bring it up to the military court." As soon as Shen Bu saw that Zhou Weiqing had arrived, she immediately yelled at him in a rage.

Wei Feng's words had been simple, but in truth, two entire Companies of Heavy Calvary soldiers had come from the Sixteenth Regiment earlier. Although they were not fully geared, they still thought highly of themselves and their fighting capabilities, and came looking for trouble just like that. Of course, they had not expected that all these Peerless Battalion soldiers had been drilled for months by Shangguan Fei'er, and as the two sides clashed, it was definitely not them who suffered the disadvantage.

Two entire Companies of Heavy Cavalry soldiers were all beaten back, with more than a third suffering from broken bones or fractures. Since when had the Sixteenth Regiment taken such a loss, and the Battalion Commanders sent word to Shen Bu before rus.h.i.+ng down with their men. However, they had not taken the advantage at the same time, as the ruffians of the Peerless Battalion were just too savage… when they fought, it was as if they did not care for their lives. Although Green Wolf was mortally wounded, he had also broken both arms of the two Battalion Commanders he had been fighting. If not for the fact that the other Company Leaders of the Peerless Battalion had not come in time, perhaps the outcome of the fight would be very different.

It had been the simultaneous arrival of Shen Bu and Wei Feng that had finally caused the fighting to halt and the situation to stabilize relatively into the current stalemate.

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