Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 173.3

Chapter 173 ‘Your Father’ is here to demand a reckoning! (3)

“Originally, when Tian’er first left me, she had told me that if you did not agree to the relations.h.i.+p between us, she would threaten you with her death. I am sure that you, above anyone else, know full well how Tian’er’s character is like. Perhaps she might marry Gu Yingbing to give you face, but I am certain that she will never be his true wife. As a father, if you are willing to see your daughter suffer for the rest of her life, perhaps even to the extent of taking it herself… then I can only say that you are not a qualified father, almost not deserving to be one.”

Zhou Weiqing’s words were firm and resolute. In front of the top powerhouse in the world, Xue AoTian, he did not show any fear at all. As he spoke to his last words, his tone was even reproachful.

The Tiger King Xue Aoying could only stare at the side, his jaw agape. It had been years since he had seen, or even heard of, anyone daring to speak to his elder brother like this. This little fellow truly has guts indeed!

Xue AoTian’s face turned green, then white. Looking at Zhou Weiqing, the energy reverberations around his body fluctuated violently, as if he was on the verge of taking Zhou Weiqing’s life.

Long s.h.i.+ya stood right beside his disciple. He did not dare be negligent at such a moment. WIthout a doubt, he was confident in escaping even if the three top powerhouses here surrounded and attacked him. However, he knew he did not have the ability to do so and bring Zhou Weiqing along as well.

That was to say… if Xue AoTian actually fell out with him; then Zhou Weiqing would forever be left here. Even though in Long s.h.i.+ya and Zhou Weiqing’s plan, such a situation was highly unlikely to occur, but there was always that small possibility.

For Zhou Weiqing to actually dare to anger Xue AoTian like this, even Long s.h.i.+ya had not expected it. In his heart, he couldn’t help but give a big hidden thumbs up to Zhou Weiqing, but at the same time he also felt like breaking into a cold sweat for his precious disciple.

“Senior, Tian’er will only be truly happy with me, we are in love with each…”

“Enough!” At last, Xue AoTian interrupted Zhou Weiqing abruptly. Currently, the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord seemed to be in a rage, standing up suddenly from his seat.

Just the action of standing up alone did not seem much, but everyone in the room grew nervous at that. The one who felt it the most was naturally Zhou Weiqing, taking the brunt of the powerful and violent aura, causing his entire body to stagger back, almost falling down. Long s.h.i.+ya instantly stepped in front of his disciple, while both the Tiger King Xue Aoying and Lion King Gu Site also stood up in succession. Of course, the two had very different expressions on their faces.

The Tiger King looked at his elder brother, his face showing signs of worry and anxiety. On the other hand, Gu Site’s eyes were filled with murderous intent. His only thought now was how to best leave Long s.h.i.+ya here ‘permanently’, and not allow him to escape. “You all wait here.” All of a sudden, Xue AoTian said angrily. With a sweep of sleeve, his entire figure flashed and disappeared from the grand hall.

Zhou Weiqing stood up, looking at his shocked teacher. With a low tone, he said to Long s.h.i.+ya: “Looks like we have a chance… Mountain Lord Xue does love Tian’er very much after all. He must have gone to speak with Tian’er about what I said earlier. Perhaps, he has also sensed something wrong with her, that perhaps her current circ.u.mstance is not far from what I described.”

With Long s.h.i.+ya’s powerful Heavenly Energy surrounding them, the master and disciple pair were not afraid of having their conversation heard by the others. Long s.h.i.+ya nodded upon hearing that, saying: “Very good. In the end, being able to bring home the beauty, it will all depend on yourself.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “I will definitely succeed.”

Gu Yingbing stood there, looking at Zhou Weiqing with a venomous glare. At this moment, he was filled with regret. He truly regretted not killing Zhou Weiqing at that time when he had the chance. During that time, he had two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses with him. If he had killed Zhou Weiqing then and burned all evidence, killing Shangguan Fei’er and Lin TianAo at the same time, who would know it was him? There would be no such trouble right now! Of course, that was also because he had never dreamed that Zhou Weiqing would suddenly gain a Master like Long s.h.i.+ya. The notorious Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor… his own father had personally tested his cultivation just now. The strongest of the Heavenly Emperors… one could even call him the second strongest powerhouse in the entire world! With his threat there, his own Master would have to think twice about everything… would he actually still agree to let him marry Tian’er? No, the chances were dropping astronomically.

As Gu Yingbing thought up to that point, he immediately felt as if his heart was being burnt by a raging flame, almost to the point of physical pain. An intense jealousy overwhelmed him… Tian’er… she loved this man after all! But, no matter what, I will never give up on marrying Tian’er! Master must never leave her to him! I am Master’s main disciple! Furthermore, this is an important and critical chance to bring the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger and Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion Tribes closer together… how could Master possibly change his mind about this important marriage alliance?

As he thought further, Gu Yingbing’s expression finally turned better slightly, though the Lion King Gu Site’s expression remained cold and wary,  and he seemed to be subtly speaking to the Tiger King Xue Aoying. A few lines of something, but Xue Aoying only shook his head slightly, as if rejecting whatever suggestion.

Without question, Long s.h.i.+ya could easily guess what the Lion King was telling the Tiger King, likely trying to instigate the Tiger King to attack him. Of course, he was not too worried, after all he was extremely confident in his own cultivation and strength. More so, he knew that both Xue AoTian and Xue Aoying knew him well enough, and without Xue AoTian’s word, Xue Aoying would never take action against him. Now, it would all depend on Xue AoTian.

The battle of wits in the grand hall aside, on the other side, Xue AoTian had already arrived at his daughter’s room once more.

Tian’er was still sitting dazedly on her bed, as if she had never moved a muscle since he last saw her. Unlike the previous time, Xue AoTian did not walk directly to his daughter, instead standing at the room entrance, watching her silently.

Tian’er’s eyes were void and empty. Those beautiful eyes did not seem to not seem to have any soul left in them. Watching his daughter, Xue AoTian suddenly felt as if his heart had been stabbed brutally.

Tian’er being unwilling to marry Gu Yingbing, how could he not know? Yet, Xue AoTian stubbornly believed that feelings and emotions could change as time pa.s.sed. As long as Tian’er married Gu Yingbing, and the two spent more time together, she would eventually grow to love him. Furthermore, their marriage could also determine the future of the Heavenly Snow Mountain and the WanShou Empire. No matter how much he loved his daughter, he still had to think about the picture of his land and subjects.

The facts had also proven itself, that his daughter was also willing to follow his orders for the big picture, finally agreeing to the marriage. Yet, Zhou Weiqing’s words had also stabbed deeply into Xue AoTian’s heart. The deepest resonance was that Tian’er was his only daughter!

Indeed! He only had a single child… a single daughter! From young, he had always loved Tian’er so much. Yet, due to his cultivation, how much time had he actually managed to spend with her?

Now, his daughter had finally grown up… yet for his own reasons, he was about to force her to marry someone she did not love. In that instant, Xue AoTian felt deeply uncomfortable in his heart.

Especially when he saw his daughter’s empty eyes… that was a heavier blow than any words or thoughts.

Taking a deep breath, Xue AoTian steeled himself before walking slowly to his daughter. Sensing someone entering the room, Tian’er finally lifted her head subconsciously.

“Father.” Tian’er gave a forced smile.

Originally confident that Tian’er would eventually comply to everything he imagined, only now did Xue AoTian realise how much bitterness there was in her smile, how forced it look. Once again, he felt his heart twist in pain. “Tian’er, is it that you truly do not want to marry Yingbing?”

“Ahh?” Tian’er gave a startled cry, but she quickly lowered her head, shaking it as she said: “No! Of course not! I am willing to marry Big Bro Gu.”

“Really? But… just a few moments ago, someone told me that I am not qualified to be a father… not qualified to be your father… because I am forcing you to marry someone you do not love. In fact, it is possible that after your marriage, you will leave me forever… permanently… is that true?”

Xue AoTian did not beat around the bush any longer, instead asking the question that was burning right in the forefront of his mind.

“What?” Xue AoTian’s words was like a bolt of lightning in Tian’er’s ears. Her entire body trembled as she stared at her father, unable to speak at all.

Xue AoTian’s shock in his heart was no less than his daughter. From her eyes, he could clearly sense that Zhou Weiqing’s words were truly accurate. It was likely that Tian’er would complete the marriage to Gu Yingbing, to bring about the alliance between the tribes, before ending her own life.

As a father, his understanding for his daughter was far less than a young man who had only known his daughter for over a year. In this moment, besides anger and indignation, the greatest feeling in his heart was guilt. What a close call! His daughter could have left him forever due to his own actions!

Thinking up to that point, Xue AoTian’s heart was throbbing in pain.

“Who… who said something like that…” Tian’er’s voice was trembling as much as her body, her eyes filled with disbelief. She had not actually noticed that someone would actually dare to speak to her father like this, but was fully shocked by the fact that someone had actually read her thoughts so completely.

Xue AoTian looked at his daughter, muttering to himself: “You would really abandon father like that?”

Tian’er said mournfully: “Originally, I have always lived happily, without a care in the world. Even when I originally ran away from home, it was more a rash, childish piquish thing to do, more to get back against Father for not asking me before formalizing the betrothal between Big Bro Gu and myself. It is not like I dislike Big Bro Gu… in fact if everything had advanced slowly and gradually, perhaps everything would have proceeded as you planned. However, when I ran away from home, I met him… these few years of being together, I lost my heart to him. Perhaps, he may not be the best, the most talented of all, but Tian’er’s heart can no longer hold anyone else but him. Father, don’t you know my character? If I have not truly given my whole heart to him, how could I possibly give myself to him? Father, don’t you love Tian’er anymore?”

As she spoke up to that point, she was already sobbing hard.

Xue AoTian abruptly raised his arms, pulling his daughter into a tight hug; as if he did not do so, she would disappear from his eyes. As the top powerhouse in the world, with the grand cultivation level of Heavenly G.o.d Tier… Yet at this very moment, his heart was filled with an emotion that he had not felt in a long time… sheer and utter fear… even terror. In that instant, Xue AoTian realised that compared to his daughter, everything else did not seem important anymore.

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