Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 170.3

Chapter 170 Dragon-Tiger Transformation! (3)

He desperately dodged away constantly in midair, but it was as if the Wind Blade had a pair of eyes, closely chasing behind him.

In the end, Zhou Weiqing had only gained this ability of flight for such a short period of time, and he was definitely not adept at controlling his flight yet. At last, he was unable to avoid the Wind Blade, and with a soft thud, it slammed savagely into his back.

The moment before he had been struck, Zhou Weiqing felt as if everything around his body lit up. Subconsciously, he looked back down on his body, and he was surprised to see that his entire person was glowing a bright purple. A gentle warmth burst forth from all his limbs, bones and entire body abruptly, spreading out. The attack of the Wind Blade was undoubtedly extremely powerful, but it seemed to only have a simple impact on his body, causing him to fly forward but he did not feel any sense of pain.

With a quick flip of his hands, Zhou Weiqing stroked the area on his back where he had been hit. This time, he was even more surprised to realise that his arm had actually bent strangely in an inhuman way to actually reach his back.

As for his back, not a single mark was left behind, and his skin was smooth and gleaming as ever, feeling fine and delicate like a young girl's skin. As for the purple light, it formed layer after layer of scales made of light, looking rather weird.

"Come down. Long s.h.i.+ya's voice rang out once more in his ears.

Zhou Weiqing managed to control his wings, however unpracticed, to slowly  descend. At least his spiritual control was not too bad, and he did not make a fool of himself in landing. At this moment, his heart was full of shock; his body seemed to have changed in unprecedented manner, almost like everything had been turned upside down… and these changes should be from the Awakening of his Solidified Dragon Spirit and its fusion with his Dark Demon G.o.d Tiger bloodline. As for what these changes were exactly, he was still not fully clear on what they were. However, it was without question that this strange purple coloured transformation of his was far superior to his previous Demonic Change State. Not only did it have all the advantages of the Demonic Change State, they had been strengthened manifold, with other additions to it as it seemed. More importantly, he was now able to maintain this new Demonic Change State for a much longer time. Even after Zhou Weiqing landed on the ground and withdrew the Demonic Change State, he could still sense that some of the changes were still active within his body. However, if his body wasn't under the purple transformation state, he would not be able to fully use all those changes.

Long s.h.i.+ya looked over Zhou Weiqing before nodding his head in satisfaction. "Very good, a much higher defensive capability than I had even thought. It looks like Solidified Dragon Spirit has improved upon one of the weaker points of the Demonic Change State, your defense. Also, it seems your physical strength has also been further improved. The fusion of the two powerful bloodlines you have has brought you a far greater change than merely the Solidified Dragon Spirit. As for what it has brought you exactly, it is up to us to explore and test out fully. From now on, I will give you four hours per day to familiarise yourself with your new body. As for the rest of the time, I will begin training you on how to truly use the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts.

"Master, it seems that this current transformation of mine is no longer simply the Demonic Change State, and I do not have to inflame my emotions as much just to enter it. More so, it seems like it is almost a constant state, only when I enter the purple stage its power is greatly strengthened and the wings come out to allow me to fly. Should I give it another name instead?"

Long s.h.i.+ya smiled and said: "How about… 'Dragon-Tiger Transformation'! After all, it was brought about by your two dragon and tiger bloodlines."

Zhou Weiqing's mouth twitched slightly. "This… this doesn't even sound as cool as the Demonic Change State! How about… Lord Emperor Transformation or something awesome like that?!"

"Cool your head! You might as well call it 's.h.i.+t'. Enough nonsense, let me first test how much that defensive capability of your Dragon-Tiger Transformation has actually improved."

Seeing that fresh hideous grin on Long Big Fatty's face, Zhou Weiqing turned pale and turned in an attempt to run. Alas, with his cultivation level, how could he possibly escape from the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor? In moments, cries of agony rang out from the top of the volcano.

Beating was definitely a must. If he did not beat Zhou Weiqing up savagely, how could they know what the new limits of his defenses would be, and when facing any enemies, not knowing your own defense to make accurate judgements would make it easy to lose out.

After much 'testing', Long s.h.i.+ya's surprise grew stronger. He discovered that Zhou Weiqing's evolving this time had been truly thorough. It seemed like not just his two powerful bloodlines had been fused together, but the Immortal Deity Technique had somehow been integrated within as well.

When Zhou Weiqing's was under attack, the first defensive effect that was produced was actually from his skin, becoming almost like tough armour, able to withstand any attack from six-Jeweled cultivation level and below, perhaps even higher. Tough and flexible indeed.

As the offensive power of the attacks grew stronger, up to the level beyond what Zhou Weiqing's skin could withstand, his muscles and bones would well up with strength, all the way up to the surface of the skin, strengthening the defense. At the same time, his Immortal Deity Technique would automatically transfer Heavenly Energy to the surface of the skin, presenting in a layer of purple light, once again improving the defensive capabilities several fold. This was the profound secret that had emerged after the merging of the Immortal Deity s.h.i.+eld to his bloodlines.

It could be said that for the current Zhou Weiqing, even if one totally ignored his offensive capabilities, just considering his defensive capabilities alone, he was already at a terrifying level. More importantly, these defenses were automatically triggered, almost pa.s.sive even, and he did not need to control or activate them with his own will. That was to say, he did not need to worry about being ambushed or caught off guard.

More importantly, even if he was not in the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, Zhou Weiqing's own personal defense was already able to reach at least sixty to seventy percent of his full defense in that State.

Not only that; when he entered the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, Zhou Weiqing's power could be said to go through a total change, an upheaval even. The introduction of the Solidified Dragon Spirit to all his powers not only brought Zhou Weiqing a full true immunity to fire, it also brought about an immunity to the Darkness Attribute. That was to say… as long as any Skills or attacks of these two Attributes landed on Zhou Weiqing, the only effect they would have would be the impact as well as pure Heavenly Energy, and none of the effects of the skills brought about by the Attributes. If the attack was of the Darkness or Fire Attribute, then it would most likely not even be of much harm to Zhou Weiqing at all. For example, if the effect of a particular Fire Attribute Skill was a high level scorching type one, then what would its use be on him at all.

In Long s.h.i.+ya's words, due to the fact that Zhou Weiqing did not have the Fire Attribute, the Solidified Dragon Spirit was unable to give him any powerful Skills. However, at the same time, when the Solidified Dragon Spirit had fully fused with Zhou Weiqing, all its benefits had been focused on his physical body instead. Not only was he no longer afraid of Fire, when he entered melee combat with an enemy, his attacks would be imbued with the Fire Attribute pa.s.sively. Furthermore, when his hands warped into the dragon claws, the destructive power of them were no different from any real dragon claws, of course the difference in strength aside. Once he used his Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms, the sheer terrifying offensive power was such that even Long s.h.i.+ya would not be easily willing to take such a blow easily. It would not be a good feelings at all.

The greatest benefit of Consolidated Equipment was that they could change according to their user's physical conditions, and did not need to take a particular fixed state. For example, for the current Zhou Weiqing, if he was in his transformed state and he used the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm, the palm area of the equipment would form in the dragon clawed shape as well.

After discovering the ma.s.sive changes to Zhou Weiqing's body, Long s.h.i.+ya modified his original plan. In three days, he had helped Zhou Weiqing to fully explore all the changes in his body, with not a single detail left unexplored. Once he had familiarised himself with his body, it would be of great benefit for him to practice and master the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts. Especially after learning how Zhou Weiqing's wings could draw in Heavenly Energy from the atmosphere and how powerful that effect was, the more Long s.h.i.+ya wanted him to examine his Transformation.

Three days had pa.s.sed. Although they couldn't say that Zhou Weiqing had fully grasped control his new body, he had at least understood all the changes in his body. He had also improved in his winged flight, at least relatively in control now, with some simple flying techniques. After all, that was what Shangguan Fei'er was best at, and though Zhou Weiqing might not have the ability to fly in the past, he had seen her fly so many times that he had learned something. As the saying goes, even if one hasn't eaten pork before, they had to have seen pigs run. As such, his practice proceeded pretty decently at least. Of course, he would not dare describe it as such to Shangguan Fei'er.

"Little Fatty, come here." Long s.h.i.+ya beckoned to Zhou Weiqing, who had just finished eating his breakfast.

Zhou Weiqing stood there hesitantly, a wary look on his face. The last three days, he had been miserably beaten by Long s.h.i.+ya in order to test the limits of his new body, and Long Big Fatty had shown no mercy at all. He had often been beaten to the very limit before Long s.h.i.+ya had stopped, no matter how much Zhou Weiqing screamed in pain or used all of his considerable acting skills, the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor could clearly sense the changes in his bodies and all the acting was useless. Currently, when Long s.h.i.+ya called out to him, Zhou Weiqing was afraid that a fresh round of beating would await him, how could he be willing to jump to it eagerly?

"Hurry up." Long s.h.i.+ya said exasperatedly.

Only then did Zhou Weiqing walk up unwillingly back to his Master, but his heart was still wary. He had to be prepared in case of another beating after all!

Looking at his reluctant look, Long s.h.i.+ya couldn't help but laugh out loud before saying: "Look at you with that good for nothing expression, isn't it just two days of being beaten? It is natural for masters to beat their disciples! Hmph, don't worry, the beatings are over… we have gathered enough data on your body. From today onwards, I will be starting the real training of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts, the true power of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation. We do not have much time left… before we head out for the Heavenly Snow Mountain, you need to have a basic grasp on the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation.

Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation? This was the first time Zhou Weiqing had heard of this term. Originally, when Long s.h.i.+ya had taught him his Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts, it had been the bare basics, and not the intricacies of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation.

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