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Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 18 Chapter 141 Part1

Chapter 141 Heavenly Emperor Disciple! (1)

Looking at the kneeling Zhou Weiqing in front of him, the large fatty laughed heartily, letting go of Shangguan Fei'er and turning to Zhou Weiqing, saying airily: "Very well, since you are begging so sincerely, then this Heavenly Emperor will take up the onerous task of taking you as disciple. You may rise."

"Thank you Master." Zhou Weiqing would naturally complete his entire act, and he respectfully kowtowed three times to the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor before standing up, standing honestly and industriously beside him.

At this moment, the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor was smiling happily, looking on with a pleased expression at his new disciple.

In truth, when the Blood Red h.e.l.l members had started fighting with Zhou Weiqing and his companions, this Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor had already been there. He had some connection with the Snow Deer Tribe, and had been relaxing here with a nice feast when he had sensed two of the Snow Deer Tribesmen die, and he had come to investigate. When he had seen Zhou Weiqing's party clas.h.i.+ng with the Blood Red h.e.l.l party, he decided to stop and watch first.

When he saw Zhou Weiqing's Seven Stars Accompanying the Moon Archery Skill, he couldn't help but give a small cry of surprise; and that was because he had seen with a single glance how many Attributes Zhou Weiqing had.

At the Heavenly Emperor Stage level, many things that ordinary people could not sense were extremely clear to his eyes. As for what exactly were the six Attributes of Zhou Weiqing's Alexandrite Cat's Eye, he could not see clearly at once, but he could definitely tell that there were six Attributes indeed. Furthermore, he had been able to sense several of the Attributes from Zhou Weiqing's usage of the Seven Stars Accompanying the Moon and the imbued skills.

The reason why he had been called the Six Ultimate was because he was just like Zhou Weiqing, with Six Elemental Attributes. He did not belong to any Great Saint Lands or any sects, and was an extremely rare, independent Heavenly Jewel Master who had fully trained on his own. Although from the surface appearance he seemed to be only forty odd years of age, he was actually over a hundred years old. As such, although he called Shangguan Tianyang a little rascal, in terms of age and generation wise, it was indeed true. After all, he had risen to fame together with the previous Palace Master of the Heaven's Expanse Place. Out of all the independent Heavenly Jewel Masters, he was definitely the most powerful, and the toughest to deal with.

Due to his six Attributes and love of freedom, although the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor was already over a hundred years old, up until now he had not found any disciples. At that moment, when he spotted Zhou Weiqing with his six Attributes, he could no longer resist. Furthermore, he had an appreciation of Zhou Weiqing's character; even leaving the impressive Seven Stars Accompanying the Moon Archery Skill and its effects aside, just by succeeding in scaring off the Blood Red h.e.l.l members showed his will and cunning. In his eyes, such sly and cunning people were able to live the longest. As such, he had jumped out to get Zhou Weiqing to acknowledge him as master. Although he knew that his kowtowing had elements of acting, he did not care. Being able to gain such a disciple was of great importance to him as well.

A good teacher was hard to find, but at the same time, correspondingly, a good disciple was also a tough find! Six Attributes… such a rare occurrence that the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor did not know if there was a third person in the world with the same number of attributes. As such, when such an opportunity came before him, no matter whether Zhou Weiqing was willing or not, he would not let it go so easily.

Beaming with delight, he looked on at Zhou Weiqing, whose face was respectful but eyes swirling around in his sockets. The Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor smiled and said: "From now on, you are my only disciple. Your name is Zhou Weiqing right, Zhou Little Fatty, Little Fatty being Large Fatty's disciple, how nice. This old man's face is Long s.h.i.+ya. Remember clearly, in the future, if you meet any trouble, do you still need to report the name of the Heaven's Expanse Palace? Just use this old man's name, and see who dares touch you, and I will tear out his tendons and flay his skin. Hahahahaha." Finally getting a disciple that satisfied his requirements, this big hearted Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor who had always did what he pleased could no longer hold back and burst out laughing heartily, carefree.

"Come, your teacher has to speak to you. The rest of you, wait here." As he said that, Long s.h.i.+ya grabbed Zhou Weiqing's shoulders with one hand, and the rest of the group felt their eyes blur before them, and the two disappeared.

It was not the Blink Skill that Zhou Weiqing was so familiar with, but he felt as if his surroundings blurred around him and after an instant, when the surroundings seemed to come clear again, both he and Long s.h.i.+ya appeared in a tent.

This tent was much larger and grandiose than the one they had been resting in. The floor was lined with thick animal furs, though he could not tell which animal they had come from. There were four braziers around the tent warming the tent into a comfortable temperature, and there was a large table which was filled with all sorts of different delicious look foods and fruits.

Long s.h.i.+ya sat down at the side of the table and said: "Come, let's sit, eat while we speak. With me, you do not need to be so formal or restricted, after all, it is just us two master and disciple, not any large sect. As long as you don't anger this old man, you can do whatever you want. Even if you want to knock down the Heaven's Expanse Palace, this old man will support you all the way."

Being forced to become someone's disciple might not be something that made anyone happy.

However, Zhou Weiqing's manner of thinking had always been different from normal. For him, it was just like if a beautiful woman was being *ahemed*, and was unable to resist, then he would just choose to enjoy it, rather than suffer extra unnecessary harm.

It could be said that Zhou Weiqing was a very optimistic person, and a large portion of time he would always think of the best outcomes. This time was no exception; everything else aside, after he had become Long s.h.i.+ya's disciple, from the words of this new teacher of his, he could tell that he truly liked him, and was extremely protective to boot.

As a disciple, who wouldn't like his teacher to be protective? Perhaps others might not, but Zhou Weiqing definitely loved that. Furthermore, his new teacher was a Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse.

"Master, you don't belong to any Sect? Or any of the Great Saint Lands?" Zhou Weiqing asked curiously.

Long s.h.i.+ya shook his head and said: "This old man has always been alone, all the way from a young age I have been solitary, and up until now that is still true. Well, at least now I'll have someone now that I have you as a disciple. All my life, I have spent everything on cultivating and training, and I have not thought of anything else. Alright, enough about me. What about you? If I have not guessed wrongly, your teacher should be from the Heavenly Demon Sect right?"

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: "No!"

Long s.h.i.+ya started momentarily before saying: "No?" Taking a deep look at Zhou Weiqing, he said: "Little brat, I might not mind other things, but if you lie to me, I will definitely punish you. If you are not from the Heavenly Demon Sect, is that controllable Demonic Change State and Devour Skill fake? Don't think I do not know what those two skills mean to the Heavenly Demon Sect? You should be the next Sect Master in training for the Heavenly Demon Sect right?"

"Master, I really am not." Zhou Weiqing gave a bitter smile. As such, he began to simply speak of all his experiences from the start of his cultivation.

Hearing his words, even Long s.h.i.+ya with his vast knowledge and experience was in shock, and he couldn't help but exclaim: "That's actually possible?! Just eating some pearl and you got six Attributes? Little brat, your luck is indeed unbelievable. Although this old man also has six Attributes, I can't even remember how much suffering I went through in training, how I had to hide and be so secretive… Before I became strong, I was so afraid about others learning about my multiple Attributes. Just in terms of Skill Storing and Consolidating Equipment, it took me so much time and effort… In fact, only after the age of fifty did I actually dare to show myself in the mainland. Sigh… comparisons are odious indeed! Haha! Well, this is a good thing though, in future, you will definitely surpa.s.s that Old Xue fellow. Heh heh, come, let me see that Yin Fire in your body."

As he said that, he placed his hands on Zhou Weiqing's wrist, extending his senses into his meridians. However, when he did so, he was stunned once again. That was because he could not sense any sign of hidden injuries or the yin fire within his body.

"Impossible! Han Tianyou clearly sent the yin fire into your body, how could there be no sign of it at all? You injured him so heavily, with his character, he would never let you go. My senses cannot be wrong!"

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: "Teacher, you don't need to think so much. In truth, that is because I am immune to all Fire Attribute powers."

Long s.h.i.+ya looked at him and gave an exasperated grunt. "Immune your head! You're just at the Four Jeweled cultivation level, can you possibly be immune to a Heavenly King Stage Yin Fire? I don't believe you."

Zhou Weiqing said: "Of course I can't on my own. However, there is a unique power in my body, I think its called something like Solidified Dragon Spirit. It is also of the Fire Attribute, and definitely of a higher level than a Heavenly King Stage. That is the reason why I am immune to most Fire Attribute powers."

Long s.h.i.+ya's jaw dropped. "What?! Solidified Dragon Spirit?? Where did you meet a Dragon?" He was so agitated that he grabbed hold onto Zhou Weiqing's arm.

"Teacher, softer…" Zhou Weiqing hurriedly cried out in pain.

Long s.h.i.+ya quickly let go of his arm, looking at Zhou Weiqing, his fat face with a very strange expression. He did not even know what to say. Demonic Change State, Solidified Dragon Spirit. Any of these powers were powers that any Heavenly Jewel Master would dream to have! Perhaps the Demonic Change State might be some cause of trouble due to being of the Evil Attribute, but Zhou Weiqing could control his! As for the Solidified Dragon Spirit, that was even more impressive. Even the hundred year old Long s.h.i.+ya had only heard of the legends, but never actually seen a Heavenly Jewel Master with one. Only a mortal enemy of his had actually a similar power to the Solidified Dragon Spirit.

Zhou Weiqing did not have anything to hide from Long s.h.i.+ya, and he quickly explained the whole process about how he gained the Solidified Dragon Spirit.

"Hmph, little brat, no wonder you wanted to bet with me, you already knew you would win. Luckily, this old man didn't fall for it." Long s.h.i.+ya gave a cold humph, but he was actually grinning deep in his heart. This time, I have really picked up a true gem! Hahahaha!

Indeed, he had definitely picked up a gem, but the Heavenly Demon Sect and the Heaven's Expanse Palace had both suffered a huge loss. No matter the Heavenly Demon Sect or the Heaven's Expanse Palace, both had been counting on their status as Great Saint Lands, and though they had tried to recruit Zhou Weiqing, they would ultimately not do the same like Long s.h.i.+ya to directly force him to join them, due to their pride as Great Saint Lands. Alas, this allowed Long s.h.i.+ya to get a step ahead to gain him as a disciple.

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