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Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 12 Chapter 104.1

Chapter 104 To be confirmed! (1)

The other members of the Fei Li Battle Team also took action swiftly. With Lin TianAo covering the rest, Xiao Yan and Crow were in charge of offense. Towards a powerhouse like Zhan LingTian or Shangguan Fei’er, they might not be of much use, but they would definitely not have any problems holding their own against some of the other ZhongTian Battle Team members. In that short moment, the tides of battle had turned, and for the first time, the ZhongTian and BaoPo Battle Teams were on the disadvantage.

Under the boost of the Tornado Strike, it took Zhou Weiqing barely a split second to reach Zhan LingTian. All the pent up vexed feelings and anger exploded forth in his single strike. Didn’t it feel good to hit me just now? Now is my turn to show you my power!

The Dual Legendary Hammers, boosted by the Tornado Strike, smashed down savagely towards Zhan LingTian’s head.

Facing an opponent of merely three-Jewels, especially since it was this Zhou Weiqing who had stolen his G.o.ddess, Shangguan Xue’er’s first kiss, how could Zhan LingTian be willing to show any weakness in front him. Although he was still under the Dragon Silencing Seal, his body totally purple-red in colour as his abilities were Sealed, in his mind, he was still confident. After all, they were still more than twelve levels of Heavenly Energy apart, how could Zhou Weiqing possibly take him on directly.

Facing Zhou Weiqing’s hammers, Zhan LingTian did not try to dodge; instead, both fists struck upwards, taking the blows head on.

*Poof* A soft sound rang out, and Zhan LingTian started, caught by surprise. He clearly saw his fists pa.s.s right through the huge Hammer that Zhou Weiqing had swung at him. What sort of rubbish is that?

As his Legendary Hammer’s Consolidating Equipment G.o.d Protective Aura had been used during his fight with Shangguan Fei’er. As such, when Zhou Weiqing had unleashed his two Legendary Hammers earlier, the G.o.d Protective Aura had not appeared. This had also caused Zhan LingTian to greatly underestimate the power of the hammers. When his fists had hit the ‘air’, he had not tried to recover himself, and much of the strength of the blow was lost.

Just as he thought Zhou Weiqing’s two Hammer was merely trash, the crying-face Hammer had followed suit behind the smiling-face Hammer.

Having suffered at the hands of these two hammers before, Shangguan Fei’er shouted out in the distance: “Bro Zhan, be careful!”

Alas, her shout had been a split second too late. The two hammers had struck down almost at the same time, and once again, the wily trickery of the two hammers had found another victim.

Without being able to use his Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills, Zhan LingTIan’s power had already been restricted to a large degree. Now, with most of the energy of this blow tricked away and dissipated, the crying-face Hammer smashed down savagely onto his hands.

*Boom* A loud crash. The Tornado Strike doubling his strength, the Demonic Change State boosting his strength, and even the Legendary Hammers boosted his strength. All of this added up to this one ma.s.sive burst of power.

The terrifying strength combined together to form an unstoppable impact.

In that instant, Zhan LingTian felt as if his hands had been struck by an entire mountain range. In that critical moment of danger, his fists moved swiftly, almost vibrating as he struck out his palm ten times, circulating all his energy to his hands. Undoubtedly, this was the best reaction he could have, but alas it was just too late. The original blow of his fists had already been tricked away by the smiling-face hammer, and facing the full power of the crying-faced hammer, how could a last second defense be of much use?

A series of bone shattering sounds rang out, and Zhan LingTian flew back.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily, his body continuing his charge forward, a quick Touch of Darkness grabbing hold of Zhan LingTian. Once again, his hammers struck downwards, smas.h.i.+ng into Zhan LingTian.

This time, Zhan LingTian’s powerful Heavenly Xu Energy was released out, the thick energy forming a s.h.i.+eld around his body automatically to protect himself.

Even so, the powerful shockwaves from the violent blow still caused him to vomit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Earlier, the Heavenly Energy could only barely protect his arms, and currently both his palms were totally shattered. It would definitely take quite a long time to fully heal from such a heavy injury.

That second blow from the Hammers had actually sent Zhan LingTian into the earth itself, and Zhou Weiqing did not stop, his right foot following suit. Zhan LingTian was a top powerhouse, and now that he had the advantage, he pressed it through all the way, not wanting to give any quarter and end up losing to carelessness.

*Peng* The violent Demonic Right Foot kicked right into Zhan LingTian’s chest. The power behind it was no weaker than the two hammers, and the scorpion hook actually pierced right through the Heavenly Energy Protective s.h.i.+eld around Zhan LingTian.

Once again, Zhou Weiqing completed the perfect timing by using his Time Interrupt Skill to disrupt his Dark Demon G.o.d Lightning, just like he had previously done with Ao Le. The Triple Attribute Poison of the Dark Demon G.o.d Lightning entered Zhan LingTian’s body perfectly, and at the same time the kick sent him flying back once more.

“Zhou Little Fatty! Show mercy!” Shangguan Fei’er’s urgent voice rang out; at the same time she abandoned the large ape, jumping swiftly and charging towards them.

Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue had so much hopes invested in Zhan LingTian. If this young talent really died here in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, it would be an unbelievably huge blow to the entire Heaven’s Expanse Palace. No matter how naughty or mischievous this Little Demon Girl of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace was, she could not ignore the big picture and the interests of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. In that moment, she quickly jumped forward to stop Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily, saying: “Second sis, give me a kiss and I’ll let him go.” Naturally, he was just teasing her. How could he possibly kill Zhan LingTian and breed a true hatred with the Heaven’s Expanse Palace? Of course, Zhou Weiqing did not know about the killing intent that Zhan LingTian had against him, but for the sake of being with Bing’er, he would not easily kill anyone from the ZhongTian Battle Team.

“Are you asking to die?” Shangguan Fei’er yelled out in a mix of fury and bashfulness, right as she pounced towards Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing grinned. Currently, the purple red Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady was still behind him, and with a swipe of his right hammer, a purple red ray of light shone directly on Shanguan Fei’er.

Shangguan Fei‘Er had been pouncing forth with bared fangs and brandished claws . In order to prevent Zhou Weiqing from killing Zhan LingTian, she did not hesitate to use up more Heavenly Energy in summoning her G.o.d Tier Consolidated Wings.

As the Dragon Silencing Skill sprang into effect around her, all four of her Consolidated Equipment vanished. Her body, which had been flying forward, started falling down to the ground.

With another swipe of his hammer, Zhou Weiqing unleashed his Thousand Lightning Strikes Skill. Shangguan Fei’er had been circulating her Heavenly Energy to regain her balance, and struck with the Skill, she felt herself numbed for a split second as her body continued falling instead. Under any ordinary circ.u.mstances, even without her Consolidated Equipment, she would not be afraid of Zhou Weiqing’s Skills. Alas, at this point, she was stuck in midair, caught by surprise. More importantly, she had been through several large battles today without any rest, and her Heavenly Energy was already heavily drained, with barely twenty or thirty percent left at best. In such a circ.u.mstance, she had been struck by Zhou Weiqing’s Skill.

With a Blink, Zhou Weiqing appeared right above her, his left hand grabbing towards her shoulder as he unleashed his Devour Skill, draining her Heavenly Energy to replenish his own.

How could Shangguan Fei’er let him succeed so easily. Spinning her body around, she burst forth with her remaining Heavenly Energy. Alas, this was the time when Zhou Weiqing’s large number of Control Skills could come into play. With the large loss of Heavenly Energy, and her Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills Sealed away, Shangguan Fei’er’s power had already been stripped down to almost the same level as Zhou Weiqing. Facing any opponent of the same level, Zhou Weiqing’s ma.s.sive number of Control Skills was definitely an easy key to victory.

Just as her body started spinning, she felt the air warp around her strangely, and all of her movements went awry. The next moment, Zhou Weiqing’s palm slapped down hard on her pert little bottom, the resounding smack ringing in the air.

An unmarried innocent girl being struck in such a sensitive portion, anyone in her place would be shocked to the core. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing’s other hand was still Devouring her Heavenly Energy. When the palm struck her pert little bottom, it had also signalled the end of her struggles momentarily. As for the earlier warping of the air, it had been the Interlocking Time Skill of Zhou Weiqing once more.

En… The feel is so good, that elasticity! As Zhou Weiqing’s palm struck down, this little rascal was suddenly entranced by the feeling. As his other hand Devoured her Heavenly Energy, his right hand smacked down discourteously a few more times. Of course, he did not go too far, and did not use any Heavenly Energy when striking down.

“Wasn’t it just a little misunderstanding?! An accidental kiss? Did you really have to chase me down all the way into the Heavenly Jewel Tournament to beat me?! Let me teach you a lesson on behalf of your father!”

*Piak* *Piak*

“Hmph Hmph! If this tiger doesn’t demonstrate his power, you’ll think I’m just a sick cat!  Now you should know how formidable I am huh! Although I am your brother-in-law, that doesn’t mean you can bully me at will.”

*Piak* *Piak* Another two slaps down.

*Waah* Shangguan Fei’er could not break free of Zhou Weiqing’s grasp no matter how hard she tried, and as she felt the sting in her b.u.t.tocks, she felt so wronged and vexed in her heart, and all of a sudden, she burst out into tears.

It was Zhou Weiqing’s turn to be dumbfounded. When he had slapped down with his palm originally, it had been because of a burst of righteous anger. This Shangguan Fei’er had sneaked into the l.u.s.tre Realm to take revenge on him, to ruin his entire Tournament Finals, totally directed at him alone. At that point, he had just been releasing his grievances that way. Who knew that this rascal, after striking down twice, had felt so good that his perverted nature caused him to strike twice more subconsciously…. Now in the end, he had caused her to cry!

As his mind suddenly cleared, Zhou Weiqing felt a sense of regret wash over him.

This Shangguan Fei’er had been beaten by him; if she went back and cried to Bing’er, and incite discord, wouldn’t Bing’er be angry with him?

On seeing that, he did not dare continue hitting her, quickly releasing her hand.

“Zhou Little Fatty, just you wait!” Shangguan Fei’er was crying like a pear blossom bathed in the rain, a true weeping beauty , her hands to her b.u.t.tocks protectively as she glared angrily at Zhou Weiqing. She did not stay here any longer, and in a gold flash, she had activated the l.u.s.tre Gem, disappearing instantly.

The other ZhongTian Battle Team members who were still fighting looked at Zhou Weiqing with a strange gaze. If he had examined their eyes closely at that point, he would have discovered that these ZhongTian Battle Team members were looking at him with respect, and a little pity.

Indeed! This Little Demon Girl of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace that had always caused so much trouble had actually been hit, and to the point that she was crying! That was something they had never seen before! After all, they had all been bullied by Shangguan Fei’er before, and now that Zhou Weiqing had administered a beating to her, it had actually given them a favourable impression of their young opponent. Of course, that was clearly because he had not truly injured her, if not they would have pit their lives to attack him.

By this time, Zhan LingTian had crawled back up from the ground. In the short moment that Zhou Weiqing was facing Shangguan Fei’er, the Dragon Silencing Seal on him had worn off.

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