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Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 12 Chapter 102.1

Chapter 102 To be confirmed! (1)

As he said that, he slowly walked closer to the center of the battlefield. He did not continue using his Overlord Bow. After all, she was wearing four G.o.d Tier Consolidated Equipment. Added on to the fact that their Heavenly Energy levels were just so far apart, and her Equipment covered most of her upper body, he knew that he would not be able to continue doing much with just archery. As such, he decided he might as well just walk out, to fight together with Little Witch. After all, in melee combat, he was better able to use more Skills without expending as much Heavenly Energy, to support Little Witch at the same time.

The female ZhongTian Battle Team member glared savagely at Zhou Weiqing, and he couldn’t help but feel goosepimples rise from the glare. In her eyes, he sensed not just an ordinary enmity, but a faint hate, and a strange, almost unreadable, emotion as well.

“I’m going to beat you until all your teeth drop out!” Two rays of gold light exploded forth from her back, directly from her wings, pus.h.i.+ng her forward like a bolt of gold lightning streaking through the skies as she charged towards Zhou Weiqing. Her speed was already more than double her previous.

Little Witch was startled, and she too hastily charged towards Zhou Weiqing, and in that instant, he became the focal point of the two of them.

“Little Witch, attack together!” Facing such a powerful foe, Zhou Weiqing did not panic, yelling out to his teammate as a red light glowed in his eyes. The next moment, his body expanded as his muscles bulged out, and an icy cold evil aura emanated from his body as the black tiger tattoos erupted all around his body. His entire body sounded out with a series of chilling bone-cracking sounds as it readjusted itself, and most noticeably, his pair of hands had become large ‘tiger-like’ claws as he stared with bloodshot eyes at the female ZhongTian Battle Team member.

This young lady is just too troublesome to deal with, we have to finish her off as soon as possible. That was the sole thought currently in Zhou Weiqing’s mind. As such, he did not hesitate to enter the Demonic Change State. After all, with his Immortal Deity Technique, he had a rather insane rate of recovery, even if he would not be able to continue Devouring Heavenly Energy, he was still still confident of being able to recover faster than either Little Witch or their opponent.

With the aid of her Consolidated Equipment Wings, the female ZhongTian Battle Team member was definitely faster than Little Witch, whose Demonic Change State had vanished,  and she easily reached him first. Both her hands struck out at him, but the strange thing was that when her hands were raised to strike, the original seven inch claws were actually drawn back into the Consolidated Gloves. As she drew back her arms, her hands struck towards his shoulders.

She is going easy on me? That was Zhou Weiqing’s first thought. From the present circ.u.mstance, it seemed so, although he did not know why she would do that, it was clear that in withdrawing the claws, she was going easy on him.

A dark gold light rose forth around Zhou Weiqing’s body. He did not dare to take on this female ZhongTian Battle Team member that even Little Witch had problems with all by himself. The only way he could achieve victory was by working together with Little Witch.

His Consolidating Equipment G.o.d Protective Aura collided with her dark gold Consolidated Gloves, and a loud explosion ensued. Alas, it did not even last a second before shattering.

With a G.o.d Tier Consolidated Equipment, it was much easier to break through a Consolidating Equipment G.o.d Protective Aura, not to mention the ma.s.sive gap between their cultivation levels. The next instant, her hands were already at his shoulders.

The strangest thing was that in that moment, it was as if her own shoulders seemed to lengthen, and the Dark Gold Consolidated Gloves had already struck his shoulders.

One could imagine, if the claws had been extended at that point, Zhou Weiqing’s shoulders would have already been pierced through.

A silver light flashed brightly. In the last second, Zhou Weiqing had activated the Blink Skill, disappearing and reappearing at the side. At the same time, he was drenched in cold sweat. He had been too confident in his Consolidating Equipment G.o.d Protective Aura. He knew that he could not make such a mistake again. If she had not pulled her punches, he might have been crippled by now. Of course, that was not considering Fat Cat’s possible intervention.

Zhou Weiqing’s Blink had given Little Witch sufficient time for Little Witch to reach and react. A black shadow extended from Little Witch’s feet to Zhou Weiqing’s feet. In the next moment, she had appeared right behind Zhou Weiqing; if one did not look closely, it was as if they were a single person as she was pressed right behind him.

This Skill of Little Witch’s was called Shadow Chase, a very versatile support/offense Skill.  Not only could it be used against enemies, it could also be used on allies! If used against enemies, it would allow her to continuously stay behind the enemy no matter how far or fast he moved, and she would be able to continue launching attacks while doing so… until the enemy was defeated or killed. However, if it were used on an ally, it would become a great support skill, allowing her to follow hidden behind her ally, able to launch sneak attacks from behind. The Shadow Chase also had the additional benefit of giving a small attack boost.

With the female ZhongTian Battle Team member’s powerful close combat skills, Little Witch naturally did not attempt to use the Shadow Chase on her and play to her enemy’s strengths. However, using it on Zhou Weiqing was perfect; no matter how Zhou Weiqing moved, she would follow suit. That would allow her not only to combine defenses, but also launch attacks from any angle in combination.

At the same time as Zhou Weiqing Blinked away, the pair of Legendary Dual G.o.d Strength Hammers appeared in his hands. Seeing the huge hammers, the female ZhongTian Battle Team members started slightly.

Zhou Weiqing did not hold back, as his crying-face hammer instantly hurtling down towards her.

It had to be known that he was still currently in the Demonic Change State, and his originally already terrifying strength was further tripled from that. Added to that the Strength boost from the Legendary Hammers, as a specialised Strength Type Consolidated Equipment… Although the Heavenly Energy and cultivation level difference between the two was extremely huge, just pure physical strength alone would help close the gap by leaps and bounds. After all, she was a close combat specialist with coordination, flexibility and skill.

With both hands raised, the female ZhongTian Battle Team member chose to clash with Zhou Weiqing directly. Seeing his miserable three sets of Heavenly Jewels, she had lots of confidence in herself.

However, in the instance when the fists and hammers met, she realised with a shock that she had been just too wrong.

Zhou Weiqing’s strength was not fully correspondent to his cultivation level; his physical strength had already reached an astonis.h.i.+ng high indeed.

As both sides clashed, the female ZhongTian Battle team member realised that she was unable to take it. Shocked, she couldn’t help but quickly change tactics, swapping from a punch to a push, as her right leg kicked out towards Zhou Weiqing with a vicious kick. At the same time, her palms moved out to the sides, making use of the traction force in that moment to push herself away.

The clash of the two sides was in an extremely short period of time, and to be able to react so swiftly like that, the advantages of her Mutated Duo Physical Jewels was clearly shown. Perhaps in terms of pure strength she was no match for Zhou Weiqing, but in terms of coordination and flexibility, Zhou Weiqing was similarly far from her level.

Alas, at this point, a grey-black light pierced forth from beneath Zhou Weiqing’s arms, as if a star in the night, striking towards her abdomen. Little Witch, well hidden behind Zhou Weiqing, had also made her move.

With the Shadow Chase, Little Witch had been pressed close behind Zhou Weiqing, hidden from sight as she calmly and coldly examined her opponent’s actions. Originally, she had planned to take action when he was unable to block their opponent’s attacks, and to aid him in defense. However, seeing Zhou Weiqing’s hammer strike actually forcing their enemy to move back, how could she possibly waste such an opportunity?

Even so, pressed to such circ.u.mstances, the female ZhongTian Battle team member showed off her power again. Despite the dire situation, she still managed to suck in a deep breath in midair, greatly bringing in her chest and stomach as she spun her body, causing Little Witch’s short blade to miss by a hair as it swiped across where her abdomen had been a split second ago, almost her. At the same time, using the tip of her feet as a pivot, she spun around in midair, withdrawing the foot which had been las.h.i.+ng out towards Zhou Weiqing, while the claws of her gloves shot out once more, one striking out towards Zhou Weiqing’s incoming smiling-face hammer, and the other towards Little Witch’s hands.

Seeing that her strike had missed, Little Witch immediately drew back her short blade, while Zhou Weiqing’s hammer seemed to smash hard against his opponent’s claws.

Alas, the smiling-face hammer was in its illusory mode, but his opponent had expected it to hold the same power as the previous crying-face hammer, and she had exerted all her strength in order to block it. Instantly, the gold claws flashed across the hammer and right through it, causing her to lose her balance unexpectedly as she overexerted her strength in the wrong manner.

Having already been forced to change positions in midair twice by Zhou Weiqing and Little Witch in such a short period of time, she was just truly in a terrible position now. No matter how flexible and skilled she was, there just was no room for her to change positions again in that moment.

How could Zhou Weiqing possibly let go of such a perfect opportunity? The crying-face hammer which had clashed with his opponent earlier came rus.h.i.+ng back in a savage blow once more.

In such a moment of danger, off balance and with no other option, she was left with no other choice but to accept the blow. The only thing she could do was to spread the wings of her back in order to protect herself the best she could.

*Claaannngg* A ma.s.sive sound rang out, and she felt a sweet taste rising in her throat. Her entire body flew backwards from the savage blow, and at the same time, she cried out as she vomited out a whole mouth of blood.

As Zhou Weiqing’s crying-face hammer came cras.h.i.+ng into her, it was now imbued with a Skill. Once more, the Heavenly Lightning Shock entered the battlefield.

Of course, this time, the result would not be the same as its debut appearance. The Legendary Hammers were able to boost Zhou Weiqing’s Skills when they were unleashed from the hammers, furthermore, she had just taken such a heavy blow, definitely sustaining injuries and being thrown off guard. With this single hammer, the female ZhongTian Battle Team member’s Consolidated Wings were disrupted by the Heavenly Lightning Shock, disappearing instantly.

She was not the first person to be tricked and disadvantaged by his pair of Legendary Dual G.o.d Strength Hammers, and would definitely not be the last. In their earlier clash, after maximum efforts from Little Witch and Zhou Weiqing, a huge amount of her Heavenly Energy had already been spent. At this point, her confidence in her close combat capabilities had actually caused her to be struck by this hammer, and she was now in a severe disadvantageous position.

Tornado Strike. Zhou Weiqing did not dare give his opponent any chance to recover, pressing their advantage instantly as he unleashed his Wind Attribute Skill that he had Stored from the Icy Soul Heavenly Bears. Immediately, his speed increased in a burst as he flew towards the female ZhongTian Battle Team member. At the same time, he pointed the crying-face symbol Legendary Hammer in his hand towards her, reapplying the Curse of Doom.

Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that Little Witch behind him had started storing power as she charged up her Skill once more. In such a circ.u.mstance, even if his own attack could not finish their foe off, there was still no chance for her victory, barring any unexpected miracles.

Even so, the team of Little Witch and Zhou Weiqing should already have been strong enough to beat most ordinary seven-Jeweled Lower Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Masters. Being forced to such a state by just a single six-Jeweled member from the ZhongTian Battle Team, barely beating her after both of them had used all their hidden aces, they were definitely not overjoyed by their ‘victory’.

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