Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 122.1

Chapter 121 Oops! I beat up the Regiment Commander! (1)

The purple clad lady gave an angry humph and said: “My name is Shen Bu1. Since you are ready, let’s finish with the pleasantries and fight.” As she said that, she shot a fierce gaze at the Company Leader, who was once again taking the role of judge.

“… … Begin. The fight begins now.” The poor Company Leader who had to play the role of judge once more couldn’t help but scream bitterly in his heart. However, seeing Shen Bu’s gaze rest on himself, he just stammered out that the fight had begun before retreating to the side of the stage.

The atmosphere of the entire Duelling Corner was extremely quiet and strange. As soon as Shen Bu had ascended the stage, the entire Duelling Corner had been silenced. Besides the sounds of breathing, no other sound was heard.

Almost as soon as the Company Leader’s words were heard, a fierce aura exploded out from Shen Bu’s body, invading towards Zhou Weiqing.

A violent killing intent filled with intense pressure, shoving down at Zhou Weiqing’s spirit like a falling mountain.

Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but show a hint of surprise on his face. He had faced many powerful opponents in his young life, including Shangguan Fei’er, Zhan LingTian, Shen Little Demon, these young elites from the Great Saint Lands. However, this young lady in front of him called Shen Bu actually gave him the strongest feeling.

It was not to say that Shen Bu was more powerful than the other young powerhouses, but rather her presence, that imposing aura; something that none of the other young powerhouses had. Without question, this was due to her vast experience on the battlefield.

Only one who has been forged through the blood and fires of the battlefield could have such a presence and aura about them, and without question, with such an imposing pressure,it would be very difficult for any opponent to use their full power, while she could bring her ‘A game’.

Both sides had not yet clashed, but Zhou Weiqing had already restrained his emotions, looking at Shen Bu warily. Due to his own Demonic Change ability, he was not too afraid of Shen Bu’s intense presence, but in self-examination, he was clear that without the Demonic Change State, he was unable to give out such a killer intent and pressure like her. In comparison, Shen Yi was definitely no match for Shen Bu. Coming to this Duelling Corner, Zhou Weiqing felt excited that he had finally met an opponent here that could really threaten him.

Along with her overpowering aura, six sets of Heavenly Jewels appeared around Shen Bu’s wrists; almost exactly the same as Shen Yi, with the Agility DragonStone Physical Jewels and Star Ruby Fire Attribute Elemental Jewels.

A Six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. Zhou Weiqing’s pupils narrowed. With his Four-Jeweled cultivation level, without being able to use his Demonic Change State, his G.o.d Tier Consolidated Equipment and other Attributes, could he really defeat this Upper Level Zun Stage before him? In his heart, he knew the answer was: Very Difficult.

However, very difficult did not mean it was impossible, and he would never know for sure unless he tried! Zhou Weiqing’s character was often one who would resist harder the more he was pushed, striking back harder the harder he was struck, especially in such a fight where there was no danger of death. In the worst case scenario, he could just surrender and stay a Company Leader. As such, he would not easily reveal his many secrets, no matter his other Attributes or Consolidated Equipment, as that was just too attention drawing, and would definitely draw too much suspicion, which would be detrimental to his plan. As such, after a simple comparison of both their strengths, Zhou Weiqing resolved to just fight with his Wind Attribute powers.

At that moment, Shen Bu burst into action. Without seeing her movements clearly, her entire body slid across, close to the ground, and in a blink of an eye, she was in front of Zhou Weiqing, her palm striking down towards his head.

Zhou Weiqing was clear on how she had moved, though he had not seen it clearly. In order to move at such speed in such a stable fas.h.i.+on, she had to have some movement skills along with powerful leg muscles and control.

Although Shen Bu did not use any Skills, her palm gave Zhou Weiqing the impression like a ma.s.sive axe was smas.h.i.+ng down at him. Furthermore, he could clearly sense that her aura had suddenly changed from the violent intensity to a drifting one that he could not catch easily. Without question, this palm was just a test. On the surface, Shen Bu looked like she was enraged, but when she took action, she was careful. This young lady’s willpower had been forged in the fires of the battlefield, and was tough and tenacious indeed.

*PENG* Zhou Weiqing blocked the blow with both hands, and along with a m.u.f.fled thud, he staggered back four steps before regaining his balance. This was not an act, as both their cultivation levels were almost eight stages apart, and that was not a gap that could be bridged just by pure physical strength alone. After all, as a Heavenly Jewel Master’s cultivation level grew, the difference between each stage was larger as well. For Zhou Weiqing to be able to block her blow with his Four-Jeweled cultivation level, it was already considered very impressive.l

Shen Bu gave a cold humph, not giving Zhou Weiqing a chance to recover, and struck out once more with her palm.

A look of surprise and fright flickered on Zhou Weiqing’s face. The stage was not very large, and if he moved back any further, he would fall off. In such a state of panic, he directly somersaulted to the side, pus.h.i.+ng himself up with his hands, agilely dodging Shen Bu’s next attack. At the same time, the Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce that had worked so well against Shen Yi was once more unleashed, and with the green blades around his arms, he struck towards Shen Bu’s legs.

Shen Bu gave a cold laugh, thinking inwardly: You just used this to defeat my sister, do you really think it will work against me as well? No matter how strong a Skill was, one would be able to find a weak point once seen enough. In that instant, she made a judgement. This Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce was clearly Zhou Weiqing’s strongest Skill, though she did not know exactly what Skill it was.

Shen Bu did not even attempt to dodge, instead her entire body went down in a half-crouch, and her hands struck out towards Zhou Weiqing’s palms. At the same time, the air turned red hot as two long four-chi blue knives of flames appeared, smas.h.i.+ng towards Zhou Weiqing’s Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce.

Similar Knives of Flame. It was clear that both Shen Yi and Shen Bu had Stored the same Skill. However, obviously Shen Bu’s knives, at the six-Jeweled cultivation level, were already at an unbelievable strength, far beyond the green knives of flame that Shen Yi had.

In the ensuing ma.s.sive explosion, Zhou Weiqing’s body was sent flying back in flips, the shockwave sending him far back. A surprised look crossed Shen Bu’s face, but she did not chase after him. It was not that she did not want to follow up with another attack, but in truth, the strength of Zhou Weiqing’s return blow was far beyond her expectation, the Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce truly living up to its rating and catching her by surprise. Although she had still knocked Zhou Weiqing back, it was only because of the sheer cultivation difference and Heavenly Energy advantage. Yet, at the same time, the Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce had broken her Flame Knives, and in order not to be injured by the strike, she was unable to pursue at this opportune moment.

Even so, Shen Bu still charged forward after a short pause. Looking at Zhou Weiqing, her gaze was filled with disdain. With just a single powerful skill, you dare to go up against me? You’re talented, but for a Low Level Zun Stage to challenge a High Level Zun Stage? Hmph!

Below the stage, in the midst of the ma.s.s audience, the tall soldier who had brought Shangguan Fei’er and Zhou Weiqing into the Duelling Corner stood there, his jaw agape. He had been standing there in shock for the past few minutes, his eyes filled with disbelief. He still remembered clearly how he had mocked Zhou Weiqing earlier about thinking about challenging the advanced ringmaster. Yet… at this very moment… wasn’t that exact scene just playing out right before his eyes?!

“Ugh! Oh c.r.a.p, I forgot to tell him that to challenge the advanced ringmaster, he only needs to last for half the time for an incense joss stick to burn, then it is considered his victory and he can be promoted to the Battalion Commander position. After all, the advanced ringmaster is…”

Of course, Zhou Weiqing could not hear the mutterings of the tall soldier below the stage, otherwise he would have definitely changed his strategy, and not reveal too much of his hand. However, at this moment, he was fully focused on the fight, fully focused on Shen Bu. When he saw Shen Bu charge towards him with the cold smile on her lips, he grinned inwardly. It worked!

After avoiding the remnants of Zhou Weiqing’s Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce, Shen Bu had charged forth at full speed. This time, she did not hold back at all, and her speed shot to more than twice her previous charge. She was clear that although Zhou Weiqing’s Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce was extremely powerful, he would not be able to reuse it so soon after he had just used it. As such, she had to seize this opportunity while it was in a cooldown. She had fought in wars for more than ten years, and had faced countless different foes, and she had confidence that she was able to judge an opponent’s strength well. This Zhou Little Fatty in front of her should not have any other skills to threaten her besides that strange Skill.

As Shen Bu’s body charged along the ground, this time not only did she summon her Flame Knives, a pair of large wings made out of flame also spread out across her back, the brilliant wings almost four feet in length, lighting the entire Duelling Corner in a radiant red.

Besides that, on Shen Bu’s body, a unique aura burst forth along with those huge wings, and a deep blue fireball started burning in her palms.

d.a.m.n! Is she trying to really kill me?! Zhou Weiqing turned pale in fright for real this time. He could clearly sense the terrifying power contained within that blue fireball. It was far beyond an ordinary six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master’s power; without question the wings behind Shen Bu’s back was able to boost her offense temporarily. Since she already thought he was no match for her, why use such a powerful attack?!

As Zhou Weiqing scolded her inwardly, he already started reacting. He definitely couldn’t let Shen Bu complete that Skill and allow it to explode in front of him. If that happened, even if he wanted to use his other Attribute Skills, it would be too late for him, and probably only the Consolidating Equipment G.o.d Protective Aura.coudl save him then.

Stomping his right foot on the ground savagely, a green light sprang out around Zhou Weiqing’s body at the same time, causing his speed to double instantly. It was the Tornado Strike Skill.

The Tornado Strike Skill only worked in a straight line acceleration, though it would also greatly increase the strength of attack by at least twice. The benefits of the Skill was clear, but its drawbacks were also clear to those who knew it; as its attacking path was only in a straight line, without any way to stop, needing to charge at least ten yards before unleas.h.i.+ng the attack.

Seeing Zhou Weiqing use the Tornado Strike Skill, Shen Bu started. In truth, she did not plan to actually use that powerful Skill in her hands to really strike Zhou Weiqing. After all, what was her rank and status? How could she possibly attack a fresh recruit like that?

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