Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 86.1

Chapter 86 Han Bing Perishes, Rage of Shen Little Demon! (1)

Just as the entire audience thought that Little Four would perish from that, an unexpected miracle occurred.

The block of ice containing Little Four would fall to a position about three yards from Han Bing, and currently Han Bing did not have any defenses up. In the instant that the block of ice smashed onto the floor, something happened that no one expected.

Silver light. A bright silver light flashed in that instant, shocking Han Bing. Everything happened too fast, and before he could even figure out what had happened, the block of ice had already been pierced through by the ice cone. However, at that point, Han Bing could clearly see that Little Four was no longer encased within the ice block.

Han Bing felt a strange cold feeling from his neck, followed by a warm, sticky feel.

He did not feel any pain, but yet, as someone who trained with ice everyday and never felt cold, he suddenly felt a sense of cold overwhelm him.

If Little Four was not in the ice, where was he? Currently, he was standing behind Han Bing, frozen in a strange position.

The wings on his back had long disappeared, and a short knife was in his hands, the silver light around it dissipating. Little Four’s expression was ugly, as he s.h.i.+vered unstoppably.

Bright red blood gushed out of the cut around Han Bing’s neck, and as it met the cold air in the stage, a strange sight followed.

As the blood spurted from Han Bing’s neck, it formed little beads of red ice in midair before falling into the ground with a *ding* *ding* *ding* sound. There was a long cut on his neck, totally severing his windpipe and jugular vein.

Standing there fixedly, there was no despair in Han Bing’s eyes, as he had not even understood what had happened. By the time realisation struck him, darkness had already overwhelmed him, and he no longer held the power of thought.

Up until Han Bing died, he did not even understand what had happened, that he had died to his own overconfidence. When he had unleashed his Frozen Sacrifice Skill, he had totally taken down his own personal defense. In his eyes, the Four-Jeweled Little Four had no chance of survival.

When Little Four had broken the waterskin and sprayed out the water, the crude beginnings of a plan had already formed in his mind. His Elemental Jewel Attribute was the Spatial Attribute after all, and amongst all the Attributes, the Spatial Attribute Energy was the best at isolating things. When Little Four sprayed out the water, he had already imbued a huge amount of his Spatial Attribute Heavenly Energy within, causing his body to have a small isolated pocket from the ice; adding the Consolidated Wings protection, although he was still frozen stiff, he was still able to move slightly.

Just before the block of ice hit the ground, Little Four had finally used the Blink skill that he had held for so long. When he did so, he had taken out a small short knife, and that was all he was able to do, just a short simple movement.

In his original plan, he would just strike Han Bing once before surrendering. After all, he did not wish to die, and he was totally left without any more energy. Alas, after accomplis.h.i.+ng that attack, he found that he did not have anything left within him to even speak, let alone jump off the stage.

However, even he did not expect that his attack had already severed Han Bing’s unprotected neck. Such a result was definitely not within Little Four’s calculation, nor had he even dreamed of it. If Han Bing had been just a little more careful, even if he had that simple blue s.h.i.+eld of light up from before, Little Four would not have succeeded in his attack.

Alas, in this world, there was no ifs, what had happened was not reversible. That was life; that was combat; one could lose one’s life in just a twinkling, a moment of carelessness.

“Han Bing!!” A shrill voice rang out from the Dan Dun Battle Team Rest House, and immediately, a flash of red appeared as a figure zoomed from the Rest House towards the stage.

A red uniform, red hair, and that look of utter disbelief. When that young lady flew onto the stage and in front of Han Bing, her right hand moved swiftly, striking out at his acupuncture points in an attempt to seal the veins on his neck, using her other hand to cover the large wound on his neck.

Right behind her, the rest of the Dan Dun Battle Team members swarmed up onto the stage. The Fei Li Battle Team members also arrived at the same time; when the shrill shout had sounded out, Zhou Weiqing and Lin TianAo had led the rest of the members onto to stage, surrounding Little Four protectively.

The red haired young lady holding onto Han Bing’s neck was indeed beautiful, both in figure and face, giving the feel of a valiant beauty. However, at this moment, her eyes were almost dull and vacant in shock, as she stared at Han Bing’s, whose eyes were glazing over as his life blood stained her fingers. She could scarcely believe what was happening before her.

Han Bing’s injury was too severe, so much so that even if a Life Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master were right in front of them, he would still not be able to save Han Bing. With the cut in his neck almost halfway through, his head was as good as severed, and the amount of blood loss was almost already too much.

The red haired young lady quickly pa.s.sed the limp body in her hands to the team member beside her, before swiftly charging down the stage and to the Rest House beside the Dan Dun Rest House, crying out urgently: “Any of the Heavenly Snow Mountain powerhouses able to use the Resurrection Skill? I, Shen Little Demon, represent the Blood Red h.e.l.l, to beg you for a favour to save Han Bing. We will definitely pay the price required.”

Indeed, she was standing in front of the WanShou Empire Rest House. With her power, she knew that with a wound like that, Han Bing had no chance of survival except with a quick use of the Resurrection Skill that only one of the Saint Attributes, the Divine Attribute, had. That was his only chance.

A white clad youth walked out from the Rest House, tall and lanky and rather suave looking, with deep blue eyes. Looking at the anxious Shen Little Demon, he said coldly: “Miss Shen, I’m afraid you’re looking for the wrong person. We are the WanShou Empire Representatives, not from the Heavenly Snow Mountain.”

Shen Little Demon was feeling rather urgent in her heart. After all, she knew that the WanShou Empire was considered an enemy to all the other Empires of the continent, and the Heavenly Snow Mountain were just as proud. However, this had to do with Han Bing’s life, and she did not pay heed to their status of enemy.

Biting her lip, she suddenly knelt down in front of the youth. “Please, I beg you, help Han Bing. I, Shen Little Demon, have never begged anyone in my life, and I am begging you now.”

The white clad youth furrowed his brow, saying: “Miss Shen, you do not have to do this, it is useless. You are also from the Great Saint Lands, and you should have heard that the Resurrection Skill isn’t so easily used. Not only is the price to pay of it unbelievably high, even if used, its success rate is less than a third. More importantly, only the purest direct bloodlines of the Heavenly Snow Mountain is able to use such a Skill. Unfortunately, our WanShou Battle Team does not consist of such a member, nor would we stoop to bringing a member of the direct lineage of the Heavenly Snow Mountain to join the Heavenly Jewel Tournament.”

Shen Little Demon stared at him dazedly, before slowly getting up and staggering back a few steps, her face pale and ashen. Turning back abruptly, she looked towards Han Bing, who was now in Lan Feng’s hands, not a sign of life in his limp body…

“NO….NO….!” She howled in rage and agony.

In this short period of time, a row of judges from the ZhongTian Skill Storing Palace had descended upon the stage, standing between the two sides as a barrier.

Shen Little Demon charged onto the stage once more, holding Han Bing as she glared fixedly at the Fei Li Battle Team members. “Kill all of you… I will definitely kill all of you. You have even dared to kill Han Bing… I, Shen Little Demon, swear that from today onwards, the Blood Red h.e.l.l will be mortal enemies with the Fei Li Empire.”

On the side of the Fei Li Battle Team, Zhou Weiqing said mockingly: “What? Are only the lives of your Blood Red h.e.l.l worth? It was that Han Bing who tried to kill Little Four first, alas his own training was lacking, thus he was the one to fall instead. You … so imposing! Do you think we’re really scared of you?!”

If not for all the powerful judges between them, perhaps both sides would have started an all-out battle.

Little Four and Han Bing’s fight, could be said to be an unexpected, almost unbelievable turn of events. Not only was the entire audience staring stunned, their jaws wide open in shock, even the powerhouses on the VIP Stage were also staring amazed, speechless at the sight before them. This was definitely beyond everyone’s expectation.

For a member of the Blood Red h.e.l.l to be killed here, especially one so highly ranked and important to them, with a great future ahead… more importantly, for him to be killed by the Fei Li Battle Team… without any Great Saint Lands background… this had definitely made history in all the many years of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament being held.

Even in the previous top four fights, as all the battle teams were from Great Saint Lands, they were more restrained. Though there were heavy injuries, there was usually no death. As such, having an important member die like this, was definitely not something that had happened in the past Heavenly Jewel Tournaments.

“Enough, Silence.” Two simple words spoken from above, appearing as if a bomb exploding downwards. Everyone on the stage felt a sudden dizziness, before their head cleared.

The two words were spoken by Shangguan Longyin, who was still seated calmly on his seat. Furthermore, when he said those words, although the entire area heard him, only those on the stage were dazed by the power held within the words, yet they did not affect the other audiences or even the other battle teams in their Rest Houses. Such power and control was indeed impressive.

The entire scene was growing out of control, and as the Head Judge of the entire Tournament, he had to take control.

Shen Little Demon turned her head towards the VIP Stage, her eyes still filled with hate. Han Bing’s death was a huge blow to her; in truth they weren’t particularly close, but they were both from the Blood Red h.e.l.l, and that meant everything to her.

In the past hundred years, although there were many outstanding talents in the Blood Red h.e.l.l, the top calibre ones were still very limited. In this generation, only Shen Little Demon and Han Bing were considered the very cream of the crop.

Without question, if he could have continued on his path, Han Bing would definitely have become at least a Heavenly King Jewel Master or even greater. The Blood Red h.e.l.l had spent much time, effort and resources to develop him for so many years, and no one would have ever expected him to perish in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament in a historic event. How could Shen Little Demon not feel hate?

Zen’s notes: Wow, that escalated quickly! To be honest, I was totally shocked the first time I read it too; totally thought it would go according to Zhou Weiqing’s plan, with Little Four accomplis.h.i.+ng his task perfectly. However, at the same time, I have to admire TJSS writing this. Truly depicting again how even someone much more powerful can screw up when underestimating an opponent. It also depicts clearly what Napoleon was famous for saying – No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy. Indeed, that’s one flaw in a lot of fantasy stories, where plans are impossibly superb and fate and the stars always align to make them succeed (I’m looking at you Zemo in CA: Civil War and Lex Luthor in BvS!). Also, now you guys know the reason why I couldn’t just tl a paragraph or two for the spoiler yesterday! Too huge!

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