Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 83.3

Chapter 83 Challenging the seeded team? (3)

As long as they could win this fight, the Fei Li Battle Team would enter the top eight as the top of their group.

In that case, in the quarterfinals, they would be facing the second position of their opposing group. In other words, in that critical match to decide the top four teams, they would no longer need to face another seeded team!

With such an a.n.a.lysis, Zhou Weiqing had indeed moved all his companions. It was an extremely risky plan, perhaps almost reckless. Yet, it was undoubtedly their greatest chance to enter the top four. Without question, their chance of beating the Dan Dun Battle Team was much higher than beating any of the other three seeded teams in the quarterfinals; even if that chance might only be thirty percent compared to twenty percent, it was still an important chance to them.

As such, it could be said that this was now the team’s most critical battle in their road to the top four. For this, all of them had prepared to the best they could against the Dan Dun Battle Team, and for better or worse, they would make history by clas.h.i.+ng up against a seeded team in the preliminary heats.

The weather today was not very good, with dark clouds gathering in the skies, looking like a storm would break at any moment. However, this did not in any way dampen the excited spirits of the watching audiences. It was still early in the morning and the ZhongTian Plaza was already a sea of people.

It was after all the final day of the preliminary heats, and many were excited to have a final look at the fights, and also to place a bet or two. As for this final day, there were many different kinds of bets available, from wagers on individual fights to the top eight lineup, and many more. Of course, no matter what the wager was, it was set up by the ZhongTian government.

To many people, this was also the last chance for them to make a killing in bets.

As such, it was especially crowded today, so much so that they had to open several more betting booths around the city.

In the Fei Li battle Team Rest House, it was a serious, almost oppressive atmosphere, mixed with both nervousness and excitement as all of them waited for their turn.

All of them were seated except for Zhou Weiqing, and they were all looking towards him at this point.

“Weiqing, arrange our fighting order then.” Lin TianAo said solemnly.

Before today, none of them had asked how Zhou Weiqing would arrange their strategy today. After the Bai Da Battle Team fight, a strong trust in him and grown in them.

Zhou Weiqing nodded his head, saying: “This fight with the Dan Dun Battle Team is absolutely critical for us, since we are taking this huge gamble. To beat them, we will definitely have to pay a heavy price on each and everyone of us. As such, I will not have any repeated appearances this time; amongst the seven of us, six of us will be fighting today if we have to go through all five fights.”

In terms of comparing absolute power of our two teams, it is without question that the Dan Dun Battle Team are a full level ahead of us. In order to defeat them, we must try to surprise them and gain a swift victory before they can react. They will definitely be taken aback that we are challenging them here, and my prediction is that they will send out an average, or middling, member of their team in order to test the waters for the first fight. That will also be their litmus test of our strength. Of course, in my opinion, that is a perfect opportunity to us to seize a first win, and we must secure it at all costs. Leader, I leave the first fight to you.”

No one had expected that Zhou Weiqing would send out their strongest member, the mainstay and leader of the entire team, Lin TianAo, so early in the first round, and all of them looked surprised.

Zhou Weiqing continued solemnly: “Five fights, three victories, this is a numbers game, and every win is of utmost importance. Using our strongest leader to destroy their relatively weaker member, that will greatly increase our chance of winning the first fight. Once we do so, in the second round will react to that loss strongly, and will want to take one back immediately. As such, I estimate they will be sending one of their top two fighters then. Little Four, you will be in charge of the second fight. However, you are not to pit your life just for victory, and more importantly, do not get injured. When we enter the top eight, I will need you for the next round.”

Little Four looked around with a bitter smile, saying: “Looks like I am taking over Ye Paopao’s duty of sniping a powerhouse in a strategic loss…”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “It is a sacrifice for our final victory. In the second round, try not to show too much of your powers. Not only am I conserving you for the next round, I also want to give the Dan Dun Battle Team the impression that besides Leader, we have no other powerhouses.”

Little Four nodded his head, saying: “I understand. Leader will give them a strike to the head, and I’ll numb their senses next.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded. “Exactly that. The third round is the 2v2 match. This is also one that we must definitely win.”

Hearing that, Drunken Bao couldn’t help but say: “Weiqing, that doesn’t seem right. Since our total power is weaker than theirs, if that is so in a 1v1 fight, the gap will be even more magnified in a 2v2 fight. How can we defeat them in that case?”

Zhou Weiqing replied: “I have pondered upon that as well, and in my judgement, similar to how you’d think of that, so will the opponent. With their overall strength higher than ours, and having secured a win in the second round, they should be sending their two weakest team members for the 2v2 match. As for their strongest member, perhaps their leader, it is a normal strategy to leave as a mainstay in the last two matches. As for our team, besides Leader, the next two strongest members are you and Xiao Yan. In this 2v2 match, I want you both to take it together. You have both studied together in the Heavenly Jewel Academy for so many years, and you are familiar with each other and especially in working together. Furthermore, you have not been seen previously, and they will not have any info on you as well. That fight, I ask that you both win this at all costs, no matter what it takes, even if you have to use your Flame of Life once more, you must win this.”

Xiao Yan and Drunken Bao exchanged a look, then nodded earnestly. Previously, they had not fought in any of the fights, especially the one with the Bai Da Battle Team, and they were now itching to go. After all these days of rest, their bodies were fully recovered and in peak condition. This was finally time for them to s.h.i.+ne.

Zhou Weiqing continued: “If everything goes according to my plan, we should be able to win two out of the first three fights, and be in a position of great strength. In the last two fights, I am not able to guess for sure which one their leader will take. However, Crow and I will each take one fight. We’ll just have to try our best for this. As long as one of us wins, we will take the entire series.”

After saying all of that, Zhou Weiqing stopped. Lifting his hand and gripping it into a fist, he struck himself on his broad chest, saying: “As all of you know, our chances of winning this is very slight. Even with the surprise factor, all our plans and strategies, it is not going to be easy to take down this powerful opponent. However, at the same time, this is also our greatest chance in entering the top four, and we must put our all into it. Leader, Little Four, Drunken Bao, Xiao Yan, I know this is probably your last chance to enter the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. I trust that you do not want to leave yourself with any regrets.”

That ended his speech, and Zhou Weiqing stuck out his hand suddenly. Lin TianAo and the rest placed their own palms on his, and in that moment, their morale was boosted to the top, as the very blood in their bodies boiled with fighting spirit and excitement.

The team settled down as the judge on the stage announced the first fight, and the last day of the Tournament officially began. The Fei Li Battle Team Rest House turned deathly quiet, all of them sitting there with their eyes closed, regulating their breathing and Heavenly Energy, meditating to bring their conditions to their best possible state.

The only one who had not been arranged to fight, Ye Paopao, did not do the same. He stood silently at the door of the Rest House, watching the fights, silently preparing in his own way for the fight to come, to rouse his companions when the time came.

Perhaps because many of the fights were meaningless by now, many of them proceeded and ended quickly. The fight between the Fei Li Battle Team and Dan Dun Battle Team was the seventh fight of the entire day, but it was only slightly more than two hours before it reached their turn.

“It’s time.” Ye Paopao’s solemn voice rang out in the Rest house, rousing the members from their reverie.

At this point, the judge on the stage continued officiating loudly: “Third Group. Dan Dun Battle Team vs Fei Li Battle Team. Both sides, please send your first member on the stage.”

In the judge’s eyes, he was only going through a formality. After all, since the Fei Li Battle Team had already secured the top eight spot, they had no reason to fight against the Dan Dun Battle Team. The Kalise Battle Team had also done the same, surrendering to their seeded team without fighting and had already entered the top eight officially.”

However, the judge’s antic.i.p.ated surrender did not come. Instead, a huge, broad-shouldered bulking man walked out from the Fei Li Battle Team Rest House, striding slowly but steadily up the stage.

On the other side, one of the members of the Dan Dun Battle Team also walked out. When he saw that someone had actually walked out from the side of the Fei Li Battle Team, he was taken aback. Just like the judge, none of the Dan Dun Battle Team members had expected Fei Li to even fight them.

Looking at Lin TianAo, the judge said bewilderedly: “You want to fight?”

Lin TianAo said solemnly: “This is our scheduled fight against the Dan Dun Battle Team, why would we not fight?”

Lin TianAo’s voice was deep and full, and though his words could not be heard by the audience, all the other teams in their respective Rest Houses nearby could clearly hear him. Instantly, a commotion broke out amongst them all, as an excited chatter rose up; some even scolding the Fei Li Battle Team of being reckless and not knowing their place.

“You Fei Li Battle Team are getting over confident huh? To dare to contest our Dan Dun Empire?” The member representing the Dan Dun Battle Team was rather shocked, with also a hint of anger, as if he had been deeply insulted.

Naturally, it was quite understandable for him to feel this way. After all, since the start of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, they were the first seeded team to be challenged by an ‘ordinary’ team.

Lin TianAo said pa.s.sively: “I am just following the rules of the Tournament, are you trying to tell me that seeded teams can skip fighting if they want?”

The Dan Dun member exclaimed angrily: “Fine, since you do not know your place and want to bite off more than you can chew, we from the Dan Dun Empire will not mind destroying you.”

By now, the judge had recovered his composure, his face back to normal.

Solemnly, he said: “Both sides, introduce yourselves.”

“Fei Li Battle Team, Lin TianAo.”

“Dan Dun Battle Team, Lan Feng.”

“Let the fight begin.”

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