Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 82.2

Chapter 82 Evolution! Demonic Change or Zhou Weiqing? (2)

One thing Lin TianAo said was definitely true. If Zhou Weiqing was given the time, and he actually worked diligently in training and cultivation, he would definitely shock the world.

As the black light flashed continuously in the room, the Touch of Darkness was released. The room was not large, and as it spread out from Zhou Weiqing’s body, it reached into every corner of the entire room.

Zhou Weiqing started to play around with it, making use of his mental control and spirit to make the Touch of Darkness move around and do various things. At the same time, he experimented with its stability, strength, toughness and flexibility.

In doing so, Zhou Weiqing started to feel the difference between the Darkness Attribute and the Spatial or Wind Attributes.

Spatial Attribute Skills required an instantaneous release of power, that was so even for the Spatial Rend. Although it could last three seconds, but the key to it succeeded was that instant of power on release.

As for the Darkness Attribute, it was rather different. When the Touch of Darkness was released, it could be said to be just the beginning, and continued control over it was the most important.

Just the first try of his caused Zhou Weiqing to feel some strain, as there was just too many tentacles to control. To try and control each and every one of them in doing something different not only required him to have an incredible amount of mult.i.tasking, calculating and also powerful control over the skill, Heavenly Energy and the Darkness Attribute.

It was almost as if his entire brain had to be split into a dozen parts, and instantly Zhou Weiqing felt the true difficulty of this Skill. Although this level of control was not an additional drain on his Heavenly Energy, it was definitely a huge drain on his spirit and consciousness.

As the first Touch of Darkness Skill ended, Zhou Weiqing did not rush into casting it again. Instead, he sat down recollecting the entire process he had gone through, the feelings and experiences he had just undergone, as well as the feedback that the skill itself returned.

The ‘best’ part of the Touch of Darkness could be said to be the increase to all of the user’s senses, and was one of the rarest boosts available, which made it all the more valuable. With this increase in senses, it also made delving into the profound mysteries of the skill easier, allowing him to feel more, understand more and absorb more.

Just like that, Zhou Weiqing began the process of repeatedly casting Touch of Darkness one after the other, experiencing and understanding it as time pa.s.sed by.

This time, Zhou Weiqing only spent a day before his training ended. He had not even finished half of the water, but he was forced to conclude the training – because he fainted dead away.

The intricate control of the Touch of Darkness took an unprecedented toll on Zhou Weiqing’s spirit and consciousness. Furthermore, he had never really trained in that department before, and did not know how important it was for controlling Skills. In truth, the majority of Heavenly Jewel Masters did not go out of the way to train their spirit and consciousness; as that would usually slowly improve as their cultivation level improved.

The unique quality about the Darkness Attribute was that it did not take a large toll on his body and physique like other skills, but a much larger toll on his spirit. By the time he had almost totally expended his spirit, his mind lapsed into a deep faint as an automatic protection reaction.

Even Zhou Weiqing himself did not know that he had unknowingly opened up a new path for himself, a unique path of training his spirit and consciousness.

On the surface, a Heavenly Jewel Master’s spirit was not a critical characteristic, and only those with the Divine Attribute would regard it highly. However in truth, for the Spirit Attribute to be actually one of the top three Saint Attributes, how could it be useless?

The stronger a person’s spirit and consciousness, the greater control he would have over everything, Heavenly Energy, Skills and even the body to a certain extent. With the same amount of Heavenly Energy, the same Skill, when used by a Jewel Master with a stronger spirit, it would be a lot more efficient and powerful, perhaps even several times stronger!

When Zhou Weiqing fainted and fell into a deep sleep, Fat Cat which was not far from him suddenly opened her eyes. At that moment, there was a strange, almost astonished look in her eyes.

How did he do that? Fat Cat thought to herself. A few days ago, when Zhou Weiqing had first gone through the three thousand tempering training, she had already been shocked once. It could be said that the thousand tempering training was very well known by all Heavenly Jewel Masters, yet it was not widely used for a reason. No one had ever done it like Zhou Weiqing, let alone up to three thousand tempering!

Even the members of the five Great Saint Lands would shake their heads when they talked about the thousand tempering training technique. This training method was just too harmful to one’s vitality, and possibly even life force, and if overdone, could possibly lead to serious and lasting damage. As such, although there were so many benefits to it, the drawbacks were sufficient to dissuade most from making use of such a technique.

Most Heavenly Jewel Masters would rather waste more time in practicing their Skills over a long period of time, with much lower efficiency, than to make use of such an extreme method.

A few days ago, when Fat Cat had witnessed Zhou Weiqing use his Spatial Rend Skill one thousand five hundred times in slightly more than a day, she had been totally shocked to the core. Even more so than Zhou Weiqing, she knew how impossible that was, and the true implications of that. Furthermore, she had been alongside Zhou Weiqing for so long, and she was extremely clear on his cultivation. Instantly, she realised that he had stumbled upon the perfect training method for himself.

The facts had indeed been as she expected. Without even considering the huge benefits from Zhou Weiqing’s improved Spatial Rend and Silver Emperor Wing Slash having a large part to play in his winning of the various fights, just the dangerless sheer speed of his cultivation of Heavenly Energy would already breathtaking.

Despite that, Fat Cat was once again shocked by Zhou Weiqing. With her keen senses, she could tell that Zhou Weiqing’s spirit was in an unstable flux. She was extremely familiar with such a flux; after all, her main Attribute and training focus was the Spirit Attribute. Without question, when Zhou Weiqing was tempering his Darkness attribute Touch of Darkness Skill, he was actually somehow training his spirit and consciousness at the same time!

Was he some monster, or just an unbelievable genius? That notion was all that Fat Cat could think of. However, even she did not realise that although she knew that the stronger Zhou Weiqing grew, the less control and power she would have over him, she did not have any killing intent, but rather a strange happiness. At that point, she somehow forgot about all the times she had been ‘bullied’ by Zhou Weiqing.

After an unknown period of time, Zhou Weiqing was slowly aroused from his deep sleep by a strange feeling.

The first sensation he had was that of cold; his entire body feeling icy cold, and one which seemed to spread from inside. It was as if his entire body was a huge block of ice, and the cold was continuously being produced from within and spreading throughout and out from his skin.

Such a cold was definitely not something that came from an external source. The instant that Zhou Weiqing woke, he started s.h.i.+vering uncontrollably, even his teeth were chattering loudly.

What is happening? What is going on with me? Zhou Weiqing was surprised, and as he roused fully to his senses, he realised that he had lost control of his body.

Turning his senses inward to examine himself, Zhou Weiqing realised that he couldn’t actually sense any vestiges of Heavenly Energy. At that point, his heart sank in an icy feeling of doom, which someone left him even colder than before.

Cultivation Deviation!

This was the only explanation that Zhou Weiqing could think of for the state he was in, although it didn’t make sense at all. As much as he did not want to believe that he could enter cultivation deviation while training, the facts were before him, and he had no other choice but to believe it.

He did not even have the time to to ponder on how he had actually entered cultivation deviation, when the icy cold overwhelmed his thoughts, and he lapsed into a strange mindless state.

His entire body, down to the muscles, innards, meridians, all of it seemed frozen and mashed together, the intense pain was even worse than all the previous times he had felt when breaking through his Death Acupuncture Points; though he had previously thought that was impossible.

With that empty feeling, it was as if the breath was being forced out of his body. The cold battering him, as if trying to turn him into a pile of ice dust.

Zhou Weiqing could almost hear his own bones groaning and creaking, the sound of his own bones made him almost break down. Alas, his mind was still strangely awake, and the pain was so intense, almost like he was struck with his own Curse of Doom’s increased pain senses while being tortured.

When Zhou Weiqing had awoken, Fat Cat had also gotten up.

Her purple eyes were wide opened as they scrutinised Zhou Weiqing, and slowly a look of delight entered them. With a shake of her body, she turned into a three metre huge form.

She did not touch Zhou Weiqing, but the happiness in her eyes grew stronger as she stood there silently, watching the changes in his body.

In Fat Cat’s eyes, Zhou Weiqing had totally turned a bleak grey colour. Indeed, totally grey, even down to his usually black hair, skin, eyes and even nails!

A layer of thick Demonic Aura also extended to every section of his skin, though it was not released outwards. If Fat Cat was not looking upon him with her own eyes, she would not even be able to sense anything untoward from him.

If it had been Lin TianAo or any of the other team members here, none of them would be able to recognize what was happening to Zhou Weiqing. Even Little Witch, who was from the Heavenly Demon Sect, one of the Great Saint Lands, would not be able to recognize it. However, Fat Cat was different. With a single look, she immediately knew what Zhou Weiqing was experiencing, as she had just gone through the exact same thing not long ago!

Evolving! He was actually evolving!

Indeed, Fat Cat knew that Zhou Weiqing was evolving, just like a Heavenly Beast.

Although she could not understand how a human like Zhou Weiqing could actually go through such an evolving, she could clearly tell that this would bring a huge benefit to her as well. Just like the previous time when she evolved, Zhou Weiqing had benefited a great deal from her.

The strange thing that left her puzzled was that although Zhou Weiqing was going through the same evolving state, he did not seem to release the same aura which would attract Heavenly Beasts to devour him.

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