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Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 24 Chapter 228 Part1

Chapter 228 To be confirmed! (1)

After Devouring an entire fire dragon of energy, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian'er had some growth in their Saint Energy, causing them to be overjoyed.

Towards the cultivation of Saint Energy, it was a long and arduous task ahead of them. Not only did the two of them need to train hard in absorbing Saint Energy, they also needed to infuse into the three Shangguan Sisters. Even if they did not have a Saint Attribute of their own and would be unable to consolidate a Saint Core Nucleus, but with a large amount of Saint Energy within them, it would still be extremely beneficial to their cultivation and power.

"Hopefully, this fire spirit isn't the only one." Zhou Weiqing grinned wickedly.

However, before his words even completed, his expression changed abruptly. As the first fire dragon disappeared, the entire dark red world around them began to tremble violently, as if they had activated some mechanism. A thick dark red light began to fluctuate intensely, and a powerful pressure came from all around them.

With a loud cry, Shangguan Bing'er's ma.s.sive wings spread out fully for the first time. Each wing was at least four metre long, and as they spread out, it instantly enveloped all five of them within.

On the ma.s.sive wings, a thick green light sprang forth abruptly, the green light actually advancing as the wings shook, spreading out into a s.h.i.+eld of green light that spread outwards.

This pair of wings that Shangguan Bing'er had was called the Wings of the Wind G.o.d, and it was a recent peak creation for Heaven's Expanse Palace three G.o.d Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters. Each of the wings was made out of two G.o.d Tier Consolidated Equipment, and they could be considered a sort of mini – G.o.d Tier a.s.sembly Set in their own right within an entire Legendary Set, definitely a type of fresh invention in its own right. The power of these wings could not be underestimated, flying, attack and defense all in one. Not only did they allow Shangguan Bing'er's Ultimate Agility to be flourished to her maximum capabilities and beyond, they were also precious treasures that could protect her perfectly or used offensively. With this set of Wings of the Wind G.o.d, although Shangguan Bing'er's cultivation stage was only at the six-Jeweled stage, her speed was already comparable to any ordinary (non speed type) Heavenly King Stage powerhouses. From that alone, one could see the sheer power of these Consolidated Equipment.

As the green light spread outwards, the thick dark-red flames were temporarily pushed back. The rest of the team were finally able to see the surroundings about them, alas in doing so, the five of them all sucked in a cold breath.

Right around them in a radius of a hundred 'zhang', more than a hundred gold-red fire dragons were charging right towards them.

Unfortunately, they did not have much knowledge and understanding regarding these energy type beings. These Fire Spirits were 'born' from these ultimate flames around, and being the essence and core of these flames, they had a rather intimate connection with each other.

With one fire dragon being Devoured totally by Zhou Weiqing, it instantly drew all other Fire Spirits in the area to them.

It had to be known that these Fire Spirits were not actually summoned by the Dragons, but a byproduct creation of the flames that the Dragons had summoned, transforming into them.

Luckily, it seemed like Lady Fortune was still smiling upon Zhou Weiqing's group. These Fire Spirits had not been formed for a long time. If they had been given sufficient time to grow, then they would eventually all reach at least the Heavenly King Stage. By that time, let alone Zhou Weiqing's group, even if the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord came personally, it would be extremely troublesome to deal with.

"Crow mouth1!" The four girls instantly glared at Zhou Weiqing and cried out.

Zhou Weiqing gave an innocent look as he said: "This can't be my fault right… Dammit, Your Father, I, will deal with them. All of you, gather by my side."

This was more than a hundred fire dragons! Even if they were only at the seven-Jeweled, in this world of flames, they were not easily dealt with in such numbers, even for a party like Zhou Weiqing's. At this moment, they had to either use the l.u.s.tre Gem to teleport out, or fight to the death.

Although Zhou Weiqing was afraid of death, he was not miserly2, especially in times of critical danger like this… being miserly would only mean their deaths.

A thick silver-white light sprang forth from Zhou Weiqing's body. In that moment, he dared not hold back at all, circulating Saint Energy to the max.

More than a hundred fire dragons, all of them Fire Spirits! Charging at them with crazed ferocity. Who knew what kind of combined attacks they would finally launch together.

As the saying goes, he who strikes first gains the advantage, and Zhou Weiqing naturally chose that route as well.

Holding onto Tian'er's hand, the large Saint Energy whirlpool began to spin at top speed crazily, and a thick grey coloured light began to burst out from Zhou Weiqing's body.

The current scene in front of them was strange. In this fiery red world, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian'er turned silver white fully, the grey that was welling out of his body rising crazily. In moments, a giant grey whirlpool of almost ten metres in diameter had grown.

The thick and pure fire attribute energies were being devoured swiftly by the giant whirlpool, and it began to grow continuously.

Zhou Weiqing dared not summon the Projection of the Demon G.o.d once more, as he did not know what kind of reaction the Projection would have to such a scene in front of them. Instead, he directly infused a hundred drops of Saint Energy into his Devour Skill, circulating all of his Heavenly Energy without holding back as he unleashed it with all his might.

With Tian'er to share his burden, both of them had infused the hundred drops to fully power up the Devour Skill, and fire attribute energy was now being drawn in like a whale sucking in water, transforming swiftly into pure Saint Energy to replenish themselves. The surrounding dark red colour about them was actually diminis.h.i.+ng at a rate that a visible to their eyes.

Zhou Weiqing did not know something like this would happen. At this current moment, all that was in his mind was survival.

Although the dragons formed from the Fire Spirits did not have intelligence yet, they still had their base instincts. Sensing the terrifying power of the Saint Energy and Devour Skill, their charging bodies paused slightly.

Right at that moment, in Zhou Weiqing's senses, he had a strange feeling. He realised that after infusing a hundred drops of Saint Energy into the Devour Skill, the whirlpool of 'Devouring' that had formed… he could actually control it! However, during the process of control it would actually cost him additional Heavenly Energy expenditure.

Due to the fact that neither Tian'er nor himself could cultivate the Saint Energy individually, if they used it apart, it could be said to be a 'one-time use' energy, any Saint Energy used up would be gone for good. As such, ordinarily speak he would definitely not use Saint Energy to control his Skills without a good reason, otherwise his Saint Energy would be used up just too swiftly.

However, the current unique situation before him was a great chance. The sheer amount of fire attribute energies in the surroundings was continually being transformed to feed into him and Tian'er. Although the Saint Energy formed from this was not as much as their expenditure, it would allow him to last a lot longer.

With this discovery, Zhou Weiqing did not hesitate to seize control of the Devour whirlwind. His eyes abruptly turned the grey of the Demonic Attribute, and in a flash, a thick grey light burst forth from the Devour whirlwind, spreading across the s.p.a.ce.

In just that short simple moment, a total of six fire dragons vanished, forcefully dragged by the grey light into the Devour whirlpool.

The Devour Skill with a hundred drops of Saint Energy was truly terrifying. In a matter of moments, the six fire dragons had totally disappeared into the whirlpool, and both Zhou Weiqing and Tian'er felt a 'stuffed' or full sensation, a large amount of Saint Energy flowing into their bodies from the large Saint Energy whirlpool, instantly replenis.h.i.+ng the Saint Energy they had used up.

With this discovery, Zhou Weiqing was delighted and overjoyed. These fire dragons in front of him no longer seemed like a threat, but a treat! The perfect supplements!

The grey light flashed once more. With the previous experience in mind, this time the grey light managed to hold on for a while longer, and more than a dozen fire dragons were swept in, fusing into the grey whirlpool before entering Zhou Weiqing and Tian'er's bodies.

If it were any other Heavenly Jewel Master meeting such a situation, they would definitely not have it as easy as Zhou Weiqing. Alas, these fire dragons were formed from Fire Spirits, made out of pure energy and without actual intelligence, without Stored Skills or Consolidated Equipment. Facing the Demonic Attribute boosted by the Saint Energy, they seemed to become mere lambs to the slaughter.

However, after Zhou Weiqing had swept through them twice with the grey light, the fire dragons seemed to react as well. In their instincts, there was no such thing as fear or terror, and they instead charged towards Zhou Weiqing in an all out attack.

There were still slightly more than a hundred fire dragons, and the sight of all of them charging together as one was definitely very horrifying. The sheer heat in the skies could possibly melt metal. However, since their attacks were all focused on the Devour whirlpool that was threatening their lives, the pressure was totally on Zhou Weiqing alone.

*Puuu* A mouth of fresh blood spurted out from Zhou Weiqing's mouth. No matter how tough his body was, facing such immense pressure, even he was finding hard to withstand.

"Little Fatty, all out!" Tian'er cried out, channeling all of her Saint Energy into Zhou Weiqing without reservation.

Originally, Zhou Weiqing still felt a little unwilling to use so much… but facing such immense pressure, he no longer had a choice. Survival was after all of utmost importance.

The large Saint Energy whirlpool in his body rose, their remaining Saint Energy and the freshly generated ones moving out again to infuse into the Demonic Devour whirlpool. They were now 'all in'; either they were destroyed or they would Devour all of the fire dragons.

In all five of their hands, they were holding their respective l.u.s.tre Gems. If Zhou Weiqing could no longer withstand it, he would give the signal to the four girls, and they would use the l.u.s.tre Gem to get out of the realm at once.

The faint glow of light, a cold look on Zhou Weiqing's face as the ma.s.sive grey whirlwind exploded forth with full power. In that instant, it expanded to nearly a hundred metre diameter, soaring up into the skies. Behind Zhou Weiqing's back, a hundred metre tall grey illusory figure appeared in a flicker. It looked to be the Demon G.o.d that Zhou Weiqing had summoned previously. However, this time, it seemed to be just a Heavenly Skill Image, without signs of being revived.

The giant grey whirlpool burst forth with a powerful suction force. In that moment, Zhou Weiqing's powerful spirit energy showed its full use. If they tried to Devour so many fire dragons at once, perhaps the sudden influx of so much energy would cause them to implode from within, and even their large Saint Energy whirlpool might not be able to withstand it. There needed to be a progressive process in doing so.Literal translation – basically means by speaking of something one caused an event of bad luck to happen ↩In this case, though he uses this word, its more in the sense of 'not afraid of wastage' ↩

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