Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 217.1

Chapter 217 To be confirmed! (1)

Zhou Weiqing lifted his left hand, his palm spread out to receive the blow. Yu Yun’s seemingly vicious and ferocious fist was stopped directly by the palm, not able to move any further from there.

Clas.h.i.+ng in terms of strength? With Zhou Weiqing’s current physical strength, even Ma Qun could not compare with him! He had inherited the terrifying bloodline of both the Dragon and Tigers. In terms of pure strength, he had already reached a degree that was unheard of. If he used his Legendary Set, his strength alone would allow him to hurt an unprepared Heavenly King Stage powerhouse.

When the audience saw the sight before them, they couldn’t help but stare with jaws agape.

Although they might not be able to tell how powerful Yu Yun was from looking, but the seven sets of Heavenly Jewels were clearly presented there. Having turned into the stone giant form, extrapolating from Yuling’s performance earlier, they could easily imagine just how powerful that punch was. Yet… it was still stopped by Zhou Weiqing’s palm.

A terrifying suction force spread out throughout Yu Yun’s entire body, and everyone could clear see throughout the stage, the deep yellow light of earthen energies was swarming crazily into Yu Yun, and Zhou Weiqing seemed like a little boat in the sea of yellow as their ‘waves’ crashed into him. However, no matter how they tried, he stood there unmoving.

In a short time, the yellow light had brightened to the max, and began to weaken slowly.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily, saying: “As I said, you are not a match for me currently. However, do not worry… Just like they are for you, the Dan Dun Empire is also my enemy. What you had planned to do, I will complete for you on your behalf.”

Yu Yun’s heart was totally overturned right now, welling with shock. Zhou Weiqing’s mystery and depth. Even in the process of using his strongest attacks, he was still unable to investigate this youth fully. With his stable character, his heart was actually feeling a faint sense of fear. Indeed, the unknown was always the most terrifying.

All of a sudden, Zhou Weiqing shook his arm, and Yu Yun’s entire body stumbled back a dozen steps before he finally regained his balance, the yellow light around his body dissipating as he returned to his original form.

“I have lost.” Yu Yun’s expression was extremely ugly as he gritted his teeth. This time, both he and his sister had joined the Heavenly Jewel Tournament together to look for the Dan Dun Battle Team’s trouble. However, he had never expected that he would actually lose to such an opponent.

Although he did not know what Skill Zhou Weiqing had used, he was certain that it was one that happened to counter their Spiritual Body of Earth perfectly, and their ability to greatly bring the earthen energies into play. That was the reason why he had lost so miserably. Luckily, at least this team was not allied to the Dan Dun Empire.

Yu Yun did not continue speaking, just giving Zhou Weiqing a long, meaningful look before jumping off the stage.

When Yu Yun jumped off the stage, the entire audience erupted.

It could be said that this fight between Zhou Weiqing and Yu Yun was the simplest and most direct fight, at least visibly. In the entire process, it was just Yu Yun turning into stone giant form and giving a punch, which was blocked by Zhou Weiqing. After being in that stalemate for a few moments, Zhou Weiqing knocked him back… and the fight… ended?

Was this an arranged match? Was there some cheating going on? Similar thoughts ran throughout the minds of all the audience. Without question, this round of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team defeating the Geritimo Battle Team was truly unexpected.

However, was this really arranged? Any Heavenly Jewel Master could tell that though this fight seemed simple on the surface, it was extremely complicated. Indeed, no one could really tell for sure what had happened, even Shangguan Longyin on the VIP Stand was unable to do so. However, any discerning person would have noticed one thing. That is, Yu Yun was currently the highest cultivation out of all the contestants that had appeared on stage since the entire Heavenly Jewel Tournament had started, the only Zong Stage powerhouse. Yet, even though he was at the seven-Jeweled stage, he had still lost to this Heavenly Bow Battle Team fellow who was wearing a bamboo hat. Due to Zhou Weiqing’s attire and long sleeves, no one could tell how many Heavenly Jewels he had, and his cultivation level was still unknown. For a time, this fight had become the center of attention. This was especially so for those citizens who had bet on the Geritimo Battle Team, they were beginning to shout about cheating and arranged matches.

The judge on the stage was just as confused, standing there looking at Zhou Weiqing, who was standing there with his arms crossed calmly. His eyes were filled with confusion, not knowing what to do, and he subconsciously turned his gaze towards the VIP stand. The shouts and yells from the audience was resounding, and the Heavenly Jewel Tournament was always known for being absolutely fair. He did not know how to proceed from here.

“Silence.” An old but hearty voice rang out at that moment.

Shangguan Longyin strode forth from the VIP stand, hovering in midair. With just his voice alone, he covered all of the angry shouts. Instantly, the entire ZhongTian Central Square fell quiet.

All of the partic.i.p.ating Battle Teams, especially those from the Great Saint Lands, and even including Zhou Weiqing, were all surprised by this shout from Shangguan Longyin. Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but think to himself: It looks like this Senior Shangguan has improved since I last saw him as well. He should not be far from the Heavenly Emperor stage now.

Shangguan Longyin continued: “The Heavenly Jewel Tournament has always been held by our ZhongTian Empire, and our strongest core value is to be open, fair and just. If any fight breaks the rules, they will be punished. However, I will say that for the fight just now, as the ZhongTian Empire Skill Storing Palace Master, I guarantee that no rules were broken. As for this young contestant from the Heavenly Bow Empire and how he achieved victory, it is a profound secret that only those with sufficient cultivation level can understand. I can speak honestly to tell everyone that he is the strongest contestant I have seen in any of the past Heavenly Jewel Tournaments. The Geritimo Battle Team did not lose unjustly. I declare, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team is the victor for this round.”

Without question, Shangguan Longyin had extremely high prestige and status in the entire ZhongTian Empire. Having him step up and say such words, how could anyone dare question him? Especially his appraisal of Zhou Weiqing, it had truly drawn much attention.

In the end, the only gloomy one was Zhou Weiqing himself, who was currently thinking: Senior Shangguan, aren’t you throwing me to the wolves like this? Alas, the milk had already been spilt. In any case, though he would have preferred it not to happen, it was not a big deal. After all, the Dan Dun Battle Team had already surrendered to the ZhongTian Battle Team previously, and even if they recognized him now, it was too late.

Zhou Weiqing went back to their rest house, and Ma Qun, Crow and Xixi instantly gave him a big thumbs up. Towards Zhou Weiqing’s victory, they were not surprised at all. After all, they had seen Zhou Weiqing defeat a nine-Jeweled powerhouse previously. Though this opponent had the Spiritual Body of Earth, he was still at the seven-Jeweled stage after all.

Although Yun Li was sitting in the corner with curled lips, his eyes could not hide the shock in them. In truth, it had been a long time since he had personally seen Zhou Weiqing fight, and he did not know how strong Zhou Weiqing had grown into. However, he had seen for himself how strong that opponent was, yet Zhou Weiqing had won just so easily.

Zhou Weiqing walked to Tian’er, sitting down by her side, instantly grabbing hold of her, pulling her into his embrace and kissing her lips.

The few who were still giving Zhou Weiqing their approval were instantly embarra.s.sed. Xixi turned her head away, Crow blushed slightly, but Ma Qun gave Crow a wicked look instead.

Only Tian’er knew why Zhou Weiqing was doing so right now, as Zhou Weiqing pa.s.sed her six drops of pure Saint Energy through his lips. As the Saint Energy entered her body, it began to fuse with her own personal little Saint Energy whirlpool, filling her with the satisfying sensation… as if her very soul was evolving.

After Zhou Weiqing had finished transferring the Saint Energy, he laughed heartily, saying: “This Spiritual Body of Earth is truly great. Perhaps even an eight-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master could not give me so much Saint Energy, let alone with such purity.”

Tian’er gave him a light punch on the chest. “Couldn’t you wait until we returned before doing that?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “That’s nonsense, you know very well that I can only transfer the Saint Energy in a short period of time I gain it. If I had absorbed it, it would become mine fully. Alright, come on, let us return now. There isn’t much to watch in the later fights, I still have some things to do.”

The entire team stood up, wearing their bamboo hats before leaving under Zhou Weiqing’s leaders.h.i.+p.

If this had happened in the past two days, no one would have noticed them in their remote little corner. However, having just defeated the Geritimo Battle Team, leaving now gave the impression that they were just being too arrogant.

Dan Dun Battle Team Rest House.

“Leader, can you tell ability that fellow was using just now?” The youth seated at the right hand side of the leader asked, seeming to be of even greater status than Shen Little Demon.

“It looks to be the Demonic Attribute… that grey colour could only mean the Demonic Attribute. Could it be… the Heavenly Demon Sect?”

Shen Little Demon’s brow furrowed as she said: “It shouldn’t be the Heavenly Demon Sect right? If it was them, could the ZhongTian Empire allow them to appear so obviously like that? Unless…… it shouldn’t be… right?”

The icy cold youth which was their leader looked up, a light in his eyes as he said: “It looks like we need to hasten our actions. There is no such thing as impossibilities. Let us go as well, I need to send a message to Master. Heavenly Demon Sect… hmph… Heavenly Demon Sect.”

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing did not know that his actions today had caused some things to be set in motion before their time. Leading his team back to their inn, he asked them to take a rest before he snuck out of the inn silently again, bamboo hat and all.


At the ZhongTian City West Gate, two horse carriages moved out of the city casually, following the official roads towards the west.

It was still early in the afternoon, and due to the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, the roads within and outside the ZhongTian City were relatively empty, allowing the two horse carriages to move rather swiftly. Soon, both carriages had driven more than a dozen li away from the city.

In the first horse carriage, there were four people seated. One of them was a skinny youth, looking rather pale and ashen. He seemed to heave a sigh of relief before saying: “At last we have left. Sigh… we should never have joined this Heavenly Jewel Tournament.”

One of the other youths furrowed his brow as he said: “Leader, isn’t it a bit too hasty for us to leave now? Are we really that scared of that mere Heavenly Bow Empire?”

The pasty looking youth gave a cold humph, saying: “What do you know? The war isn’t going as well as you think. Recently, that Heavenly Bow Empire has recruited a few hundred ultimate death warriors, who knows from where. Along with a couple of fresh recruits, they actually managed to throw back a fifty thousand strong army of ours, and we lost so many in that battle. His Majesty has even ordered a retreat back to the Heavenly Bow City to fortify our position… For us to take a defensive stance instead of continuing our rampage, you can imagine how tough that Heavenly Bow Empire is. Currently, we can only wait for the Bai Da Empire to send more powerhouses before we counterattack. It is rumoured that this time, the Heavenly Bow Empire is being led by that Princess Difuya, the only remaining royal family member who escaped our net last time.

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