Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 50.3

Chapter 50 Challenge! Upper Level Heavenly Zong Jewel Master! (3)

Currently, Zhou Weiqing could no longer remain calm. From Ming Wu’s words, the only thing he could know for sure was that Ming Wu would definitely not kill him.

Do I have no other choice? Zhou Weiqing’s heart was stubborn as his mind raced. He did not want to die, and definitely could not die. Too many people’s’ hopes and dreams weighed down upon him. At the same time, he did not want to lose his freedom! After a moment of struggle, he firmed his resolve. No matter what the result was, he would not submit to Ming Wu. Though their power levels were drastically apart, he would still fight, a battle for his freedom.

Facing such an immense pressure, the bloodl.u.s.t and tyrannical violence hidden in his blood was unleashed, and Zhou Weiqing’s gaze turned forceful as his eyes grew bloodshot. If Zhou Weiqing was scolding him angrily, Ming Wu might feel better about it, but with him staring at him silently, it was quite a torment for such a person like Ming Wu. However, he did not have any choice. The innate talent and power that Zhou Weiqing displayed was just too outstanding, and with his mature character and strength of will. Without question, given time to grow, he would be a major player and power in the world. After all, a first generation Demonic Jewel Master was just too important to the Heavenly Demon Sect, and they needed this fresh infusion to continue their bloodline. This was also one of the reasons why Ming Wu had promised him any number of girls from the Sect, as they sorely needed his children as well. No matter how you looked at it, the Heavenly Demon Sect truly could not let him go so easily.

With a flash of light, the Overlord Bow once again appeared in Zhou Weiqing’s hands. Currently, he was barely twenty metres from Ming Wu, and in a rush of thick Heavenly Energy, a t.i.tanium alloy arrow was nocked onto the bowstring and pointing towards Ming Wu. With Zhou Weiqing’s archery skills, at such a distance, even Ming Wu would be hard pressed to dodge.

“If you want me to submit, then you’ll have to force me with your power.” Zhou Weiqing’s voice had a hint of demonic aura, and with his Heavenly Energy circulating around his body, his Demonic Right Leg was covered with the tiger tattoos, and his blood was boiling with a violent tyrannical aura.

Where Zhou Weiqing’s left hand was holding the Overlord Bow, two of his Elemental Jewels silently slipped into the sockets, and with a flash and a shrill, ear-piercing sound, the nocked arrow was released and flew towards Ming Wu like a bolt of lightning.

Currently, Ming Wu was feeling guilty towards Zhou Weiqing, and did not have any killing intent. All he wanted to do now was to catch Zhou Weiqing back to the Sect. As for how to convince him to submit and join them, he would worry about that later.

The instant Zhou Weiqing took out his Overlord Bow, Ming Wu focused on him. With his cultivation level, within a kilometre range, Zhou Weiqing would be unable to escape his senses. Even with that strange slowing skill, he would still be able to catch Zhou Weiqing no matter how far he ran during the three seconds. Without the restriction of the bet, there was no way that his three jewel cultivation level could deal with Ming Wu’s nine jewels.

Ming Wu took half a step forward, his right fist punching out. His speed, reflexes and reaction time was just too quick, even if his attributes and expertise wasn’t off speed or agility, but with his cultivation level at such a stage, it wasn’t something an ordinary Jewel Master could compare with.

As the blinding white light struck the t.i.tanium alloy arrow, it disintegrated. Even the double explosive power of his archery was insufficient to break through the seemingly solid yet illusory Heavenly Xu Energy which blanketed the area. Even the sound of the explosion was easily muted by the ever-present Heavenly Xu Energy.

However, the next moment, Ming Wu’s face froze. The reason for that was that when his fist struck the arrow, he had been jolted by bolts of lightning spreading through his entire body. Even with Ming Wu’s cultivation level, being caught by surprise, he was still numbed momentarily by the Lightning Attribute. It was then quickly followed by a flash of silver light which enveloped his entire body – it was the Spatial Shackles.

Indeed, this arrow of Zhou Weiqing’s could be said to be the maximum of his capabilities. In shooting this arrow, he had not only used the unique archery skill of Mu En’s, the Overlord Bow, and also socketed two Elemental Jewels to use two control skills in succession. After having used the Socketing Scroll, this was the first time he had used two skills on the Overlord Bow at the same time in actual combat, and the effect was indeed extremely promising.

The Lightning Explosive Palm had caught ming Wu by surprise and numbed him for a split second, which gave the Spatial Shackles the opening to take effect and envelop him.

Almost immediately after he had fired the first arrow, Zhou Weiqing did not wait and instantly shot the second one, which shot forth like a bolt of lightning, and the third one followed suit barely half a beat later. He did not even try to run, as he knew that there was no possibility of escaping. Even if he did manage to escape, he would not do so. After all, if he left, what would happen to Shangguan Bing’er? As such, he could only go all out and do his best with all his might. Even though he knew that his efforts would likely amount to naught, he would still try… No matter if it were only a one in ten thousand chance, he would still die trying!

The record of the members of Paradise Strange had been killing a Ten-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master… Even though his cultivation level was still lower than theirs, his total power level was no weaker than any of the members of Paradise Strength. Only if he managed to kill Ming Wu would he able to bring Shangguan Bing’er away safely.

*Bang!* The Spatial Shackles barely lasted a second before it shattered, yet Zhou Weiqing’s calculations were almost extraordinary – just as Ming Wu broke apart the Spatial Shackles, his second arrow reached.

The speeding arrow was extremely destructive, and Ming Wu was left with no choice but to meet it with another fist, destroying it. However, once again, shock appeared on his face.

Delay… That same Absolute Delay skill which had caused him to lose the previous bet once again fell upon him. The 3-Jeweled Level Absolute Delay had brought it to last three seconds long, and as Tang Xian had mentioned in the past, this Skill was indeed extremely powerful. No matter how great the power difference was between foes, it would still take effect.

Furthermore, what came along with the arrow was not just the Absolute Delay, a Fetters of Wind also landed on Ming Wu. Another arrow with double control skills, and more importantly, skills that were totally different from the first arrow. This caused Ming Wu to be taken aback once more. How many skills did this little brat have?! And how many attributes?! By now even he was unclear.

Under the effect of Absolute Delay, Ming Wu was unable to resist the effects of the Fetters of Wind, and its full power was unleashed upon him, even to the point of strengthening it. This caused him to be totally unable to move, and he could only circulate more Heavenly Energy unleas.h.i.+ng it out of his body to surround himself as he stared at Zhou Weiqing. In his mind, Zhou Weiqing would seize this opportunity to run.

However, as he circulated his Heavenly Energy, unexpectedly Zhou Weiqing’s third arrow arrived. By now, Zhou Weiqing’s face was pale and ashen. Although he had many skills due to his multiple attributes, this was indeed the first time he had chain-used so many attributes in such a short period of time, and it had taken quite a toll upon him. However, he could not care about that right now, as he knew that he could only get the one chance.

As the third arrow flew towards Ming Wu, Zhou Weiqing also dashed forward in a violent charge, making use of the Demonic Right Leg. Instead of fleeing, he had charged towards Ming Wu.

*BANG* As the third arrow landed upon Ming Wu’s Heavenly Xu Energy s.h.i.+eld, a loud explosion occurred, but it only caused Ming Wu’s brow to furrow. Even with all of Zhou Weiqing’s archery skill and power of the Overlord Bow, the arrow was still unable to break through his Heavenly Xu Energy s.h.i.+eld when it was unleashed to its maximum.

This third arrow did not have any other skills, and was simply fired out using his archery skills. Ming Wu couldn’t help but smile, thinking to himself. Little brat, in the end, your cultivation level is just not high enough! After chain-using so many skills, you’re finally unable to continue. Well, even if you can continue, so what? You just do not have the power to injure me.

By now, the Absolute Delay and Fetters of Wind had already pa.s.sed their first second of duration. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing charged forth, and during that period, another second had pa.s.sed.

Ming Wu could clearly see that Zhou Weiqing’s body lit up with a piercing green light, and he had chosen to attack him not with the more powerful Spatial Rend, but instead with a Wind Attribute Skill. Looks like his Heavenly Energy is just insufficient now. This kind is really too outstanding… when I catch hold of him later, I must treat him well… I really hope he will listen to me and join our Sect.

By now, Ming Wu, who felt he had the situation under control, was already thinking about how he could start convincing Zhou Weiqing. However, in the next instant, his face changed.

As the green light surrounded Zhou Weiqing, his charging speed more than doubled, clearly another unleashed skill. At the same time, his body did not go straight for Ming Wu, instead leaping up into their air. Simultaneously, a dark gold colour erupted from his body as the Overlord Bow vanished, and as a protective layer of light surrounded him, the unbelievably huge pair of hammers appeared in Zhou Weiqing’s hands.

However, this was not the reason why Ming Wu’s expression changed. The reason for that was because the current Zhou Weiqing was totally covered with a black tiger tattoo stripes, his forehead clearly showing the black ‘King’ word as well as his bloodshot eyes… All of that told Ming Wu one thing – The Demonic Change!

Indeed, Zhou Weiqing had made use of the second Wind Attribute skill he had Stored from the Icy Soul Heavenly Bears, the Tornado Strike. At the same time that he used it, his body had entered the Demonic Change state, his strength, power, rate of drawing power from the atmosphere and sensitivity more than tripling his usual amount. Most importantly, he was still conscious and in control of himself!

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