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Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 20 Chapter 169 Part2

Chapter 169 Sacrifice! Wu Yuehan! (2)

Long s.h.i.+ya's jaw dropped slightly, a hint of surprise on his face. The six-coloured s.h.i.+eld of light was of his creation, on the basis of his Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts, and it had the effect of the fusion of six Attributes. He could clearly sense the changes within his s.h.i.+eld, and the purple figure of Zhou Little Fatty and his attacks were much more terrifying that he had expected. That was not a power that a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master could have.

A Zhou Little Fatty who had lost consciousness could only use the most basic attacks, both his hands extended out in a claw shape, almost like a dragon's claws, glowing with a chilling purple light. Every time he attacks, it contained a powerful piercing effect. The scariest was the purple hook that his right leg had warped into, and it was the blows from it that actually managed to shake the six coloured s.h.i.+eld of light that Long s.h.i.+ya had summoned, even causing a tiny crack.

Have I helped to raise up a true monster now? That strength… that is unbelievable indeed.

Long s.h.i.+ya couldn't help but think to himself.

Currently, Zhou Weiqing was fully consumed by a primeval instinct, a wild and raw craziness that showed his consciousness was not awakened, and now that was the final process he had to go through. Long s.h.i.+ya sighed inwardly, his right hand jabbing at Little Witch several times lightly, sending her into the s.h.i.+eld of light. At the same time, he used a powerful Fetters of Wind to temporarily bind Zhou Weiqing's body.

When she saw that purple figure pouncing at her, Little Witch closed her eyes. In that instant, her heart had died. She knew that there was no more chance of her escaping.

Right at that moment, she was astonished to suddenly discover she had recovered her ability to move. However, all her Heavenly Energy had been sealed away.A wild and incandescent aura overwhelmed her, provoking her entire body to shudder, and she subconsciously opened her eyes.

The first thing that entered her eyes, causing her heart to tremble violently in fear, was a pair of wild and invasive purple orbs. The deep purple gave one an impression that these orbs came from h.e.l.l itself, giving forth an irresistibly scorching heat, as if the gaze was about to melt her body.

On his face, there was a layer of fine scales, yet they did not protrude out, and alongside the pair of wild purple orbs that were his eyes, it seemed to have a strange attraction or glamour.

His upper body was totally naked, with not even hair or fur on his body. His powerful body gleamed, the lines of his muscles well defined, full of power and beauty as he glowed in that eerie purple light, as if he was perfectly sculpted from a unique gemstone.

Such a strange looking person, and it could be said that Little Witch had never seen or heard of such a person. Yet, as she looked upon his countenance, there was a strong sense of strange familiarity.

"I'm really sorry, little girl, I have no choice but to use you as a sacrifice to awaken his consciousness. However, do not worry, I will ensure you are safe from harm." At the side, Long s.h.i.+ya waved his arm, and the six-coloured s.h.i.+eld of light brought both Zhou Weiqing and Little Witch onto a small plateau of level ground.

Although Long s.h.i.+ya was very open minded and liberal, he would not possibly just watch his disciple do 'that'.

It was no surprise that Little Witch did not recognize Zhou Weiqing. Currently, he looked just too unbelievably different from previously, not just the purple hue around him, even his figure and stature was larger and more muscular than the previous time Little Witch had seen him, and he definitely looked more mature as well. More importantly, the tattoos and scales on his body from the two powerful bloodline powers had changed his looks in many small but myriad ways.

All these changes added together, coupled with the terror in Little Witch's heart, naturally she was not able to recognize him with a single look. In truth, having that small sense of familiarity was already rather impressive, after all Zhou Weiqing's aura was extremely different from his previous one as well.

Hearing Long s.h.i.+ya say the word 'Sacrifice', Little Witch almost fainted. As a member of the Heavenly Demon Sect, how could she not know what that entailed? Originally, the Demonic Attribute was so ostracized because of such an issue in Awakening the Attribute, often causing a huge change in character for the Demonic Jewel Master in question.

This is it…it's really over for me… Seeing Zhou Weiqing's magnificently robust body, and the dragon claws that seemed to threaten to tear her apart at anytime… as well as that large and thick, ferocious looking 'weapon' at the 'particular place', Little Witch's mind blanked out.

Right at that moment, Long s.h.i.+ya released his restriction on Zhou Weiqing. The scent of a female instantly filled Zhou Weiqing's nose. Currently, he was controlled only by his base instincts, and almost subconsciously he pounced upon Little Witch, bringing her to the ground.

Little Witch did not even struggle; she knew that it would be futile, and only bring her more pain or injury. Perhaps more accurately speaking would be that she was currently in a totally stunned and muddled state, filled with an unprecedented sense of weakness, helplessness, humiliation and pain, and if given a choice she would rather die now. However, though she had regained her ability to move, but under Long s.h.i.+ya's control, she had no strength left; even if she wanted to take her own life, she was not able to do so.

Heat. Scorching heat. As Zhou Weiqing embraced Little Witch's body, the first thing she felt was an intense heat emanating from his body, as if she would be instantly melted. Yet, there was no pain, instead the wild ferocity and strange aura from him caused her blanked out mind to suddenly have a strange feeling.

The scent from Zhou Weiqing's body was not unpleasant, instead having a strange attraction, a faint fragrance even, a sort of elegance that clashed with the aura he was giving off. Even so, after smelling it, Little Witch felt as if her entire blood vessels were ignited, the heat rising from within her body.

Previously, when Zhou Weiqing had first Awakened his Power Jewels, entering the Demonic Change State for the first time, he had used Shangguan Bing'er as his Sacrifice, becoming a Heavenly Jewel Master that day. At that time, a black mist had emanated from his mouth, filled with a type of aphrodisiac of sorts, causing Shangguan Bing'er to lose herself. At this point, he now held both the Dark Demon G.o.d Tiger bloodline and the Dragon bloodline fused together, and no matter each of these powerful Heavenly Beasts had been l.u.s.tful creatures. Fused together, how could their auras be any lesser? This was perhaps even stronger than any of the most powerful natural medicines, especially since Little Witch was still a poor little innocent girl. In her current state of mind, being inflicted by such a strong stimulation, how could she possibly fight against this?

A loud tearing sound. The dragon claws which Zhou Weiqing's hands had turned into did not vanish, but strangely they were currently flying about at an unbelievable speed, but at such accuracy and unerring movement that did not touch Little Witch's skin at all. However, within a few moments, the two were both naked.

A low howl and soft cries and moans, intertwining into the most base and stirring of melodies. As compared to the first time he needed a Sacrifice, it was without a question that even cultivation level aside, Zhou Weiqing's body and physique was far stronger and superior now. However, at the same time, Little Witch was almost at the seven-Jeweled cultivation level, and her body and endurance was also much superior to Shangguan Bing'er at that time. Furthermore, she had the Life Attribute, and her own recovery rate was far superior due to that.

Little Witch only managed to keep her wits about her for a few moments before finally falling to the onslaught, unable to resist that strange scent aura from Zhou Weiqing. The ma.s.sive wings behind his back spread out fully, wrapping around the entwined duo. As they merged together, Zhou Weiqing's hands and legs slowly returned to their original state, as if even in his unconscious state, he was still able to maintain some level of tenderness.

Long Big Fatty sat at the entrance to the volcano. Naturally, though he did not eavesdrop, he could stay too far away, as he needed to monitor the changes in Zhou Weiqing, and more importantly to be able to react in case of any danger to any of the two. Of course, at the same time, he needed to keep his promise to Little Witch to keep her safe at all costs; after all she was already having her most precious thing stolen from her, and if she were further injured or lost her life, that would not be good.

Long Big Fatty had been contemplating what sort of compensation he could give her.

However, at this current moment, he was extremely vexed indeed. Although the billowing smoke from the volcano covered him from seeing anything, but the loud hoa.r.s.e cries of Zhou Weiqing and the sweet tender moans of Little Witch continuously clashed against his keen senses.

"d.a.m.n Little Fatty, don't you have any conscience and humanity! Continuously provoking this hundred year old virgin… how can you bear to do it to your poor master! You little brat!" Long s.h.i.+ya couldn't help but mutter to himself.

After a while, he burst out laughing at himself, shaking his head helplessly. "Dann it, this little brat is vigorous indeed. He hasn't even solved his problem in the Heavenly Snow Mountain, and now he is incurring a new problem with the Heavenly Demon Sect. Very good, very good, with another Heaven's Expanse Palace one at home. Maybe this little brat can conquer the five Great Saint Lands and unite them as one with his crotch, hahahahahaha. Sigh… I have spent too much time with this little brat, even my mind and thinking have been contaminated by him. Tcheh Tcheh."

If Zhou Weiqing was awake to hear Long Big Fatty's mutterings, he would have immediately protested. How could he possibly have 'contaminated' others with dirty thoughts!

The 'activity' around the volcano entrance would continue on, abruptly loud and sonorous, suddenly soft moaning and whimpers… a perfect description of highs and lows, as if the billowing smoke of the volcano was following the rise and fall of the sounds.

An entire day and night. The activity at the top of the volcano did not cease for a long time, and this most primeval of sounds gave Long Big Fatty a bigger headache than even the thirty six days of constant watch and vigilance on Zhou Weiqing when he was fusing his bloodline powers.

Without knowing when, the huge wings had wrapped around both their bodies, the thick purple light pulsing rhythmically about them. Around the purple mist that formed around them, there were a faint layer of green, but it was clearly on the weaker side.

Little Witch's nubile young body had turned a faint pink, wrapped in Zhou Weiqing's embrace. She had not fully lost consciousness, as she reached her peak time after time, substantiated and satiation filling her time and time again; all of this far from what she had expected and feared. If she died like this now, perhaps it would not be a bad thing… or so she thought.

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