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Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 19 Chapter 150 Part2

Chapter 150 Rage! (2)

On the Peerless Battalion's side, there were at least forty to fifty with injuries, while on the side of the Sixteenth Regiment almost three hundred were injured. Besides Shen Bu's personal guard that had come with her, pretty much everyone else had some form of injuries, or at least looking shabby and fatigued. In fact, this was also due to the fact that many of the Peerless Battalion soldiers were either sleeping or drunk, otherwise with the entire Peerless Battalion being Jewel Masters, they would definitely be at a huge advantage.

"What kind of accounting do you want?" Zhou Weiqing snarled coldly at Shen Bu, his eyes turning bloodshot in his rage.

Shen Bu did not sense anything amiss, and she continued angrily: "You bunch of ruffians and scoundrels… you just made camp and already causing trouble, even daring to drink and carouse in the army camp, and even beat up my men. You better surrender all those men who beat up my soldiers just now and let me deal with them, then tie yourself up and come with me to the Legion Commander to receive punishment."

"Receive punishment? Punishment your head!" Zhou Weiqing lost control and shouted out in sheer rage. "PEERLESS BATTALION SOLDIERS, EVERYONE GET IN YOUR GEAR AND DRAW YOUR BOWS. AWAIT MY ORDERS."

"YES SIR!" The entire Peerless Battalion roared in reply. Their worst fear was that Zhou Weiqing would submit, and their greatest hope was for him to act up and continue. After all, since when did ruffians care about rules or reason? In the first place, before they spoke of right or wrong, Green Wolf was dying right in front of them, and for the Peerless Battalion soldiers, especially those from his Company… if not for Wei Feng and the other Company Leaders holding them back, they would have already rushed forward to kill their foes.

If at this moment Zhou Weiqing did not take charge and be on their side, with the characters of these ruffians, there might be a high chance of mutiny.

The Peerless Battalion soldiers all turned and ran back to their tents. Not only did they need to wear their mail armour and get their longbows, they also needed to wake their sleeping companions. What was the Sixteenth Regiment after all? Could they even compare to the Swift Wolf Regiment? They had already taken down the Swift Wolf Regiment, how could they possibly be afraid of the Sixteenth Regiment? Now that they had the order from their Battalion Commander, they would stand and fight!

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Zhou Weiqing, what are you doing?" Shen Bu turned pale in fright. She had not expected that his reaction would be so violently intense, actually wanting to fight it out. After all, no matter what, they were allies… if the two sides fought, as a Regiment Commander she would not be able to avoid responsibility, and even Shen Ji would not be able to save her.

Zhou Weiqing said coldly: "What am I doing? Shen Bu, let Your Father, I, tell you now. I don't care what reasons you have… all I see now is my brother is dying. I am giving you two options now. First option – you hand over those two murderers who dared beat up my brother for me to deal with, and also have those who struck my men cut off a finger. Second option – I will bring my men to slaughter your Sixteenth Regiment."

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you are dreaming… you are insane!" At this moment, Shen Bu was in a panic. She could clearly see that Zhou Weiqing was totally serious, not just trying to scare her. She had not expected things would have progressed to such a stage.

Zhou Weiqing continued coldly: "You are right, I am crazy. My brothers did not take any injuries or losses when facing the WanShou armies on the battlefield, who the f.u.c.k do you think you are to dare injure my brothers?! Let me tell you… if not for the fact that Legion Commander Shen Ji had been polite, I would not even give you that first option. Otherwise, do you think Your Father, I, will waste time talking to you?!"

"And who do you think you are, a mere little Battalion Commander and you dare speak to our Regiment Commander like that? Don't you know respect?" On the other side, a stout man stepped forward from behind Shen Bu, dressed in full heavy plate mail, his helmet adorned with the orange feather that showed his rank as Battalion Commander.

The Battalion Commander of the Heavy Cavalry Army Battalion. In any Regiment, that was of great importance. A thick Heavenly Energy aura burst forth from his body, revealing his five sets of Heavenly Jewels. He was actually a Mid Level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Master!

Seeing someone step forth from the other side, Zhou Weiqing did not even bother speaking any further. With a stomp of his right foot, before Shen Bu could even speak out to stop the two, he had already charged forward.

His entire body flew forth like an arrow, fist first as he struck out towards that Battalion Commander's chest.

That Heavy Cavalry Battalion Commander was definitely no ordinary person, as he was actually the Vice Regiment Commander of the Sixteenth Regiment. Seeing Zhou Weiqing charge forward so arrogantly, he had after all stepped forward to teach Zhou Weiqing a lesson. In his eyes, that so-called Peerless Battalion was just a mere motley crew, a bunch of useless ruffians. Zhou Weiqing was also after all a Battalion Commander as well, in terms of rank comparison, he was even half a step lower than himself as a Vice Commander.

Since Zhou Weiqing had taken action first, he too gave an angry shout and stepped forward to receive the blow with one of his own. Of course, he did exercise some restraint, at least he did not draw his weapon, and his right fist also flew out towards Zhou Weiqing's incoming fist.

"No!" Shen Bu yelled out loud. Even a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master like herself had been disadvantaged against Zhou Weiqing, how could her subordinate, at the five-Jeweled stage, be a match for him?

Alas, her shout was far too late to stop the clash; she had not expected that Zhou Weiqing would take action so suddenly.

To become a Heavy Cavalry Battalion Commander, it was without question that this commander's Physical Jewel was of the Strength Attribute. After all, the Heavy Cavalry troops did not require much fine control, but ma.s.sive strength. Absolute strength would make them a metal fortress bearing down upon their enemies, one of the rare units that could actually clash head on with the WanShou Empire armies.

Alas, Zhou Weiqing's strength was also his greatest advantage. In the same stage, especially with the 'Hate Sky no Handle' Legendary Set, it could be said that his strength was incomparable.

Although this Heavy Cavalry Battalion Commander in front of him was one Jewel higher, Zhou Weiqing was only a single Heavenly Energy stage lower than him, and the gap was not that huge. With his Dark Demon G.o.d Tiger bloodline and the evolving of his physique, how could any ordinary Strength Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master compare with him.


Both sides clashed hard. On the surface, the Heavy Cavalry Battalion Commander should have the advantage. After all, he was dressed in full plate mail, and his fist was protected by his gauntlets, while Zhou Weiqing was using his naked fists.

At this point, both sides had already released their Heavenly Jewels, though neither had used any Skills. The Heavy Cavalry Battalion Commander had been focused on the left wrist of Zhou Weiqing, and though his sleeve was covering them and hiding the Attributes, when any Heavenly Jewel Master used their Stored Skills or Consolidated Equipment, their corresponding Elemental or Physical Jewel would glow. If there was no glow, it was clear that no Skill had been used.

Seeing that Zhou Weiqing's Elemental Jewels had no glow, and it was just a clash of strength, the Heavy Cavalry Battalion Commander was extremely confident. Alas, he did not know that he had become the first test subject of Zhou Weiqing's Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts in actual combat.

Indeed, Zhou Weiqing had not used his own Stored Skills. However, surrounding his fist was a subtle light purple-bluish light, covering his entire fist as if it were a glove. As the two fists clashed, a violent explosion blew up, as if right in all their ears.

The entire gauntlet of the Heavy Cavalry Battalion Commander was blown into smithereens, and even his hand was burned black. From the fist onwards, his entire arm was broken into at least six places, and his entire body was sent flying back from the sheer force of the impact.

Even if it were just a clash of strength, he would be of no match for Zhou weiqing, let alone now that Zhou Weiqing had used the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts to suppress a layer of Lightning Attribute around his fist. This half a year, he had been training in such a control, and perhaps this might not be of great use in an all out battle, but in this sort of probing clash, it definitely held a surprise factor.

Shen Bu knew Zhou Weiqing's power very well, and as a result, she had already been charging towards the pair as soon as Zhou Weiqing took action.

Alas, it was too late. Zhou Weiqing's strike had just been too fast.

Almost at the same time as the pained scream was about to emit from the Heavy Cavalry Battalion Commander, Zhou Weiqing's fist which had sent him flying had extended out once more in a palm strike, causing the scream to be cut off immediately.

Shen Bu charged forward at once, but what greeted her was the flying body of the Heavy Cavalry Battalion Commander. With no choice, she could only stop and shout angrily, preparing to dodge to the side and continue her charge.

Right at that moment, only then did the other Battalion Commanders and personal guards of the Sixteenth Regiment react. Alas, just as they were about to charge forward, a sudden ma.s.s of shrill cries rang out, and rows of gleaming arrows thudded into the ground right before them, like an impenetrable wall blocking their path.

Even though these Sixteenth Regiment elite were fine warriors experienced on the battlefield, they were still given a fright by that strong killing intent.

At least over two hundred Peerless Battalion soldiers had returned, dressed in their gleaming t.i.tanium alloy mail, glinting in the sunlight so much that it almost blinded the Sixteenth Regiment soldiers

In truth, the Sixteenth Regiment was already well geared far beyond most Regiments. Even so, only the personal guard Company which answered to Shen Bu directly was able to be dressed in a full mail armour. Yet, these Peerless Battalion soldiers were all geared as such, and more so… even though the armor styles seemed similar, it was clear that the quality of materials used was unique, far superior even. The dark silver glow gave one the strange feeling of a sharp edge, and though the Sixteenth Regiment soldiers were not able to guess what material it was, it was clear that it was no ordinary mail.

Currently, the two hundred Peerless Battalion soldiers were standing there with their longbows drawn, gleaming arrow tips pointing right at them.

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