Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 46.1

Chapter 46 Do not submit, I’ll upkeep you all (1)

“Right? Basis?” Zhou Weiqing looked at the youth and said pa.s.sively: “My basis is my fist. Since my fist is stronger than yours… Might is right! In the future, my word is the rule for the cla.s.s. At least in the next four years, no matter who it is, no one is allowed to surrender and depend on either n.o.ble families or the Skill Storing Palace. After four years, when we have all graduated, everyone will go on their own path, and you can do whatever you want then. I can’t control anyone.”

As he said that, he walked slowly towards the youth, who continued staring at him with a burning gaze without backing down. Even Ma Qun who was standing beside the youth knitted his brows. Zhou Weiqing was being unbelievably arrogant. Even Kou Rui had a rather ugly look on his face, while the other seniors who were around them looked towards Zhou Weiqing as if he were crazy.

Shangguan Bing’er grabbed Zhou Weiqing’s arm, saying softly: “Little Fatty, what’s wrong? We’re all cla.s.smates, don’t do that.”

“It’s exactly because we are cla.s.smates that’s why I am doing this.” Zhou Weiqing said coldly as his gaze swept across all the freshmen commoner students. He saw fear, anger, discontent, apprehension, all sorts of emotions and looks expressed on their faces and eyes. “As a person, one needs to be able to stand up tall and straight. If one has no backbone, how does one become a strong person? Have you ever heard in the Jewel Master world of any strong person who was a slave? Let me teach you all a lesson. As a human being, one has to stand up tall, straighten your backbone. As such, I will not allow my cla.s.smates to be slaves to others, I do not want to see you all dwarfed or looked down on by others.”

Even though he was still being held onto by Shangguan Bing’er, he walked on to the front of the youth. That youth was indeed stubborn and strong willed, facing Zhou Weiqing’s imposing aura, he did not back down.

Zhou Weiqing walked to only one chi from the youth before stopping. “Earlier, you asked me, what is my basis? Alright, let me tell you!”

As he said that, he lifted up his hand and wiped it across the spatial necklace around his neck. Instantly, a gold coin storage card appeared in his hands, and he pushed it in front of the youth. “In this card, there is at least 400,000 gold coins of value. From today onwards, all of our cla.s.smates’ requirements for Skill Storing will be paid for by that. If it runs out, I will top it up. I do not need you all to submit to me or enslave yourselves to me, but in this four years I will pay for your requirements, and all I require is that you all stand up tall and be a real person, and not a dog.”

With those words, everyone around erupted into words. The first impression of the seniors around was that this fellow had gone crazy, paying for his cla.s.smates’ Skill Storing without requiring anything in return?! Isn’t that insanity?

On the other hand, the freshmen were all dumbfounded, staring at Zhou Weiqing with a strange expression on their faces. This fellow in front of them might be crazy, but he was a really cute and adorable crazy! After all, if given a choice, who would want to become a dog, become a slave and be bound by Darkness Seals?

The cold, grave youth subconsciously took the card from Zhou Weiqing’s hands. His eyes, originally full of anger and stubbornness, were now dazed. “You should know that Skill Storing isn’t really the issue, and Physical Jewel Consolidating Equipment is actually the real problem. Even a normal set of low level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls will cost at least 50,000 gold coins, and this 400,000 gold coins will not last long. Furthermore, even if you are rich, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to purchase Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, since they are still very rare!”

Zhou Weiqing smiled and said: “I said that I would handle it… Kou Rui!”

“En?” Kou Rui heard his name being called and ran over. “Boss? You called me?”

Zhou Weiqing patted him on his shoulder and said: “Do you trust me?”

Looking at Zhou Weiqing, Kou Rui said: “I trust you. Since I have already made my decision to follow you, I will not regret it. My father said, in our lives, we always have some opportunities or chances which appear before us, and we will need to seize the opportunity and not let go of it. I believe that this is my opportunity.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily. “Very good, I also believe in that. Help me hold this.” As he said that, he once swiped his hand across his Spatial Necklace, and a sheet of paper appeared in his hands. He asked Kou Rui to hold two edges of it, while Shangguan Bing’er held the other two edges, keeping the paper horizontally flat in midair. Turning to the grave youth, he said: “Do you know what this is?”

“This? Could this be… Consolidating Paper?” Came the surprised reply.

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “Watch.” As he said that, he flicked his wrists, and before anyone could see clearly, a brush and a small bottle appeared in his hands. As he opened the bottle cap, he dipped the brush into the bottle, which was filled with Consolidating Ink. Taking a deep breath, Zhou Weiqing’s gaze seemed to turn sharp as he focused, his eyes narrowing as his entire concentration was on the Consolidating Paper before him.

By now, that Ye Lou fellow returned with seven to eight academy teachers in tow. Ding Chen’s injuries weren’t light, and he could make use of that against Zhou Weiqing. His big bro was not attending this opening ceremony, and if he found out about what happened, he would be extremely angry, and Ye Lou would be in trouble. Since he wasn’t able to deal with Zhou Weiqing personally, then he would let the teachers deal with him! First would be to get him expelled using Ding Chen’s injuries as an excuse, and once he was expelled they could deal with him slowly.

Seeing Ding Chen’s injured body on the floor, two of the teachers rushed over immediately to start healing him, while the others walked towards Zhou Weiqing. Just as Ye Lou was about to speak, the leader of the teachers, looking about 50 years of age, stopped him. He stared at the paper that Shangguan Bing’er and Kou Rui was holding, surprise in his eyes. “Wait. Let’s see what he is up to. That’s a Consolidating Paper… And it’s an empty one too… Could it be…”

At the same time, Zhou Weiqing started moving. His movements were not quick, on the contrary, they were extremely slow and measured. It was as if nothing in the background mattered, that nothing was affecting him, and nothing had happened earlier. As the brush moved up and down steadily, it brought along a s.h.i.+mmering silver glow as the Consolidating Ink swirled around on the paper, etching deep into it.

Everyone in the hall was staring at Zhou Weiqing, most of the students even standing to look. Many of the students who were originally far away did not know exactly what was going on, but steadily more and more attention was drawn here.

Zhou Weiqing seemed to have lapsed into a strange, unique rhythm. With his stroke of the brush, a mark was left on the Consolidating Paper. As he continued drawing, the image of small round s.h.i.+eld slowly appeared on the paper, strange symbols and tattoos seemingly making everything fall into place. The entire process was very slow, but natural and smooth, like the endless flow of water in a stream. His actions did not stop a second, and every brushstroke seemed to be linked to the world.

Zhou Weiqing was focused fully on the Consolidated Paper, while Shangguan Bing’er was focused on his face. As the saying goes, a man who is focused at work is at his finest, and at that moment she finally understood what all that he was doing, the deeper meaning in it all. Of course! My Little Fatty was never a careless person, how could he do anything for nothing?

Finally, Zhou Weiqing completed the last brushstroke with a flourish, and a brilliant gold light shone forth, and the unique aura of a Consolidating Equipment Scroll was released. Although it was just a split second, it was something that the surrounding onlookers  would never forget.

Although Consolidating Equipment Scrolls were rare, there were many Jewel Masters around, and quite a few had used Consolidating Equipment Scrolls before.

However, witnessing the actual process of creation of a scroll was something that almost none of them had been through! However, though they hadn’t seen it before, they had at least heard of the process. When the gold light flashed out, even a fool would know that Zhou Weiqing had completed the Consolidating Equipment Scroll.

Zhou Weiqing kept the scroll from Shangguan Bing’er and Kou Rui’s hands, and turned once more to the cold youth. What he saw was a look of surprise and respect, the cold look in his face gone.

“Elemental Jewel Skill Storing, Physical Jewel Consolidating Equipment. My dear cla.s.smates, what else do you all lack? I am a mid level Consolidating Equipment Master. As I said, I can upkeep all of you, without any need for repayment, and I can do so even for the Consolidating Equipment you need. I am a commoner, but I believe that with my ability at creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, I have the right to say all that. Are you all willing to spend the next four years with me? To not allow anyone to bully us?”

After creating that Consolidating Equipment Scroll, Zhou Weiqing did not show any signs of fatigue, instead looking energetic. His eyes were filled with confidence and an incomparable resolution.

“I am willing.” Kou Rui was the first to support Zhou Weiqing once more. As for Shangguan Bing’er, it was not necessary for her to even speak. She would always follow him.

“My name is Yan Zhexi. I, too, am willing.” The second person to speak up was that cold youth.” With such an offer, with free Skill Storing and free Consolidated Equipment, he would be a fool not to agree!

“Heh heh…” Without even taking a look and just hearing that voice, Zhou Weiqing naturally knew it was Ma Qun who had just opened his mouth as well.

The freshmen students stood up one by one. No matter what their nature or character was, with Zhou Weiqing holding that freshly created Consolidating Equipment Scroll in front of them, and asking them if they would stand tall together with him for four years, their blood was ignited.

No one would be willing to be enslaved without reason. Especially so now they had a strong support in front of them. A Consolidating Equipment Master, who knew how many strong and powerful people would be willing to follow him. Furthermore, he was their cla.s.smate, a cla.s.smate who was willing to help them without recompense. At this time, who would make another choice?

“I’m willing! We’re willing!” Voices sounded out one after the other. In this very instant, all the freshmen students’ hearts were bound together, and the central nucleus of that binding was Zhou Weiqing, scroll in hand, as he stood tall.

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