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Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 12 Chapter 103.2

Chapter 103 To be confirmed! (2)

At the same time, Drunken Bao had the Light Attribute. Although the healing properties of the Light Attribute was no match for Tian’er’s Divine Attribute, it was still not to be underestimated. At least, it was better than nothing in this case! Both of them quickly moved towards the backline, unleas.h.i.+ng their Heavenly Energy towards the dragon.

With their help, Tian’er’s expression grew better. Under their efforts, the rate of the Life force ebbing out of the mother dragon slowed drastically.

Right at that moment, a sudden burst of blue light shot past them and fell onto the mother dragon. The thick blue light was not hostile, gentle and filled with Life Attribute Heavenly Energy, imbued with life force. With this fresh infusion of immense life energy, the mother dragon’s wounds finally stabilized, her scary looking wounds finally stopping their bleeding, and her ebbing life force finally started recovering slowly instead.

Tian’er turned around in surprise, only to see Little Witch. She did not know when or how Little Witch had arrived beside her, but the familiar blue hibiscus mutabilis was behind her, constantly infusing a large amount of life energy into the mother dragon. At the same time, a few rays of light shot forth from the hibiscus to wrap around a few nearby large trees, drawing their life force to replenish the mother dragon’s.

In that moment, among all the Elemental Attributes, all the four which held any form of healing properties were present. Water, Light, Life and Divine. Instantly, the healing effect seemed to multiply, and take full effect on the mother dragon. Her eyes slowly turned from sorrow to a surprised delight, and with a slow lift of one of her claws, she pulled the large egg in front of her into her embrace before closing her eyes. Without question, she was cooperating with the four healers in circulating the energy in self recovery.

At that side, it seemed things had stabilized. But the ZhongTian Battle Team leader, Zhan LingTian, was growing more and more furious.

Originally, everything was going according to plan, everything falling in place perfectly for them. The dragon, the egg, both were pretty much in their bag. At most, they would have to give the BaoPo Battle Team some benefits to reward them for their help. Who could have expected that this Zhou Weiqing would jump out and ruin everything, followed by a Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger and those Fei Li Battle Team members! They were actually somehow reversing that sure-win battle situation!

The moment he saw Zhou Weiqing, he instantly remembered what Shangguan Fei’er told him. It was this b.a.s.t.a.r.d that had stolen the first kiss of his G.o.ddess. Now, he was here once more to ruin his perfect time.

The more he thought about this, the more furious Zhan LingTian got, until it reached a breaking point.

All of a sudden, the G.o.d Tier Consolidated Long Spear in Zhan LingTian’s hands swept out, forcing back his opponent in an abrupt motion. With a sudden flash, he appeared right before Zhou Weiqing, the spear striking out towards him!

The Elemental Jewels around Zhan LingTian’s left wrist was also an Alexandrite stone! He had two Elemental Attributes, but although it was only two attributes, they were an unbelievably unique existence in their own right. His two Attributes were actually the Light and Darkness Attribute, two absolute opposites!

Ordinarily, if two opposite attributes like that appeared for a single person, then there should be no possibility for him to cultivate. In fact, there would exist the possibility of self imploding if he should try to force himself to cultivate.

However, this Zhan LingTian was truly unique. He had started cultivating from a young age, and had actually managed to cultivate these two opposing attributes through sheer talent and willpower. The entire left half of his body held the Darkness Attribute, while the entire right half of his body held the Light Attribute. The middle intersection of his body was the divider, protected by Heavenly Energy.

Indeed, the Light and Darkness Attributes were opposing, but if coordinated and mixed well with proper control, that opposing power could actually be taken advantage of, causing it to have an extremely great strength.

In the entire younger generation of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, if one were to ignore the Consolidated Equipment and just focus on cultivation level alone, Zhan LingTian was actually the top. It was only because Shangguan Xue’er had the Boundless Infinitum Set that her overall power was above his.

It was not without reason that Zhan LingTian was called the top genius within the past several hundred years in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. At least, he had shown he was able to take the upper hand in a fight with the leader of the Heavenly Snow Mountain. After all, he was facing another Heavenly Beast at the same time, a Snow Eagle.

Currently, Zhan LingTian’s heart was filled with a violent killing intent, as he targeted Zhou Weiqing with all his might. That killing aura, almost coalesced into a tangible feeling caused Zhou Weiqing to almost suffocate.

A flash of yellow light. With a swift step, Lin TianAo appeared in front of Zhou Weiqing, his five-Jeweled a.s.sembly s.h.i.+eld Set blocking the incoming blow unhesitatingly.

Zhan LingTian’s Consolidated Equipment was also a specially designed Legendary Set, but with a maximum of nine pieces only. He currently had four pieces, just like Shangguan Fei’er.

The long spear in his hands was one of the Legendary Set pieces, 1.2 zhang long , as thick as an infant’s arms. One half of it was gold, and the other half black, even down to the sharp end. In between the gold and black colour, there was a faint white line separating the two; it was almost a mirror image of his own internal body mechanism.

As the spear pierced out, it was imbued with both Light and Darkness Heavenly Energy. As soon as the two energies left the spear, they immediately caused an immense explosion.

When Light met Darkness, the effect was even more obvious than water meeting fire. This was even more so when considering Zhan LingTian’s seven-Jeweled cultivation level.

In that ma.s.sive explosion, even with Lin TianAo’s powerful defenses, he was still knocked back by that powerful strike. The next instant, with a tilt of his spear, Zhan LingTian sent him flying back.

In terms of cultivation level, Zhan LingTian was above Shangguan Fei’er, and his absolute power was comparable or even higher than hers as well, especially with his battle experience, killing intent and resolution, it was not something that Shangguan Fei’er had within her, at least not currently.

Without Lin TianAo to block him, Zhan LingTian was now facing Zhou Weiqing directly. Having knocked Lin TianAo back with the front of the spear, he struck down savagely and swiftly towards Zhou Weiqing’s chest with the b.u.t.t of the spear.

However, Lin TianAo’s block had given Zhou Weiqing the opportunity to unleash his Demonic Change State. Only under the Demonic Change State would he have the slightest chance of protecting himself from Zhan LingTian.

His Legendary Dual G.o.d Strength Hammers appeared unhesitatingly. Due to the fact that he had already used the Consolidating Equipment G.o.d Protective Aura once today, it did not appear once more. With the crying-face hammer, Zhou Weiqing struck upwards, forcibly blocking Zhan LingTian’s attack. At the same time, the WanShou Battle Team leader recovered himself, striking out towards Zhan LingTian’s back.

Another ma.s.sive explosion. Zhou Weiqing felt himself swallowed by a previously incomparable explosion, as if he was in the midst of a maelstrom. In that moment, he could no longer hear anything from outside, as if he had been transported to another world by himself.

Even with his immense strength, the boost from the Demonic Change State and his Legendary Hammers, he was still unable to block Zhan LingTian’s spear. The crying-face hammer was forcibly knocked back, smas.h.i.+ng onto his own chest and sending him flying back.

The Immortal Deity s.h.i.+eld burst into effect at this moment, the fourteen energy whirlpools at his Death Acupuncture Points whirling at their maximum speed, combining efforts to accept the blow and reduce it.

Luckily, Zhan LingTian had been blocked by Lin TianAo earlier. Although he had easily knocked Lin TianAo away, and this blow was dealt with intense anger, he still had to focus some attention towards the dire threat from the WanShou Battle Team leader behind him. As such, he did not dare to use his full strength in the attack.

Thanks to that, Zhou Weiqing managed to survive it. Even so, when he was sent flying back, he could not help but vomit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

At the same time, he did not let Zhan LingTian get off scot-free. The crying-face hammer had been imbued with the boosted Curse of Doom, landing on him as well.

After knocking both Lin TianAo and Zhou Weiqing back, Zhan LingTian swept his right foot out, forcibly kicking Crow, who had been striking down with both her axes, and sending her flying back as well. In the next instant, he twisted his body, barely avoiding Xiao Yan’s fireball. With his spear as a pivot, he vaulted back up again, and was once again clas.h.i.+ng with the WanShou Battle Team leader without skipping a beat.

In just the few short moments, Zhan LingTian had used his full power to its maximum effect. Although he did not succeed in killing Zhou Weiqing as planned, he had managed to stop the young archer from shooting his hara.s.sing arrows, and also dealt him an injury. The power of his Light and Darkness Spear had definitely given Zhou Weiqing a heavy blow. If not for Lin TianAo, and the power of his Legendary hammer, he might have been blown into bits by now.

So Strong! Zhou Weiqing exclaimed in his heart. Although he had vomited out a mouthful of blood, his injury wasn’t too serious, while Zhan LingTian’s blow had also sparked the ferocity in his heart.

With a furious yell, Zhou Weiqing swung the Legendary Hammers in his hands, his right leg striking the ground savagely as he leapt up high.

The swirling thick black tiger tattoos on his body started to fluctuate violently, as if they were all coming to life. This was especially so for the ‘King’ word on his forehead, which was currently glowing brilliantly.

In mid air, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes turned cold, his entire body giving forth a strange aura. In that instant, his gaze seemed to give others a n.o.ble arrogance, an una.s.suming yet exalted loftiness, as if the people below him were all merely lowly beings. His eyes, which had turned bloodshot earlier due to the Demonic Change State, had suddenly turned a deep purple.

Hammers in hand, his physique broadened further by the Demonic Change State, when his body rose up into the air to the maximum point as propelled by his kick, he suddenly stopped right there in the sky, hovering there instead of falling back down as if he could defy gravity.

A n.o.ble and proud air suddenly filled the air, and the two Legendary Hammers in his hands abruptly glowed with a purple-red light.

As Zhou Weiqing levitated in the sky, a five metre tall phantom illusory image slowly appeared behind him.

When that phantom illusory image appeared, everyone on the battlefield slowed down or stopped. Even the mother dragon, whose eyes had been closed as she was in the midst of healing, opened her eyes to stare at Zhou Weiqing in midair.

Zhan LingTian exclaimed in shock: “Heavenly Skill Image!”

As the name might suggest, Heavenly Skill Image referred to having the image of the Heavenly Beast primed and appearing when the Elemental Jewel Stored Skill was used. However, in order for this to happen, that Heavenly Beast had to be at the Heavenly G.o.d Stage!

Even an ordinary Heavenly G.o.d Stage Beast’s Skill would be rated at twelve stars, definitely the very definition of terrifying.

How could it be? How could this be?!

At that moment, not just Zhan LingTian, but everyone present, had that in their mind. This Zhou Weiqing was merely a three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, how could he possibly have a Heavenly G.o.d Stage Skill?! Even in the Heavenly Jewel Island Skill Storing Palace, there were only very few Heavenly G.o.d Stage Heavenly Beasts, each of them gathered painstakingly by generations of Heaven’s Expanse Palace powerhouses, expending much manpower and effort in doing so.One 丈 (zhang) is about 3.3metres

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