Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 8 Chapter 63.1

Chapter 63 A Seal that cannot be Extinguished (1)

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Everyone relax, our Princ.i.p.al was looking for me for some good news…” As such, he told Ming Hua and his cla.s.smates a summary about what had happened. After all, there was nothing to hide about it.

After listening to him, the greatest reaction was undoubtedly from Ming Hua and Shangguan Bing’er. Shangguan Bing’er had a light in her eyes. As a Heavenly Jewel Master herself, she knew how great the benefits it would be to be able to attend such a Tournament. As for Ming Hua, her face was full of shock.

“The Princ.i.p.al actually let you represent the Academy to join the Heavenly Jewel Tournament?!”

Zhou Weiqing said: “What’s wrong with that?”

Ming Hua shook her head and said: “Normally, this honour is only reserved for the fourth year students who are about to graduate, I never expected that both you and Shangguan Bing’er would be given such an honour, such an advantage. You were right, this is indeed something good. During the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, you will be able to observe all the top talents in the Jewel Master world fighting. It will be extremely good for your fighting experience, and open up your eyes.”

Zhou Weiqing asked curiously: “Does that mean that Teacher Ming Hua was lucky enough to join it before as well?”

Ming Hua inclined her head in a slight nod, saying: “Yes, the previous Tournament, I was our Academy’s representative. You both can set your minds at ease and go, as for your studies, when you return, there will be special remedial lessons for you to cover the lessons missed.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at Ming Hua with an uncertain look in his eyes. It seemed like today Ming Hua was in a peaceable mood, and did not have the hostility she used to have against him. Although he did not know the reason for that, he took it as a good sign anyway.

Turning to his cla.s.smates, Zhou Weiqing cleared his throat and said: “This time, I will likely be going for several months. However, everyone need not worry, I have already looked through all of your requests and data. For those Physical Jewel Masters that require Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, there are still three more days before I leave. During these three days, I will try my best to finish preparing a set of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls for all who require it. After all, to completely finish all the Scrolls, it should take at least a few months, and it should last until I return. Furthermore, the academy will soon send an a.s.sistant teacher to our cla.s.s, he is recommended by me, and is my senior brother. He is a High Level Consolidating Equipment Master, and for those scrolls which I do not manage to complete, he will help you. However, do remember what I said, the most important to all of you now is to cultivate your Heavenly Energy. Consolidating Equipment and Skill Storing will all come in time, and in the future perhaps even Consolidating Equipment Sets. However, your level of Heavenly Energy can only depend on your own hard work.”

Ma Qun grinned and shouted out from behind the cla.s.s: “Boss, do not worry about us, set your minds at ease and go ahead to the Tournament! We aren’t at a rush at all. I, for one, am definitely willing to wait for you to make me a Consolidating Equipment Set! Boss, I want a 9-piece set ok! Heh heh!”

Zhou Weiqing laughed as he scolded: “You sure aren’t greedy eh. If you have the ability to cultivate to nine Jewels in this four years, I will get you a 9-piece Set!”

Ma Qun immediately revealed a shameless look in his face as he cried out: “Who said that I can’t continue following you after graduation! Can’t I be your Follower? I believe that Following Boss will be extremely beneficial. My only request is that Boss, you must leave me some hot chicks!”

Hearing his words, the entire cla.s.s burst out laughing. However, in the midst of laughter, many of their eyes seemed to have something change inside. At least, Ma Qun’s words had sparked something within them; after all, jokes aside, his words rang true. Following their Boss Zhou was definitely a good option. However, were they able to become Followers after that?”

These few days, Ma Qun had thought hard about things. The pride in his heart had slowly diminished in front of Zhou Weiqing’s ma.s.sive accomplishments. That wasn’t to say that he really idolized Zhou Weiqing so much, but rather he felt that Following Zhou Weiqing was of great benefit to him as well, without much or even any detriment. Not even considering Consolidating Equipment and Skill Storing, it just felt great to be able to do as they felt.

Zhou Weiqing shook his head helplessly and said: “Consolidating Equipment, Skill Storing, that is no problem. However, I can’t help on the beautiful ladies front, that’ll have to depend on your own skills. Picking up girls is dependant on your own charisma, charm and overall attractiveness. Just take your great monitor for example, so young, handsome, suave and talented, literally incomparable in the world, that’s why all the beautiful ladies come flocking right? Heh heh heh heh.”

Sitting on the front row, Shangguan Bing’er glared at Zhou Weiqing, but did not say anything. At this sort of time, she wanted to give her man face. However, inside, she changed her decision to let him be more intimate with her.

If Zhou Weiqing knew that his moment of boasting had cost him his long-awaited intimacy with his beloved Shangguan Bing’er, he probably would have slapped himself silly.

“Alright, now that Zhou Weiqing is back, let’s begin our cla.s.s.” Ming Hua waved for Zhou Weiqing to take his seat before she started on her lesson.

Zhou Weiqing went back to seat and immediately slumped down onto the table, not even hearing a single word that Ming Hua said. In less than a minute, this rascal had fallen asleep.

After a whole night of not sleeping, he was too exhausted, especially after the debacle in the morning. Furthermore, after thinking about how he had to leave in three days time, and having to continue creating more Consolidating Equipment Scrolls at night, naturally he wanted to recuperate a little before that. As such, he openly chose to fall asleep right in cla.s.s.

Due to his position at the back of the cla.s.s, Ming Hua did not realise he was sleeping at first. However, when the snoring sounds came from behind, her expression turned ugly.

Ming Hua looked towards Shangguan Bing’er, who said helplessly: “He did not sleep the whole night, his body probably couldn’t take it anymore…”

Ming Hua blushed a deep red before saying softly: “You two must restrain yourselves.”

Shangguan Bing’er started a moment, then realised the gazes of the surrounding cla.s.smates had turned really strange, before she suddenly realised what Ming Hua meant. She immediately blushed as well, protesting: “Teacher, what are you saying! We.. we didn’t… yesterday he went to the Trading Center to buy some materials for Consolidating Equipment Scrolls and ran into something… that’s why he didn’t sleep.”

Zhou Weiqing did not know about Shangguan Bing’er’s minor embarra.s.sing incident, and this sleep of his lasted all the way til cla.s.s ended, and he was awoken by Shangguan Bing’er’s “Time for food!”

After the sleep in the morning, he fell back asleep for the afternoon lessons. For someone of Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level, Ming Hua only just warned him not to snore during the other teacher’s cla.s.s. The other cla.s.smates also tried their best to cover for him, with the tall Ma Qun switching places with the student in front of Zhou Weiqing, covering him with his large build. As such, Zhou Weiqing remained undisturbed for the rest of the day.

By the time Zhou Weiqing awoke once more, it was the end of the afternoon cla.s.s. Stretching lazily, he gave a sigh of contentment before leaving together with Shangguan Bing’er.

“Ma Qun, Kou Rui, come here a while.” Standing at the entrance of the cla.s.sroom, Zhou Weiqing called out.

Ma Qun and Kou Rui quickly headed over.

Zhou Weiqing said: “For the next three days, can you and the other members of the dorm squeeze with other members of the cla.s.s? I have to stay in the academy for the next few days, and I need quiet to complete the Consolidating Equipment Scrolls for the rest of our cla.s.smates and need absolute quiet.

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