Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 6 Chapter 50.1

Chapter 50 Challenge! Upper Level Heavenly Zong Jewel Master! (1)

When the nine Icy Jade Physical Jewels appeared before Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, he felt his mind go blank totally.

Having nine Icy Jade Jewels appearing at once around a person’s hand, he knew what it meant. An upper level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master. In the entire Heavenly Jewel Master world, it was not just him, but a majority of the people would look up to such a person.

Zhou Weiqing was only 3-Jeweled, and even Ming Hua had one more set of Jewels than him. However, even if they added up both their Jewels together, they still had less than this person in front of him – Ming Wu. Furthermore, it wasn’t just a matter of numbers of Heavenly Jewels… For Ming Hua who was only at a 4-Jeweled cultivation level to have a Consolidated Equipment Set, how could this upper level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master not have something better.

Ming Wu was also quietly observing Zhou Weiqing. When he had released his nine Icy Jade Physical Jewels, his gaze had locked onto this young man in front of him, and he had discovered that although Zhou Weiqing had revealed a surprised expression, it had only lasted a short while before disappearing. What a calm young man…

Ming Wu was rather surprised in his heart as well. Only then did he realise that Zhou Weiqing was far from what he appeared on the surface, his steady calm profoundness was something that perhaps not even a thirty year old adult could possess, and yet it was well hidden behind the immature and rascally front that he displayed. Earlier, when Ming Hua had told him that she had lost to the 3-Jeweled Zhou Weiqing, Ming Wu had already been very surprised. After all, he knew how powerful his daughter was, even most Heavenly Jewel Masters of the same rank as her would usually not be of a match to her. As such, he did not send any of his subordinates now, and came personally this night.

The facts had proven him correct as well, and indeed Ming Wu felt that he had made the right decision to come personally. Although this young man in front of him had not taken action yet, he could already see many things from Zhou Weiqing’s words, confidence and actions. He knew that if he had sent his subordinates, this fellow would likely have escaped. Once that happened, he did not doubt that Zhou Weiqing would escape thousands of miles away before they could react, and not give them any chance to look for him.

“How are my conditions? As a father, to actually promise my daughter to you as a concubine, you should know my resolve.” Ming Wu’s voice was deep and serious, and the sheer pressure from it gave Zhou Weiqing chills in his heart.

Taking a deep breath, Zhou Weiqing could feel the energy whirlpools on his twelve Death Acupuncture Points starting to whirl at maximum speed as they drew in energy from the atmosphere. Keeping himself in top form, he prepared himself.

With a bitter smile, Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: “Senior, since you’ve already laid everything out, I also have no reason to hide anymore. Indeed, you all have guessed correctly, I do have the Demonic Attribute, and also the Demonic Change Skill.” Hearing Zhou Weiqing finally admit it, both Ming Hua and Ming Wu’s eyes lit up, and the pressure from Ming Wu seemed to lessen.

Ming Hua said: “Hmph, you’re finally willing to admit it? I thought you would try to hide it til your death.”

“Hua Hua… Quiet… From now on, without my permission, you aren’t allowed to speak…” Ming Wu said pa.s.sively, with no emotion in his voice, but Ming Hua’s face changed instantly. If there was anyone she was afraid of, it would be this father in front of her. Indeed, Ming Hua was rather angry and feeling rather wronged. Why must I be this fellow’s concubine! Thinking about how she was irritated by Zhou Weiqing, she couldn’t help but grow angry again. However, as her father was here, she dared not continue speaking, or else she might have already flared out at Zhou Weiqing.

Seeing Ming Hua shut her mouth unwillingly, Zhou Weiqing gave her a mocking, challenging look, but instead said to Ming Wu. “Senior Ming Wu, looks like Miss Ming Hua doesn’t really like me! To be honest, she is a little too old to be my concubine, after all, I’m not even seventeen years old yet.”

“You…” Ming Hua almost went berserk. She was being forced to become his concubine, and he even dared say she was too old?! What a b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

Seeing the killing look in Ming Hua’s eyes, Zhou Weiqing still maintained the faint smile on his face. However, in truth, his heart sank and was rather disappointed. That was because he noticed that Ming Wu was still calm and impa.s.sive, and did not seem affected by his words. Under such a circ.u.mstance, facing such a 9-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master who could stay so calm, he did not even have any possible chance.

Ming Wu smiled and said: “If you do not like Hua Hua, that is no problem. Our sect is full of beautiful young girls, and you can have your pick of them. However, you need to give me your answer now… No more tricks… That is not good for you, I really do not want to see such a promising young man like you die early, without a chance to grow into your potential.”

Zhou Weiqing’s heart sank. In fact, when he admitted about his Demonic Attribute, he was already angling for the best possible conditions for himself to get out of the situation.

Admitting that he was a first generation Demonic Jewel Master was in hopes that it would discourage Ming Wu from killing him. After that, he had mocked Ming Hua in hopes to get a reaction from her father, and hopefully find a weakness or opportunity to exploit. Alas, his plans had come to naught.

Zhou Weiqing sighed and said: “It looks like I am in a corner now… with no other choice…”

Ming Wu continued smiling but did not reply.

Zhou Weiqing said: “Senior Ming Wu, I am a person who is really afraid of death. However, at the same time, I also love freedom almost just as much. I believe that Teacher Ming Hua has already told you about that. Because of that, I fought so hard in the Fei Li Military Academy…”

Ming Wu nodded and said: “Indeed, freedom is very important. However, what is the use of freedom when you do not have your life? Also, I can give you my promise… As long as you join our Sec, we will not have too many restrictions on you. Only the few upper echelons of the sect will know of your existence and can give you instructions. If you require any help or aid, we can also provide it to you.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded quietly and said: “Thank you for that, Senior. However, I still want to take a risk. How about a bet with me, Senior?”

Ming Wu laughed heartily and said: “What do you want to bet on?” He found that he was starting to like Zhou Weiqing more, even under such a huge difference in power, he had not given up and was still trying everything he could to attempt to escape.

Zhou Weiqing said seriously: “You are the strongest Heavenly Jewel Master I have ever seen thus far. I would like to experience your strength and power for myself. My bet is this, I will run with all my might, and you chase me down. If I manage to escape to the Fei Li City, then I have won, and I will swear upon my Personal Jewels that I will never reveal anything about the Heavenly Demon Sect, but you all shall not force me to join the sect. If you catch me, I will have lost and will join you all on my own accord.”

Ming Wu looked at him in surprise, saying: “Young man, looks like you certainly do not lack confidence. Alright, since you want to bet, I shall go along with it. It will also let you learn that when the power difference is too huge, no amount of tricks or strategies can be of use. You can start running now, I will give you to a count of three before I start chasing. Remember your own words, after this, I do not want to see you try any more tricks.”

Zhou Weiqing did not reply him, nor did he even wait for the counting to start, and just turned and bolted instantly at top speed. Facing possible death, our dear Little Fatty ran with all his might and heart, squeezing every last possible speed from his body. His Elemental Jewels were locked onto the Wind Attribute, all his Heavenly Energy circulating at max speed, while his Demonic Right Leg constantly boosting himself forward as he charged forth in a straight line towards the Fei Li City. His current speed was even faster than Shangguan Bing’er in terms of a straight line running. That was how incredible his Demonic Right Leg was.

“One…” Ming Wu’s voice seemed to follow Zhou Weiqing’s ears, not softening a whit despite his speed.

At the same time, Ming Wu was also rather shocked. With his vision, how could he not see that Zhou Weiqing was using the Wind Attribute. However, what truly shocked him was the burst of power from the Demonic Right Leg. It seems like his daughter had not lost in vain! A first generation Demonic Jewel Master was definitely not something that an ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master can compare to.

The distance from the lake to the city was not great, and with Zhou Weiqing’s speed, he almost had the confidence to reach the city before Ming Wu could finish counting to three. By that time, he would only need to somehow vault across the city walls and he would win, no matter who saw him.

“Two…” Ming Wu’s calm voice continued, seemingly void of emotion. However, the more calm Ming Wu was, the heavier Zhou Weiqing’s heart was. However, even if there was just a slim thread of success, Zhou Weiqing would still do his best to keep his freedom. The reason he came up with such a bet was because he needed to just try, to give an attempt to escape his fate here. After all, he still had some skills that Ming Wu did not know about. Even if he lost, due to the bet, Ming Wu would not kill him off right away.

Soon, the Fei Li city appeared in front of his eyes, and Zhou Weiqing sent all his energy into his Demonic Right Leg as he struck the road hard with it, sending his entire body whirling towards it like a bolt of lightning.

“Three.” Ming Wu counted the last number. Almost at the same instant as he counted it out, he leapt out into the air. Zhou Weiqing was barely seventy metres from the wall, needing barely two to three leaps to reach it. Alas, he suddenly felt a strong suction force from behind him, a force he couldn’t resist.

His body which had been hurtling towards the city walls suddenly changed directions in mid air involuntarily, flying backwards further from the wall.

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