Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 38.1

Chapter 38 Spatial Attribute King Stage Heavenly Beast (1)

Carrying the little white tiger who was also covered in blood and grime, Zhou Weiqing went to look for a clean set of clothes, running buck naked to clean himself off. After all, the rest of the people living in the house were all men, and he wasn’t afraid of being seen. Furthermore with his character, even if he were seen by women, would this little rascal mind? Who knows if he would come up with something like charging to be seen!?

Filling up a large tub with water, he held little Fat Cat and jumped right into it. Poor little Fat Cat had no choice but to dog paddle to stay afloat, mewing in anger.

Zhou Weiqing gave a hearty laugh, was.h.i.+ng the blood and grime off its matted fur before saying softly: “Fat Cat, no matter what, you are a female… Does this count as a Yuanyang Bath 1? Heh heh heh heh.”

Hearing his words, Fat Cat had the urge to hit its head on the wall, as it struggled hard with its paws flailing around cutely, Zhou Weiqing could only laugh and finish giving it a clean bath before putting it outside, before starting to scrub himself clean.

Zhou Weiqing’s nerves were indeed made very different from normal. Despite experiencing the horrifying pain from the previous night, now that he had taken a good bath and was feeling comfortable all over, he almost dismissed the pain from yesterday, truly a character that forgot the pain as soon as the scars healed. In truth, it was such a character that allowed him to continue with the Immortal Deity Technique without going insane.

Previously, the creator of the Immortal Deity Technique had been a powerful genius who had an unimaginable talent and many fortuitous encounters, before finally dying to the Immortal Deity Technique that he had created. It wasn’t that his body wasn’t able to take it, rather his spirit not being able to take the ever-increasing pain and his consciousness collapsing from it. In the end, he had perished while breaking through the Qi Hai Death Acupuncture Point, which was a marked increase in agony and suffering.

After was.h.i.+ng and changing to a fresh set of clothes, Zhou Weiqing found a huge stack of food and had his fill. Satiated, he sat back, feeling full of spirit and energy, as if the months of exhaustion had been wiped away.

“Little Wei, come here a while.” After he had finished eating, Huyan Aobo’s voice sounded out.

Huyan Aobo and Feng Yu had both spent a sleepless night, and they had actually been alerted as soon as he had gotten up. However, they did not disturb him up till now, and seeing his lively self br.i.m.m.i.n.g with vigour, they were speechless. They could not envision how someone who had been in such a serious state of qigong deviation and been in such agony the previous day, could actually recover so quickly and look as if nothing had happened.

“Teacher, I finished the final scroll last night!” Zhou Weiqing ran to Huyan Aobo’s room excitedly, though he did not mention anything about the pain and suffering he had gone through from the Immortal Deity Technique last night.

Huyan Aobo and Feng Yu looked at the little white tiger sleeping in Zhou Weiqing’s arms with some trepidation. They did not want to talk about yesterday as well, and since Zhou Weiqing did not mention it, they were happy to oblige.

Huyan Aobo smiled and said: “Very good, very good. In just a few short months, you have completed the most difficult stage of our sect of Consolidating Equipment Masters. Well, it is almost time for you to head to Fei Li City, you should pack up and leave as soon as possible.”

Upon hearing Huyan Aobo’s words, the excited look on Zhou Weiqing diminished. Placing Fat Cat gently on the ground, he knelt down suddenly in front of Huyan Aobo and Feng Yu, and gave them 3 kowtows.

Huyan Aobo did not stop him, currently, his eyes were filled with pride and joy. To any teacher, the greatest feeling was to have such an accomplished disciple, and it was definitely the feeling he had right now.

After kowtowing, Zhou Weiqing stood up once again. He did not have his usual jovial smile on his face, instead saying seriously: “Teacher, do not worry. I will definitely accomplish your dream!”

Huyan Aobo felt his eyes misting over, and he took a deep breath, trying his best to suppress his tears. Laughingly, he scolded: “Get lost quickly! Pack up the remaining Consolidating Paper and Consolidating Ink as well, and make sure you get some practice. Just leave the completed Scrolls. I, Your Father, will be retiring after this. After working hard for so many years, once I finish selling all the scrolls you made this time, I will travel the world with Old Feng, perhaps one day we will meet again.”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Who knows, perhaps by then I will already be a Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Master! Goodbye teacher, goodbye Senior Feng Yu!” After saying that, he turned to leave quickly. However, Huyan Aobo and Feng Yu could clearly see that after he turned around, his shoulders started to shake slightly.

Zhou Weiqing quickly rushed back to his room, and after closing his door, he wiped at his eyes vigorously. “Why did the sand get into my eyes…” he muttered.

Although he normally acted like he didn’t care about others and had learned how to be a scoundrel from Mu En, that did not stop Zhou Weiqing from knowing who treated him well, or stop him from having true feelings.

Although he had only spent a mere 5 months learning and living together with Huyan Aobo, Zhou Weiqing could clearly feel how much his teacher had done and cared for him. No matter the socketing scroll, or the way he had spent all his savings to get him materials, or the way he had patiently taught him, it could be said that Huyan Aobo had done everything a teacher needed to do and much more beyond. If not for Huyan Aobo’s detailed teachings and unrestrained support in materials, he could not possibly have become a Consolidating Equipment Master in such a short time, no matter his talent. Zhou Weiqing’s code had always been – If someone treats him well, he will treat them a hundred times better. If someone treats him badly, he will take revenge a hundred times worse!

At the other side, Huyan Aobo’s body also shook a little after Zhou Weiqing left, and he took in a deep breath and muttered to himself: “He is definitely the greatest pride of my life, bar none.”

Zhou Weiqing left, and this time he did not bid farewell to Huyan Aobo and Feng Yu. He was just too afraid of the moment of farewell. However, after he left the courtyard, he knelt down at the door and kowtowed three more times, before hugging Fat Cat in his arms and leaving.

After a while, the door opened, and both Huyan Aobo and Feng Yu appeared outside, watching Zhou Weiqing’s disappearing figure. After he had vanished into the distance, Huyan Aobo heaved a great sigh, the look on his face showing how much he did not bear to part with his beloved disciple.

“Why didn’t you ask him to stay? If you did, he probably would have stayed.” Feng Yu said.

Huyan Aobo shook his head, saying: “I cannot be that selfish. Consolidating Equipment Master is definitely just a side profession for him. How many Heavenly Jewel Masters do the Heavenly Bow Empire have? Furthermore, with such a talent and his attributes, he will go very far as a Heavenly Jewel Master.”

Feng Yu smiled and said: “Huyan Old Man, it’s only now that I realise you also have a cute side to your nature. Are we really going to travel the world like you said?”

Huyan Aobo laughed heartily, saying: “Why not? I have already reached the pinnacle of my possibility as a Consolidating Equipment Master and have not much room to grow any further. Now that I have such an outstanding disciple, what more do I have to work hard towards? It’s time for me to enjoy life, to travel the world and experience life! Let’s go, we can pack up and leave soon.”

Fei Li City was situated at the north of the Fei Li Empire, and was about two times the distance from Flying Hill City as the Flying Hill City was from Heavenly Bow Empire. After exiting the Flying Hill City, Zhou Weiqing did some estimations and realised that he was indeed on a tight schedule to get to Fei Li City in time to meet up with Shangguan Bing’er as planned. He had no choice but to travel through day and night.

As such, he instantly released his Heavenly Jewels, quickly moving the attribute wheel to the green area, and like a bolt of lightning, he shot off towards the Fei Li City.

Following the map, he found it was a pretty straightforward path. Running at full speed, he also found that this was very beneficial to him. Having just reached the 3rd Jewel, Zhou Weiqing was still not familiar with his new abilities and physique. As such, now that he used his Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy to run, he was surprised to find that the rise in power was not a simple matter of just figures.

Every time his feet touched the ground, even when he wasn’t using the power of the Demonic Right Leg, he could feel as if he was light as a sparrow. The greatest surprise was a pleasant one – he found that the control of his speed was much finer than previously, being able to manipulate the Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy with a heretofore unheard of precision. This was likely the result of his continuous usage of Heavenly Energy during the 4 months of creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, and the precision it required, and the strengthening of his consciousness as well.

Furthermore, with the breaking through of the Qi Hai Acupuncture Point, it was quite different from the previous 11 Death Acupuncture Points. Although he had suffered a lot more, the benefits he had received were equally great. Previously, the energy whirlpools of the various Death Acupuncture Points were rather isolated, and there wasn’t much connection between all of them. However, with the Qi Hai Acupuncture broken through, it was very different. The energy whirlpool in the Qi Hai Acupuncture Point was like the central hub of his body where all the Heavenly Energy gathered and was transferred out once more. The other 11 energy whirlpools were now linked to it and with each breath he took, the Qi Hai Energy Whirlpool would spin and they would all draw in increasing amounts of Heavenly Energy from the atmosphere, and his Immortal Deity s.h.i.+eld was obviously stronger than before.

At the same time, Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy was starting to evolve from the Heavenly Jing Energy to the Heavenly Shen Energy Stage. Although he had not reached the first level yet, his Heavenly Energy was already able to exhibit some of the unique qualities of Heavenly Shen Stage – to release it outside the body.

Focusing his will, even without releasing his Heavenly Jewels, he was able to warp his Heavenly Energy into a white light out of his body, for either offense or defence, and this was definitely a big difference from previously when it was confined in his own body. Furthermore, with the Heavenly Energy in liquid state, the amount used for Skills was also reduced by a fair bit. It could be said that this 3rd Set of Jewels was a huge jump in power levels for all Heavenly Jewel Masters, in not just quant.i.ty but also quality; and it was even more so for someone like Zhou Weiqing whose innate talent was so high.

The only thing he was lacking now was to finish Skill Storing and Consolidating Equipment. After all, for Consolidated Equipment, he only had a single one currently – the Overlord Bow on his first Physical Jewel. However, since he had spent all his time creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, he had not been able to Consolidate the gift from Huyan Aobo – the first piece of the Legendary Set pa.s.sed down from the ancestors, and he would only do so after reaching Fei Li City.

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