Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 6 Chapter 38.3

Chapter 38 Spatial Attribute King Stage Heavenly Beast (3)

Zhou Weiqing nodded with a honest look on his face, saying: “Yes Senior! Do the other attributes have King Stage Heavenly Beasts as well?”

The middle aged man scoffed disdainfully: “What do you take King Stage Heavenly Beasts for? Let me tell you, this is the only one, and it’s for us Spatial Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters! It’s the only unique King Stage Heavenly Beast in the whole Skill Storing Palace. Let me tell you, 3 months ago, our Palace Master and twelve Elders had to work together to capture it, at the cost of 4 elders before succeeding!”

Zhou Weiqing cried out in delight: “Senior, if I want to Store Skill for the King Stage Heavenly Beast, how much will it cost?”

Listening to his words, the two middle aged men exchanged a strange look, and the man on the right muttered: “This is the seventh one…”

The one on the left said: “It costs 100,000 gold coins for a single try, and you can go in as soon as you pay.”

“What? 100,000!?” Zhou Weiqing stared dumbfounded at the two middle aged men in front of him. Although he had some money on him, the ten thousand or so gold coins that his mother had given him before he left the Heavenly Bow City. His cut from the Heavenly Bow Unit was all used for the Special Spatial Ring for the two Bears, how could he possibly have 100,000 gold coins!

The middle aged man on the left gave a cold humph and said: “If you want to experience the sights and power of a King Stage Heavenly Beast, then you need to pay accordingly. If you do not have enough money, then keep your curiosity to yourself.”

Zhou Weiqing hesitated for a while before gritting his teeth, thinking to himself: Fine, 100,000 gold coins. So be it! “Seniors, how about this, I do not have that many gold coins, could I use Consolidating Equipment Scrolls as barter instead?” he asked tentatively.

Hearing the words Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, the faces of the two men changed instantly, and the disdain in their looks at Zhou Weiqing immediately lessened considerably.

The man on the right asked with some surprise: “Young man, you are a Consolidating Equipment Master?” If it were at any other Attribute Hall, the person in charge would probably not have asked such a question, but this was the Spatial Attribute Hall, and any Jewel Master with the Spatial Attribute had the possibility of becoming a Consolidating Equipment Master. As he asked that question, his att.i.tude towards Zhou Weiqing was clearly a lot better.

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “Yes! I am a low level Consolidating Equipment Master, and thus I only have the low level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. Is that okay?”

“Yes, of course.” The man on the left said rather eagerly. By now, his att.i.tude towards Zhou Weiqing had taken a 180 degree change, and was respectful. “However, if it is low level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, they have to be in an entire set. At the Skill Storing Palace, we will purchase each set for 50,000 gold coins. If you have two sets, you can enter to see the King Stage Heavenly Beasts.”

“50,000 gold coins?” Zhou Weiqing was taken aback. ly, Huyan Aobo had told him that the price of low level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls were around 30,000 gold coins!

The two men thought he deemed the price too low, and the man on the left quickly said: “Young friend, although the supply of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls have dropped recently and causing the price to shoot up, but as you know, Low Level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls sets do not have a guaranteed chance of success. Our price of 50,000 gold coins is definitely a fair one. Even if you bring it to the auction house to sell, it will likely only be slightly higher; however after the auction fees, it might even come down to about the same.”

Zhou Weiqing recovered himself and said: “Does that mean the Skill Storing Palace will purchase Low Level Consolidating Equipment Scroll sets?”

“Of course, all of the Skill Storing Palaces will purchase Consolidating Equipment Scroll Sets of all types!” The two men stared at him helplessly. From his questions, they could tell that even if this young man in front of them was really a Low Level Consolidating Equipment Master, he was definitely a newbie, not knowing even where to sell the scrolls. Even so, they were extremely polite to Zhou Weiqing, as no one would want to offend a Consolidating Equipment Master for nothing.

“Alright, I have some to sell.” Before entering a big city, Zhou Weiqing never thought much about the importance of money. Just Skill Storing a King Stage Beast once needed 100,000 gold coins, and Zhou Weiqing was in rather dire need of money. Lifting his left hand, he placed his hand on the Spatial Necklace on his neck, and circulating his Heavenly Energy, he took out wooden box after wooden box.

If the two middle aged men had any remaining suspicions, they were all erased as soon as they saw Zhou Weiqing had a Spatial Necklace. Right before their surprised eyes, Zhou Weiqing took out all ten sets of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls and placed them on the table before them.

Without further ado, the two men quickly examined the scrolls in the boxes, easily verifying that they were all low level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, and in sets of 1000s.

“These are all created by you?” The man on the left asked with some surprise.

Zhou Weiqing replied with a naive grin on his face: “Yes! Senior, if I sell all ten sets, can I get a little more? You know, Skill Storing is rather expensive.”

The middle aged man hesitated a moment before saying: “I will need to ask my superiors. To be honest, young man, you shouldn’t waste your money on trying your luck on the King Stage Heavenly Beast, there isn’t a chance you will succeed. 100,000 gold coins isn’t a small sum, and even though you are a Consolidating Equipment Master, you still shouldn’t waste your hard earned money like that.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed and said: “As you said, it’s only our Spatial Attribute Hall which has this one and only King Stage Beast, perhaps the only chance I will ever get to see one in my life. Although 100,000 gold coins is expensive, I still want to have a look for myself and experience what it is like. As for Skill Storing from it, of course I know it isn’t possible.”

Seeing that his persuasion was to no avail, the middle aged man said: “Alright, if that is so, you can just head in first. I will bring your Consolidating Equipment Scrolls to my superiors, and when you come out, we will give you the remaining gold coins.”

Zhou Weiqing said bashfully: “Senior, you wouldn’t not acknowledge the scrolls after I come out right?”

Black lines instantly appeared above the two middle aged men’s heads, and the one on the left said angrily: “Where do you think this is? This is the Fei Li Empire’s Skill Storing Palace Headquarters, not some common conman’s shop. If you weren’t a Consolidating Equipment Master, just those words alone will be enough to blacklist you forever.”

“Ehh… I’m sorry, I was wrong… I’ll just head in now.” Inside, Zhou Weiqing was laughing to himself, but he kept up a fearful expression as he turned and hurried into the path with the ‘King’ word.

As the two men watched his disappearing figure, the one on the left said: “There are just so many people curious about the King Stage Heavenly Beast, willing to splurge even when they know it is impossible to succeed in Skill Storing, it’s literally giving us money. It’s only been three months and already 700,000 gold coins from that. Still, I did not expect that the little brat was a Consolidating Equipment Master.”

The man on the right signalled him to keep quiet: “Talk less, it wouldn’t be good if he hears it. No point offending a Consolidating Equipment Master for nothing, especially one who has managed to become a Low Level Consolidating Equipment Master at such a young age, he is likely a Heavenly Jewel Master as well. I’ll go report to our superiors about these scrolls.”

After entering the path, Zhou Weiqing’s expression quickly changed. Excitement and adrenaline filled his body, and he clutched his fists with all his might. A King Stage Heavenly Beast, what strong Skill would be able to Store? Perhaps it might be beyond even 9 Stars Rating! Heh heh, 100,000 gold coins might be expensive, but if he could get himself a strong Skill, it would be totally worth it!

As he followed the path forward, he noticed the surrounding rocks were new; this was definitely a freshly made path. As he continued downwards, Zhou Weiqing could feel an eerie, deadly cold feeling, as if an unseen pressure was in the atmosphere, sending hills down his spine.

However, he ignored the pressure, continuing along the path. After all, he had already spent 100,000 gold coins on this, and he would not back down easily.

After heading down about 500 metres, the path ahead finally widened into a stone chamber.

Entering the chamber, Zhou Weiqing could feel that the oppressive pressure had strengthened manifold, and he had to circulate his Heavenly Energy to resist. A familiar aura filled his senses.

“Darkness attribute?” The entire stone chamber was lined with black rocks, with strange inscriptions etched on them. There were torches lining the chamber, illuminating it.

Indeed, the familiar aura that Zhou Weiqing felt was that of the Darkness Attribute, after all the Darkness Attribute was the best at Sealing. Without a doubt, there were many strong Darkness Attribute Seals suppressing the King Stage Heavenly Beast.

After feeling out the Darkness Attribute aura for a while, Zhou Weiqing’s gaze finally rested upon the King Stage Heavenly Beast, and he couldn’t help but be astounded as he did so.

In the corner of the stone chamber lay a silver coloured little bird. It was extremely tiny, its body less than one chi long, and its entire body was even smaller than Fat Cat. This was why Zhou Weiqing did not spot it instantly upon entering the chamber.

The little bird was covered with silver and white feathers, but it lay on the ground with its head hanging low, its feathers l.u.s.treless and its eyes closed. There was a black symbol on its forehead and its two wings, and its claws were each bound by a thin black chain.

This is a King Stage Heavenly Beast? It looks so una.s.suming? Besides the colour, it looks the same as an ordinary bird.

Zhou Weiqing thought to himself as he walked forward. As the stone chamber was not well lit, he was only able to see the stone plaque on the ground next to little bird when he got closer. There were words inscribed upon the plaque, and having been to the Skill Storing Palace before, Zhou Weiqing knew that this was the record of the Heavenly Beast’s abilities.

On top of the plaque were the following words: The Silver Emperor, Wind and Spatial Dual Attribute Heavenly Beast, King Stage. Although this Heavenly Beast is not large, it is extremely fast and dangerous, and is usually not visible by the naked eye. The lord of the skies. It is well versed in Spatial Attribute Skill – Spatial Rend, which can counter most Spatial Attribute Skills, and has an astonis.h.i.+ng destructive capability. It is extremely powerful, feeding normally on the brains of ordinary Heavenly Beasts or humans, and is extremely aggressive and destructive in nature, known for bringing death and destruction wherever it goes. As such, it is also known as the Bird of Calamity, one of the most vicious King Stage Heavenly Beasts.

Silver Emperor’s Skills: Spatial – Spatial Rend. Wind – Illusionary Duplicates, Silver Emperor Wing Slash, Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce.

Zhou Weiqing muttered to himself: “This King Stage Heavenly Beast doesn’t have many Skills! Only four, and only one of which is of the Spatial Attribute.” As he said that, he continued reading the skill explanations below.

Spatial Rend: The most famous skill of the Silver Emperor, its impressive manipulation of Spatial Energy. Instantly splits apart and distorts the spatial dimension; at close range, it is able to break invisibility or stealth skills, as well as Blink skills. At the same time, it also has an extremely strong slicing power. When the Spatial Rend has been used, it also distorts s.p.a.ce, which can cause enemies’ long ranged attacks to miss their targets. The Spatial Rend’s range, area of effect and length of time depends on cultivation level.

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