Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 4 Chapter 23.3

Chapter 23 Demonic Change (3)

In the distance, Bai Jiu, who had managed to break out of the tight encirclement with much difficulty, heard the loud, dignified tiger’s roar. Trembling in fear, he almost let loose and urinated in his pants again. “Luckily we ran away quickly, that tiger’s roar was clearly of a Zong Stage Heavenly Beast! That Shangguan Bing’er must have died. What a pity, such an attractive little girl.”

As the tiger’s roar resounded throughout the forested hills, in an instant, all the Forest Direwolves cowering on the ground started s.h.i.+vering fiercely, and as beam after beam of green light emitted from the living Forest Direwolves’ mouths, similar to multiple rivers flowing into the sea as they gathered to Zhou Weiqing’s side, before being swallowed by him. The thick black-grey aura surrounding Zhou Weiqing grew stronger, causing his bones to give off a popping noise once again. Alas for those Forest Direwolves that gave up their Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy completely in tribute, fell down onto the ground dead.

In the world of Heavenly Beasts, this ability was known as Tribute. The Forest Direwolves had been unable to withstand the intense pressure and stress from Zhou Weiqing’s tiger roar, and their minds collapsed completely, offered their precious energy as tribute and peris.h.i.+ng as a result.

When Zhou Weiqing issued that huge roar, the Direwolf King’s four limbs weakened, and without any further hesitation, it turned around to flee. Alas, it was too late for escape. Having just Devoured about a hundred Forest Direwolves’ energies, how could Zhou Weiqing just let it go so easily?

In the deep darkness of the night, there was no sign of any brilliance. Without any warning, the Direwolf King suddenly felt something tighten around its body, as all twelve tentacles of a Touch of Darkness Skill enveloped it.

Even under the Demonic Change state, it was impossible for a single-Jewelled ranking Zhou Weiqing to restrain and control such a high level Zun Stage Heavenly Beast, but it was just sufficient to prevent it from running away.

The Direwolf King went all out in struggling, trying to break free from the tentacles holding it. In a short while, it actually succeeded in breaking free, but by the time it had done so, in that very moment when it got loose, a pair of bloodshot eyes appeared in front of it.

Another Fetters of Wind skill fell upon the Direwolf King. After having just Devoured so much Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy, the total amount of Heavenly Energy in Zhou Weiqing’s body was almost more than that of the Direwolf King! Although he was still only able to use skills of the first Jewel rank and power, it was evidently enough currently.

The Direwolf King had just broken free of the Touch of Darkness when its body tightened up again, and its motion once again stiffened. This time, before it could break free of the Fetters of Wind again, Zhou Weiqing’s right palm smashed viciously onto its head.

The crackle and sparkle of electricity shone in the air, as Zhou Weiqing evoked the Lightning Explosive Palm.

With a huge explosion, the Direwolf King cried out pitifully as its entire body flip-flopped and crackled with noise, a layer of blue bolts of electricity snaking around it.

This Direwolf King was indeed worthy of being a Zun Stage Heavenly beast, although it feared the aura emitted from Zhou Weiqing, but to kill it was definitely not an easy feat to accomplish.

After taking on the full blow of Zhou Weiqing’s highest damage skill, the Lightning Explosive Palm, the Direwolf King was only paralyzed temporarily, as well as being a little dazed. If it were in normal conditions, even in the Demonic Change state, Zhou Weiqing would not be able to kill this Zun Stage Heavenly Beast.

However, Zhou Weiqing actually had that bizarre right leg, and right after he had struck out with the Lightning Explosive Palm, his Demonic Right Leg had lifted up high, just like a great black executioner’s axe ready to fall down.

In the process of slamming down, Zhou Weiqing did not make use of the heel or the sole to cut downward, instead using the tip of the foot, which on his foot was similar to the black scorpion hook from the tiger’s tail.

With a light *Puff* sound, the tip of Zhou Weiqing’s right foot slammed right into the Direwolf King’s skull forcefully, slicing right through it viciously, causing a burst of red light as blood exploded out. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing’s body vaulted backwards, both his hands braced on the floor as he lunged away to the side. His right foot was thus pulled out from the Direwolf King’s skull bones, along with it followed a similar bright green light to the ordinary Forest Direwolves, though much more solidified and coherent. As the green light was also Devoured by Zhou Weiqing, the Direwolf King’s body slumped down onto the ground.

At last, Zhou Weiqing’s body crumpled to the ground as well, and this time, he did not make any more noise. It was not known whether it was because he had Devoured too much wind Alignment Heavenly Energy, causing the black-grey aura surrounding his body to have a tinge of light green colour.

Just several minutes ago, this is a place with a sea of direwolves, yet just in a matter of minutes, it was just a mess of blood. Including the Direwolf King, all of the Forest Direwolves had been totally wiped out.

Shangguan Bing’er stood up shakily, staring blankly at the scene in front of her, her soul still trembling. Zhou Weiqing in his Demonic Change state was indeed so terrifying. In truth, the power that he had used the whole time was not very strong, but the overbearing aura surrounding him caused the ordinary Forest Direwolves to lose the ability to fight back. In the end, he had also relied on continuous use of Control Skills and the power of the Demonic Right Leg to kill off the Direwolf King. He had indeed achieved the impossible.

Although she did not know about Zhou Weiqing’s Evil Attribute Skill Devour, she could actually see that Zhou Weiqing had been relying on the ordinary Forest Direwolves’ power to restore and reenergise oneself, if not it would have been simply impossible to kill that Zun Stage Direwolf King. How did he achieve such a feat? Why was he able to make use of the Heavenly Beasts’ strength after killing them?

As Shangguan Bing’er stood there transfixed to the ground, staring dully at the scene before her, all of a sudden, a flash of b.l.o.o.d.y light appeared, and a pair of dazzling yet monstrously bloodshot eyes appeared in front of her, a jet black hand grasping hold of her.

This is the end… The thought floated in Shangguan Bing’er’s mind as she closed both her eyes. At least dying in his hand is better than becoming wolf food.

However, the expected pain did not arrive in the next instant, instead Shangguan Bing’er felt her body tighten, as her whole body was enveloped in a broad, solid, warm, yet evil, cruel and blood-filled embrace. The somewhat overuse of strength made her whole body ache, and the heavy breathing was loud and constant in her ears, but she did not make any move to resist.

After a short moment of being dazed, Shangguan Bing’er recovered her senses. Wait… He hasn’t killed me? He actually didn’t kill me? How is this possible? He was clearly in the Demonic Change State a moment ago! How else could he have possibly killed off all those Forest Direwolves?

Her face was plastered to his chest, and she could feel that his chest was icy cold, with an eerie chill constantly flooding into her, that cruel and evil aura still thick and flowing around him unceasingly.

Opening her eyes, Shangguan Bing’er saw that the evil looking black tiger tattoos on Zhou Weiqing’s body were still fluctuating and moving, but at the same time, they were actually slowly fading away.

His Demonic Change is weakening and wearing off? Could it be… because of my presence?

This discovery made Shangguan Bing’er overjoyed, and she subconsciously lifted both her arms, ignoring the pain that was being caused to her by his tight grip, and embraced him back with his waist in her arms. In a firm and crisp voice, she spoke unhurriedly and clearly:

“Little Fatty… Wake… up… Come back…”

“Little Fatty… Wake… up… Come back…”

She kept repeating those words unceasingly, hugging him with all her might, using her body to keep him warm.

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