Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 4 Chapter 23.1

Chapter 23 Demonic Change (1)

“Run quickly!” Zhou Weiqing shouted at Shangguan Bing’er in anger and anxiety. Alas, at this time, the Direwolf King once again released 12 Wind Blades to attack him.

Against this sort of multi-directional attack, with Zhou Weiqing’s current speed, there was no possibility that he could just dodge it. As such, he had no choice but to use another Blink to save himself.

Shangguan Bing’er ignored Zhou Weiqing’s shout once again. By now, she was about five yards from him, and with a wave of her left hand, three Wind Blades flew out and knocked back three of the Forest Direwolves. As her body blurred and flashed once again, she had arrived at Zhou Weiqing’s side. Speaking clearly and unhurriedly: “We… shall… share… life …and… death… together. ”

Zhou Weiqing was now nearing the end of his limits, he was after all only at the 4th level of Heavenly Energy, and although he had not been using his Overlord Bow, but repeated use of his skills had drained a huge amount of Heavenly Energy. However, upon hearing Shangguan Bing’er’s words, it was as if his blood started boiling.

It’s worth it, truly worth it. Even if I just have this one woman in my life, for that one time, but being able to die for her, it is worth it.

The Direwolf King’s eyes were cold and cruel. After the few times it had exchanged blows with Zhou Weiqing, it had already seized up his true strength. Besides his right leg, that human was not of any other threat to it, and he would also not be able to sustain his Heavenly Energy much longer. As such, it had a plan to deal with Zhou Weiqing easily. and was not feeling any sense of urgency.  It did not need to use any other skills, nor did it give Zhou Weiqing any chance to get near, and just sent forth another twelve Wind Blades. This time, it was even more cunning; instead of targeting Zhou Weiqing, it targeted Shangguan Bing’er.

No matter how good the Blink Skill was, it wouldn’t allow him to bring someone along with him. At least, not at Zhou Weiqing’s current power levels.

Looking at the twelve Wind Blades a.s.sailing her from all directions, blocking off all possible escape routes, Shangguan Bing’er closed her eyes in despair. She was resigned to a fate; at least she had managed to reach his side before she died.

“d.a.m.n it! You silly girl!” Zhou Weiqing swiftly lifted his right and swept across, blocking six of the Wind Blades, while leaping onto Shangguan Bing’er and pus.h.i.+ng her to the ground.

The Wind Blades struck Zhou Weiqing’s right leg, causing a string of *Puff* sounds, and his trousers leg was also shredded into pieces, revealing the leg inside with the black tiger tattoos.

The Demonic Right Leg was indeed tyrannical. Under such a flurry of attacks, it was still totally undamaged. Alas, that was only true for his right leg…

With the sweep of his leg and the leap, his right leg had been hit by six Wind Blades, and he had successfully dodged three, but the last three still hit solidly onto his body.

A grating sc.r.a.ping sound sounded out as they struck him, and Zhou Weiqing felt his back heat up, and the t.i.tanium Alloy inner armour was torn into bits. Although t.i.tanium Alloy was strong, the inner armour was rather thin, and the Magic Tenacious Snake was merely a s.h.i.+ Stage Heavenly Beast, and its sinew was not able to withstand the power of the Wind Blades of the Direwolf King. Although it had blocked off most of the impact and offensive power of the Wind Blades from Zhou Weiqing, it had shattered in doing so.

With a m.u.f.fled grunt, Zhou Weiqing almost spat out blood with the huge impact along with the strong cutting sensation on his back, as three deep lines of blood were marked on his back.

With a buzzing sound, Zhou Weiqing felt as if something had invaded his brain, the entire attribute wheel seemed to turn totally blood red, and the Heavenly Energy in his Dantian seemed to rush out explosively. An incomparably cruel, evil mood seemed to strike him, causing him to experience all sorts of negative feelings.

Shangguan Bing’er was pressed down to the ground by Zhou Weiqing, and also gave out a m.u.f.fled grunt as the air was knocked out of her. Subconsciously, she opened her eyes again, only to see that Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, which had turned totally bloodshot again, with an even deeper red than the night he had taken her. An incomparably cold aura exploded forth from him suddenly, that freezing cold, evil feeling making her tremble.

As a breath of hot air blasted onto Shangguan Bing’er’s face, and there was a tremor in her heart. All of a sudden, Zhou Weiqing’s right hand slammed into the ground savagely, just right in front of her face.

With a dull *Peng* sound, the ground caved in about three feet down, causing Shangguan Bing’er to tumble down along with it, though she was not actually injured at all. Zhou Weiqing, on the other hand, used the impact from him striking the ground to vault up and leap away.

Zhou Weiqing’s body tumbled crosswise, and in the process, his clothes were totally shredded, his entire body’s bones crackling with a strange explosion sound, while his muscles grew and expanded very obviously, his entire skin surface covered completely by the fierce black tiger tattoo. The most terrifying thing was that at this moment, those tattoos were acting like they were alive, unceasingly moving and wriggling around on his skin.

Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Jewels around both his wrists also seemed to go through a change, the Ice Jade becoming a lot clearer and transparent as it whirled around his wrist. The Alexandrite Cat’s Eye on the other wrist also went through a similar change; its original bright rose red color became brighter and fresher, as if it were dripping blood, while the originally bright sparkle surrounding it had turned into a grey light.

His body tumbling for three revolutions in midair, Zhou Weiqing finally fell to the ground in a loud crash, landing hard on his hands and left foot to support his entire body, while his right leg was lifted up high in the sky. It could clearly be seen that his whole right leg was now completely black, a thick grey air swirling around it. His whole head of short black hair had also turned grey, and his bloodshot eyes just looked so terrifying.

“Demonic – Change – !” The words suddenly presented themselves in Shangguan Bing’er’s heart. At this very moment, her entire heart clenched tightly in sudden fear. Without a doubt, Zhou Weiqing’s current appearance was very similar to that of the Demonic Change of legend. To her knowledge, there were two possible situations for the Demonic Change to occur.

The first was when a Heavenly Jewel Master with the Evil Attribute received an intense external stimulation, causing them to go through a temporary Demonic Change. During the Demonic Change, the Heavenly Jewel Master would go berserk, gaining a huge boost in strength but at the cost of sanity and presence of mind, going around in mindless slaughter until nothing around was left alive. This situation, while it sounded bad, was actually relatively better. This was because after this bout of slaughter, the Heavenly Jewel Master would actually regain control of his mind, although he would be weakened for a period of time.

Alas, the second situation was much more terrifying and detrimental to the Heavenly Jewel Master. It was an irreversible Demonic change. This type of Demonic Change had a very low probability of happening, but once it appeared, only the word ‘disaster’ could describe it.

When the Heavenly Jewel Master went through the irreversible Demonic Change, his entire body would be completely turned into a demon, until he was no longer human. The process of going berserk and kill hungry would last forever, indulging in slaughter until he died, and such a change would also bring an even greater increase in strength and destructive power, almost up to several times that of the other Demonic Change. This was also why in the past, all of the Skill-Storing Palaces of the various large countries in the entire Boundless Mainland had joined forces to hunt down all of the Evil Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters.

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