Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 12 Chapter 94.2

Chapter 94 Triplets… (2)

Wei Yang did not even look at Lin TianAo, staring piercingly at Zhou Weiqing as she said: “Child, I have lived a long life, but your talent is something I have never seen before. I hope you will not waste this chance. As you should already know, Consolidated Equipment are of utmost importance to any Heavenly Jewel Master, and even more so for one with talent like yours. I do not know if you have already Consolidated all three Jewels or not, but if you want to become a future great powerhouse, you must not waste any further Physical Jewels. To fully make use of your six Attribute Elemental Jewels, only a Legendary Set can truly match that.”

Hearing her words, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but be utterly shocked. After all, this old lady called Wei Yang had just held his wrist for a few seconds, and she already knew his secret of having six Attributes?!

What sort of power was that?

As if sensing his shock, Wei Yang smiled faintly, saying: “You do not need to be so surprised, my senses are far more attuned and receptive than most others. Ahh, what a shame! You already have a teacher, otherwise I will definitely take you as my disciple, no matter what it takes.”

Although she spoke with a smiling face, but when she spoke those words, Zhou Weiqing did not doubt the resolve and seriousness of her intent.

Watching at the side, Lin TianAo’s shock was no lesser than Zhou Weiqing. He was not a Consolidating Equipment Master and did not understand some of what was said, but his cultivation level was much higher than Zhou Weiqing’s. As such, in observing this old lady, his senses told him a lot more. She gave him the impression as if she wasn’t real, as his senses couldn’t even detect a hint of her presence. Yet, she was definitely standing right in front of him, not an illusion at all. What did that mean? This old lady’s power was already far beyond either Zhou Weiqing or his own!

“Sis Wei Yang, is your Gold Fur Nether Jade Gra.s.s ready yet? Hurry up, we are only just waiting for that last one.” Right at that moment, they were abruptly interrupted by a deep resonant voice coming from outside. In the next instant, a tall, well built old man walked in.

The old man was dressed in a purple long robe, his greyish white spiky short hair stood up like porcupine needles. His features were good looking, an honest squarish feel, and he had an aura of stateliness about him. He was extremely well built, his physique almost rivalling Lin TianAo and Zhou Weiqing. However, he had a pair of very slim and slender hands, and they were the only part of him which were snow white, a strange contrast from the rest of his body.

Hearing the old man’s voice, Wei Yang did not even look back, instantly throwing the box with the Gold Fur Nether Jade Gra.s.s behind her.”

“You take it first, I have something to take care of.”

The old man caught the jade box easily, and as he did so, he swept his gaze across Zhou Weiqing and Lin TianAo. With some surprise, he said: “Wei Yang, are these some new little fellows that just arrived? When have you taken an interest in these little fellows? That is not the style of you, the Raksha of the Netherworld!”

Wei Yang spun around suddenly, glaring at the purple robed old man. In a serious tone, she said: “Ye RuiChen, if you want to die you can just tell me. If you dare call me by that ancient nickname again, this old lady will make sure you won’t be a man any longer.”

The purple clad old man’s expression froze, looking warily at Wei Yang. “Have you gone mad? Hmm, it seems like these two little fellows have quite some status in your heart huh? Let me see.”

Both Zhou Weiqing and Lin TianAo felt their vision blur before their eyes in a dazzle of purple flew towards them. However, Wei Yang also reacted instantly, and the very air around them seemed to warp violently, and a soft pus.h.i.+ng force sent both of them further back. In the next instant, the air reverberated strongly in violent tremors, and they could see a grey shadow and purple shadow clas.h.i.+ng at unbelievable speeds, flas.h.i.+ng around like 2 beams of light. In just that short period of time, they had clashed an unknown amount of times.

Zhou Weiqing and Lin TianAo glanced at each other helplessly, not sure what exactly was going on, and why the two elders were fighting with each other.

“Hahaha! I knew there was something wrong with your reaction. For one of these young men to catch Wei Yan’s critical eye, hmmm… could it be that he has the talent to inherit our legacy and skills? The more you do not want me to have a look, the more I am determined in doing so!” The purple clad old man’s loud voice laughed out.

Wei Yang said angrily: “Ye RuiChen, are you asking for death? Hmph. That little fellow already has a master.”

“So what if he has a master? As if his master can be stronger than me? That is not a problem at all!” Ye RuiChen said, grinning. “Wei Yang, you might have a higher cultivation level than me, but we both have the Spatial Attribute, and you know that if I am determined, it will not be that difficult for me to test them out. At the most, I might sustain some minor injuries. Why must you insist on stopping me? Heh, it seems that their talent must be really something for you to react so strongly!”

“Enough with the nonsense. If you really dare to charge forward insistently, this old lady will cripple you like promised. I will not let you force this child.”

“Force? What is there to force? How old can these two little rascals be? So what if they have a master, this old man can go accept his teacher as my disciple, then he will become my grand-disciple right? Heh heh.”

Another flash, and the two separated from their clash, each standing at the side panting a little. Wei Yang glared angrily at Ye RuiChen, saying: “You are literally full of bulls.h.i.+t, so smelly. As if his master wouldn’t have his own master? You already have a few disciples, this old lady has finally found someone favourable, and you dare try to s.n.a.t.c.h from me?”

Ye RuiChen grinned, saying: “Heh, your fox’s tail has revealed itself now right? What ‘he has a master’, all excuses! Who made a rule that a person can only have one master or teacher anyway? If you don’t want me to see, then fine, just be honest with me, which of the two is the one you have taken a fancy to, and what so outstanding about his talent?”

Right at that moment, a sudden low raspy voice interrupted them, traveling from beyond. “What are the two of you doing?! Hurry back up here, it’s almost the critical moment!”

Hearing that voice, both Wei Yang and Ye RuiChen’s face changed. They glanced at each other, and did not delay any further. In a flash, they both vanished, leaving the two youths standing there stupefied.

Lin TianAo turned towards Zhou Weiqing, saying in an uncertain tone: “Those two were so powerful, I couldn’t even tell what level they were at. Weiqing, what were they saying just now?”

Towards Wei Yang and Ye RuiChen’s conversation, Zhou Weiqing could understand the gist of it, and it seemed like it was an argument born out of his own talent. Without question, those two were definitely Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Masters or higher!

After some thought, Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “I’m not a hundred percent sure myself, Leader, but let’s head to the fourth level to join in the fun!”

Lin TianAo furrowed his brow, saying: “Weiqing, they were fighting over you earlier, why would you send yourself into the tiger’s mouth? With their power levels, either of them could kill us with a single finger.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily, saying: “There is only improvement when there is compet.i.tion, it might even be better than they are fighting over me. Relax, I guarantee that there will be no danger; who knows if something good might even happen. Come on, let’s go have a look.” As he said that, he quickly moved towards the exit to the third level.

Although Lin TianAo was still wary, but he was no Consolidating Equipment Master, and did not understand much about that world, and he followed suit behind Zhou Weiqing.

After climbing up to the third level, just as they were about the ascend to the fourth level, they were halted.

The ones who stopped them were four old men dressed in white, looking to be about sixty to seventy years. The one in the lead held up a hand to stop the two of them from continuing up the stairs, saying solemnly: “I’m sorry guests, the fourth level is temporarily closed. If both of you require custom made Scrolls, you will need to wait some time before you can enter. Unfortunately, I am unable to give an estimate of how long is required.”

Hearing their words, a disappointed look flashed across Zhou Weiqing’s face, and he shook his head helplessly and said to Lin TianAo: “In that case, let’s go back down to look for materials. We can also have a look at the third level, perhaps we might find some good completed Scrolls.”

Just as he was about to turn around with Lin TianAo and leave, a familiar voice rang out from behind the four white clad guards. “Who is that making all the noise. Be quiet, do not disturb the Masters.”

Hearing that voice, it was as if Zhou Weiqing was struck by a bolt of lightning. Spinning around abruptly, he saw a young girl walk out from behind the four guards, a girl who had plagued his dreams. Wasn’t it just Shangguan Bing’er?!

“Bing’er!” Zhou Weiqing cried out excitedly.

Shangguan Bing’er was wearing a white dress, and hearing Zhou Weiqing call her, she started, calling out in surprise: “Zhou Little Fatty?” As she said that, she walked out from behind the white clad guards.

When Zhou Weiqing had called out Bing’er, he had been a little wary at first. After all, the memory of being slapped by Shangguan Xue’er was still imprinted in his mind, especially the memory of the lasting pain.

However, upon looking closely, this Shangguan Bing’er did not have that cold aura of Shangguan Xue’er. Furthermore, she had called him Little Fatty on seeing him, and he did not hesitate any longer. He took a quick step forward, hugging her unhesitatingly.

As the saying goes, loss causes one to truly realise how important something is. When with the other members of the Fei Li Battle Team, Zhou Weiqing had not revealed how much he had been affected, how much he was missing her, for fear of affecting his teammates. But in truth, it had been plaguing him the whole time; otherwise, he wouldn’t have risked his life to fight Shen Little Demon with his all, to even reveal his hand against all his instincts.

At this time, finally getting to see Bing’er again, he was overjoyed and just hugged her instantly.

Seeing Zhou Weiqing charge at her, Shangguan Bing’er was startled, lifting her hands as if to block him, but a little mischievous glint in her eyes.

However, this ‘Shangguan Bing’er’ had underestimated Zhou Weiqing’s strength. She did not want to really hurt Zhou Weiqing, and thus did not put in much strength, whereas had been overeager and used a little too much. He never thought that Shangguan Bing’er would reject his embrace, and as such he had just hugged her without thinking.

The result was that this ‘Shangguan Bing’er’’s arms had not managed to block Zhou Weiqing at all, instead having them trapped between them in the embrace.

Zhou Weiqing had been yearning for Shangguan Bing’er too much, and as soon as he hugged her, he kissed her full on the lips.

On being kissed, ‘Shangguan Bing’er started, totally shocked as she was kissed deeply.

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