Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 9 Chapter 77.2

Chapter 77 Three Thousand Skill Tempering (2)

That was already a startlingly impressive state of training. Every hour, he could release sixty Spatial Rends! During every minute of waiting, he made use of the time to think and ponder about the Spatial Rend, what happened when he used it, its unique reactions etc. Furthermore, he constantly changed angles, directions, in releasing the Skill, trying out every possibility he could think off as he continued ‘dissecting’ the skill, as if making it part of his own life force.

As he continued using the skill, thinking pondering, experimenting, changing, improving, he fell into a trancelike state, becoming almost infatuated with it. This method of training, which he originally thought was a rather clumsy and awkward one, gave him a feeling he had never experienced before, as if the Spatial Rend was a tightly sealed door which was slowly opening, revealing its secrets to him.

This went for an entire day, as he went through the training without eating or sleeping. It was only then that he realised how tough it was for any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master to complete this thousand-tempering training, perhaps three days and three nights would not even be enough, requiring more than five days. What kind of toll would that take on their body, without food and sleep for so long, and even the time to drink water had to be s.n.a.t.c.hed quickly when pondering the skill.

It was no wonder that even someone so resolute like Lin TianAo would not easily go through this training method.

Zhou Weiqing was fully immersed in this wonderful feeling, almost unwilling to break out of it. Tempering the skill, understanding it, there seemed to be no end in sight; as soon as you felt you understood it better, a new mysterious understood struck you, and every minute change gave a strange feeling.

As the day pa.s.sed, Zhou Weiqing had already completed one thousand seven hundred Spatial Rends! As immersed as he was, he had not even realised when Fat Cat had leapt out of his embrace.

This time, Fat Cat did not sleep. When she discovered that Zhou Weiqing had actually managed to unleash more than a hundred Spatial Rend in two hours, her deep purple eyes were filled with shock. Although in her eyes, Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level was extremely low, that unbelievable recovery rate was unparalleled, not even a Zong Stage Master could compare! It was rumoured that only upon reaching the Heavenly Dao Energy stage, linking with heaven and earth, only then could one’s body reverberate together with the energy of the world, allowing their own personal Heavenly Energy to recover quickly.

Fat Cat’s cultivation level was much higher than Zhou Weiqing’s, but she knew that just in terms of recovery of Heavenly Energy, she was no match for him.

The recovery rate of Heavenly Energy was directly linked to sustainability of combat power, and could also allow one to train and temper their skills at a much faster rate. Furthermore, she sensed that Zhou Weiqing’s training method was definitely unique, and had many more secrets locked behind it. If Zhou Weiqing continued on with it, perhaps his cultivation speed would rival or surpa.s.s the training methods of those Great Saint Lands!

Zhou Weiqing stayed in this training state all the way until the evening of the second day, and that was only because when he subconsciously grabbed the water container to drink, nothing entered his throat, and he was taken aback for a moment. At that point, a purple light shot forth from Fat Cat’s eyes, entering Zhou Weiqing’s forehead, rousing him from the state.

As he fully awoke, Zhou Weiqing started. The next instant, his body folded down and he sat down on the ground abruptly as a strong sense of weakness overcame him, flooding every inch of his body. He felt as if his brain was a mess, blurriness threatening to overcome him. His entire body was a miasma of pain, down to his very meridians, as if it were piercing right into his soul.

It took an hour of rest before Zhou Weiqing’s consciousness fully recovered from the pain, and by then his clothes were fully soaked in sweat. For him, whose body was extremely powerful and had been transformed by the black pearl, such a circ.u.mstance was definitely very rare. As such, the first thing that came to Zhou Weiqing’s mind was that… for any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master to use this tempering method, to use five days to complete a thousand times, what would he feel? Probably much worse!

Indeed, his guess was right. When they had been advising him, Xiao Yan had seen that Zhou Weiqing had not taken this training method to heart, and naturally did not continue telling him about the side effects. Any normal Heavenly Jewel Master who underwent this training would be bedridden for at least half a month before recovering fully. Such overwhelming pain was one of the reasons why they would not want to continue using such a method, especially not often.

Once again, Zhou Weiqing settled down to rest, taking out some dry rations from his Spatial Necklace and gnawing upon it. After about an hour of rest, the sky had fully darkened, and he had recovered some energy. He quickly ran to the dining area to get a large bowl of porridge and some minced meat to eat, but even then the feeling of feebleness did not leave him.

Returning to his room, Zhou Weiqing collapsed onto his bed, and almost instantly fell into a deep sleep, as if he had fainted.

When he awoke from his sleep, it was already noon of the next day. He did not dare eat anything solid, having another large bowl of porridge with some more minced meat and diced vegetables. Only then did Zhou Weiqing feel alive again, though he was still feeling feeble and weak.

His stomach satiated, Zhou Weiqing returned to his room. That feeling yesterday night after the training was just too terrifying; not just the weakness in his body, but also the mind. He had been unable to think, as if he was on the verge of death.

However, now that his mind had recovered, Zhou Weiqing could fully feel the benefits of this training tempering method.

In the two days, he had used the Spatial Rend three thousand times! That gave him a rather unique feeling, as if in the past the Skill was just like a tool to him, although using it was not difficult, it was clear it was just a direct use of the Skill only.

However, after these two days of tempering training, he found that his Spatial Rend now felt different from all his other Skills. The rest were still like tools, but the Spatial Rend felt connected to him, as if part of his own life, part of his soul.

The myriad different profound meanings behind the Spatial Rend were slowly melding with him. It was still the same Skill, but it felt totally different now.

In truth, even Zhou Weiqing did not realise that a normal thousand-tempering training did not have such a powerful effect. That was because no one else could duplicate what he just did, to temper three thousand times! Three thousand times, it wasn’t as simple as three times of a thousand-tempering! A Continuous three-thousand tempering, the understanding that Zhou Weiqing got from it allowed him to truly understand the Skill, the understanding behind the attribute, the various profound mysteries. Without a teacher, being able to do this was almost impossible.

Fat Cat was sleeping now, but Zhou Weiqing was extremely excited. He couldn’t wait til tomorrow when he could put his new understanding of the skill to use in the fight tomorrow.

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