Alluring Poisonous Consort: Overwhelms the Demonic King Chapter 9

The red blood stained with golden light tore the curtain of the night. The sunrise getting brighter seems like volcano splitting and the scorching hot magma flows slowly over the mountains, illuminating the undulating land, finally fall on the last shortest slope in Feng DuWu location.

She and Wu Gang both had a tacit understanding to sat in lotus position, stimulating then absorbing this pure first wisp of Qi Fundamental energy into their body. However, when Feng DuWu closed her eyes and absorbed the Qi Fundamental energy, the bone in her that was put away in her s.p.a.ce unexpectedly broke free from her s.p.a.ce and flew out. It floated on top of her head while emitting blood-colored light against the rising sun. It appears to have a strong attraction, forcibly absorbing a fine crimson light from the rising sun.

The white bone began to become bright dark red and bright as the light pouring in, until all the lightning-like red light was absorbed. It seems overwhelmed. It suddenly flickered twice then flew back into Feng DuWu's s.p.a.ce.

Due to bone spur of movement, the extremely rich Fundamental Qi poured into Feng DuWu' body and made her filled with a full warm feeling. It's like a beggar who's been hungry for a long time and suddenly wolfing down a good meal, it made one extremely contented.

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After feeling contented, the Fundamental Qi still poured uninterruptedly into Feng DuWu's body. Feng DuWu wants to stop it but has no control over it. One can only helplessly feel that the Fundamental Qi spirit flooding into her dantian which fill it to bursting point and made her dantian seems to merge into a fireball. The fireball not only getting bigger but also hotter which makes her feel that her dantian could be broken at any time!

Such sudden situation made the completely inexperienced Feng DuWu somewhat fl.u.s.tered. Just at the time she felt helpless, her brain inexplicably flashed a thought: quickly use pure yin energy!

Almost instinctively listening to the brain's instruction, Feng DuWu released the pure yin energy that was sealed in the depths of her dantian, it immediately like a basin of cold water that extinguished the scorching heat in her dantian. One cold energy and another one hot energy collide, countless forces like fireworks explode, and when Feng DuWu late too react, it rushed to every joint in Feng DuWu's body.

The body makes a “” noise, every joint of Feng DuWu were hit, it makes protrude shape under her skin then it restore again as before. It's like some living creature b.u.mping into Feng DuWu's body.

By the time the last joint opened, Feng DuWu suddenly opened her eyes. In the eyes, there were two thin lights intertwined with each other, one white and one red.

She's too lucky, the whole palm was wrapped in a light blue glow, it makes her look at her palm in disbelief!

Sixth rank of Qi Mang stage!

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Nowadays, Fourth Young master who are known as genius by the people, took ten days to break through to seventh rank of Qi Jin stage and another month to break through to seventh rank of Qi Mang stage! While she barely spent two days, she already jumped from a waste to seventh rank of Qi Jin stage then sixth rank of Qi Mang stage!

This is simply comparable to the speed of the rocket, if it were to be said to other people, they will only think she is dreaming!

Feng DuWu really felt as if in a dream at the moment, of course, because she never been exposed to cultivation previously she didn't know that the world Qi Fundamental are all the more from how strong Yang energy. The purer the essence of Qi Fundamental, the more frantic the riots (暴动因子, not sure how to translate this part, if you have other suggestion kindly informed and I will edit it) contained in it. After absorption, one will need some time to filter out that riots and change it into one own's power. And her pure Yin body can directly change that riots into her power. Therefore, her cultivation stands out ten times more than ordinary people. This is also the reason why people desire woman with pure Yin body, since its the best furnace to used for cultivation.

After feeling happy, Feng DuWu saw that Wu Gang was still sitting in lotus position. His whole body was wrapped in a white light like ball, three blue and purple elements alternated around the white light like ball. Feng DuWu knows this Wu Gang's will ascend from the sixth rank of True Fundamental stage to seventh rank of True Fundamental, so she didn't dare to bother him.

The more you go up, the more difficult one to cultivate. If you were disturbed in when trying to advanced rank, it is very likely that the cultivator will be getting backlash from Qi Fundamental and the injury will spread continuously where later you became handicapped. Therefore, every time those cultivator experts advancing in rank, either they will find people to protect them or find some hidden to go seclusion.

Feng DuWu planning to enjoy the scenery of the landscape, yet there come two uninvited guests. When the other party arrived in front of her, she saw that it was a man and a woman. Seeing their dressing, not like common people, presumably they also came here to cultivates in the morning, Feng DuWu felt somewhat inexplicable about the hostility on their faces.

“Identify yourself and hand over the treasure!”

The woman wore light green colored swallowtail robes and knee-length skirt and the upper part, she wore pink sleeveless wide-shouldered satin with yellow lotus in the border, matched with pink belt which made it looked like cannot fit the palm when one holds on to it. How one look, it was like a lively little girl, but once she starts to talk, that arrogant att.i.tude makes Feng DuWu upsets.

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Even though her appearance ordinary, Feng DuWu standing along the breeze, it able to showed a gentle and beautiful figure and made her looks exquisite and graceful.The cool breeze was as if avoiding the light muslin she wore, it just like a fairy who wants to ride away in the wind. For the two people in front of her, she chose to look from the top of the mountain.

The girl was astonished and felt envy by Feng DuWu graceful bearing. Seeing that she had turned a blind eye to them. The girl who had never been neglected in Fengyang Town suddenly looked angry: “This is the last chance for you. Quickly hand over the treasure, otherwise this Young Miss will make you to have no place in Fengyang Town!”

“Young lady, if you don't want to go to Yellow Spring (underworld of Chinese mythology) with your lover, you better hand over the treasures, no one in Fengyang Town has dared to offend Chu family.” The youth also opened his mouth.

Feng DuWu leaned her head and the slender phoenix eyes narrowed: “You guys are noisy.”

“You court death!”

The girl's immediately leap up to launch attack after her last patience was also drained by Feng DuWu. There a layer of light blue of Qi Mang stage on her fist.

Clearly she's equal with Feng DuWu: Sixth rank of Qi Mang stage.

Although the glow of the rising sun is extremely pure, it is only useful for Condensation of Energy in Fundamental Condensation Realm. Once one reaches beyond Fundamental Condensation Realm, they already couldn't cultivated this way. For Wu Gang to able to advance, its completely following from Feng DuWu's good fortune. It should be said that he and Feng DuWu have following the good fortunes of the bone.

Therefore, Feng DuWu from early on already knew that the cultivation of the two people would not be too high, otherwise they would not pestering Wu Gang and her.

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The ball of light produced by Wu Gang's cultivation actually protecting him, unless the strength are equal, or the person with higher strength, otherwise the attack will be the rebound of the light ball and injured the person attacking him.

Seeing oneself expectation was not bad, Feng DuWu's footstep became certain and clenched her fists to counterattack.

Two punches. .h.i.t each other and a blue air stream hit on it.

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