Scum Of The Cultivation World Chapter 35

Translator: IchinonsenseChapter 35 - I even Want You

The two walked into the trading market as Yue Qianchou looked around, everything here was incomparable to what he felt from the novels. Guan Yu gave a glance at him, although after this period of time he got a long well and the tension had been eliminated a lot, but for his life essence to be in possession of other people, it was still uncomfortable. He said to the former, "Do you want to only see around or stay here for a few days?"

Yue Qianchou was full of interest and couldn't help but nodded and said, "This is my first time here, what do you think i want? Stay for a few days! You are more familiar with this place, where do you think we should stay?"

Guan Yu inadvertently revealed a smile and said, "Come with me!"

The two walked forward, pa.s.sing a large square, there were a lot of people here with a variety of stalls. Guan Yu took him toward an inn, Yue Qianchou looked around and found that the inn in front of them was probably the most luxurious one he saw here. The sign on the front was 'Hundred Flowers Residence', he followed Guan Yu without much thought.

When the two just entered, a man gave a warm greeting and said, "Welcome two guests, please enjoy your stay." Yue Qianchou took a glance and found that this guy had a Qi Condensation level seven. Guan Yu went and knocked at the counter and called, "Manager, give us two of your best rooms."

The fat man at the counter was hurrying over as he arrived with a gasp and smile, "The best room is ten mid-grade spirit stones a day, two is twenty mid-grade, i wonder how many days the two guests going to stay?"

"How many days?" Asked Guan Yu.

Yue Qianchou thought for a while and frowned, "Something wrong!  Two rooms for twenty mid-grade spirit stones? That's more or less half a year income for sect's disciples in general, yet you charge that for a day?"

The fat manager replied, "I'm afraid this is young brother's first time here. Our 'Hundred Flowers Residence' is operated by Hundred Flowers Palace, we are also the best inn of the entire Hundred Flowers Valley. You can stay here with a piece of mind. Rest a.s.sured, whether it is the right path or the devil path, not many people dare to make a ruckus here, twenty mid-grade spirit stones are absolutely worth the price."

"Oh! not many dare to make a trouble doesn't guarantee whether no one dare to make a trouble!" Said Yue Qianchou, seeing the manager's facial expression changed, he thought that he might be the person who would offend the Hundred Flowers Palace instead, no good, he immediately followed suit, "Then stay a day!"

The manager's was at ease and smiled, "Then two rooms for the guests?"

Yue Qianchou nodded, he acted to insert his hand into his robes and grabbed twenty spirit stones. The spirit stones were put on the counter.

The manager saw the spirit stones came out of the flat robes and couldn't help but look at it strangely. Yue Qianchou had a glimpse of it. In his mind he made a plan to look for something like a storage bag.

After the registration was over, the two went upstairs. Yue Qianchou inadvertently picked up a strange smile on Guan Yu's face. After a brief look, he immediately understood what was going on. "So that's why he got me into this so f.u.c.king expensive place, he still has a grudge against Father, d.a.m.n! Wants to bankrupt Father huh! This symptom is not good, he must be disciplined later."

The room lived up to the high price, the room furnishings were many and in a good quality, opening the window, he could see the lively square below. Yue Qianchou was in a good mood, the retaliation by Guan Yu was set aside.

"Hmm! Let's experience the trading market of cultivators and see what good things there are." Muttered Yue Qianchou, he casually walked out of the inn.

If he wasn't told beforehand, he wouldn't be able to tell at a glance that this was not a trading market for mortals. Yue Qianchou slowly strolled through a few stalls and booths but he couldn't find anything he knew.

He arrived before a certain stall, it was very deserted, greatly different from the excitement around it. Yue Qianchou suddenly saw a variety of talismans on the table, he couldn't help but made a stop and asked, "What do you have here daoist friend?"

The stall owner quickly stood up and pointed to a certain talisman and said, "This is a smoke talisman, it is useful for escaping in a dangerous situation, ten low-grade spirit stones. This is a fire talisman, throw it afar and it would ignite a high flame in a radius of ten zhang and can last for ten breaths of time, one low-grade spirit stone. This is an arrow talisman, it could shoot up to thirty zhang afar and penetrate one li of brick wall, each for two low-grade spirit stones. This is thunderbolt talisman...."

The more Yue Qianchou heard it, the brighter his eyes became. These talismans are simply a necessary good things for killing and arson! He looked carefully toward the stall owner, a young man in his early twenty, a Qi Condensation level eight cultivator.

"How is it, are you interested to buy? You can buy in bulk for a cheaper price," Asked the young cultivator sincerely, Yue Qianchou smiled and said, "Are all of these made by yourself?"

The young cultivator nodded and said, "I did it myself, this is the secret pa.s.sed by in my family. If it weren't for my low cultivation, there would be many more powerful talismans that i can make. I wouldn't be reduced to this state to sell these low-level talismans for a living.

Yue Qianchou smiled and asked, "How? Don't you have any relatives in your family?" The youth sadly lowered his head then shook it lightly.

"I want to buy, but i don't know if the effect are as you said in the end?" Said Yue Qianchou with a little hesitation.

The young cultivator was a bit anxious and said, "Daoist friend, even though i look young and inexperienced, but i guarantee that these talismans are good quality. If you don't believe me, we can find a remote place to try some."

Yue Qianchou rubbed his nose and said, "Then let's find a place to try, if the effect is really good, i'll buy it all."

"Daoist friend wait!" The young cultivator hurried to to pick up the stall and led Yue Qianchou to go outside the market.

Yue Qianchou looked around and found that the place was very remote. Satisfied, he nodded and said, "Daoist friend, try a couple of talismans for me to see!" The young cultivator immediately picked several different talismans from his bag to test it one by one.

The effect was really good, Yue Qianchou was very happy, he couldn't help but ask, "I saw that your stall was deserted and n.o.body even looked at it, did you make the talismans so blinding?"

The young cultivator slowly lowered his head and returned with an honest reply, "It was my first day here with my stall, many people were very enthusiastic when they first saw my talismans, but after hearing those were made by me, they no longer paid attention, because a person with higher cultivation would naturally make better talismans, so....."

The voice was very low, Yue Qianchou understood the meaning, in the heart he thought, "This unlucky kid is too honest. Couldn't you just say that your father or your master made it?"

"You have to help me! I have shown you the power of the talismans and the remaining wouldn't be worse than those. I'll give you the lowest price if you buy more, otherwise i won't even be able to pay for tomorrow's stall fees," Said the young cultivator, almost pleading.

"OK! I'll take it all," Said Yue Qianchou, he patted him on the shoulder as he looked around. The young cultivator happily nodded his head. But the buyer continued to say and patted his shoulder again, "I even want you!" Before he could even response, the scene around him changed and a flowerbed appeared before him.

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