Season Of The Shifters Part 7

With a thought, Marabeth began moving the vine in the tree where Cordin perched. If she could keep his attention long enough, she'd tie him and have a serious discussion with Cordin. She couldn't keep him captive forever, but a day or two wouldn't matter. Shouldn't she be allowed fun too?

"What else did you like about me?"

"Sweet Marabeth, let's discuss this away from this place. Once your sister has had her fill, she'll try to kill me."

"You've already stolen the star."

"I have taken back what was stolen from me." His eyes flared again and he looked directly at her as if he could see her blended into the darkness. Cordin was powerful; perhaps he had found a way through her spell. If anyone could undo her, it was Cordin.

"I miss you, Cordin."

His face nearly glowed. "I still love you, Marabeth. You'd know that if you'd stop blocking me. You'd know how I dream of you back in my home, lying beneath me."

The words were sweet and had bought her enough time. The vine made its way up to Cordin and hooked around his waist. Before he knew it, her Cordin was tied to the tree with only his arms free.

"What have you done?" He pulled against the vines, tearing at them. "Marabeth?"

She appeared, floating near. He watched her and stopped struggling for a minute. This gave her the time to call two more vines. Flyers were dangerous until their hands were bound. She'd always wanted to tie him up. Perhaps there was something wicked inside her. The idea of having him under her control, made her skin tingle.

Marabeth approached, while the waiting vines dangled down. When his attention was on her, she dropped the vines binding both his arms up over his head and attaching him to the branch above.


"h.e.l.lo, Love."

He was too beautiful not to touch. She slid her hands into his hair, loving the feel of it in her fingertips. It was wrong but she untied the lacings keeping his chest covered. The vest fell open exposing his muscled chest. Oh, flyer muscles were lovely things. In all her years she'd never seen a flabby male flyer.

"There's something s.e.xy about you this way." She ran her hand across his chest, lightly tickling his nipples. "I don't think we ever tried it like this. You were always in control of me."

"I don't remember you complaining."

Marabeth straddled him. She missed the way he felt between her thighs. He'd never let her on top, though. There were many occasions where he made her beg for release, and at the time, she liked it. Maybe it was time to try a change.

She touched his hair again, then kissed his cheek, letting her lips trail to his lips. Kissing him had always been the best part. His kisses were always filled with pa.s.sion, plundering her. Even tied, he took control of her mouth and showed her what she'd been missing.

"Why, Cordin. You do still care." She touched the rigid length in his pants. "Surely we can spare a few minutes."

Chapter Seven.

Liking stepped into the cabin carrying the odd cribs he'd made. They weren't much more than nests with wooden rails, but they would cradle the babies during the night. He wished he had a loom like he had back in the village. It would be better to make the cribs from builders' cloth, but he didn't even have the proper tools to build wooden boxes for the children. Maybe that would be his next project, a loom.

Inside the cabin, Sarah had all three babies cuddled in pillows. She helped Liking set the cribs at the foot of the bed then rigged up some blankets like a curtain on two sides to separate their bed from the babies. With the babies sleeping all the time, it was best to keep extra light and sound out, what little extra the blankets could block. Besides, it gave them a touch of privacy.

Maybe he would bring her and the children back to the flyer village. They would be safe there and he could properly care for them. She'd have a fine house and each child a separate room.

By the time the moon rose high in the sky, he had helped tuck the babies into their new beds. The blankets worked wonderfully, allowing them a little more light while helping the babies to rest. They drew both sides closed.

Tonight Liking could rest, not worrying over Celia. He had his family. He'd never felt such complete love before now, such a sense of belonging. It was a little odd, but beautiful just the same. For the first time in his life, he loved so deeply that it hurt.

He looked at Sarah. She seemed tired and a little stressed. He hated to think he'd caused her so much grief. He knew she'd worried about him while he'd been with Lynn. It was kind; everything about her was sweet. She gave careful attention to him and the babies without worrying for herself.

She sat at her little table and ran a brush through her long dark hair. It was a lovely shade of chestnut but had an odd hue to it, almost blue when she turned a certain way. It was as if her hair came from the water. Maybe it had.

"Sarah, are you happy that I'm here?" The unta provided the answer before she spoke, and for once in his life he felt good about the woman he was with.

"Of course I'm glad you're here." She spoke honestly but he could tell she held something back. Liking couldn't pick up on the cause of her remorse but she was troubled by some aspect of their relations.h.i.+p.

"What aren't you saying?"

She looked at him with eyes so blue they didn't look real. "I was on my way to the ocean and now I fear I'll never see it again. Not that I regret meeting you, I just long for the water, the sound of the surf. I'm sure it will pa.s.s with time."

"You are a creature of water." He thought about the village. "When I lived with the flyers, I had a house by the ocean. The sound of waves lulled me to sleep at night. It was wonderful."

"It sounds like you miss it."

He did miss the village. Their world was so wonderful, so peaceful. He didn't feel like an outsider. Well, until he'd tried to take Anzele for his own. Surely with this much time pa.s.sing his sins would be forgiven.

"Would you be happier in a village of flyers?" That was the biggest factor. He wanted Sarah happy, but he didn't want her disappearing into the water and never coming back to him.

"Will the flyers treat the babies well?"

He considered this. Flyers were a kind race. There was no telling how they would react to children from a s.h.i.+fter mating. He supposed the only way to know for sure would be to go and see.

"Cordin seems to think they'd be loved. I guess if they weren't treated well, we could leave. This place really isn't safe with Lynn around. She will try to track her babies. I know her. She'll take Elise and kill the others. To her, anything that isn't s.h.i.+fter is a defect."

"Then it sounds like we have no choice."

He went to her, sitting in the chair beside her. "Would you be happy?"

"Living by the ocean with the man I love? It would be bliss."

Sarah smiled and her desires filled his mind. She came over to him, kneeling by his chair and touching the marks on his chest. They were healing. On his home land, he would already be better.

She kissed the skin on either side of the injury, then unfastened his pants. With her attention at his lap, he reached down, touching her b.r.e.a.s.t.s that threatened to spill from the edge of her dress. He helped them, tugging down the top until her b.r.e.a.s.t.s came out, nipples showing. He loved looking at her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. He started pulling her up to kiss them but she'd have no part of it. His Sarah wanted the play to go her way.

It took her a moment to free his c.o.c.k. The engorged flesh clung in the material but she managed. She licked her full lips then licked the head of his c.o.c.k, rubbing the tip of her tongue along the sensitive underside. She brought one hand beneath his b.a.l.l.s squeezing them gently before running her tongue to his sack.

"Oh, Sarah."

She went back to the head and wrapped her lips around him, drawing his shaft between those full lips. The length disappeared down her throat and reappeared. She sucked the dewy tip then brought him back down her throat. He watched her, forced by the action, the wickedness of that mouth and those lovely b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

"You might want to stop that."

Liking groaned as Sarah shook her head no with him in her mouth. Her eyes watched him. She felt his load rising, she had to. Her mouth gripped him, then she brought him back into her throat as far as she could take him. In and out, faster as her tongue lapped and he drew closer to release. Her hand squeezed his shaft, making sure all of him was being touched.

He tried to tell her that he was coming but his words were lost in a silent cry as his release filled her. She kept him in her mouth, sucking him dry. He bent back, letting his body surrender to her touch. His c.o.c.k pulsed against her hungry mouth. Finally those soft lips released him, giving him a last lick as she pulled away.

"How's that?" she asked as she got off her knees.

Liking looked at her. She didn't cover her b.r.e.a.s.t.s but let the edge of the dress poke them out, showing them at their fullest. She turned, started to walk away, as if their lovemaking was finished.

"My siren, this isn't over."

He stood, not fastening his pants. He wanted her to see that he was still able to satisfy her. His erection hadn't diminished. In fact, the idea of making her succ.u.mb made him more aroused. That had been her plan, to satisfy him and go to sleep. Such things would never do.

"You want more?" She ran her fingers over her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. "Really? I would think that you were spent."

Want pulsed through his body. He couldn't think, only feel raging emotions brought out by this beautiful woman. He went forward and pushed Sarah onto the bed. In one motion, he jerked off her dress and dropped it on the floor. There she was naked, white skin on the covers. Her gentle curves taunted him, begging for his attention.

"Aren't you going to take off your pants?"

"You had your way, now it's my turn."

He pulled the lacings from his sliced s.h.i.+rt and climbed on top of her. She fought a little but he knew her heart and she loved the idea of him taking control. The unta showed him the secret fantasies that drifted through her mind while they made love and he intended to fulfill all her fantasies, spoken or not. He tied both her hands to the wooden posts.

"What are you doing?"

She knew what he was doing. Sarah felt his desire and he knew hers. Still, the game was interesting. During their lives, they would make love for centuries, in every conceivable position. It would be these early awkward times he'd treasure most of all, as they learned each other, when everything was forbidden and exploratory.

"I'm learning you. Wait just a minute."

Liking looked around the room and found some soft cloth in a basket in the corner. He took a sc.r.a.p and went back to the bed. He dangled the cloth over her naked body, letting it brush against her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. He trailed it lower, tickling her abdomen and hips. When he reached her thighs, she jerked them together, blocking her s.e.x from his a.s.sault on her senses. He trailed the cloth to her feet and back up her body, leisurely stimulating every nerve before deciding to mimic the action with his mouth. He touched her with just his lip. Down her neck and collarbone, caressing her petal soft skin. He made sure not to touch her with his hands. His resolve faltered when his lips reached her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. He longed to bring the tips into his mouth but decided to wait. He skimmed her hip bones and the tops of her thighs. She opened her legs. This time he ran his hands between her thighs, opening her body wider to him. He wanted everything to be exposed, vulnerable to his teases. The act heightened her arousal, until her body hummed with desire and power. Their bond brought her physical pleasure into his mind, mixing with his own.

Liking knew what she wanted. Her glistening slit practically begged to be tasted, but not yet. His lips slipped over her inner thighs, coming so close to her starving center but never touching.

She squirmed. He liked watching her move yet still be unable to stop his exploits. He breathed on her inner thighs, bringing his mouth close to her mound, his hot breath eliciting more squirming and soft moans. He was careful not to actually touch, letting his breath caress her sensitive regions. She tried to bring her thighs together, but his body kept her open, so exposed, so delicious.

He didn't know how much longer he could keep up this torture, for both of them. He lowered his mouth to tickle the small curled hairs. Her hips bucked toward his mouth. He went to her slit and spread her lips. She was at his mercy, unable to stop him. Like a song in the back of his mind, he felt her and she loved his control as much as he did.

It was time to change the rules of this game. He wanted to make her come, to see how many times he could make her cry out his name. His desire grew as he manipulated her sweet mound. He took her pink bud in his lips, flicking it with his tongue making her reel. She came almost immediately, straining against the ties and bucking while moaning softly. Her thighs pressed around him. He loved being surrounded by her flesh. She had one release, but he wanted more.

Liking didn't give her body a chance to recover and drove his tongue into her, tasting the sweet nectar that reminded him a little of the ocean.

"Please," she pleaded trying to move her mound away from his mouth. "Put your c.o.c.k inside me."

With gentle pressure, he pressed his tongue against the bud again and she jumped, squirmed. He loved the way she responded, her thighs trembling around him while her back arched.

"I can't handle much more," she groaned.

She was going to have to handle many more. He spread her open, lapping her folds, nipping, listening to her breathing growing faster. It only took a moment more before her next release. This one was more intense, and he thought she'd break the ties.

Liking climbed up her body, nibbling at her hardened nipples. She was beautiful with flushed skin slightly moist from her pleasure. He sucked her breast as he slid a finger into her hot mound. He added another finger, and to his surprise, she came again. The thought of her third release was too much. He had to slip inside her, let her really surround his body. Two fingers weren't enough; he wanted to stretch her to the breaking point.

With a tilt of his hips, his erection was at her opening. She gasped as he entered, hot juices surrounding his c.o.c.k while her hips bucked, bringing him deeper. He wouldn't be gentle this time. He slid his hands next to her then started in and out, deeper and harder with each thrust. She cried out causing his body to go faster.

"So tight," he managed as he pounded.

Sarah's head lolled back as every muscle quivered and her body exploded in a s.e.xy moan. He'd brought her over the edge again and had to follow. Those creamy thighs forced his body deeper and he spilled his seed.

"I love you, Sarah." He eased off her, untying her restraints. Fatigued, he rolled her onto his body. "I love you." He glanced over, but she'd already fallen asleep.

Lynn watched them from the window. They didn't notice her eyes flaring silver outside the gla.s.s. Liking had been too busy with his little wh.o.r.e, playing house as if they belonged together.

She extended one hand, changing it into a claw. It would be easy to break into the cabin and destroy the occupants. They deserved it for taking her children. Liking had no right to them. He was nothing but the donor, a breeder used for the only thing he'd done well. They'd created life together, but it had been hers to carry and bring into the world.

As a war bird, she could take the sleeping couple easily, shredding them on her claws. One turn of her beak would rip apart the wh.o.r.e. She'd do it while Liking watched. That would teach him his place.

She started to s.h.i.+ft when a shrill noise inside the cabin caught her attention. The female jumped up and slid on a sleep s.h.i.+rt. She went to the curtained off section of the room and brought out Celia. The little girl's black wings fluttered as the woman held the baby to her chest.

With Celia cradled in her arms, she went to a cabinet and pulled out a small pitcher then proceeded to fill a water bladder. A moment later, Celia was happily drinking. Liking helped her get it ready, then left when another child cried, followed by the third.

He hadn't killed the boy?

She'd never imagined Liking defying her. Maybe asking him to destroy the child had been the turning point for them. No, the end would've come earlier had she not been pregnant. His stay had been for them, never her. She'd always known it, but couldn't face it until now.

Even Elise seemed content. The wh.o.r.e had both girls while Liking held his son. They'd rigged one bladder where both of her daughters could drink. The boy fed on one of his own. Liking sat close to the woman, looking at her with pure love. Although none of the children resembled the woman, they'd clearly created a family.

A sharp bit of pain cut through her heart. That woman loved those children and Lynn had to admit that she'd only truly cared for Elise. Was it so wrong? She supposed it was. Elise was the only babe who resembled her.

How could this woman love children so different from her? Lynn didn't like the answer echoing through her mind. Maybe she was a better woman.

Lynn s.h.i.+fted her hand back to normal. It hurt to be alone. She'd always thought Liking would leave her, but she'd have Elise. It never occurred to her that Liking would take the children. Not many men would take on the burden of three babies. He probably wouldn't have attempted it, except for that wh.o.r.e.

She glanced back through the window. It would be easy enough to take them back, rip the babes from their arms, but she couldn't do it. Even from outside the gla.s.s, Lynn could sense the love in that little cabin. It was a deep emotion and one her children deserved to know.

In the darkness, tears filled Lynn's eyes. She created wings, altering her back to form large ones like a bat that lifted her from the ground. Below she heard the door to the cabin open.


Liking. She didn't turn around. Seeing Liking would only make things worse and what could she say. Part of her wanted to yell at him, hit, and tear him to bits. None of that would help though.

"Do you love her Liking?" she called out.

"Stop. Let's talk about this." He came closer. "We need to talk about this. We need to talk about the children."

He wanted to talk. What did he have to say? Everything she cared about was taken away. It wasn't fair. She was alone and he had a new mate and children. Bitterness filled Lynn's heart.

"Answer the question. Do you love her?"

Liking caught up to her. It had been difficult for him to live with her she knew. s.h.i.+fters didn't keep mates around, or any men unless it was time to breed, so she had no knowledge of a standard family. Lynn hadn't wanted to be alone, especially with all of her kind gone, murdered by the flyers. She'd clung to Liking, wanting company, needing someone to talk to.

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