Zannen Kei na Ojou-sama no Nichijou Chapter 19

Finished changing, I was welcomed by the scene of Tengenji sitting in the corner of the room. Beside him, was Kiryuu looking down on him in disdain.

S-Scary. I can feel the cold enough to make ice.

On the other side, I say Amamiya looking at the two amusingly. I have no clue what this person is thinking. Sensei too, is smiling as she did stuff on her computer expressing “How young~” as she looked over from time to time.

“Sorry! D-Didn’t think that Asami-kun, no, Asami-san? Is a girl so… that, sorry!”“You were thinking of something indecent right~?”“Uu… no”

Amamiya’s teasing made Tengenji’s face more and more red. The original also had moments like this… Looking as though he’d complete any task flawlessly, Tengneji might unexpectedly be quite pure.

“Leaving Tengenji-sama’s luck perverted event aside, isn’t it fine for Asami-kun to start explaining his circ.u.mstances?”“L-Lucky perverted!?”

Ah, it carelessly left my mouth. I couldn’t think of any other words to describe that scene either. Amamiya started laughing. Kiryuu knitted his brows and it’s kind of scary.

“Is it fine to tell them I wonder?”

I received a nod when gazing over to Asami-san so, I told them what she just told me. Now that they know the face of cross-dressing, they no longer seemed surprised and listened to the explanation in all seriousness.

“It is exactly as k.u.moruiwashi-san says. So, it’d just a lot if you’d all keep it a secret”

Being directed to Asami-san’s bowing, the three agreed saying it’s not much to just keep it a secret. It got off-track but the fact that they shared the secret with Asami-san was the same.

The difference was me.

Now that the problem was solved, not much break time was left. Just as I was about to head out, the door of the medical office was one again, opened.

Smiling at the one who entered, the other party frowned at the same time. And, walking over to me, there was a rare force that grabbed onto my shoulder.

“I heard you got soup on you. Injuries?”“None”“Burned?”“It’s fine, Aoi”

Aoi’s not good at expressing himself so he might look angry to others. But it’s properly expressed that he’s worrying. Hearing the soup incident he probably rushed over.

“… that’s good”“Sorry for surprising you”“… no, it’s fine that your safe”

Maria’s a happy person to have such a fine brother. How did she end up like in the original I wonder.

Noticing the gather of attention, Aoi knitted his brows as he pulled away from me. His face almost saying why those guys are there.

“So it’s like that in front of your important sister”“Shut up”

Aoi looked half fed up as he glared at Amamiya’s teasing. It was like that in the original too but, Aoi and the Tengenji group don’t really get a long do they. I looked at Aoi’s dark brown hair half a step away as it flowed smoothly between his steps… same as always, such beautiful hair.

“a bit impatient”

A little awkward but in the end, kind and cute. My important brother. That was my view as I looked at him as Maria. I don’t know what the original thought of Aoi but it’d be nice if there was familial bond.

I’ll try to not worry Aoi…Nee-chan will try her best.

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