The Most Majestic You Chapter 41 Part1

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The Most Majestic You

Chapter 41 Part 1

Xu Jimo had training the next day.  He traveled across the city just to eat dinner with her.  She had to see him off after being together for only a little more than an hour.

It was her turn to see him off at the train station this time.

Xu Jimo stood in the lobby.  The low pressure surrounding his girlfriend was too strong, he could even feel her depression from her breathing.  He comforted her in the last five minutes before he had to board the train. “I can’t leave in the next several days because I have to focus on training.  So I probably can’t come to see you.”

Her head lowered even more after he said the first sentence.  She was like a plant that had lost the ability to perform photosynthesis.

He m.u.f.fled his laugh.  “Go out and take a walk when you have time.  Like a park or forest or lake.”

Qianxi raised her head confusedly.  “Uhm?”

“Look at trees more.  Look at people less, especially French men.”  He said.

“......,”  So he remembered everything she had said.

Xu Jimo bent down and bit her earlobe as if it were a punishment.  His slightly hoa.r.s.e voice spoke seductively. “Does your mind become restless after not seeing each other for only ten days?”

His warm breath surrounded her ear.  Her entire ear turned red.

Qianxi huffed and spoke in a low voice, “Because you’re always ignoring me.  When you’re busy, it’s alright that you don’t answer the phone or video chat with me, but don’t be absent minded…...I can feel it.”

He was silent for a short while, then said,  “I understand.”

The train arrived at the station.  He boarded the train to go back to Seattle.

Qianxi felt lonely and bored as she walked back to the apartment by herself.  There were thick and dense short-leaf pine trees like matcha ice cream bars alongside the way, appearing dark green under the street light.  She kept counting the trees one by one, but her heart felt empty.

Even though she had just seen him seconds ago, she still felt disappointed the moment the train left.

She seemed to be addicted to him.  It was like doing drugs, every time they met she only became more addicted.

…...d.a.m.n the distance.

KG finished their training in the evening and they were chatting on WeChat.  When Qianxi just got on WeChat, she was bombarded by Li Cang instantly.  “Yo yo yo ~ young lady boss, you finish the tryst with your lover?”

…...What was he talking about.  Her behavior was decent and upright.  What did he mean by a tryst?

Li Cang continued to talk with enthusiasm,  “You didn’t see it. We agreed to use the more conservative style to play in those two training matches in the afternoon.  We would just casually play. But boss went into ma.s.sacre mode, he played as aggressively and offensively as he could. We finished two matches in thirty minutes!”

His old partner, Cheng Yang, got online to catch up on the conversation.  “That’s true. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do in order to make the time to see his girlfriend.”

Xu Jimo was on the train reading the chat between these mischievous guys who would die if they couldn’t stir up some chaos.  He got on to terminate their conversation. “We have a meeting to discuss tactics at eleven o’clock. You should all go back and watch the replay of the video about yourself in the training match.”

They started to moan and groan, then scattered.

Xu Jimo took out his cell phone after they finished the meeting deep in the night and found that his had missed one message.

Qianxi had sent him an emoji-- --a Samoyed dog wagging its tail.  Its fluffy tail proudly wagging side to side on the screen.

It was three hours ago.  Somewhat confused, he replied with a question mark.  “?”

He only replied with a question mark after such a long delay.

Qianxi was very unsatisfied with such a cold response.  She pretended to be dumb. “Do I have a boyfriend with multiple personalities?  I feel like he’sa totally different person in front of others compared to when he’s in front of me.  Waiting online. Very urgent.”

“......”  This time it was a sequence of wordless ellipsis.

Qianxi angrily replied.  “I better go to that French guy with a heart burning with love.  [Good bye] [Good bye] [Good bye].”

Xu Jimo sent a video chat request immediately.

She dilly-dallied for a while, before finally accepting the request.  But her lips curled up, almost level with the tip of her nose.

The background of Xu Jimo’s side was the bed in the hotel.  He was lyingon the bed, having just finished washing his face and brushing his teeth.  His voice sounded wary. “Where are you?”

“Where can I be.  I’m in my apartment of course.”  She grumpily slapped theEnglish textbook with some notes.  “I’m studying diligently. I’m working hardin order to go back to my country earlier.”

Xu Jimo touched his eyes and curled up the corner of his mouth.

Qianxi reached close to the cell phone screen and saw his tired face clearly.  “You can hang up the phone if you’re tired. Go to sleep right now. I just said it.  I wasn’t planning to go see that French man.”

“No.”  He stretched out his hand and put the cell phone on top of the bedside nightstand.  He adjusted the camera. “I can sleep just like this. You can turn it off if you’re tired of watching it.”



“I know……”  Feeling a bit sad, she lowered her voice.  “Good night.”

She wasn’t sure whether he turned off the sound or not and so made verysmall movements all night.  She was very careful when she walked aroundin the room. She was afraid of waking him up if she made any sound which could be caught by her phone’s microphone.

When he woke up the next morning, the video chat had not ended.  She sleptin front of her cell phone. The screen only displayed the close up of her slightlyquivering eyelashes.  He pressed disconnect silently. He smiled while he saw the displayed time connected, 06 : 10 : 48.

He used this method for several subsequent evenings, Qianxi’s complaints about him drastically went done.

Translated by Team DHH at

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