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Trafford's Trading Club Chapter 458: Little Cheese Hard Life

Chapter 458: Little Cheese, Hard Life

Translator: AlfredoPoutineSoup Editor: DesTheSloth

Little Cheese, hard life

A puddle of mud was creeping slowly in the complex sewers of the city. It had been creeping for hours without a destination since it started.

It was the one that Nero said had escaped. It was pretty weak as various 'elements' had entered its body at different times, which resulted in that it assimilating parts of them while some others remained. For example, a remained weak consciousness would stop him from hunting the mouse monster family in the basement.

However, it had been heavily attacked twice. Especially last time, it was cut into half and stabbed by Yama. It felt death approaching but as an unprecedented oriental monster, some unknown changes were rising inside its body. Even the one who created it couldn't imagine.

'So tired I want to sleep for a period'. It became unconscious slowly.

Later, it stopped creeping gradually and started to harden just like a concrete block. Nobody would find it in this dark and dirty sewer so that it could hide here all the time, just like a block of cement---But, the sound of crack appeared and the solidification outside was cracked at once. In the dark sewer, something ran away quickly. The figure could not be seen clearly, merely leaving the sound of running away.

Something was creeping inside the sewer. It was a... totally new creature.

Shu Cheese moved the stone with all his strength to open a small gap---for stretching his head out. He skipped class---which would disappoint Long Xiruo's expectations.

With the help of Long Xiruo, monsters in the city could go to school once they transformed into the shape of a child. Shu Cheese had no choice as he needed to look for food for his families.

In previous days, Shu You would do this---He made a hard living with all his efforts in this city. However, his wages couldn't feed his family at all because of the explosive growth of the mouse tribe. He often had a stomachache because he always picked up some consumables in the sewer to support his whole family.

Sometimes, Cheese would also follow Shu You to search for food together in the sewer or the trash site. So, he definitely did well in looking for food although he was still a little mouse.

After his father's death, picking up food inside the sewer couldn't ensure the livelihood of such a big family---Especially his mother who was still pregnant and needed more nutrition now. So Shu Cheese targeted the warehouse of the supermarket---a place was filled with plenty of fresh food and nutrition.

Long Xiruo told him clearly that he was not allowed to use monster power in the human society---But there were so many monsters, Master Long couldn't keep an eye on everyone. He would be careful to ensure Long Xiruo wouldn't discover him.

Shu Cheese couldn't care so much. His father's death struck him deeply. As a little mouse monster, he realized that he had to grow up and take the responsibility for the family.

Shu Cheese moved the floor and then came out from the ground---this was not the first time for him to come to the warehouse. He had dug an underground tunnel and 'delivered' some cans back every day. Also, in order to keep it from his mother, he would mix up the cans with the food discovered from trash.

This time, he aimed at the freezer of this supermarket. Shu Cheese planned to move some frozen beef and button and to give his mother a big meal. He carried a large bag of meat and left easily as usual. Suddenly, a voice caught his attentionAt that moment, he felt anxious and trembled.

The meat fell to the ground. And Shu Cheese felt he was lifted by someone. A smelly flavor was being emitted, which made Cheese realize that he had met the owner of this place

Of course, this did not mean that the big mouse was the owner of the place. It just meant the big mouse had the absolute right of management here. There were many mouse families in this city besides Shu You family. The others would also live in this sewer system. So, Shu You had told Cheese when he was alive he was forbidden from entering this strange district as there were so many dangers in the city sewer.

"Oh, my God. A little mouse? Who is your father?" The smelly mouse monster had a hair-raising voice.

The smelly mouse monster turned Cheese around. His mouth was open with a strong bloody smell---Cheese even could see the hairs remaining on his teeth. The hairs belonged to other mouse monsters---This meant he would also kill Cheese, too!

"Oops, do you know what will happen if you step into my land?"

"I will give the food to you" Cheese was terrified, "And I promise that I won't come here again"

"But you have eaten so much more before." The big mouse monster got ferocious, "Say, how will you compensate me?"

"You knew about it?" Cheese was shocked. He was noticed by the big mouse monster from the beginning.

The big mouse monster laughed, "I paid full attention to you since you entered into my land the first time! But I want to dig out whom your father is Now, it seems you don't have a father. Hahaha!"

Cheese was struggling but he couldn't escape the big claw of mouse monster---His thick black claw was as strong as iron.

"Release me! Release me! I know Master Long. Let me go!"

"Oh, a little guy learns to seek for backup!" he sneered, "What a pity. Master Long doesn't like dirty places like this She never comes here! She won't hear your shouting at all."

"Let me go!" Cheese prepared to bite his claw to escape. But to his surprise, the big mouse monster didn't feel any pain at all.


Cheese felt dizzy as the big mouse monster threw him on the ground.

"I like eating a little mouse I will break your arms and legs to chew and then suck your blood it sounds delicious" After saying that, he got close to Cheese to take a sniff. Then the big mouse monster laughed, "Next, I will swallow your head. I am good at twisting the bones out of your head"


The big mouse monster had caught one arm of Cheese and started to twist it forcefully. Cheese thought his arm would be twisted off and screeched!

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