Trafford's Trading Club Chapter 457: Strangeness

Chapter 457: Strangeness

Chapter 457: Strangeness

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The white Santana parked on the side of the road--- It was an urgent brake.

Officer Ma's eyebrows suddenly moved at this moment. He had a feeling that something bad was coming--- Of course, it might be because he didn't have breakfast, he was starving.

"Lin Feng! Lin Feng, are you there?" Ma Houde pulled the crowd away, feeling someone coming approaching him--- or near him, he asked while he didn't see who he was, "Go, get rid of all these onlookers, and then..."

Officer Ma who had decades experience could recite this procedure fluently.

However, after he said this, he accidentally found the man near him was not Lin Feng However, he didn't feel any embarrassment, "What are you doing here? Get to work!"

The policeman immediately said, "Officer Ma, we have done what you said!"

"You've done that?" Ma Houde was stunned.

The man nodded and said directly, "A policewoman came here and she ordered everything you said, so did it."

"A policewoman?" Officer Ma opened his mouth and said, "Who is this policewomanWell, what else did she say?"

"Nothing. She just said what you said."

"That's all? Didn't she say no journalists here? Especially female journalists!!!" Ma Houde said.

"No." The man shook his head. "But Officer Ma, I'm going to do it!"

Ma Houde waved his hand at once, "Go, go!"

What happened... Did someone come here early? But there were very few policewomen in his office.

Officer Ma couldn't help shaking his head---It was better to see who she was at the scene.

He crossed the cordon and arrived at the scene... and heard the click of the shutter before he saw her.

Ma Houde opened his eyes subconsciously, as if he's just woken up and wasn't able to respond for a moment... Damn!

Ma Houde immediately reacted; he quickly came to her and said, "You, you, how did you sneak in here?!"

Naturally, she was the Subeditor Ren.

Hearing Officer Ma's voice, Ren Ziling put down the camera hanging on her neck and she said without turning around while adjusting the lens, "Oh, Old Ma, you are here. Have you had breakfast?"

"Not yet." Ma Houde nodded subconsciously. "Hey, no! I'm asking you. How did you sneak in here?"

"I did not sneak in."

Ren Ziling skillfully photographed several pictures, "I directly came here Oh, I also gave your orders about everything. And I know you didn't have breakfast, so I asked Lin Feng to buy something for you."

"No wonder I didn't see him, thank you."

Ma Houde nodded, and soon he noticed things were not supposed to be like that. He said with a bitter look, "Well! Why did you order that? You're not a police officer... I see, you must have mingled in here with Lin Feng."

"Wow!" Ren Ziling finally stopped taking photos, looking at officer Ma and nodding with happiness, "Old Ma, your I. Q. went up!"

"That's all because of your tricks!"

Ma Houde laughed happily and then he felt something wrong--- really wrong!

He growled, "Ren Ziling! Get out here. Keep at least ten meters away from the cordon!!"

Ma Houde growled this and prepared to be killed by her when he got ready to argue with Subeditor Ren But to his surprise, Ren Ziling just nodded like a well-behaved cat.

"OK, I'm going, I won't be bothering you. Please call me if there's any news."

Seeing Ren Ziling leave the scene without turning her head back, Officer Ma was stunned for a while, "Sh*t, what the hell happened..."

Then, Officer Ma finally reacted---It was unnecessary to stay here since she had photographed what she wanted, it was better to go around to investigate something else...

Lin Feng now came here from the cordon, carrying a small bag of things... It was all food and drink.

"Officer Ma, Officer Ma?"

Lin Feng found there was something wrong with the frowning Ma Houde, who was thinking about something.

"Officer Ma, what are you thinking of?" Lin Feng asked curiously, "Well, where is Miss Ren?"

"Hey, Lin Feng, I'll ask you something." Ma Houde stared at him.


Ma Houde took a deep breath and said, "I want to do my best this time, but you've done all the work Is there any difference whether I come or not?"

"Yes, there is!" Lin Feng solemnly said, "You take charge."

"But Ren Ziling has done all my work!" Ma Houde showed his third finger, "What else can I do?!!"



"How's it going?" Ma Houde solemnly looked at Old Qin who didn't come out for a long time.

Of course, Old Qin would not go out generally if there were no special significant situations---After all, Old Qin had many men under him.

But this time the body was beheaded and it was cut in two.

So under this particularly serious situation, Old Qin came out.

Murder scene.

"Well... It's hard to say. "

"Hard to say?" Ma Houde was shocked---he rarely heard this uncertain tone from Old Qin's mouth That was to say, it was rather tricky.

"From the rigidity of the body, it can only be roughly deduced that the time of death was between one and two o'clock this morning."

Old Qin stared at his colleague who was playing dead at the scene without any discomfort, "But there is no murder weapon here. Besides, except for the two fatal wounds, there are many strange wounds of different sizes... These wounds seemed to caused by being bitten by something. But it's strange that the imprints of the teeth are all different."

"Something like rats?"

"Some are like rats, but there are more unknown imprints of teeth."

Old Qin frowned, "The two huge wounds are really fatal. One is on the neck, the other is at the waist position. I've examined them. The wound on the neck is irregular, as if it was torn off by a sawtooth; and the wound on the waist is very neat and coherent, as if it was cut by a very sharp instrument in a very short time."

Old Qin shook his head and said, "I can't tell whether its head or its waist had been cut first I need to examine further. But either way, one thing should be known. "

Ma Houde nodded with a solemn look, "No matter whether the murderer had any motive for revenge or not... This way is too cruel, maybe he is mentally ill. "

At this time.

"Chief, Officer Ma, please come here!"

Old Qin and Ma Houde went there immediately, seeing a forensic officer crouch down on the ground this time, "Chief, we found some suspicious materials here."

Old Qin now crouched down and frowned.

There was some mucus on the ground, which had become dry, and some had been blown dry into gray powders.

Old Qin scraped up some of the still-wet mucus with a scraper and sniffed it closely, then he followed the signs of the mucus all the way and found it going toward the end of the tunnel.

"Have you checked that drain over there?" Old Qin asked.

"Not yet."

"Look at it." Old Qin said indifferently, "Collect the mucus and the dried powder and take them back."


Old Qin stood up and he suddenly looked at Ma Houde, frowning, "Are you so free? What are you doing here?"

Officer Ma... Ma Houde looked around.

Free... What kind of free!!!! You've done all the work?!!!!!

Three times a day, it was always on time, and each time the pain reached the limits of Xiang Liu's endurance.

This reminded Xiang Liu of some of his experiences when he was caught by the club to undergo an experiment several decades ago.

He hated that experience so much, but ironically, he could survive such pain three times a day now thanks to that experience.

Such pain would make its body weak Since he was in the leyline, so its pain would be washed away soon, but then he would bear the next round of pain with full strength.

What the f*ck.

Suddenly, Xiang Liu looked up.

Because the time that the curse showed its effect seemed to become shorter than before---He would obviously not think that the curse power was weakening.

The primary cause was... the source of the curse--- Su Zijun had come again.

She had a part in this leyline, and naturally could freely come and go here.

Su Zijun easily came to the deep leyline where Xiang Liu was imprisoned, looking at him with a sneer, "Well, how does it taste like these days?"

"Thank you for your reward."

Xiang Liu smiled lightly, "But I'm afraid I'm letting you down. Xiang Liu can go through it... I think, I will not die before February the 2nd. "

Su Zijun narrowed her eyes.

What she looked at was not Xiang Liu, but the chains which sealed him--- These chains which seemed they could be easily broken apart kept her away from Xiang Liu and she couldn't kill him.

Since Su Zijun had tried, she naturally didn't want to touch these chains again At least before she found the way.

"In that case, let me strengthen it."

Su Zijun directly bit her finger this time, squeezing out a drop of black blood in the air, and shot it toward Xiang Liu's forehead with her two fingers.

The black blood actually drilled into the head of Xiang Liu.

Looking at Xiang Liu's face changing slightly, Su Zijun showed a shy smile like a girl. Her skirt spun around as she turned, and she left with hands behind her back.

But before leaving, Su Zijun suddenly looked back at Xiang Liu with a smile, "It is ten times."


Just at that moment, the pain was beyond the sum of all those times Xiang Liu had suffered, he even felt his soul close to being torn apart at this moment.

"Where did you go just now?"

Su Zijun returned to the pet hospital and she met Long Xiruo who was coming out for a smoke. The two stared at each other for a while.

Su Zijun said, "There are eye crusts around your eyes!"

Long Xiruo almost said at the same time, "There are eye crusts around your eyes!"


These two big monsters with high status sneered at each other, and then they quickly turned around to wipe their eyes. After that they turned around again.

They turned around almost at the same instant and they said, "You are blind!"

A strange atmosphere began to spread among them.

Usually at this time, a silvery sound would interrupt them and prevent them from further conflicts.

But it didn't come this time.

Su Zijun suddenly sneered, "I'm going out. Look after her well. If you don't look after her well or if she becomes thinner, I will tear your hospital down!"

Long Xiruo indifferently said, "You take her so seriously, why don't you take care of her yourself but leave her to me?"

"Didn't you pick her up as well?"

"I've picked up a few wild kids all year round, if I look after all of them, this place will become a nursery."

"Then, let her live on her own." Su Zijun snorted.

Long Xiruo suddenly sighed, "It's hard to come back. Why must you go out again? Is it because your wounds healed? "

"That is one reason." Su Zijun calmly said, "Some things I don't like to put off, I want to settle some old scores. Besides... "

Su Zijun paused, looking around, and snorted, "Recently, the smell of that stinky monkey is getting stronger. It's awful!"

"Be careful."

"I won't die."

"Ha... Ha ho!"!

In the Elysium Bar, Brother Xiaosheng was standing on the dance floor with a microphone in his hand, "Ha! 'One Drunk Man' sent to you! "

Then the boss of the Elysium Bar threw away his microphone and danced with a black stick or something similar crossed in his legs.

Rubbing and rubbing...

Brother Xiaosheng was dancing a pole dance.

Rubbing and rubbing.

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