Age of Cosmic Exploration Chapter 478: Last Chapter

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"…This here is humanity's earlier history. After we were chased away from our original home planet, we were forced to find our way in the vast space. The cosmos was not the heaven we imagined, but a real hell. Every step, every improvement, was built upon blood and sacrifice. This was humanity's… age of cosmic exploration."

A teen said with a smile. Gathered before him were several children with their eyes opened wide. The teen suddenly stopped like he was reminiscing about the past or thinking about something.

"Grandpa… Grandpa!"

One of the girls got impatient and shook the teen's leg. As she did so, she said, "Grandpa, you have to continue the story. Your stories are very nice, more interesting than the stuff we learn in class."

The teen shook his head and said, "These are not stories…. Fine, maybe they rare stories that I've made up, so don't go around repeating them, or I might be branded a traitor by slandering the King's name…" The teen petered off to a ....

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