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King of Gods Chapter 1584 All Kinds Of Tricks Several More Figures Charged Out Of The Fog.

Chapter 1584 All Kinds Of Tricks Several More Figures Charged Out Of The Fog.

As expected of the Tenth Prince and Young Master! I just wonder how long theyve been waiting here! a youth with yellow skin calmly remarked.Eh? Whos that kid?Why dont I remember him?The focus of the conversation soon turned to Zhao Feng.Initial-level Star Origin Realm cultivation at fifteen years of age was truly too ordinary and unremarkable, so they had little impression of this youth. But now, they had to take note of this person, because this person was probably ^ third-place finisher after the Tenth Prince and Young Master Wei.Only the Tenth Prince and Young Master Wei knew that Zhao Feng was the first to arrive, but they wouldnt come out and say it.At this moment, Hua Tianfeng charged out of the fog.How risky! Only after getting out did he exhale.But when he saw Zhao Feng, his eyes went wide, and his mind was thrown into turmoil.He had believed that the first test was so difficult that Zhao Feng wouldnt make it. He had even been feeling rather sorry that he wouldnt be able to kill Zhao Feng. But to his surprise, Zhao Feng had made it through!Gradually, without Hua Tianfeng realizing it, he began to fear Zhao Feng.Now that he was through the first trial, he found a place to sit down and recover so that he could get ready for the next trial.One person after another emerged from the fog, each in worse condition than the last, and they had even less time to recover.Three days later, a voice announced, Anyone who hasnt broken through the illusion has now failed. The second test begins now!The voice had just spokenBrrrooom!The world in front of the many prodigies crumbled and then instantly reformed into a grandiose sight.Countless steep and craggy mountains soared into dark clouds that crackled with lightning. Occasionally, a thick white bolt would descend.Savage Yao beasts began to show up, crawling around the mountains, flying in the air, and stealthily traveling through the forests and water.Get out of my sight! The Tenth Princes face turned cold as he charged out.As the Tenth Prince stepped forward, golden dragons emerged and exuded an intimidating pressure at the savage beasts.He let Zhao Feng get first place in the last trial perhaps because Zhao Feng had some treasure that made him immune to illusions, but he would definitely be first in the second trial.But after charging out, the Tenth Prince realized that this trial was not as simple as it seemed. Besides the countless visible dangers, the air was also pervaded by a terrifying pressure that made it impossible for anyone beneath the Divine Transformation Realm to fly, let alone dodge the many threats.The other geniuses didnt want to fall behind. After all, Lu Feier and Lu Qiner were both watching. If they performed well, even if they didnt get first, they could still win the favor of the fairies and might still have a chance to propose.The geniuses used their various abilities to venture forth.Swish!Zhao Feng waved his hand, summoning a bird-shaped silver automaton. Getting on board, Zhao Feng shot into the air.This automaton had a rather ordinary appearance, but it was a flying automaton at the middle-level of Divine Transformation. Its speed and agility were number one.Thwish!The flying automaton drew a curved silver line in the air as it dodged the various beasts and lightning bolts.What a formidable automaton!Who is this kid? He has such a finely-made flying automaton!The geniuses were shocked to see that Zhao Feng was about to overcome them.Automatons were not cheap, and the better-made they were, the higher the price they commanded, with some even being worth more than a city. Quite a few of them had battle automatons, but none of them had a flying one.Under Zhao Fengs excellent control, the flying automaton dodged all the dangers.In front of him was a proud youth. This was Hua Tianfeng, and he stood upon a black lion vulture.This lion vulture was at the Divine Transformation Realm, but its body was too big, causing it to lack agility. Thus, it wasnt that useful in this place.At this moment, Hua Tianfeng sensed someone behind. As he sent out his Spiritual Sense, he grimaced.How could it be? You! Hua Tianfeng called out in alarm.Thwish!The silver automaton flew past the black lion vultures left side, its pressure sweeping over the lion vulture and causing it to lose its balance.Hua Tianfeng was proud and conceited and still wanted to do Zhao Feng harm, and Zhao Feng was not someone who would take things lying down. He used this chance to mess around with Hua Tianfeng.The lion vultures loss of balance affected its speed, and at this moment, a white bolt of lightning came down and struck the vultures other wing.Hua Tianfeng was brimming with rage, but all he could do was try his best to stabilize the situation.Zhao Feng cast him aside and flew into the distance. He overcame one genius after another, and he soon spotted the Tenth Prince and Young Master Wei.The Tenth Prince was standing on a golden dragon phantom that exuded a frightening pressure as it charged forward. Young Master Wei was rapidly proceeding atop a mechanical flying boat.Both of them noticed Zhao Feng coming up behind them at the same time and scowled.Its him again! they simultaneously shouted.Young Master Wei enviously stared at Zhao Fengs flying automaton. Its craftsmanship far surpassed that of his flying boat.Dont even think about overcoming me! Young Master Wei poured his energy into controlling his flying boat.He didnt know how Zhao Feng had managed to break through the illusion and get first so quickly, but this time, they were both using flying tools. Although his tool was of lower quality, his cultivation far surpassed Zhao Fengs, so he couldnt possibly lose to Zhao Feng, at least in this fair contest of power.SwooshThree streaks of light flew forward, dodging all the dangers before them.None of them gave a single inch!Thwish!At a certain point, the Tenth Prince managed to reach the end first, with Zhao Feng and Young Master Wei coming behind and arriving at the same time.After putting away his flying automaton, Zhao Feng sat down and ignored the pair.Zhao Feng failed to get first in the second trial, but he actually didnt try that hard. The second trial wasnt important though. The third was the crucial one.Two days passed, with only ten people reaching the finish line.The tenth was Hua Tianfeng, his face rather pale, and he arrived in rather ragged condition. It was clear that he had encountered quite a few incidents along the way.Hua Tianfeng angrily stared at Zhao Feng as if he wanted to give him death by a thousand cuts.Let the final trial begin! the ethereal voice announced.Five massive fighting platforms rose from the earth in front of the ten prodigies.As I expected, the last trial is a battle. The last one left will be number one! Young Master Wei confidently smiled and then he sneered at Zhao Feng.Everyone, please choose a platform and duel each other! the ethereal voice spoke once more, giving the rules with this simple sentence.They were free to choose a fighting platform, and there were only five, so those who stepped onto the same platform would have to fight each other.Okay! The Tenth Princes eyes flashed, and he shot toward the first platform in the form of a golden dragon.The other nine chose to fly toward the other four platforms.Young Master Wei took the third platform, Hua Tianfeng the fourth, and Zhao Feng the fifth.The slowest person could only helplessly step onto the platform occupied by the Tenth Prince. As soon as he stepped in, he conceded.The battles had already begun on the other platforms.Zhao Fengs opponent was a sword cultivator of the initial-level Divine Transformation Realm, his eyes brimming with cold light.To think that someone of your strength could reach the third trial, but no matter how you got here, this is the end of the line for you! the sword cultivator shouted and flew forward like a cold sword.Zhao Feng stood where he was and took out four banners from his interspatial dimension that he placed around himself.Bzzzz!The array banners activated, creating blue beams of light. These blue beams of light soon came together into a blue barrier that covered Zhao Feng.The sword cultivators sword wasnt even able to shake Zhao Fengs defensive barrier.Ill cleave it open! The sword cultivators eyes chilled as he swung his sword again and again.Although the blue barrier flashed and blinked, it showed no signs of shattering.At this moment, Zhao Feng waved a hand. Two middle-level Divine Transformation Realm automatons charged out of the array and attacked the sword cultivator.You, you you cowardly turtle! You hide while letting all these automatons do the work! The sword cultivator cursed.He was a genius, and as an initial-level Divine Transformation Realm, he could fight experts of the middle level, but he definitely could not deal with two of them. In the end, when he was on the verge of defeat, he conceded.At the same time, on the fourth platform, Hua Tianfeng defeated his opponent.Suddenly, Zhao Fengs platform moved to the fourth platform, and the two linked together. In this way, Zhao Feng and Hua Tianfeng were forced to fight.Zhao Feng didnt care. He didnt even need to do anything except sit in the array and defeat his opponents.On the other side, the first platform linked to the second. As for the third platform, Young Master Wei had defeated his opponent, but nothing changed.Brat, Ill kill you today! Hua Tianfeng finally vented his long-suppressed anger.Swish!He waved his hand, summoning two vicious black lion vultures at the initial level of the Divine Transformation Realm. Hua Tianfeng clenched his fists, creating a whirlwind that rumbled toward Zhao Feng.Ill show no mercy to you! Zhao Feng smiled, turning over his hand to reveal three metal balls.Thwish! Thwish! Thwish!The three balls flew forward, shooting at the two lion vultures and Hua Tianfeng. Kaboom! The metal balls transformed into a firestorm.The two lion vultures were instantly dealt heavy injuries, their bodies in tatters and blood-drenched. Hua Tianfeng also received a rather heavy blow, and blood was seeping from the corner of his lips.That was a self-detonating-type tool! Hua Tianfeng gnashed his teeth and clenched his fists.As this self-detonating tool could heavily injure an initial-level Divine Transformation, it had the value of a Heaven- level low-class divine weapon. Even Hua Tianfeng felt that Zhao Feng was being rather wasteful.Now that the lion vultures could no longer fight, Hua Tianfeng was assaulted by the two middle-level Divine Transformation automatons.But he was no ordinary prodigy, and he was still able to hold his own against the two automatons.Although Zhao Feng was only at the initial level of the Star Origin Realm, he had the protection of his array, powerful combat automatons, and even self-detonating tools.But Hua Tianfeng had his own trump cards. His eyes burning with rage, Hua Tianfeng decided to use everything he had.Get out of here! Zhao Feng could see what Hua Tianfeng was trying and immediately took out three more metal balls. All three of them shot at Hua Tianfeng.Boom! Bang!Before Hua Tianfeng could take out his trump card, he was blasted off the platform, his chest scorched black.No, this wasnt how it was supposed to go! Hua Tianfeng cried out in unwillingness.Zhao Feng threw him off the stage before he could even take out the trump card he had gone through so much trouble to prepare. He also believed that Zhao Feng didnt rely on his own strength to win, but on all kinds of tricks.But Zhao Fengs tricks truly did have him alarmed. Each of the self-detonating tools were incredibly expensive, and there was also the array and the combat automatons, and Zhao Feng also used a flying automaton in the previous trial. He truly had far too many tricks.The value of these objects added together had Hua Tianfeng amazed. Did Zhao Feng come from some powerful background?  

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