Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 162: Oh My, My Wife is Really Cute~

When the butler made a call to Qin Mufeng, he was at the bar. Lu Jingli had pulled him into a conversation to gossip.

Once they heard that Ning Xi had suddenly fainted, the pair rushed over to the hospital. At the First Peoples Republic Hospital in the capital, in the VIP ward on the top floor.

Once Qin Mufeng and Lu Jingli arrived, they saw a sickly pale Ning Xi lying on the hospital bed, her arm hooked up to an IV. Sitting in a chair beside her was Lu Tingxiao, his face heavy with worry and his expression overcast.

Lu Jingli and Qin Mufeng gazed at each other, and realized they were both frightened by Lu Tingxiaos expression.

At this moment, a nurse carrying medication came over, and Lu Jingli hurriedly pulled her aside to ask, "Hows the condition of the patient? Whats wrong with her? Is it serious?" "The patient has a fever of 39.6C," the nurse replied. "Oh, a fever what? She has a fever?" Lu Jingli appeared confused. "Are you sure its a fever? Only a fever?"

"Yes, weve already done a full body check. Theres no other issue so you can all rest easy. Just now, the mister inside the patients room has already asked multiple times," the nurse said, not appearing the least annoyed because whether it was the one inside or the two standing outside the door, they were all too handsome! Even if they asked her a hundred times, she would always be willing to answer!

Lu Jingli weakly held onto the door frame for support, feeling his heart that's still beating heavily in his chest. "Dear brother, are you trying to scare me to death? She only has a fever, so what are you doing looking like you have some incurable disease?" Qin Mufeng, who stood beside him, also appeared helpless. "You even called me to come here. Although I am a doctor, Im a psychiatrist!"

Lu Tingxiao focused his gaze, and glanced coldly at Qin Mufeng. "Right now, Ning Xi has already replaced you, so perhaps I should save on some expenses." In other words, he would be fired. The sum that he spent on Qin Mufeng was not a small amount.

"Cough, dont! Actually, I have plenty of other uses! I know an extremely famous nutritionist at this hospital. I will go and personally request that he help nurse Ning Xi back to health!"

Qin Mufeng did indeed have a slightly guilty conscience. Ever since Ning Xi had appeared, he had a lot more free time. Whether it was Little Treasure or Lu Tingxiao, neither of them required his assistance much anymore. Even the weekly therapy sessions had stopped. After Qin Mufeng left, Lu Jingli saw that Lu Tingxiao had lowered his head, and was looking down at his cellphone. He couldnt help but ask, "Brother, what are you looking at?"

Since when had his brother become an internet-obsessed youth? As a result, once he went closer to take a look, he was shocked. His brother had actually transferred the footage from the secret video into his phone. "Shit! Brother, what are you doing looking at this for? Xiao Xi Xi looked so frightening that when I first saw it, I had goosebumps! I couldnt even tell she was acting, it was so real" Lu Jingli said as he shivered. But right now, his brother was actually watching intently with an "Oh my, my wife is really cute" expression on his face Man, there really was no hope for him anymore "But you two really couldnt be any more alike, even your ways of thinking are the same! Youre both equally simple and violent! Cough cough, youre really a family!" Lu Jingli lamented. Lu Tingxiao lightly touched the face of the girl on the bed, his expression full of extreme pride. To avoid being blinded by this sight, Lu Jingli could only helplessly turn his head. "Have you already discovered the other partys identity? Are we going to follow up with a public announcement online to clear Xiao Xi Xis name? Should I start working?"

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