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: Xinghe Finally Explained And New Book Navigation

Xinghe finally explained, and new book navigation!Some things should be said.First of all, about the ending, Li Xuanfeng is indeed a mistake of Lao Niu. It has now been revised in the final chapter. Added content to resurrect Li Xuanfeng, and added some hints to the ending. You can rest assured that you will not be charged again.Besides, the September update is definitely the fault of Lao Niu.Always wanted to explain, but worried that everyone could not accept it. When everyone calms down and calms down, they will be able to talk reasonably.In fact, the more than half a month of interruption, Lao Niu has more or less time to go online every day.Everyone knows that Lao Niu was busy decorating some time ago. It was renovated in September, and it was time to buy all kinds of furniture, appliances, and payment. The place where the old cow lives and the new house are hundreds of miles back and forth, until the last period, they have to run almost every day. Because furniture and other things are not bought in one place, every time you send one, you have to run.During that time, I was running almost every day.Run furniture, run electrical appliances, run building materials market to checkout.Of course, this is not to say that Lao Niu has no time, in fact, there is still code time at night.But Lao Niu has a bad habit. He is too busy during the day and can't lift his spirits at night. Every day I want to code, I want to end, the more I think, the more I feel clueless. At first, this state felt nothing, but later I found that it stopped for three days. Lao Niuxin said that he would ask for leave at this time, I'm afraid he would be scolded to death.This is about a weakness of Lao Niu's character. I am afraid to ask for leave and let everyone down. Then I always comfort myself. Anyway, it is the last ten chapters.Every time I comfort myself like this, but I have no free time to finish writing these ten chapters.Caused such an awkward situation later.Xinghe's achievements are no longer required to report, and they are really satisfied. With this achievement, Lao Niu has no reason to destroy his future.Some say Lao Niu eunuch-Lao Niu knows that there are only less than 20 chapters left. How can it be an eunuch?Some people say that Lao Niu writes a new book in retreatLao Niu acknowledges that during this more pause period, Lao Niu has thought about the new book and wrote a little, but due to too little time and energy, there are not many new books at all ~ www.mtlnovel .com ~ If Lao Niu really has so much time and energy, there will be more than ten chapters, and it will take three days to finish writing. It really stopped for a few days, the clue is gone, and the ending is stuck here!This is undoubtedly the fault of the old cow, or lack of experience. I haven't written more than 3 million words of books, and after a period of enthusiasm in the early and middle periods, my creative energy in the later period has somewhat declined. This is a matter of control. This was a costly tuition fee.If Lao Niu has written a work of several million words before, I believe that it will not be so bad to cope with it.After all, Xinghe is over, and good and bad should be settled.Lao Niu didn't stop writing, and the new book is already on the road. I believe with the lessons of Xinghe, the new book "Immortal King", the old cow will be more calmly cope.Xinghe is the first child and has no experience. "Immortal King" reached the second child, many detours can be avoided.Now this second child is in the red list, is still a **** Eastern fantasy works. Will Star Warriors go to help, ISBN, 2136336.For mobile users, please browse and read. For a better reading experience, the bookshelf is synchronized with the computer version.

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