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Soaring of Galaxia : Thanks For The Ending And The New Book Is Released

: Thanks For The Ending And The New Book Is Released

Thanks for the ending, and the new book is released!There are too many memories and many thanks about Xinghe. Now, at the end, in any case, I have to repeat it again, thank you all for supporting Xinghe. Whether it is clicked, subscribed, rewarded, or supported in other ways, Lao Niu's feelings for you will always be buried in my heart.The only thing I don't thank is those who have low morality, pollute the plate with vicious language, and show the lower limit of morality indefinitely. I can even tolerate attacks on me, but I can't tolerate attacks on my loved ones, my friends.Naturally, the ending should not say these disappointing words. Say something to settle the coffin.First, Xinghe's performance is not bad. Whether it is high-order or even-order, it is the highest book in Lao Niu's history.Second, there are more than twenty leaders, which is a glory that many works cannot get.Thirdly, the book that has a crown, and the book that has a crown, will never exceed fifty books in history.Fourth, during the period of the new book, it won the first monthly pass for the new book with a huge advantage, and was on the monthly pass list for {ten months or so, and has maintained sufficient competitiveness. ... There are many more glories, countless ... With so many results, obviously, the Lao Niu did not win it all by himself. Similarly, the support of many friends is inseparable. Here, I would especially like to thank the enthusiastic deputy moderator chn Cuner. His contribution to Xinghe sometimes made the cows feel ashamed. If Xinghe is the son of an old cow, then chn is at least a godfather. Of course, there are many lovely people, whether they are vice class, group management, or yy management. Everyone, in many moments, let the old cows experience what it means to be warm. Lao Niu is very grateful, thank you for your contribution to Xinghe. Xinghe will be even more dazzling because of you. Of course, there is no banquet in the world. The banquet of Xinghe finally came to a banquet. Lao Niu's heart was full of sadness. Because the old cow knows that the end of Xinghe means sending a large number of book friends away. No matter how wonderful Lao Niu's new book is, what remains is, after all, only part of it. If Xinghe is the eldest son of Lao Niu, now this eldest son has married f and married, and UU reading has lived his stable life. Then the new book "Immortal King" is the second son who has just fallen to the ground and needs more care and attention. If you think the old cow's banquet is okay, you don't need to leave, just change the table. "Immortal King", ISBN: 2136336. Heaven and earth are extinct, but I am not extinct. This is the Immortal God King. The genius is powerful, and he is unable to protect his family during the disaster. With deep regret and unwillingness, his soul is immortal and reborn to five years ago. The tragic fate of the past life has turned around ... The beginning of the new book is the rebirth mode, which is not unusual. However, I believe that the story frame and follow-up content of Lao Niu is worth looking forward to. Do you like this site? Donate here: 3.0 (2 votes) - 48K views 4.5 (12 votes) - 850.4K views 3.8 (5 votes) - 90.5K views 4.0 (3 votes) - 97.1K views 1.7 (18 votes) - 146.4K views 3.7 (7 votes) - 336.6K viewsPopular Today (33.6k views today) (18.2k views today) (12.4k views today) (11k views today) (10.3k views today)New Novels (3 hours ago) (6 hours ago) (9 hours ago) (12 hours ago) (15 hours ago)Recently Updated: : : : :

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