It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 934 Discovery

Chapter 934 Discovery

Chapter 934 Discovery!The three of them were, however, not interested in the gambling that were occurring here. Instead, their aim was the mecha arena.Wang Qi seemed familiar with the area. He led them to an inconspicuous door and then walked along a passage for a long time before they finally saw another door in front of them. Before they could get close to it, they could already hear the loud cheers and shouts coming from behind the door. The screams were wilder and crazier than what they had heard outside. Everyone seemed to have lost their mind in there because of the bloody battle going on in the arena.Excitement could be seen on Wang Qis face as he opened the door hurriedly. A round arena appeared in front of them. Numerous audience were already seated around the arena. They were cheering for the mecha they had placed their bets on and booing the opposing mechas. In the middle of the arena, two mechas were fighting. They used all their efforts to try and defeat their opponents so that they could win.Brother Hui, this way. Wang Qi signalled for them to follow him. There were many passageways leading below the arena. Every ten meters, there was a mainframe. It was to allow the gamblers to place their bets easily.Wang Qi chose the next round and casually clicked on one of the mecha operators. He placed three bets. Very soon, three receipts came out from the hole below the optical supercomputer. There was a different number on each receipt. It was their seat numbers.Brother Hui, lets sit down and watch the match. As long as you place a bet, you can watch the match. Wang Qi seemed to have done this many times. If not, he wouldnt be so clear about the rules.Ling Lan nodded. She brought Little Aihua to the seat which had their number on it. It had to be said that the management of the casino was very thoughtful. The people that placed their bets together would get seated next to each other. This would allow friends to sit with one another. Plus, the idea of allowing people who made bets to watch the mecha match for free would attract people who didnt like to gamble but like to watch mecha fights. Wang Qi was one of them. No wonder there were so many people watching the underground arena match.The facilities in the arena were quite advanced. It was as good as the professional casinos in the other planets. Besides watching the fight personally, there was a virtual screen in front of every seat. The person could watch the match from any angle he or she liked. Of course, it had another purpose. It allowed the viewers to place their bets at any time. The casino was always enticing its customers to gamble more.The moment they sat down, the match that was ongoing had just ended. Both mecha operators were exhausted. The mecha operator that won forced himself to last a few seconds longer than his opponent.When the sound of groans were heard, Ling Lan knew that most of the people had lost. This was normal, as the winner would always be the house.Soon, the workers cleaned the arena and the next match started.When one of the mechas entered the arena, the crowd started cheering loudly. Wang Qi patiently explained to Ling Lan, Dark Destroyer is not a native and has won 89 matches consecutively. Many famous mecha operators from my planet have lost to him. Many gamblers support him now, as they hoped that he can win 100 matches consecutively for them to earn more.I remember that a mecha operator with the surname Min came to the shop a few days ago. Is his opponent him? Did he lose too? Ling Lan asked in a low voice.Yes. However, Brother Min has not fought with him, as Brother Min is one of the top ten mecha operators in Planet Muyang. When Dark Destroyer wins 90 matches consecutively, Brother Min will then fight with him. This is because anyone who won 100 matches will be able to go to Maier Fa. The native mecha operators couldnt allow someone who is not one of their people to get the ticket that belongs to them, Wang Qi explained.Ling Lan nodded. It looked like Dark Destroyer was very strong. If not, the mecha operator with the surname Min wouldnt have to prepare ahead.As expected, Dark Destroyer was more powerful than his opponent. After thirty rounds, Dark Destroyer managed to use his opponents mistake and struck his opponent in the cockpit. He defeated his opponent easily. He had now won continuously for 90 matchesLing Lan frowned slightly. The techniques Dark Destroyer displayed were not that of an advanced mecha warrior. The strength of his last attack and the spot he struck at meant that his opponent might be seriously injured or dead. With his capabilities, he was able to win the match without harming his opponent. Yet, Dark Destroyer chose the most brutal method to win.A special-class mecha operator, or an ace mecha master, purposely hiding his skills to come to Planet Muyang. If his purpose was to solely get a ticket to Mailer Fa, no one would believe it.Planet Muyang had a lower grade, so there were not many ace operators here. Hence, there werent any ace operators at the underground arena too. This allowed the Dark Destroyer to fool everyone. However, Maier Fa was different. There were many ace operators there and even some imperial operators. Once the Dark Destroyer enters Mailer Fa, he wouldnt be able to hide his true skills anymore. Plus, the casinos at Maier Fa forbid cheating. If he was discovered, he would be ruthlessly taken away.Dark Destroyer must have an ulterior motive for coming to Planet Muyang. Ling Lan just didnt know if he was acting alone or was he from an organisation.Ling Lan clicked her tongue. She ordered Little Four, Little Four, follow Dark Destroyer. You must find out what is the motive of Dark Destroyer or the organisation behind him. If it had nothing to do with the Liu family and the Wang family, Ling Lan wouldnt care about it. However, if it really had anything to do with themLing Lan rubbed her forehead lightly. She was frustrated. She came here to have a break. She didnt want to cause any trouble but why must she always discover these things? She hoped that she was just thinking too much and the truth was not what she had thought.While Ling Lan was frustrated by what she had discovered, Wang Qi was still looking at the information on his communicator excitedly. He didnt notice anything wrong.For the match just now, he had placed his bets on Dark Destroyer. Dark Destroyer was a hot favourite so he didnt win much but he was happy to win some. After all, he was just here to watch the mecha fight. Not only was he able to watch it for free now, but he also managed to earn some pocket money. This had already exceeded his expectations.Dark Destroyer won this match but he didnt leave. He communicated with the workers and soon, the big screens around the arena and the small screens on the front of the seats displayed a notice about the change in the scheduled matches. Dark Destroyer was going to fight for another round.The entire arena shouted in excitement. The gamblers didnt care whether you were a native or not. As long as they could win money, they welcomed you.The matches after them were all pushed back. Three minutes later, a new notification appeared on the big screen.Dark Destroyer VS The Bravest! If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know < report chapter > so we can fix it as soon as possible.

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