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Someone requested a reference in case you forget or are unsure. I'm happy to present a simple glossary you can refer to.

Qi Cultivation(Essence & Foundation):

1st Realm: Qi Foundation.

2nd Realm: Qi Revolving.

3rd Realm: Essence Formation.

--4th Realm[Foundational;Optional]: Dantian Refinement.

--5th Realm[Foundational;Optional]: Pathway Expansion.

6th Realm: Qi Unification.

7th Realm: Origin Core.

8th Realm: True Essence.

--9th Realm[Foundational;Optional]: Crimson Star.

[Essence] Realms are divided into five stages:

Initial --> Mid --> Late --> Peak --> Half-step.

[Foundational] Realms are divided into four stages:

Initial --> Mid --> Late --> Peak

At the [Foundational] Realms, you can breakthrough at any point(Initial through Peak) without restriction.


Soul Cultivation:


Aurora Level.

Astral Level.

Divine Level.

Immortal Level.

Initial --> Advanced --> Perfect.


Arts Classification:

Martial Arts - Relating to the use of vital energy and the physical body.

Qi Arts - Relating to the use of qi/qi-essence/true-essence.

Soul Arts - Relating to the use of soul energy, soul form, spiritual sense, or soul flame.

Divided into [Five Classes & Six Grades]:

Internal, Aura, Manifestation, World, & Divine.

Each category further divided into four grades:

Low, Standard, Superior, & Pinnacle.

Internal-based refers to self-contained art, typically one that relates to themselves/internal/channeling. An example would be an art that enhances one's physical agility, physical defenses, or senses.

Aura-based would use one's vital energy to create an aura/domain to affect or enhance one's abilities/affect your opponents.

Manifestation-based is to manifest your attacks or defenses into a solid construct, either Vital, Qi, or Soul-related. World-based is attacks that are on a grand scale, typically affecting a greater area.

Divine-based arts are unique arts with miraculous effects that are outside of standard means, typically forbidden and requires a cost to be used.

Master Level of each specific art is determined by four stages of success:

Initial Mastery --> Minor Mastery --> Major Mastery --> Perfection.

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