Chuunibyou In Cultivation World Chapter 117: Three Days

Chapter 117: Three Days

Yin Yu sit cross-legged inside the spaces created by Dark Yin Cultivation Technique. All that exists in that room is a book and him, except for that…only nothingness exists in this space. Through the book, Yin Yu can slowly feel the existent and each variation of Yin element which exists in this world. He can feel that not all Yin element consists of Yin alone, some of it even contains a bit Yang and some of it only hold a bit Yin yet it overwhelm the Yang and make it Yin element. Netherworld fire — hotter and darker than anything, it contains a heavy aura of death that can spell death to everything near it. Yin Thunder — the thunder of the death which can temper every soul and it exists as the bane of the living. Soul of the Death — The soul of a recently dead person. The souls who get absorbed by Yin cultivator wouldn't be able to reincarnate, and they can't disappear too. They will exist forever for the one who absorb them, which is also a form of torture to these souls. Myriad Illusion — The illusion which can't be categorized by any element that exists in this world. It's only one, but it's all. It's all, but it's only one. It's the most powerful illusion spell which can even make people mistake illusion as living people. The user can also give souls to the illusion, to make the illusion person who is given souls look more alive than before. Once Yin Yu saw all of these types of Yin elements, his understanding of Yin element rise even further than before, and that understanding would lay a good foundation for the time he's trying to break through to Foundation Establishment. Yin Yu took 3 days to comprehend all of the Yin elements which exist in this world. He acquires the thing that other people can only get for a lifetime in 3 days. With this, Yin Yu respect toward his ancestor has raised by a lot because it must be his ancestor who collects all of these Yin elements and stores it inside of the book. Yin Yu open his eyes not long after and let out the Darkness that's rarely used by him. In an instant, a lump of darkness appears from his hands. The darkness he uses let out an aura which will make people fear to even look at it because once they looked at it, they will feel that the abyss has come to eat them alive… "It is…cool!" Yin Yu eyes shine in excitement after he saw the coolness of the darkness which is rarely used by him. Getting up, he walks toward the direction of the nearest mirror and form the darkness into many different types of things and start to pose with everything that he can think of. At first, he only poses with the lump of darkness in both of his hands. "As expected…I'm very cool!" Then, he starts to copy Lan Yiyan and form the darkness into a weapon. "I'll slay the Hypocrite God with this Sword of Darkness!" After some time, he starts to form it into coiling dragon which flies all around him. "Hooh! Come Shadow Dragon! You and me, the two of us will conquer the world!" In the end, he even makes a costume and masks with the darkness he uses while posing in front of the mirror. "I'm sorry, but I can't accept that. Forget about me, as I'm only a legend in your heart. I am me because I'm not bound by anything. I am me because I am free. Most people will think that I'm evil just because I use darkness, but know that Light can only exist because of Darkness, and the same is true for Darkness which can only exist because of Light...that's why, while the other is your light, I'll always stay as the only darkness in your heart." Yin Yu happily pose in front of the mirror for some time. The more he pose, the happier he becomes. He even starts to think to buy that so-called record stone to record all of his coolness so he can record it all. Even so, in the middle of posing, Yin Yu has unexpectedly fallen down to the floor. *Thud* 'Eh?' Confusion, Yin Yu got confused by what had happened to him. He didn't know what exactly happens, but after a simple check, he can only feel some embarrassment and take a pill out from his storage ring and gulped it down. It seems like in his excitement, he has not felt any hunger and worst of all; he didn't even realize that he has used up all of his qi while posing. With his qi reserve gone and extreme hunger overwhelm him, Yin Yu can only feel weak and lose all of his strength. Yin Yu look around to search for any eyewitness, but seeing that there's no one around, he can only sigh in relief as he will feel ashamed if someone saw his uncool side! He must be cool at all times! That's also why Yin Yu hurriedly consume and turn the pill he just eats into energy. After looking around, Yin Yu has finally realized that he's inside of the bedroom and not the cultivation room he used before. Although Yin Yu got confused for a while, he assumed that Lan Yiyan had carried him from cultivation room into the bedroom and forget about this matter. "It's already night…did I skip the class on the second day of school!?" Yin Yu get up from the floor after he recovered some of his strength, even so, cold sweat falls down from his head after he realizes that he has miss class for a day. Something inside him says that he mustn't skip class for even a day or something terrible will happen. Because of that, Yin Yu has resolved himself to go to school every single day without missing even a day. Even so, it seems like he has missed the class, and on the second day to boot! "What time is it now…?" Yin Yu sluggishly walk into the bed to look at the clock that's located behind the bed. Even so, one look at the clock and Yin Yu body immediately freeze up. It's as if he just looks at the eyes of a Gorgon and turned into a stone when he looks at the clock. "How long...." "How long did I cultivate!!!!!!????"

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